Winner Takes All Chapter 543-544

Chapter 543

“Aah! Aaah! Ah!”

In the mountains and forests, Wu Junhao’s mad roar echoed.

Chen Dong’s words, as well as Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong’s eyes, all caused Wu Junhao to feel the urge to go mad.

He suddenly had the feeling that he was a jumping clown!

After a long and painstaking rendition, in the end, in the eyes of others, it was full of flaws!

Now not only had he failed in his planning, he had even broken his arm.

He was even being judged by Chen Dong with impunity.



The sharp pain that pierced the marrow of his right wrist caused the last trace of clarity in Wu Junhao’s eyes to disappear, leaving only scarlet and endless madness.

“Die, you all deserve to die!”

“Lin Lingdong, you’re occupying a F**king Sh*thole, you’ve become the underground king of Lingdong and you still want to go to the light, you’ve become a F**king cousin and you’re setting up a pagoda for yourself, the tide is turning, it’s my turn to be the underground king, what you don’t dare to do, I dare to do!”

“And you, Chen Dong, you cripple, I really underestimated you, you can play me like a clown, so what? Your men have gone after the killer, I can still kill you now!”

Wu Junhao staggered towards the gun-wielding broken hand, gritting his teeth and letting out a hiss.



There was a whistle of wind.

Wu Junhao was already within easy reach of the gun-wielding hand.

But with the whistle, as he watched in horror, the gun-wielding broken hand, instantly flew up, directly towards Chen Dong.


Chen Dong caught the gun-wielding severed hand, throwing Wu Junhao’s severed right hand aside in disgust, and played with the gun in his hand.

The fish scale thread had been carried around with him for so long, and he had rehearsed it countless times, and had long since reached the point where he could use it like his arm.

From a few metres away, it was simply not too easy to rope things through the air.

In a flash.

Wu Junhao was frozen.

He looked at Chen Dong with disbelief.

An evil chill instantly ran from the soles of his feet to the sky.

It made the madness that had just risen in him come to his senses at once.

There was a poof!

Wu Junhao fell to his knees, as if his body had been emptied.

Chen Dong slowly raised his gun and pointed it at Wu Junhao, smiling teasingly and coldly, “Are you panicking?”

The threat of death made Wu Junhao’s mind buzz.

Facing the dark, deep muzzle of the gun, he had no doubt that the bullet would be discharged in the next second.

People are capable of doing anything under the threat of death.

Wu Junhao was no exception.

“I was wrong, please let me go.”

Wu Junhao’s left hand covered his broken wrist, and suddenly tears rushed out of his eyes.

He slammed his head hard on the ground and repeated over and over again.

Desperately pleading, “Brother Lingdong, please let me go, I have been with you for so many years, no merit but also hard work, I have been saddled with you and have been your little brother, please remember this love, let my little brother live, my little brother is wrong, it is my little brother who is blinded by lard ……”

Facing the bitterly pleading Wu Junhao.

Chen Dong’s right index finger gently turned the pistol around.

Then he threw the pistol into Lin Lingdong’s arms, “He begged you, not me, you see to it yourself.”

Lin Lingdong smiled weakly.

His right hand slowly gripped the gun, only his body was already weak to the extreme, and even a single grip on the gun was extremely difficult.

He could not even hold it, and relied purely on his wrist and tiger mouth to barely keep the gun in his hand.

Faced with Wu Junhao’s plea, tears flowed from Lin Lingdong’s eyes, which were so cloudy that they were almost unfocused.

His lips, too, began to tremble, and his expression was incomparably painful.

If this scene had been seen by someone from Lingdong, they would have been absolutely shocked and dumbfounded.

The Underground King, who had always been cold-blooded, had never shed tears?

However, at this moment, Lin Lingdong was indeed in tears.

He raised his gun with difficulty and pointed it at Wu Junhao, almost crying.

“I have always treated you as a brother, how have you …… ever treated me as your big brother?”

As he cried and howled, Lin Lingdong looked steeply determined.

The index finger of his right hand slowly fell.

As the underground king of Lingdong, he relied on killing and decisiveness.

Even if his heart was like a knife at this moment, he made a decision in an instant.

“Big brother ……”

Wu Junhao, with tears streaming down his face, raised his head expansively and wailed in pain.


Lin Lingdong was too weak, holding the gun had used up all his strength.

At this moment, his index finger fell on the trigger of the pistol, but he was actually unable to pull it.

With a slight shake of his right hand, the pistol fell to the ground.


Chen Dong’s pupils instantly shrank and his face changed greatly.

Almost at the same time.

Wu Junhao let out a loud roar, as if he was a mad beast, and pounced directly towards Lin Lingdong’s dropped pistol.

A chance!

A chance to reverse the situation, a chance to survive from the dead!

As expected of my good brother, he would die in front of me!

Looking at the pistol that was getting closer and closer, Wu Junhao’s expression became more and more excited.

He even ignored the pain and blood spurting from his right hand and grabbed the pistol directly towards the ground with his left hand.

