Winner Takes All Chapter 545-546

Chapter 545

Time seemed to have been slowed down for a moment.

Chen Dong’s jealousy cracked and his expression was astonishing.

It was obvious that the middle-aged man was farther away from Lin Lingdong, but he was still behind him!

With the middle-aged man’s combat power, dealing with the defenceless Lin Lingdong at this moment was as easy as killing a chicken.


The middle-aged man rushed close to Lin Lingdong and clenched his fist with his right hand, raising a strong fist wind and blasting down towards Lin Lingdong’s head.

Chen Dong, who had personally felt the power of the middle-aged man’s fist, immediately felt his scalp tingle.

If this fist landed on Lin Lingdong’s head, it would instantly dent his skull!


In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong waved his right hand.

The fish scale thread glowed with a faint cold light and directly wrapped around the middle-aged man’s right wrist.

At the same time, Chen Dong took a bold step forward and swung his fist towards the back of the middle-aged man’s neck.

One move was enough to kill a man!

But what Chen Dong did not expect was this.

The moment the middle-aged man was wrapped around his right hand by the fish scale thread, he violently grabbed the thread with his backhand, and then jumped back with a sudden jerk, dissolving the drag of the thread, while his right hand instantly bent his elbow and came directly towards Chen Dong’s chest.

Chen Dong had no time to dodge, in fact, at this moment, he had taken a step into the air, there was no borrowing point, and he had no way to dodge.



The top heart elbow hit Chen Dong’s chest hard and a slight bone cracking sound echoed at the same time.

It instantly made Chen Dong’s face pale and he almost held his breath.

As he flew backwards, Chen Dong clenched his teeth and swung his right hand brazenly, dragging the middle-aged man away from Lin Lingdong in one smooth motion.


Chen Dong knelt on one knee, his right hand held high, maintaining the angle of the fish scale thread wrapped around the middle-aged man’s right hand.


Chen Dong’s throat twitched as he violently spurted out a mouthful of blood.

The sharp pain coming from his chest left him in no doubt that the top-heart elbow he had just landed had cracked his bones!

“Heh, only to just spit out blood? You’re proud enough of yourself too!”

The middle-aged man paid no heed to the fish scale line on his right wrist and revealed a rare smile of pride as he looked at Chen Dong, while also complimenting him.

Chen Dong’s face was stony, but he could not smile in the face of the middle-aged man’s praise.

Since he had followed Kunlun’s devil training, he had been tirelessly and desperately toughening up his body, and the speed of his physique and fighting skills had shocked even Kunlun, and he had even received praise from Uncle Daojun.

But what about now?

Facing a middle-aged man, in just two moves, his bones were cracked and he was spitting blood!

The difference was like a gap in the sky.

It even gave Chen Dong a feeling of despairing his head.


The next second.

The middle-aged man once again charged towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s gaze was hostile, and he immediately tried to yank the fish scale line.

But as if the middle-aged man had expected this, almost together with Chen Dong, he fiercely swung the fish scale thread in his hand.

Under the tremendous force, Chen Dong’s expression was shocked and terrified to the extreme.

He had to know that he was not only relying on his own strength to drag the fish scale line, but also the strength of the mechanism at his wrist.

Even so, he was still being dragged so hard that he stumbled and lunged at the middle-aged man.

“Stall for time! Wait for Elder Dragon and Kunlun to return!”

As he staggered and flew towards the middle-aged man, Chen Dong had an instant decision in his mind.

The heavenly gap in strength made him have no hope of fighting the middle-aged man to the death.

The only thing he could do was to stall for time!

Looking at the middle-aged man who was close at hand, Chen Dong’s expression suddenly snapped to the extreme and he turned his defence into attack, swinging his fist out towards the middle-aged man.

Bang, bang, bang ……

The fierce fight broke out instantly.

Fist to flesh, blood spurting.

