Winner Takes All Chapter 535-536

Chapter 535

Inside the silent room.

Lin Lingdong looked solemn, an invisible sense of tension sweeping through his body.

He threw away his cigarette and got up without coming forward.

Instead, he moved across to the desk and picked up a vase on the table, staring at the door with a stern expression.

After a few seconds of silence.

“Brother Lingdong, it’s Junhao.”

Wu Junhao’s voice rang out from outside the door.

Lin Lingdong’s tightly knitted brow instantly relaxed.

With a secret sigh of relief, he put down the vase and stepped forward to open the door.

But when his right hand rested on the door handle, his tiger body shook violently and his pupils tightened to the extreme in an instant.

Wu Junhao …… had his room card!

The nature of the two men’s identities had erected countless enemies.

Even when they traveled, they were cautious, and even when they slept in separate rooms, they would keep each other’s room cards, just in case.

It was at this moment.


An extremely slight sound of a gunshot exploded outside the door.

A hole was steeply penetrated in the solid wood door.


The bullet instantly pierced through Lin Lingdong’s right shoulder blade, and blood spurted onto the door panel.

The intense, sharp pain instantly caused Lin Lingdong’s five senses to screw up.

He covered the gunshot wound on his right shoulder blade and staggered backwards, but his expression was cold and stern, without any panic.

Bang, bang, bang ……

Almost simultaneously.

The sound of silenced gunshots outside the door rang out one after another.

The locks around the door, visible to the naked eye, were quickly pierced.

In a flash of lightning, Lin Lingdong quickly rushed to the hotel window, how he did not expect that the mysterious person warned in the first foot, the killer actually came to the door in the second foot.

Moreover, he was able to imitate Wu Junhao’s voice, so he was obviously prepared.

But when Lin Lingdong stood in front of the window, he instantly turned deathly pale.

This …… was the 13th floor!

There was no escape!


The sound of a kick to the door sounded outside the door.

It instantly pulled Lin Lingdong’s thoughts back.

Luckily, the solid wooden door of the hotel room was sturdy and the kick was not kicked open.

But it was obvious that the other party would not stop there, and a few more shots with silencers were fired.

Outside the door, the sound of kicking was heard again.

Lin Lingdong’s brows were knitted together and his face was as cold as frost.

His strong psychological qualities allowed him to keep his wits about him even in the face of such a desperate situation, and his thoughts were turning rapidly.

Scrambling for time, Lin Lingdong picked up his mobile phone and quickly sent an “SOS” message to Wu Junhao for help.

Then, as the other party kicked in the door, he moved aside, grabbed the vase he had just put down and rushed towards the door with great speed.


With a loud bang, the door of the room was kicked open in response.

Lin Lingdong roared “ah”, like a lion fighting a rabbit, swinging the vase in his hand with all his might and smashing it at his opponent.

He was not used to waiting for death.

If he had been so cowardly as to wait for death, he would not have become the King of the Underground in Lingdong, a man that everyone looked up to with fear and trepidation.

Even in the desperate situation before him, reason and instinct made him fight to the death!


The vase smashed down the barrel of the long, lacquered gun, and with a gunshot, the vase exploded into countless pieces.

With the force of the smash, the other man’s pistol fell to the ground.

At the same time as the other side fired, Lin Lingdong, as if he had expected it, shot a sharp look in his eyes and bowed fiercely to avoid the discharged bullet and rolled on the ground.

At the same time, the remaining fragment of a vase in his hand was swung out across the room.


There was a sound of flesh being cut.

Blood splashed on Lin Lingdong’s face.

At the same time a muffled grunt rang out in his ears.

He could vaguely feel that the other party had fallen to one knee in pain after the blow had been struck.

However, Lin Lingdong paid no attention to it, the desperate situation in front of him also made him not bother at all.

Killing back against the odds was something that existed in movies, where the protagonist had a halo.

In real life, there was not even a chance in a million that a person could perfectly kill against the odds!

Reason made Lin Lingdong not even consider fighting for that less than 1 in 10,000 chance of a counter-kill.

The best option was to rush out of the room and escape in one go!

His opponent had come prepared, even if he had taken advantage of his fight to the death and injured his calf.

But he had a gunshot wound in his right shoulder blade, and it was much worse!

Even in a close physical fight, he was not sure he could win!

The a*sa*sin sent by Zheng Qiu’s men was no ordinary dog or cat.

As Lin Lingdong was running wildly towards the stairs, a silencer shot rang out behind him.

Lin Lingdong could even feel the hot wind of bullets pa*sing by as he ran wildly.

The walls of the corridor to his left and right exploded in a series of craters.


Lin Lingdong’s eyebrows knitted together and he clenched his teeth, a painful look on his face.

A bullet swept past his right arm, and the blazing heat instantly burned his skin black, even his blood was instantly solidified.

Bang Teen!

Lin Lingdong kicked open the door of the stairwell and with a roll, he entered the

The door to the room.

