Winner Takes All Chapter 531-532

Chapter 531

In the hall.

As Zheng Qiu’s words left his mouth, killing intent immediately filled the air.

The air seemed to freeze.

Lin Lingdong’s eyes flashed with a brilliant aura, and his expression instantly sulked.

With his experience, how could he still not react?

This drinking game tonight had been deliberately set up by Zheng Qiu.

With his strength, killing one personnel was small.

It was up to him to kill or not.

But the person to be killed, immediately appearing in front of him, was a different matter.

Zheng Qiu was clearly deliberately putting him on the spot on the rack.

Even Wu Junhao’s face was gloomy to the extreme at this moment.

He glared at Zheng Qiu with a fierce look in his eyes and was about to get up and have a fit.

A large hand quietly fell on Wu Junhao’s thigh.

Wu Junhao glanced at Lin Lingdong in surprise, and then forcibly held back.

“Brother Lingdong, I know it’s very underhanded of me to do so, but I was forced to do so.”

Zheng Qiu begged bitterly, his face full of smiles, “As long as Brother Lingdong helps me kill this person tonight, I will definitely pay a heavy reward, even if I have to work as a cow or a horse for Brother Lingdong!”

In Zheng Qiu’s heart, it was already a great honour to serve Chen Tianyang.

It was because of Chen Tianyang’s regard that he was able to turn his salted fish around and have his present.

The establishment of Hongtian Real Estate was originally instructed by Chen Tianyang to deal with Chen Dong’s Dingtai Real Estate.

In this city, even if he could not invite Lin Lingdong to sit down and raise the flag, as long as he could kill Chen Dong, he would have fulfilled Chen Tianyang’s explanation to him, no, he would have even overachieved!

Once he succeeds, the benefits Zheng Qiu will receive from Chen Tianyang will be beyond imagination.

Even if he had to work for Lin Lingdong as a cow and horse, he would be willing to do so, not to mention, after it really worked out, after he became Chen Tianyang’s crony, it was not certain who would work for whom.

“Hoo ……”

Lin Lingdong rubbed his face and exhaled a heavy breath of wine.

The sulking face was as cold as frost.

“Flies …… I saved your life, and you really take me as a brother?”

The cold voice sneered, but Zheng Qiu did not care.

Zheng Qiu pleaded, “Brother Lingdong, my little brother is really desperate and can only beg for help Brother Lingdong, now that that person is at the door, Brother Lingdong just needs to raise his hand and everything will be fine,.”

“What’s more, Brother Lingdong is present and that man is here, if we all meet each other tonight, that man will only think that Brother Lingdong and I are on the same side, and will never treat Brother Lingdong as an outsider.”


Lin Lingdong snorted, Zheng Qiu’s words were also the reason for his true annoyance.

As the underground king of Lingdong, he had his arrogance, he had never been counted on so much as to drive a duck into the ground!

“Fine, from now on, you go your Yang Guan Road, I’ll cross my One Wooden Bridge, but Zheng Qiu you remember, I see people!”

Lin Lingdong’s gaze was cold, and the look he gave Zheng Qiu was filled with disgust and ferocity.

“Good, thanks to Brother Lingdong for making it happen!”

Zheng Qiu was overjoyed and immediately got up, picking up the white wine on the table and drinking it down in one go.

As he exhaled the wine, he waved his hand excitedly, “Brothers, all ready, make it happen tonight, and come day, glory, wealth, and good clothes!”

Clang, clang, clang ……

Before the words left his mouth, the sound of a sharp weapon being sheathed rang out in the hall.

Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao looked at each other, indifferently watching all this without the slightest surprise.

The two of them had seen such scenes long before.

After all the calculations, it would be strange if they didn’t have swords hidden in the dark.

Zheng Qiu settled down and waved his hand, letting all the warblers to his left and right leave.


Just as the woman beside him got up, he still gave a slap with some intent.

Feeling the moving rebound, Zheng Qiu’s eyes shone with essence.

His heart was surging with excitement.

Both hands even quietly clenched their fists.

After tonight!

After tonight!

After tonight, I will be able to leap from a carp to a dragon!

If I tell young master Tian Yang about this great news, he will definitely take me on a pilgrimage to the legendary Chen family, right?

The hall was dead quiet.

The lights seemed to have become as harsh as swords.

Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao had cold faces.

Zheng Qiu and the others, on the other hand, looked hostile.

A biting killing intent that was undisguised!

Finally, the sound of footsteps came from the courtyard outside the hall.

All the people present simultaneously looked awe-inspiring, their eyes like lightning, and secretly clenched their weapons.

Here they come!

Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao also looked outside at the same time.

The outside was a little dim.

The two of them could not see clearly for a while.

But they could also see two figures, and the silhouette of a figure in a wheelchair.

A disabled person?

Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao were puzzled at the same time.

A mere handicapped person needed to make such a big deal out of Zheng Qiu?

As the distance drew closer, the silhouettes gradually became clearer.


When Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao saw the faces of the three men, they were struck by a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

Their features were enlarged and distorted to the limit in an exaggerated arc that was almost disintegrating.

How, how could it be them?


Lin Lingdong’s anger rose to the skies as he slapped his palm down on the table and rose to his feet.

Along with him was a terrified and horrified Wu Junhao.


At this moment, Zheng Qiu and the others, who had long been ready to strike, took no notice of the two men’s expressions.

As Lin Lingdong slapped the table and got up, the crowd took it as an order.

No one expected that Lin Lingdong, who had almost torn his face apart, would be so decisive at this time.

Zheng Qiu was even more surprised, his expression steeped in fierceness to the extreme.

“Make a move!”

With a loud roar, all the people in the room rose up, and the blades hidden under the table shone with a piercing cold light.

Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao, who were reluctant to do this, were both so murderous and decisive at this point.

Those of them who had planned everything long ago, how could they lag behind?




Without waiting for the crowd to make a move, there was a loud bang and the huge round table shook violently.

It was also accompanied by a miserable shout from Zheng Qiu.

The crowd, who were sharpening their swords, were instantly confused.

What was …… going on?

Even Chen Dong, who was close to the hall, was astonished.

The three men looked at the room incredulously.

Of course Chen Dong recognized Lin Lingdong, because of the brightness of the light, so he had more priority than Lin Lingdong to see him!

Seeing Lin Lingdong again on such an occasion, Chen Dong naturally had an endless killing intent in his heart!

There are things that if you commit them once, you can live, but if you commit them twice, it’s a capital offence!

But Chen Dong never expected that such a shocking scene would occur in a flash of lightning.

“Who dares to move?”

As Lin Lingdong bellowed.

Dao’s shocked eyes turned around.

As soon as they saw the situation, the hall resounded with the sound of a backward intake of breath.

It was a flash of lightning just now.

Lin Lingdong had struck out brazenly, smashing Zheng Qiu’s head directly onto the tabletop.

At this moment, the spinning tempered gla*s surface on the table top had cracked into countless spider web-like cracks as Zheng Qiu’s head fell.

Zheng Qiu’s head seemed like a watermelon as he was pressed firmly against the tabletop by Lin Lingdong, and crimson blood flowed out in all directions.

The air was filled with the pungent smell of blood.

It made everyone present shocked and dumbfounded while also creepy ……


Chapter 532

In the hall.

The silence was like listening to a needle.

The crowd, who had been sharpening their swords, were now silent and shivering.

Dao Dao’s gaze towards Lin Lingdong was even more filled with fear and confusion.

The reversal had come so quickly, like a tornado!

Who the hell would have thought that the underground king of Lingdong, who was still in the same camp with his first foot, would instantly have the mastermind of this time pinned to the table?

Even the three of them, who had spared Chen Dong, came to an abrupt halt in their place.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and murmured with a light smile, “It seems like …… we don’t have to do anything.”

Long Lao and Kun Lun looked at each other and also revealed a teasing look.

“Lin, Lin Lingdong, you, what the F**k do you mean?”

Zheng Qiu spat out a mouthful of blood froth and finally came back to his senses, sucking in cold air in agony while scolding in fear.

The pain in his face was so severe that it was tingling in his bones, causing the muscles in his face to twitch.

The smash had broken his nose on the spot, and he could even feel the sharp pain of his facial bones shattering into gaps.

Compared to the immense pain, Zheng Qiu at this moment was even more puzzled and terrified.

“Didn’t you …… ask me to reward your face?”

Lin Lingdong stood tall with a stern look, revealing a creepy, sardonic smile, “Now …… I’m rewarding your face!”

At this moment, the bloodlust of Lingdong’s underground king was revealed to the fullest.

Not only did it make Zheng Qiu, but it also made the hearts of everyone present shudder.

“You, didn’t you already promise?”

Zheng Qiu forced himself to endure the severe pain, almost roaring, “You, what kind of Lingdong Underground King are you, are you talking about the morality of the jianghu or not?”

The sound of his roar echoed through the hall for a long time.

Everyone’s heart twitched and their breath stopped as they listened.


“Jianghu is not about fighting and killing, Jianghu is about human kindness!”

Lin Lingdong lowered his eyebrows and stared at Zheng Qiu with contempt, “When you counted me out this night, did you ever speak of jianghu morality?”

With a question, Zheng Qiu was left speechless.

After a few seconds of silence.

“Him, does he frighten you that much? To make you, the king of the Lingdong underground, willingly take on the reputation of a two-bit boy?”

Zheng Qiu wailed in pain and slumped on the tabletop, unable to move.

He was not stupid, he had clearly said everything, yet in an instant, Lin Lingdong had turned against him.

Then there was only one possibility!

Because of the three Chen Dong’s outside!

When he asked this, an extremely terrifying thought surfaced in Zheng Qiu’s mind precisely.

As soon as this thought appeared, it was as if an invisible hand was pushing him into the abyss of despair.