Lin Lingdong, on the other hand, was already so weak that his consciousness was beginning to blur.

In the face of Wu Junhao’s lunge, he was “indifferent”.

It was a close call.

Wu Junhao’s left hand was just a stone’s throw away from the pistol.


A sudden kick to Wu Junhao’s head from a slanting angle.

As Wu Junhao let out a miserable scream, his head directly deflected and he flew out sideways.

The air, in an instant, seemed to freeze.

Lin Lingdong’s hollow eyes shot out with a brilliant aura, instantly waking up and looking at Chen Dong in front of him with disbelief.

Wu Junhao, who had tumbled to the ground, was also completely dumbfounded at this moment.

His eyes were rounded as if he had seen a ghost, and he looked at Chen Dong in fear, hissing with all his might.

“You, aren’t you crippled? Aren’t you a F**king cripple? Why, why are you still able to stand up?”

Chen Dong stood beside Lin Lingdong and looked indifferently at the hissing Wu Junhao.

Gradually, a helpless look appeared on his face as he shrugged, “Yeah, I just wanted to be a dead cripple in peace, but who told your big brother not to lift his D**k?”

“Nima ……,” Lin Lingdong cursed.

Chen Dong shrugged, “You can’t fire this gun, so I’ll just have to do it for you?”

After saying that.

Chen Dong stood tall, looking down at the crazy and desperate Wu Junhao on the ground, his eyes as if he was looking at a dead dog oh.

At this moment, Wu Junhao was completely desperate!

He even closed his eyes.

A disguised disabled Chen Dong was enough to leave him dead and defenceless!




Just as the gun went off, sparks erupted from the pistol in Chen Dong’s hand at the same time, and he clearly felt a huge force hitting the gun.

Hardly, the bullet that was shot at Wu Junhao, was knocked off course and shot to the ground beside Wu Junhao.

“I’m not dead?”

Wu Junhao snapped open his eyes in surprise.

But in the next second.

Chen Dong’s face was steeply frosty and bitter, and his eyes narrowed even more to slits.

“The person I want to kill, Chen Dong, Jesus can’t stay!”


The sound of breaking wind rang out.

The fish scale thread glowed with a faint cold light in the air.

Wu Junhao, who was in the midst of a frenzy of surprise, shuddered as he suddenly felt a chill on his neck.

His eyes rounded and he subconsciously lifted his left hand to touch his neck, but it was wet in his hand.


In the next second, blood gushed out.

Chen Dong, however, retrieved the fish scale thread with a wave of his right hand, while turning around and looking towards a certain place in the pitch-black mountain forest with a majestic killing intent.

“Your puppet is dead, now it’s your turn to come out yourself ……”


Chapter 544

Dark mountain forest.


As Chen Dong turned around indifferently, the frail Lin Lingdong also slowly moved his gaze.

Although Lin Lingdong was so weak that his consciousness was sometimes blurred and sometimes awake.

But when Chen Dong fired his gun just now, he clearly saw a stone flying through the air and hitting Chen Dong’s gun.

A stone, but it could explode with a power no less than that of a bullet!

Was this …… a man or a god?

Like Lin Lingdong, Chen Dong was staring into the darkness at this moment, indifferent on the surface, but his heart was raising huge waves.

The person who made the move was even stronger than the two killers who were after Lin Lingdong!

And not just a star and a half.

Those who could kill with a “flying stone” were already at the top of their game in terms of physical strength and fighting skills, and could be considered to be at the top of their game.

Such a person could easily use a piece of wood or a stone in his hand as a killing weapon.

Even now, Chen Dong could still feel the paralyzing and tearing pain in his right tiger’s mouth.

It was from the shock of the pistol being struck by the stone just now!


Suddenly, the wind blew out of the dark mountain forest.

Chen Dong’s gaze froze as a strong sense of crisis swept over him and his scalp tingled.

In a flash of lightning, he deflected his body almost instinctively.

Almost at the same time, he felt something shoot past in front of him, and the strong wind that was created made him squint his eyes.


There was a loud bang.

A crater exploded from the trunk of the large tree beside Chen Dong, sending wood chips flying about.

“This is ……”

Chen Dong looked askance and was instantly shocked.

Stuck in the trunk of the tree, was a …… token!

The ancient copper-coloured token, flushed with a mottled patina, was vicissitudes and ancient.

Even if the years have worn down the lines, it still gives the heart and soul a feeling of shock.

In the middle of the token, the word …… “Jiang” is engraved.

And it was in seal script.

Almost at the same time, the sound of footsteps came from the direction the token flew from.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together and he looked at the sound with a grave expression.

The footsteps did not sound fast or slow, as if they were walking at leisure.

The calmness of these footsteps made Chen Dong clench his fists subconsciously.

Did he think he had the situation under control?

The strong torch fell to the ground, part of the light shone in that direction, and out of the darkness, a human figure slowly stepped out.

Gradually, Chen Dong finally got a good look at the figure.

It was a middle-aged man, plainly middle-aged.