Lin Lingdong sat paralysed by a tree, witnessing the lopsided brawl, a rueful smile on his lips.

In his eyes, rather than Chen Dong fighting against the middle-aged man, it was more like the middle-aged man was overwhelming Chen Dong in a one-sided fight.

The sound of punches to flesh, apart from some of the punches and kicks clashing, most of them were actually made by the middle-aged man’s punches and kicks landing on Chen Dong’s body.

This big …… would kill someone!

Lin Lingdong’s eyes were determined, clenching his teeth as he struggled to move his body.


As long as he got the gun, he could help Chen Dong!

The only thing he could do now was to be an aid.

All beings were equal before hot weapons, and even the strongest physical body could not resist a bullet.

It was just that his body was weak to the extreme, making every inch of Lin Lingdong’s movement as difficult as it could be.

The strong feeling of weakness made Lin Lingdong’s body lose almost all its strength.

The only thing that kept him going was the belief that he could help Chen Dong.

Every inch he moved forward, involving the wound, would cause Lin Lingdong’s body to tremble and sweat profusely.

But his steely gaze, never the slightest ripple, was locked tightly on the gun on the ground.

Bang, bang, bang ……

A series of intensive fist and foot clashes.

It was accompanied by a muffled sound.


Chen Dong tilted his head back and spat out a mouthful of blood that flew into the long air.

In front of the huge disparity in strength, it made Chen Dong not even qualified to stall for time.

The only thing he could do was perhaps just a ridiculous delay with his life!

It had been a long, long time since Chen Dong had experienced such a sense of disillusionment and despair.

The last time it had appeared was back in the Black Prison, when he faced Chen Daojun.

Only at that time, Chen Daogun had remembered the love between uncle and nephew and had held back at every turn.

This time, however, the middle-aged man had killed him with every move he made!

In other words, the situation now was even more dangerous than the life and death ring in the Black Prison back then.

“Hold on, hold on …… there must be a breakthrough, there must be a breakthrough ……”

Chen Dong’s mouth kept dripping blood from the corners, his gaze steely and sullen, like a fierce beast locking onto its prey, all his attention focused on the middle-aged man.

But the more he fought, the more desperate Chen Dong became.

For he realised to his horror that the middle-aged man’s moves and movements were flawless!

Even the seemingly wide open strike was a “high-end operation” like a gazelle hanging from a corner, concealing a defense.

How is it possible that there is no flaw ……?

The heartbeat of Chen Dong was racing, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

It was this moment of shock and confusion.

A stump in the slant came with a blatant horizontal whip.

A bang!

Chen Dong was sent flying three metres away by the middle-aged man’s kick and landed heavily on the ground.

“You are still too weak! Suffer death!”

The middle-aged man’s expression was cold and stern as he forced his way towards Chen Dong in big strides.

There was no playfulness, let alone the slightest hint of deliberate delay.

There was only a killing blow wrapped in a monstrous killing intent!

“There is help, there must be help!”

Lin Lingdong moved his body with difficulty, he knew that the middle-aged man was heading towards Chen Dong, but he did not dare to be distracted at this moment, and the only thing in his eyes was the gun on the ground.

Because, that was the only possibility of turning the tables!


Just as Lin Lingdong was within a stone’s throw of the gun, he was about to reach out and grab it.


The middle-aged man who was walking towards Chen Dong turned around brazenly and shook his hand as a willow leaf flying knife broke through the air and flew towards Lin Lingdong.

“Watch out!”

Chen Dong’s eyes glared round as he growled in anger.

Bang Teen!

The flying willow leaf knife stirred with cold light and unerringly entered the gap in the trigger of the gun on the ground.

Lin Lingdong’s body shook, and in an instant, his jaws split.

The man was followed by

The middle-aged man’s cold, stern voice echoed, “The next cut will be to your carotid artery!”


Chapter 546

A cold and stern voice echoed through the mountains.

