Winner Takes All Chapter 541-542

Chapter 541

Chen Dong did not refute.

This was because he was clear that both Kunlun and Elder Long had reached their judgement based on their years of experience.

In this vast deep forest, trying to find someone would undoubtedly be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

“But there are some things that have a chance if you do them, and no chance if you don’t, right?”

Lying on Kunlun’s back, Chen Dong looked profoundly into the distance.

It was only with this look that his gaze sank.

Just as the three of them were discussing, Wu Junhao, who had been rushing and rolling at the forefront, had already disappeared.

The darkness in the deep forest was incomparable, and at this moment, even the strong torch in Wu Junhao’s hand could not be seen.

“He rushed to the front, it’s nothing serious, at least he is Lin Lingdong’s number one henchman, he still has kung fu in his hands, it’s not like he doesn’t have the strength to resist in the face of the killer.” Long Lao noticed the change in Chen Dong’s expression and said comfortingly.

Chen Dong nodded, “Hm.”

His gaze looked to the people of the Chen Family Office to his left and right.

After a moment’s hesitation, Chen Dong said, “Have everyone double the spacing distance again to increase the width of the search.”

“But ……”

Elder Long hesitated.

Kunlun spoke, “Young Master, this will increase the risk of everyone being hunted.”

“It’s fine.”

Chen Dong shook his head, his eyes looking deep into the darkness deep in the mountains and forest as he murmured in his heart, “Lin Lingdong, Lin Lingdong, the opportunity is given to you, it’s up to you, a smart man, to grasp it or not!”

Deep in the old forest.

Lin Lingdong was no longer hiding like before, but as if he was a dying man, he grabbed the last straw and ran desperately in the direction of the explosion.

His body was covered in bruises and blood.

His face was also covered in blood, both his own and the blood of the snake that had burst onto his face when he had just bitten off the viper.

All of this made Lin Lingdong extremely hideous at this moment.

It was as if a fierce god had emerged from the sea of blood.

Yet, this vicious god was desperately fleeing at this moment!

Behind him, footsteps were rapidly approaching.

There were even lights flickering in the forest.

Every now and then, Lin Lingdong glanced back, fear spreading wildly in his heart like wild gra*s.

But he did not dare to stop, nor did he dare to hide.

Even though his weak body was pushing to the limit and he fell to the ground several times, he rolled and then got up again and continued to run wildly, without pausing in the middle.

He knew that this was his last chance!

He had to fight to the death!

Otherwise, he could not guarantee that he would still be as lucky as he was just now. …… At the most dangerous moment, there was another explosion that distracted the two killers!

In fact, the two killers behind him were thinking the same thing.

Lin Lingdong could clearly perceive from the speed of the two men desperately pursuing.

Everyone knew that this was a chance to put up one last fight!

For Lin Lingdong, it was a desperate bid to stay alive.

To the two killers, it was a desperate attempt to kill.

The two killers were no longer as “idle” as before, and were chasing after Lin Lingdong as if they were hyenas.

In terms of speed, Lin Lingdong was at a complete disadvantage.

He could even feel the killer behind him getting closer and closer.

Even the light from the strong torch in the killer’s hand could now shine at his feet.

“Is it true that …… there is no escape?”

The desperate thought grew stronger and stronger.

Lin Lingdong clenched his teeth, his eyes bursting with fierce awnings, still not giving up.

Chance, it is by fighting for it!

Life, too, is fought for!

The faith of the underground king of Lingdong is simply incomparable to that of ordinary people.

This also created a prolonged struggle for survival by Lin Lingdong, leaving both killers with their heads spinning.


A shot rang out.


Lin Lingdong swept past a large tree beside him, and a huge hole exploded in the tree trunk in response.

This time, the shot was even more accurate than before!

Lin Lingdong’s pupils suddenly tightened for a moment, then he let go and continued to run furiously with his head bored.

Bang, bang, bang ……

Behind him, a series of bullets fired.

Lin Lingdong once again swayed his feet, making his path of movement elusive.

Only, compared to his previous ease, at this moment, Lin Lingdong also sensed a tremendous pressure of death.

He could clearly sense that the shooter had changed!

Even though he had done his best to make his trajectory messy, the bullets from the rear continued to pa*s by him time and again, narrowly but narrowly.


In the midst of his mad dash, Lin Lingdong’s left foot jolted violently.

The bullet instantly penetrated his calf, bringing up a large spray of blood.

The sharp pain distorted Lin Lingdong’s five senses and he let out a miserable scream, while also losing his balance. With a poof, he fell headlong onto the ground and even rolled forward twice before coming to a halt.

“It worked!”

A voice shouted in surprise, “Now, the moment of the hunt!”

Lin Lingdong sat paralysed on the ground, looking desperately at the two beams of light approaching in the distance.

The feeling was as if death was rushing closer.

Despair covered his blood-stained face.

At this moment, Lin Lingdong revealed a bitter smile.

