Winner Takes All Chapter 537-538

Chapter 537

As Chen Dong pushed his wheelchair out of the ward.

Elder Long and Kunlun were stopping Wu Junhao who was full of impatience and wanted to force his way into the ward.

They did not wait for Chen Dong to get angry.

Wu Junhao, who saw Chen Dong, was instantly excited and wildly happy.

With a poof!

Wu Junhao knelt down heavily on the ground and with a crying voice, pleaded, “Mr. Chen, something has happened to my boss, please Mr. Chen must save my boss!”





A plea was followed by a kowtow like a chicken pecking rice.

Wu Junhao’s eyes were red and he resolutely hit his head against the ground again and again.

After only a few times, his forehead cracked open and blood seeped out.

But he still didn’t stop.

Because he knew that in the city, the only person who could help him and Lin Lingdong today was Chen Dong.

And only Chen Dong could find the fastest way to save Lin Lingdong!

Even if he was normally arrogant, Wu Junhao had thrown away all his dignity and face at this moment.

A sudden scene.

Chen Dong, Elder Long and Kunlun were all stunned.

Chen Dong knew something about Wu Junhao because of what had happened to Wang Nan Nan back then.

This was a person with an arrogant personality who held himself in an arrogant manner.

Compared to Lin Lingdong’s composure, there was even more arrogance written on his face.

It was possible for a man to abandon his character and humble himself to this point in front of him.

This was what had shocked Chen Dong.

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong asked calmly.

Wu Junhao raised his head, blood running down the bridge of his nose, making his face look hideous and gruesome.

He pleaded, “When I came to invite Mr. Chen, Brother Ling Dong was alone in the hotel when something happened, by the time I returned to the hotel, Brother Ling Dong had already disappeared, the room and the hotel corridor were riddled with bullet holes, and I could not contact Brother Ling Dong.”

Chen Dong’s mind was aghast.

After all, Lin Lingdong was the king of the underground in Lingdong, with a superb status and great power.

For someone who could travel to such a high level, he would be careful and cautious, and his personal ability and tact would be superior.

A sudden a*sa*sination would be something Lin Lingdong could definitely handle.

But from Wu Junhao’s brief description, it was clear that things had gone beyond what Lin Lingdong could handle, endangering lives!

“Phew ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a heavy breath and was silent, his gaze deep.

Seeing Chen Dong’s silence, Wu Junhao instantly became anxious.

“Mr. Chen, please save Brother Ling Dong.”


Another head knocked on the ground, blood even stained the ground.

Bang, bang, bang ……

Wu Junhao acted like a madman, ignoring his forehead injury, and strove to kowtow to the ground.

Giving up his dignity, giving up his face, humble as dust.

Long Lao and Kun Lun glanced at each other, and then simultaneously dropped their gazes to the silent Chen Dong.

Both of them were clear that Chen Dong actually did not hold much resentment towards Lin Lingdong.

Otherwise, Chen Dong would not have instructed Elder Long to make a point of pa*sing on the message when Lin Lingdong came to invite him for the second time.

Seeing Chen Dong looming over him.

Elder Long gestured a look at Kunlun.

Kun Lun understood and immediately went forward to prepare to help Wu Junhao, who was desperately kowtowing, up.


However, Wu Junhao suddenly let out a cry, kneeling on both knees and lunging towards Chen Dong, who was sitting in a wheelchair, in great distress.

This scene caught both Kunlun and Elder Long off guard.

When they reacted, Wu Junhao had already jumped in front of Chen Dong and clung to his thighs with both hands.

“Please, please save Brother Lingdong, as long as you can save Brother Lingdong, I, Wu Junhao, will definitely repay you in this life even if I have to be a cow or a horse.”

He wailed and cried, tearing his heart out.

The man in the hall was also in tears at this moment.

“Can’t you call someone over from Lingdong?” Chen Dong asked.

Lin Lingdong was the underground king of Lingdong and had many talented people under his command, so he could call someone over and dispose of things just as quickly.

“It’s too late for that ……”

Wu Junhao’s eyes drifted a little, and ignoring the blood running down his forehead, he cried, “When I came here before, the phone was set to silent mode, Brother Lingdong had sent me a distress message, but that was an hour ago, I, I was careless and didn’t notice it at all!”

Chen Dong’s expression was awe-inspiring, and his gaze shot out a sharp aura.

Then, he said in a deep voice, “Long Lao Kunlun, immediately search with all your might, to see a person alive and a corpse dead.”

At these words.

Wu Junhao was immediately overwhelmed with joy, so excited that he could hardly control himself.

His body trembled as he moved back a step on both knees and thumped his head on the ground again.

“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen ……”

Chen Dong frowned slightly and raised his hand to block Wu Junhao who was about to kowtow again, shaking his head, “There is no need for that, you should now be telling Elder Long and Kunlun all the information you know, aiding them in their search for Lin Lingdong, instead of crying and panicking like a woman.”