It was decisive and crisp, revealing a strong sense of confidence.

In fact, both Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong had no doubt about the middle-aged man’s words.

Being able to accurately and unerringly insert the flying knife, into the gap in the trigger of the pistol.

Within a short distance, what else could not be stabbed?

An aorta in the neck is much more than the gap in the trigger of a pistol!

“It’s not you I’m killing, it’s him, you can live!”

The middle-aged man dropped a sentence at Lin Lingdong and turned around to continue striding towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong was lying on the ground in despair, the beating to the head he had just taken had caused his whole body to fall apart in general.

Not only were the middle-aged man’s fighting skills at the top of his game, but even his physical body was desperately strong.

A mere 5’7″ tall, his sturdy body concealed unlimited explosive power.

Fists and kicks were like steel, and every strike, even if it was a sparring blow, caused Chen Dong excruciating pain and severe pain in his finger bones.

The gap in strength like a heavenly rift made Chen Dong despair to the extreme at this moment.

Looking at the middle-aged man walking with killing intent.

Chen Dong clenched his teeth and slowly moved his body backwards, bracing himself to stand up.

Waiting for death!

These two words had never existed in Chen Dong’s dictionary.

Even if he had to fight to the end, he was not willing to sit and wait for death.

Just as Chen Dong leaned on the tree trunk and stood up halfway, his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

At the same time.

The middle-aged man also stopped abruptly, his brows knitted tightly with killing intent, “You, are seeking death!”

The words had not yet fallen.

The middle-aged man turned around brazenly and shook his hand and shot a willow-leaf flying knife directly at Lin Lingdong.

At that moment, Lin Lingdong was reaching out his right hand to grab the pistol.

It was a close call.

He raised his left hand brazenly.


The flying blade of willow leaf, directly penetrated into his arm, leaving only the hilt of the blade outside.

Blood gushed out like a spring.

This scene.

It made Chen Dong’s scalp tingle with shock.

It also caused hostility to surge in the middle-aged man’s eyes.

It was at the same time that Lin Lingdong used his left arm to strongly block the flying knife that his right hand finally grabbed the pistol.

Instead of turning around to shoot the middle-aged man, he pulled the trigger with all his might.


The sound of the gunshot echoed through the mountains and forest, pa*sing towards the distance.

It startled the animals around him, clutching their heads and scrambling to escape.

“Call for help?”

Hostility surged on the middle-aged man’s face, and he looked at Lin Lingdong with a fierce look to the extreme: “Since you are begging for death, I will send you to the Yellow Spring first!”


As he watched the middle-aged man turn towards Lin Lingdong, a “buzz” exploded in Chen Dong’s head and his jealousy split.

He was defenceless against the middle-aged man.

Not to mention Lin Lingdong, who was now “on his deathbed”.

“Kill me, your target, is me ……”

Chen Dong dragged his body, which was in severe pain and seemed to be falling apart, stumbled and followed in his footsteps, trying to stop the middle-aged man.


A willow leaf flying knife appeared in the middle-aged man’s hand.

The cold light was biting.

The killing intent pierced to the bone.

But the middle-aged man did not throw the flying blade out with a shake of his hand, as he had just done.

Instead, he held it tightly in his hand and walked towards Lin Lingdong with giant strides.

After firing a shot, Lin Lingdong let go of his pistol and slumped to the ground like a dead dog, motionless.

The breath he had gathered was only enough for him to fire this distress shot!

He had no more strength to shoot at the middle-aged man, not even to move a finger.

He felt the middle-aged man coming closer and closer.

That monstrous killing intent was like a cold wind blowing from the Nine Underworlds, making Lin Lingdong’s body cold.

He smiled sadly, “My life, for your life, should …… be enough!”

“No, it’s not enough, it can’t be exchanged like that!”

Chen Dong’s pale face was covered with panic, and his eyes were even more scarlet.

It was true that he had come to save Lin Lingdong, but everything was on his plate.