It was just that under the blood-stained face, his smile became creepy.

“After all …… still can’t fight for a way to live?”

Lin Lingdong opened his arms in dismay and lay down on the thick fallen leaves.

He was tired, really exhausted to the core, exhausted to the core.

Even the strongest and most stubborn faith was now disintegrating as he was shot in the left calf and lost his ability to escape.

The gunshot wound not only caused severe pain, not only did it incapacitate him, it also accelerated the rate at which he lost blood.

This caused Lin Lingdong to feel the sky spinning and his eyes blackening as he lay down.



The corners of Lin Lingdong’s eyes twitched as he felt a light, sweeping across his eyes in a somewhat blinding manner.

Moreover, the light was not coming from the direction of the killer.

Rather, it was coming from above his head towards that side.


In an instant, Lin Lingdong’s eyes erupted with an unprecedented sharp aura.

The sweeping light seemed to make him see the last glimmer of light in the midst of his despair, and made him burn with the last flame of survival.

Lin Lingdong gritted his teeth and used his last ounce of strength to sit up forcibly.

Turning his head to look in the direction where he had perceived the light earlier, he shouted with all his might.

“I’m here!”

As he sat up, he also clearly saw the ray of light.

The next second.

A familiar, and excitedly ecstatic, voice echoed through the mountains.

“Brother Lingdong!”

Wu Junhao!

Lin Lingdong instantly discerned it.

He saw that the ray of light was rapidly approaching this way.

Lin Lingdong slowly turned back and looked in the direction of the killers.

The two killers were also running towards him, and the figures could vaguely be seen already, along with the two oozing and terrifying clown masks.

“Who dares to hurt my brother Lingdong?”


With a loud shout from Wu Junhao, the sound of gunshots exploded steeply into the mountains and forests.

Lin Lingdong clearly saw that the two killers gave a pause in their steps, as if they were hesitating.

It was with this pause that Wu Junhao’s excited and ecstatic voice rang out behind him once again.

“Brother Lingdong, don’t be afraid! Junhao is here! With me here, no one can harm you today!”

When Lin Lingdong turned around, he saw Wu Junhao rushing towards him with a gun in one hand and a strong torch in the other.

And behind Wu Junhao, there was still a vague shimmer of light.

Help …… is really coming!


Chapter 542

Bang! Bang!

Seeing Lin Lingdong, Wu Junhao was excited and ecstatic.

At the same time, he also saw the two killers coming after him, and without hesitation, he raised his gun and fired two shots.

Although the bullets missed.

But the two killers, who were hesitant, made a sudden decision.

Almost simultaneously.

They cursed and turned around and fled into the distance.

“Brother Lingdong!”

Wu Junhao rolled and crawled to Lin Lingdong’s side, holding him up with one hand, “I’m sorry, I’m late, I’m late ……”

Lin Lingdong smiled, his eyes looked towards the light that was swaying not far away and asked, “Junhao, who else is here?”

Wu Junhao froze for a moment, looked back and said with immediate delight.

“It’s Mr. Chen, I asked Mr. Chen and the others to come along to save you!”


Lin Lingdong nodded, and suddenly coughed violently twice, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Brother Junhao!”

Wu Junhao’s face changed drastically.

It was also at this moment.

Chen Dong, Kun Lun and Elder Long finally arrived.

The three had come along the route Wu Junhao had searched for, and had found Lin Lingdong before the rest of the Chen Family Office.

“Where’s the killer?”

Chen Dong lay on top of Kunlun and did not pay any attention to Lin Lingdong’s injuries, but directly asked in a cold voice.

“Over there, ran away!”

Lin Lingdong pointed weakly in one direction.

Almost simultaneously.

Wu Junhao stood up, “I know the direction they are running away, come with me and go after them!”

“Stand still!”

Chen Dong let out a stern shout, calling out to stop Wu Junhao.

Turning to Kun Lun and Elder Long, he instructed, “Elder Long, Kun Lun, you go after them!”


Elder Long and Kun Lun were shocked.

Elder Long was even busier saying, “Young Master, never, who will protect you if we leave?”

“Wu Junhao is no match for those two professional killers, it’s safest for you two to go!”

Chen Dong’s voice was cold and stern, his words were decisive and he did not hesitate, “Leave me here, with Wu Junhao protecting me and Lin Lingdong, that’s enough, you guys go after the killers, remember, if you can’t leave them alive you have to leave the bodies behind!”

I’m not afraid of thieves stealing but of thieves thinking about it!

If you can’t get rid of the weeds, the spring breeze will grow again.

Everyone understands this truth!

Elder Long and Kun Lun glanced at each other, and after Elder Long finally nodded, Kun Lun placed Chen Dong beside Lin Lingdong, and then the two of them went in pursuit towards the distance.

Soon, the two disappeared into the dark mountain forest.

The place where Chen Dong and his trio were, was flooded with light.

But it also became safe.