Wu Junhao froze for a moment, then raised his hand to wipe away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

He got up, his blood-stained face, and stared at Elder Long and Kunlun.

After receiving the order, Elder Long and Kun Lun were about to take Wu Junhao away at once.

However, Chen Dong pondered for a few seconds and called out to the three again.

“Kunlun wait for me, I’ll go for this too, I’ll go and explain to Little Shadow.”

“Mr. Chen, you ……” Wu Junhao subconsciously glanced at Chen Dong’s legs.

Long Lao said calmly, “The young master is under our guard, no need for you to worry.”

After Chen Dong returned to the ward, he explained to Gu Qingying that Din Tai had a tricky matter to go back to deal with and would have Fan Lu come over to take care of it.

Gu Qingying didn’t ask too many questions and nodded her head in agreement.

The Rolls Royce drove away from the hospital and headed towards the hotel where Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao were staying.

While on the road, as Elder Long dialed out a phone call, all the forces were instantly activated.

It was as if a large net had been formed, spreading out all over the world.

On the side, as Wu Junhao listened to Elder Long’s phone calls, his mind gradually calmed down, and although he was still apprehensive and nervous, he was not as frightened as before.

Every now and then, Wu Junhao would scan a glance at Chen Dong, puzzled, with awe.

“You’re wondering why I agreed to save Lin Lingdong so readily?”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and looked at Wu Junhao.

Wu Junhao choked and nodded his head in acknowledgement.

Chen Dong smiled and looked out of the window, “He should be worth my help.”

The matter of Wang Nan Nan had indeed left him with a knot in his heart.

But at that time, Lin Lingdong’s disposal and attitude had given him an extremely deep impression.

At least, in Chen Dong’s opinion, when Lin Lingdong was unscrupulous, he still managed to retain a bottom line, and this alone made Lin Lingdong different from ordinary people.

These days, there were very few people who could maintain a bottom line in the face of alcohol, S*x and money.

It was this impression that made him never feel that his grudge against Lin Lingdong was too deep.

He had a grudge, but not a grudge!

In the case of the “Plum Blossom Tavern”, Lin Lingdong had been set up.

Since he had made his attitude clear to Chen Dong on the spot, and had personally taken over the job.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

But is it really too late for ……?


Chapter 538

Night is falling.

This is an old forest deep in the mountains.

The trees are sky-high and the bushes are deep.

Dense vines, interlaced and crisscrossed, resembled a slithering python.

The thick fallen leaves underfoot gave off an aura of decay.


A silhouette suddenly appeared, like a robust ape, and in a flash, it had disappeared into the bushes to one side.

Not even a sound was made when his footsteps stepped on the dead branches and rotting leaves.

Not far away, two beams of light shone towards this side at the same time.

Then two figures approached quickly.

Under the cover of the light, two clown masks, one crying and one laughing, added to the eerie and ghostly aura of the two killers, making people feel cold.

“Tsk tsk …… He’s quite something, being in the middle of the jungle and being able to hide the sound of his footsteps.”

The smiling clown masked killer stomped on the thick leaves beneath his feet, making a rustling sound.

His right calf had been wrapped in gauze, from the car chase earlier, except that movement was still restricted because of the injury.

“You can hide the sound of your footsteps, but you can’t hide the sound of the wind you bring up when you’re moving at high speed.”

The killer with the crying clown mask said in a cold voice, not to his companion, but to Lin Lingdong, who was hiding in the shadows: “You can’t hide in the silence of the mountains, I know you are nearby, so come out and kill yourself, it will be easier to die.”

“Yes, yes, you’re wounded, if you keep hiding like this, your blood will soon run dry, right? Why bother torturing yourself to death like that?”

The smiling clown-masked killer laughed playfully.


A rustling sound came from behind the two men.

Both of them simultaneously shuddered and turned around bravely.

“Over there!”

Almost at the same time, the two men rushed out like arrows from a string.

In the bushes.

Lin Lingdong struggled to curl up into a ball, not daring to move as the thorns around him pierced his skin, blood seeping from one small wound after another.

He clenched his teeth, his gaze steely and ancient.

It was as if the wounds and bleeding on his body did not exist at all.

“Even if I end up bleeding to death, dying like a dead dog in this deep forest, I will not give up my last chance.”

This was what Lin Lingdong had in mind, and this was also his belief now!

After he escaped from the hotel, he drove all the way to try to get rid of the two killers.

But the killers bit off more than he could chew, and in the end he could only rush out of the city and break into this deep forest.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of contacting Wu Junhao again, but his mobile phone had been broken and unusable during the previous fight.

Relying on the complex terrain in the deep forest, he had the luxury of being able to get away from the two killers.

But the killers’ ability to cope with the complex terrain of the mountains and forests far exceeded his expectations.

The only thing Lin Lingdong could do was to stall and tangle and hide for as long as possible.