And now the middle-aged man in front of him was not in his calculations, and the middle-aged man was not running to Lin Lingdong, he was running to take his life.

If Lin Lingdong died at the hands of the middle-aged man, it would be because of him!

The middle-aged man had already walked up to Lin Lingdong, leaned down and yanked Lin Lingdong up as if he was a dead dog.

There was a bang.

The middle-aged man pushed Lin Lingdong directly into the trunk of the tree.

There was no hesitation, nor did he pause.

He brazenly raised his right hand, and the willow leaf flying knife in his hand blossomed with a piercing cold aura.

In this mountain forest, it all looked a little blinding.

“Thanks ……”

The cold light refracted from the flying knife caused Lin Lingdong to squint his eyes, and he vaguely saw Chen Dong, who was walking strongly, smiling decisively.

With that, he slowly closed his eyes, waiting for death to come.

Also at the same time as he closed his eyes, the flying knife in the middle-aged man’s hand brazenly stabbed straight at Lin Lingdong’s neck.


At the critical moment, an explosive roar, like the roar of a wild beast, exploded in the mountain forest.


Blood splashed and time seemed to stop abruptly.

Lin Lingdong’s eyelids trembled for a moment.

He clearly felt a hot wetness bursting onto his face.

And the expected sharp pain of the knife entering the artery was slow to appear.

Finally, Lin Lingdong opened his eyes.

The scene in front of him instantly froze him.

The dimly lit mountain forest.

The light from the strong torch stretched two shadows in front of him.

The middle-aged man stood in front of him with a fierce look on his face, the willow-leaf flying knife in his hand, resting against his throat.

A large hand reached out from the slash and gripped the blade of the flying knife, stopping it from entering.

And at the side of Chen Dong, at this time, his expression is as cold as frost, his gaze is steadfast to the extreme.

“Chen Dong ……”

Lin Lingdong murmured in a trance.

The scene in front of him was like a heavy cannon, ruthlessly blasting at his heart.

It instantly made his emotions complicated.

In a trance, he thought of the mysterious man he had met at the hotel breakfast, and the mysterious man’s words at that time were like rolling thunder in his ears at that moment.

“Today, if I live, you live, if I die, you die!”

Chen Dong clutched the willow leaf flying knife in his right hand, the sharp pain of the blade entering his flesh and cutting into his bones caused his body to tremble.

But he, still, squeezed out a voice as if it was an oath from between his teeth.

Firm, resounding!


The middle-aged man let out a cold-eyed, eerie laugh and squinted at Chen Dong: “Wild B*****d of the Chen Clan, you really do have guts!”

“Or what?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled disdainfully.

Crunch ……

As soon as the words left his mouth, the middle-aged man slowly turned the flying knife.

The blade was already embedded into the flesh of Chen Dong’s fingers, close to the bones, and at this moment, as it turned, it was like a meat grinder, wanting to churn the flesh of Chen Dong’s hand.


Chen Dong threw himself up and screamed miserably, his body jerking and shaking tremendously, his facial features twisted to the extreme, and he kept sucking in cold air backwards.

“Death never fails to come because of anyone’s obstruction.”

The smile on the middle-aged man’s face grew colder and more ferocious as he slowly turned the knife in his right hand.

Just then, a cracking whistle came out of the dark mountain forest at an angle.


A stone thumped into the trunk of the large tree Lin Lingdong was leaning against, almost completely sinking into it.

The sudden change caused the middle-aged man, who was about to kill him, to change his expression.

“Young master!”

Almost simultaneously, a light swayed not far away, and at the same time, the shouts of Elder Long and Kunlun rang out.

Help …… was coming!

Chen Dong smiled in relief.

Almost at the same time, he felt the huge force that was spinning in his hand disappear.

The middle-aged man let go of the flying sword and turned around brazenly, rushing towards the token that had previously smashed into the tree trunk.