Looking at Lin Lingdong drilling into the stairwell.

The black clothed a*sa*sin with a clown mask on his face slowly let go of his injured calf and stood up.

“What a pity, it was so close.”

The killer shook his head helplessly, withdrew his pistol magazine and replaced it with a new one that was fully loaded before he limped and quickly ran towards the stairwell.

After the fierce shooting just now, if the bullets hadn’t been empty, he would have had full confidence in ending Lin Lingdong’s life before he got into the stairwell.

The hotel car park.

Lin Lingdong staggered into the car park, his face already a little pale.

The penetrating wound to his right shoulder blade had caused him to lose a lot of blood, even as he ran wildly, spinning a little skyward.

But he could not stop, and if he did, the killer behind him would inevitably catch up.

He thought even less of going to the hotel reception desk for help.

A professional a*sa*sin would have anticipated any possibility before the a*sa*sination, and thus had a pre-determined method of response to each possible outcome.

Even a vicious killer would not mind killing a few innocent people indiscriminately while killing his target!

Finally, Lin Lingdong saw his BMW X7.

His eyes glowed with hope.

Rushing into the car at great speed, he leaned back in the seat and exhaled heavily.

With a flash of hostility in his eyes, he simply and decisively bit open his shirt and wrapped it tightly around the wound on his right shoulder blade.

In doing so, it could not stop the bleeding and heal the wound.

But it could also slow down the rate of blood loss.

If he pa*sed out due to blood loss at this point, he would be walking with both feet on the doorstep of a ghost.

In less than ten seconds, Lin Lingdong had bandaged his wounds.

Just as he started the car, a man in black wearing a clown mask was walking towards him at the staircase of the car park he had run out of earlier.

Under the lights, the clown mask was red and white, with crimson lips turned up high, clearly smiling but giving a creepy feeling.

Seeing the man in black raise his pistol.

Lin Lingdong slammed on the accelerator, and the BMW X7 tyres rubbed against the ground, sending up thick smoke, as if catapulting, directly out of the parking space, and with a tailspin, it sped towards the car park exit.


Just as the car crossed an intersection.

A blinding light came from the right.

Even if he saw the light out of the corner of his eye, it still made Lin Lingdong squint his eyes.

Bang Teen!

The car emitting the bright light, blatantly like a fierce beast, crashed head-on into the side of Lin Lingdong’s BMW x7 ……


Chapter 536

A loud sound echoed through the car park.

The terrifying impact instantly knocked Lin Lingdong off balance and his head smashed against the car window gla*s.

The window gla*s exploded in a cobweb of patterns.

Lin Lingdong’s head felt a sudden rush of air.

A strong dizziness hit him and the sky spun.

He slowly turned his head and looked at the car that had crashed into his side, with a killer wearing a clown mask sitting inside.

The only difference, too, was that the gun-wielding killer’s clown mask was smiling, while the car’s killer’s clown mask had the corners of his mouth curved down as if he were crying.

Just as quickly, scarlet blood trickled down from the top of his head, sliding over his eyes and blurring his vision.

The strong smell of blood instantly filled his nostrils.

The killer on the side, even after the crash, still did not let up on the accelerator, the front end of the car bursting into thick smoke, still brutally and furiously trying to topple the BMW x7 Lin Lingdong was in towards the load-bearing pillar not far away.

The threat of death was upon him.

Lin Lingdong shook off his dizzy head so hard that the blood from the head wound splashed into the car with it.

Even now, after a brief daze, his eyes quickly returned to cold severity.


The accelerator of his right foot was pressed down hard.

The BMW x7 was like a beast, its tyres rubbing smoke on the ground as it shot forward in a catapulting motion.

The violent friction caused the side of the BMW x7 that was hit to be completely deformed to the extreme.

Even because of the angle shift, the front end of the killer’s car bounced forward with the BMW x7 and hit the rear of the BMW x7 with a bang, instantly causing the BMW x7 to shake violently.

Luckily, Lin Lingdong gripped the steering wheel with both hands and controlled the car in time, rushing out of the car park with a speed as fast as lightning.

“D*mn it!”

Inside the car, the killer cursed fiercely.

The car door was opened and the smiling clown masked killer got into the pa*senger seat and grumbled.

“Can’t you prepare a better car for the next mission?”

“Do you think anyone can be trapped in a desperate situation?”

The crying-faced clown disliked back, while quickly steering the car towards the car park outside to catch up.


Nine o’clock in the morning.

Wu Junhao finally returned to the hotel, only looking a little impatient.

He followed Lin Lingdong’s request and went to invite Chen Dong again.

The person he met was still Elder Long, and the only difference was that Elder Long had relayed his words to Chen Dong.

Instead of making Wu Junhao comfortable, this became even more diabolical.

At least the boss was the underground king of Lingdong, when had he ever been so humble to anyone?