“Brother Ling Dong, let me help you take a rest.”

Wu Junhao squatted down and helped Lin Lingdong to lean on the tree trunk.

It was just that this action was also a huge injury to Lin Lingdong nowadays.

After a short move of one metre, Lin Lingdong’s face was as white as white paper, and blood escaped from the corner of his mouth once again.

This scene made Chen Dong’s heart sink for a moment.

Is he dying?

He was a man!

He had dragged this crippled body and struggled against two professional killers until now!

Lin Lingdong leaned against the trunk of a tree, his entire body so weak that it was almost on the verge of collapsing to the ground.

Only his gaze, however, was still looking at Wu Junhao.

“Brother Lingdong, take a good rest.”

Wu Junhao regained his feet and turned to Chen Dong, “Mr. Chen, wait a moment, I’ll keep watch, nothing will happen.”

After saying that, he then moved two steps towards the direction where the killer had escaped before, holding the gun tightly in his hand, he withdrew the half-empty magazine and replaced it with a new one.

Just as Wu Junhao was doing this action.

Chen Dong looked at Lin Lingdong and snickered and laughed, “We’re both identical now.”

“Heh ……”

Lin Lingdong pulled the corner of his mouth and gave a sidelong glance at Wu Junhao, who was standing guard, before he said weakly, “Thank you, for coming to my rescue.”

“Thanks for what? It’s all thanks to you that you survived, you are quite tenacious, you have a few of my style.”

Chen Dong patted his legs, as if he was “showing off”, “Do you know how my legs got crippled? They were similar to yours, they were unwilling to be killed easily and struggled to survive, but in the end, they survived but their legs were crippled.”

“Then I still have to thank you.”

Lin Lingdong was weak to the point of weakness, and his gaze looked askance at Wu Junhao.

Chen Dong shook his head, “No need to thank you, because I’m about to kill someone!”

The words just fell.

Wu Junhao, who had changed his magazine and reloaded it, turned around violently and shone his strong torch directly at Chen Dong while raising his pistol.



With an ear-piercing whistle, a gunshot rang out at the same time.

Time seemed to freeze.


Wu Junhao was still standing in place, but when he looked down at his right hand holding the gun, his expression was abruptly shocked to the extreme.

His right hand, which he hadn’t even noticed during the whistling sound just now, had broken off neatly at the wrist.

The bloodstained right hand still held the gun, but it had already fallen to the ground.

And Wu Junhao’s right wrist was gushing out blood at this moment.


Wu Junhao’s face was full of pain and panic, his left hand deadly covering his wrist as he trembled all over.

Chen Dong leaned calmly in front of the tree trunk, and a crater had exploded about five centimetres from his ear.


With a shake of his right hand, the “fish scale wire” mechanism, which had been hidden on his right wrist, retracted the fish scale wire back into the box.

In the lightning flash just now, he had used the fish scale thread to instantly divert the trajectory of Wu Junhao’s bullet, narrowly avoiding the killing!

Listening to Wu Junhao’s pig-like screams.

Even though the blood from Wu Junhao’s right wrist splashed all over his face.

Lin Lingdong remained indifferent as usual, a faint glint of surprise flooding his eyes as he looked towards Chen Dong.

“You, how did you know that?”

“It’s too fake!”

Chen Dong shook his head with a bitter smile, “A person like him, in order to beg me to save you, actually knelt down and cracked his head in public, just because of this loyalty, my Kunlun brother and Long Lao and the others did it anyway.”


Lin Lingdong let out a laugh, but his expression was despondent to the extreme: “I, Lin Lingdong, have been righteous all my life, but in the end I was betrayed by the people closest to me, and saved by you who should have killed me with a butcher’s knife!”

“Why? Why? You all found out? Why?”

The pained Wu Junhao heard Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong’s conversation at this moment, his entire body was frantic, his eyes were scarlet, glaring at Chen Dong and Lin Lingdong as if they were mad dogs.

“Two killers, how did they have your recording?” Lin Lingdong smiled sadly, “If I didn’t ask behind you just now, Chen Dong and their torch light, the bullet just now, I guess it would have already entered my heart?”

And Chen Dong was indifferent as usual: “I don’t pretend to be moved by you, how else can I follow you to save Lin Lingdong? In your next life, remember not to overact, with your status and position, when you encounter such things, it is right to be impulsive, but if you are impulsive to excess, then there is a ghost!”

Chen Dong stretched out and smiled teasingly, “Otherwise, why do you think I didn’t let out a single fart when you were charging inside alone just now? You were running with a clearer route than all those people searching for you!”

“You have planned well, killing two birds with one stone, luring me out by killing Lin Lingdong with a killer, then killing me, a plot to kill both me and Lin Lingdong!”

The words were thick with contempt, and the teasing laughter was undisguised.

As he spoke.

Whether it was Chen Dong, or Lin Lingdong.

The eyes that looked at Wu Junhao were as if …… they were looking at a retard.