Lin Lingdong smiled coldly and his eyes looked profoundly at Chen Dong who was sitting in a wheelchair outside the house.

There was astonishment, but more than that, there was respect.

He slowly spoke, “Anyone can move Mr. Chen, only I, Lin Lingdong, dare not!”

Facing Lin Lingdong, Chen Dong smiled faintly and nodded his head in greeting.

As Lin Lingdong’s words left his mouth.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded as their heads exploded.

Zheng Qiu’s body even shook, and in an instant, his jaws were splitting and his pupils dilated.

“He, he is the one you said you scorned?”

Zheng Qiu’s voice trembled to the extreme, and he was even a little out of breath.

At this moment, he was just engulfed in fear and had almost lost his senses.

This …… how F**king bad luck must this be?

The city’s population is so large?

Why did he meet the only person who made Lin Lingdong scare?

“Do it! You guys do it for me!”

Zheng Qiu, who was lying on the table, had a crazed grimace on his bloodstained face.

Chen Dong was the only person Lin Lingdong feared!

It was destined that this night’s plan would come to naught.

Lin Lingdong’s strike had already made him desperate to the point of despair.

The threat of death had caused Zheng Qiu to recoil from death as if he were a dying man!


In an instant, the three sects in the room pounced on Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao with swords.

Sword and knife shadows.

Killing intent stirred.


Wu Junhao grabbed two wine bottles, smashed them and then directly met the crowd.

Lin Lingdong, on the other hand, was still standing indifferently, unmoving.

He had experienced such scenes countless times in his half-life of bloodshed.

While holding Zheng Qiu down with one hand, Lin Lingdong’s gaze swept past everyone and looked at Chen Dong outside the house, full of apologies.

“Sorry Mr. Chen, here Lingdong will personally solve the problem, and will pay a visit afterwards to give Mr. Chen an explanation!”


Chen Dong nodded his head and gestured to Kun Lun.

Immediately, Kun Lun stepped forward and closed the door of the hall.

With that, the three of them turned around and walked towards the outside.

Under the night, the courtyard was dimly lit.

While in the hall behind Chen Dong’s trio, the lights were as bright as day.

The sounds of wailing, screaming, whistling in anger, shouting and killing echoed continuously in the tightly closed hall.

The silhouettes of people, swords and shadows, and every now and then a splash of blood burst onto the windows and doors.

The rain gradually became heavier.

By the time Chen Dong walked out of the Qingmei Tavern, the rain had turned into a downpour.

Long Lao held up an umbrella and put it over Chen Dong’s head, allowing the rain to drench them.

The three of them were silent as they slowly walked towards the Rolls-Royce.

The rain completely covered up everything that was happening inside the Qingmei Tavern.

As if nothing had happened, the Rolls-Royce turned on its lights, started up and slowly drove off into the distance ……


The following morning.

When it was still light out.

The Chen family.


A shrill whistle exploded in a small corner of the courtyard.

Boom rumble ……

accompanied by a smashing sound.

In the bedroom, there was wreckage everywhere.

Chen Tianyao, dressed in pajamas, stood by the bed in a mess, his body trembling, panting heavily, his forehead covered with fine beads of sweat, but his eyes were as scarlet as a beast, gritting his teeth, and he could even hear the “crunching” sound of his teeth.

“Dead? Why is it dead? I chose the dog carefully to bite people, why did this stupid dog suddenly die?”

Chen Tianyang squeezed the words out of his teeth, and at this moment, he was as mad as a rabid beast.

The mobile phone in his hand was already in tatters because of the smashing he had just done.

He was still asleep just now, but a phone call had completely turned him from his beautiful dream to his current state.


Chen Tianyang angrily smashed the phone on the ground, breaking it into pieces.


Chen Tianyang settled onto the bed, even though he kept panting heavily, he was still unable to soothe the monstrous anger in his heart at this moment.

Murderous intent soared in his scarlet eyes.

“D*mn it, all of them deserve to die! Chen Dong deserves to die, and that Lin Lingdong who helped Chen Dong kill my dog deserves to die even more!”

“BullSh*t underground king of Lingdong, in my eyes, it’s just a dog king of a corner!”

“There is a price to pay, the gods are fighting and you mortals dare to interfere, there will be no more Lin Lingdong after Lingdong …… Lingdong!”

The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the right one.

He supported Zheng Qiu in order to target Chen Dong’s Dingtai Real Estate, even if he could not bring down Dingtai, at least to delay Dingtai’s development.

But he had to spend billions of dollars, and in just two months’ time, the basket was empty?

What’s more, the person who killed Zheng Qiu was actually a so-called “underground king” of a small place!

This is a disgrace!

A great shame!

Suddenly, the furious Chen Tianyang suddenly pulled up the corners of his mouth and laughed.

“Chen Dong, you cripple, why are you able to attract the loyalty of dogs? You have a good dog, when you see this dog’s head, how will you react?”