You Chen Dong are really something, but do you know that my boss is also the king of the city?

While Wu Junhao was not happy, he also complained a little about Lin Lingdong.

Inviting him again and again was clearly a hot face on a cold a*s!

Only, when Wu Junhao took the lift to the 13th floor.

As soon as he stepped out of the lift, noisy voices came into his ears.

Wu Junhao’s mind was lifted.

When he raised his eyes, he saw a room outside which was surrounded by a huge crowd of people pointing and gesturing.

“Is that the …… boss’s room?”

Wu Junhao’s tiger body shook as he rushed outside the crowd in big strides.

As soon as he saw the situation inside the room, he was immediately jealous and his heart instantly rose to his throat.

Something was wrong!

Not daring to make a sound, Wu Junhao quietly exited the crowd and headed for the lift.

All along the way, he could see clearly marked bullet holes that made his heart beat faster and his blood spill.

One by one, the bullet holes allowed him to imagine what had happened to Lin Lingdong!

It also made his body’s cold hairs stand on end, as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

“Boss, the boss must be alright.”

Entering the lift, Wu Junhao’s face was already white and his back was wet with cold sweat.

In a panic, he took out his mobile phone and prepared to call for backup from Lingdong City.

But as soon as he saw the screen of his mobile phone, Wu Junhao’s mind went buzzing and he almost stumbled and sat down in the lift.

On the screen of his mobile phone was a text message sent to him when Lin Lingdong was in danger.

The content was so simple, but anyone in any place would be able to understand what it meant at a glance.


An urgent call for help!


Wu Junhao slapped his face indignantly, his eyes swishing red.

When he had gone to visit and invited Chen Dong earlier, in order to appear solemn and not be criticised, he had purposely put his phone into silent mode, just in case he was disturbed by the phone while talking to Elder Long or Chen Dong.

And after receiving Elder Long’s reply, all the way back to the hotel he was in a bad mood and forgot to put the phone mode back on.

Just because of this carelessness, he missed Lin Lingdong’s distress message!

In an instant, chagrin and self-recrimination came like a tidal wave.

The time the message was sent was almost an hour away.

What had happened in that hour?

What was Lin Lingdong’s condition now?

Wu Junhao’s face was bloodless, not daring to imagine it at all.

Breathing became rapid.

The neck was thickened.

His body was even trembling uncontrollably.

But as Lin Lingdong’s number one crony, he had been following him for many years and had developed a superhuman mind.

The sanity he could still maintain at this point made Wu Junhao realise that the distress message sent almost an hour ago, and if help was called from Lingdong again, the time lag in it would only get bigger and bigger.

He did not know Lin Lingdong’s current condition, but he knew that the longer it took, the more likely Lin Lingdong would die.

Even during this almost hour of his careless negligence, he was not sure of Lin Lingdong’s well-being.

“We can’t wait!”

Wu Junhao’s gaze was resolute.


The lift door opened.

Wu Junhao rushed out of the lift and ran wildly out of the hotel, then took a taxi straight to the Lijin Hospital.

In this city, in a critical situation, the only person he could think of was Chen Dong!

Although Chen Dong’s avoiding attitude had irritated him.

But when he met Elder Long for the second time, the words that Elder Long relayed to him made it clear to him that it was not really incompatible between Lin Lingdong and Chen Dong.

Perhaps …… maybe …… asking for help, Chen Dong could help?

“For Brother Lingdong, I will kneel even until Chen Dong helps!”

This was the thought in Wu Junhao’s mind.

Lijin Hospital.

Inside the ward, the thick curtains were tightly closed and dense.

Chen Dong was holding Gu Qingying and watching the television.

The dense laughs of the variety show made Chen Dong and Gu Qingying laugh a lot.

Every now and then, Chen Dong would insert a piece of fruit with a toothpick and feed it to Gu Qingying.

Inside the ward, he had long ago lined up several times, while Elder Long and Kunlun were also guarding the entrance of the ward at this time and would inform whenever anyone approached, so there was no worry about exposing the disability of both legs.

Gu Qingying was like a kitten, lazily nestling in Chen Dong’s arms, enjoying this hard-earned comfort and happiness.

She knew what Chen Dong’s goal was.

So she knew how hard this scene was to come by.

But Gu Qingying had no complaints and only wanted to cherish the present moment.


This comfort and happiness came to an abrupt end with the noise outside the ward.

“It’s so noisy outside.”

Gu Qingying’s agate nose wrinkled slightly.

“You wait here for me, I will be back soon.”

With a gentle smile, Chen Dong got up and sat back in his wheelchair, pushing it towards the outside of the ward.

Only as he neared the door of the ward, his face gradually sank.

Because he could hear that the owner of the noisy voice …… was Wu Junhao!

Once he refused, twice he had already stated his attitude, and now he was coming back a third time and running outside his wife’s ward to make a fuss.

Chen Dong’s mind, tumbling with anger ……

So, do not know how to behave?