He had already put his ability in mountainous terrain into overdrive, and could even control the angle at which his feet landed, so much so that he could not even make a sound when he stepped on the dead branches and leaves.

But as the killer said, you can hide the sound of footsteps, but not the wind.

The sound of the wind as his body moved quickly was too clear in the stillness of the mountain forest at night.

But there was nothing he could do about it, he simply could not get out of place fast enough without moving at high speed.

The bleeding from his right shoulder blade had not stopped, but had only been slowed by the wrapping of the cloth of his shirt, which slowed the loss of blood.

Even so, having exhausted himself to this point, Lin Lingdong was exhausted and out of his depth.

A dizzying wave of blood loss and exhaustion kept hitting him.

The only thing that could sustain him was his instinctive desire to live.

Gradually, there was no more movement from the killer outside.

Finally …… had gone far away.

Lin Lingdong secretly breathed a sigh of relief, ignoring the sharpness of the thorns in the bushes, his hands viciously tore through the bushes in front of him and fought to leap out of them.

But it also caused the thorns that hooked on the skin to tear the wound even more open.


Lin Lingdong fell to the ground, gasping for air.

Pulling over a few leaves, he sucked them up profusely.

Thirst, intense thirst.

It was as if his mouth and tongue were about to catch fire and explode.

Water and food were the only resources to maintain the body’s basic physical strength.

At this moment, Lin Lingdong could only sip on the dew on the leaves to give his mouth and tongue a slight sense of wetness.


A light appeared again in the distance.

At the same time, a cursing voice rang out, “D*mn, there are so many animals in this deep forest, how many times have we been distracted?”

Here we go again!

Lin Lingdong had already gotten used to it.

Several times in the afternoon, he had relied on the animals in the forest to create commotion and narrowly escape the killer’s lock.

Now, with the help of the night, it was, in turn, slightly easier than in the afternoon.

Only both killers are quick to react and return to their original positions as soon as they notice the anomaly.

It was only about two minutes before and after, so fast that the exhausted man could hardly shake them off completely.


Lin Lingdong stood on tiptoe, forcing himself to endure the soreness and weakness in his limbs as he ran in one direction.

He no longer cared about discerning his direction, he could shake off two killers, even if he was lost in the mountains, and as long as he could survive, he was sure he could leave the mountains at last.

“Over there!”

Almost at the same time as Lin Lingdong scurried out, two beams of light, at the same time, shone on the place where he had just crouched.

Following closely behind, the killer came at breakneck speed.

Seeing a few fresh leaves on the ground, and the faint tooth marks on the leaves.

The two killers looked at each other and both could see the helplessness and franticness in each other’s eyes.

This target …… was too tough!

The tracking from the afternoon to now had caused resentment to surge in the chests of both men who were professional killers.

Lin Lingdong gave the two of them a feeling as if he was an undefeatable little strong man.

Even though they knew that Lin Lingdong was at the end of his rope, and even predicted that Lin Lingdong would almost faint from blood loss.

However, Lin Lingdong did not give up, dragging his weak body, and struggling to hold on with the two professional killers until now.

It was a shame!

But at the same time, both of them even had a strange admiration for this “little strong man” in their hearts.

“This kind of person, if you can’t kill him once, you’ll probably kill us next time.”

The killer with the crying clown mask had a low, gloomy voice.

The killer with the smiling clown mask also nodded in agreement.

Immediately afterwards, the two listened to the sound of the wind, which seemed to be absent in the mountains and forests, and discerned their direction and chased after them.


At the same time, a dozen cars were speeding along the side of the mountain road outside the old forest.

A dozen cars sped up and stopped at the same time.

Long Lao and Kun Lun got out of the car and carried Chen Dong down.

And Wu Junhao had already got out of the car and rushed towards the two wrecked vehicles parked by the roadside.

After making sure, Wu Junhao excitedly and ecstatically turned back to Chen Dong and the others and shouted.

“Mr Chen, this car, it belongs to Brother Lingdong!”

After saying this, he looked towards the dense mountain forest with ecstasy: “Brother Lingdong is here in the mountain forest, and the killer’s car is also here, Brother Lingdong should still be alive.”

Chen Dong and Kun Lun looked at each other, both seeing the gloom in each other’s eyes.

Wu Junhao had followed Lin Lingdong to learn the skill of “mixing”.

It was reasonable for him to think like a normal person at this moment.

But when Chen Dong followed Kunlun, he was learning the real skill of killing.

As the king of mercenaries and a former god of bloodshed, the experience he had accumulated was very different from that of Wu Junhao.

The same can be said of Chen Dong, who inherited his skills from Kunlun.

At least in the minds of both Chen Dong and Kunlun.

If the two of them were killers, they would not meekly return to the vehicle they were chasing and drive away after they had won ……

However, Chen Dong still said in a deep voice: “Search the mountain! Make as much noise as possible! It’s a good way to shake the tiger out of the mountain and make those two killers fearful and shy away!”