He was about 1.7 metres tall, with a lean and sturdy body, wearing an extremely ordinary casual outfit, and extremely ordinary looking.

If this kind of person was thrown into the crowd, Chen Dong would never be able to find him!

But at this moment, if this ordinary man in front of him was really an ordinary man, then he would really have one foot in the door of a ghost.

With Chen Dong’s experience, he had seen countless people, from the Chen family head, who was in a high position of power and held all the wealth of the family, to the old lady of the Chen family, down to the beggar on the street.

A hundred kinds of rice feed a hundred kinds of people, but each person carries a temperament related to their status and occupation.

For example, the father, with a slight twist of his brow, can reveal supreme majesty.

Even Old Lady Chen can be calm and unruffled.

These people, at a glance, knew that their status was extraordinary.

However, the person in front of him was hiding his extraordinary aura completely.

The middle-aged man stopped walking, his gaze rippling, looking towards Wu Junhao, who had already fallen in a pool of blood, and shook his head with emotion.

“It’s a pity, it was a bad move after all, I originally wanted to set up a game within a game, but I never thought that I would still underestimate you.”

As he spoke, the middle-aged man’s gaze looked towards Chen Dong’s legs.

A game within a game?

Chen Dong’s eyes flashed with a brilliant aura.

Suddenly, he reacted.

“Those two a*sa*sins did come to kill Lin Lingdong? Wu Junhao was bribed twice? The last time, it was you!”


The middle-aged man pulled the corner of his mouth and laughed lightly, “You are very clever, indeed, Wu Junhao was first bribed once by that reckless man Chen Tianyang, and then, I took advantage of this game to lure you right into the jar, only I really didn’t expect that your legs were actually just pretending to be disabled.”

“Chen Tianyang?”

Chen Dong’s mind stared at Lin Lingdong, who was leaning on the side of a tree, and it suddenly dawned on him.

Was this a*sa*sination because of the Hong Tian Real Estate and Zheng Qiu’s affair?

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled oddly, with Chen Tianyang’s impulsive character of vengeance, he could really do such a thing.

Zheng Qiu and Hongtian Real Estate were used by Chen Tianyang against him and Dingtai.

The death of Zheng Qiu and the rapid withdrawal of Hongtian Real Estate were the work of Lin Lingdong, and the damage caused was probably enough to make Chen Tianyang furious.

“Just, who are you again?”

Chen Dong looked at the middle-aged man with a stern gaze, “You and I have no grudge, you wouldn’t make this game within a game and deliberately come to harm me, would you?”

“The person who killed you!”

In an instant, the middle-aged man’s eyes were steeply blazing and his expression was hostile.

Before the words left his mouth, he rushed towards Chen Dong like an arrow off the string.

How fast!

Chen Dong was greatly alarmed in his heart.

He was about to make a move.

The middle-aged man was already standing in front of him, swinging his fist towards him.

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly and his hands hurriedly folded across his body.

Bang Teen!

There was a loud sound.

Chen Dong felt as if his arms had been hit by a heavy hammer, and he staggered backwards in an instant.

After retreating five steps in a row, he finally stabilised himself.

Chen Dong’s expression was abruptly heavy, even vaguely painful, and his eyes were filled with shock.

His arms were hanging down, faintly trembling!

With just one punch, it froze him with a sharp painful sensation of his arm bones being blown apart.

“What overbearing power ……”

Lin Lingdong’s fluttering eyes focused for a moment, unable to hide his shock.

He was able to become the underground king of Lingdong, apart from his city and heart, his own strength was extremely strong.

Step by step, bathing in blood to rise to the top, he saw clearly how terrifying the middle-aged man’s punch was just now.

“Tsk …… you are very strong, an ordinary person taking this punch from me would be strong enough to break bones!”

The middle-aged man looked at Chen Dong with some astonishment as he gently shook his right hand with a clenched fist.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together and he did not retort.

This was because what the middle-aged man said was the truth.

“It is hard to imagine that you have metamorphosed into your current physique in just less than a year, it is unbelievable.”

The middle-aged man’s body slowly bowed up, as if he was a cheetah locking onto its prey and poised to strike, his eyes slightly narrowed.

At this moment.

The aura under his body changed drastically.

It was as if he was pulling a mountain out of the ground, his aura soaring to the sky.

His killing intent was like an invisible sword, sweeping across the mountains and forests.

Even Chen Dong felt a sense of panic as he was instantly locked in, his body tingling.

Lin Lingdong, who was sitting on the ground, had his face changed drastically, facing the middle-aged man at this moment, making him feel like falling into an ice cave, with a vicious chill all over his body.

“Be careful!”

Lin Lingdong lifted a strong breath and warned Chen Dong.


The next second.

Chen Dong’s face changed abruptly, “Be careful!”

Lin Lingdong was horrified when he saw Chen Dong charging towards him like a fierce beast.

And out of the corner of his eye, he also caught a glimpse of the middle-aged man, coming towards him as fast as lightning.

In a flash.

Lin Lingdong froze, his face ashen, his scalp exploding ……