Winner Takes All Chapter 511-512

Chapter 511

A cold, arrogant voice echoed through the hall.

It caused everyone’s heart to twitch viciously.

Rampantly domineering.

Out of the corner of their eyes.

No one dared to respond.

Even Chen Daoxin, who had been thrown to the ground, was now white with pain, writhing and bowing into a shrimp on the ground, obviously too shattered to scream out as his back was slammed.

The majestic momentum of the blow overwhelmed the whole room.

There was five seconds of dead silence.

Old Mrs. Chen, whose face was gloomy to the core, finally broke the silence in the hall.

“Chen Dong, if there is a way in heaven for you not to go, if there is no door in hell for you to barge in, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!”

It was as if a cold wind was blowing out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, suddenly causing the temperature in the entire hall to plummet to the freezing point.

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei’s eyes suddenly glowed with joy.

Grandma was in full rage, this wild B*****d would not just lose his heirship today, he would also …… lose his life!



Chen Dong looked askance at Old Lady Chen with a shameful laugh.

Bang Teen!

Chen Daoping slapped his palm on the table in indignation and roared with ferocious anger, “You crippled B*****d, will my mother allow you to insult her?”

“Raising a son as a dog, but also a dog barking?”

Chen Dong sat on top of his wheelchair, his entire aura changed drastically.

Out of the corner of his eye, he was brutal and overbearing!

Everyone in the audience was dumbfounded, not daring to believe.

Not to mention the younger generation, even the older generation had never seen anyone dare to be so rampant and overbearing in the Chen family residence!

The Chen Family was high up in the clouds, overlooking all life.

There had never been anyone, yet, who could pull the Chen Family down from the clouds and ruthlessly insult them.

And now …… Chen Dong had done it!

With a determination that bordered on death, he looked askance at everyone present.

Chen Daoping’s features twisted and his killing intent steamed.

Both hands clenched into fists and clicked.

Old Mrs. Chen’s eyes were even darkened to the extreme, and her anger was raging.

She was the eldest member of the Chen family, and even the head of the family had to be courteous to her.

Now, she was actually scolded by her own grandson’s generation, calling him a cousin?

The next second.

Old Madam Chen squeezed out grim and stern words from between her teeth.

“The old body only saw that your legs were crippled, so in order to take care of the overall situation, I took away your heirship. If you are sensible, everything under your command can still be preserved today.”

“Since you are so stubborn, the Chen family’s iron law is so strong that it cannot be tarnished by a mere cripple like you? Disobedience, disloyalty, disloyalty and contempt for the Chen family, this is …… a capital crime!”

At those words, everyone looked solemn and murderous.

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

Chen Tianyang and Chen Yufei took the lead in shouting.

As the younger generation heirs, they were both originally qualified to compete for the position of the next family head.

However, Chen Dong’s appearance had disillusioned the two men’s dreams.

They were the self-proclaimed elites of the Chen family, while in their eyes, Chen Dong was nothing more than a stray wildling.

The defeat of an elite at the hands of a wildling was a great shame!

Even if they could not become the head of the family, they would have to find a way to make Chen Dong lose his position as the head of the family as well, or even make Chen Dong die!

“Grandmother is right, if we don’t get rid of such an arrogant and rebellious son like Chen Dong today, he will become a scourge to the Chen family in the future!”

Chen Tiansheng, who had been holding back from speaking out, finally rose up at this moment and angrily rebuked in a righteous manner.


When clanging ……

Chen Dong indifferently threw an object onto the table, instantly causing everyone’s face to sink and their pupils to tighten to the extreme.

On the table, it was a frigid dagger!

Chen Dong’s gaze swept contemptuously over the crowd, eventually landing on Old Madam Chen’s side.

“Old immortal, you and I are only half a step away, even if I were to land on top of a wheelchair, guess if I could send you to the Yellow Springs with a single slash in an instant?”

The cold killing intent went straight to the bone marrow.

Even Old Lady Chen was frightened and her body was tense to the extreme.

“How dare you!”

Chen Tianyang’s eyes flashed with a brilliant aura as he fiercely shouted out.


Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern, “Break his leg!”

The killing was decisive and overbearing!

Chen Tianyang’s face changed drastically and his scalp tingled.

Before he could regain his senses, a fierce wind pounded in his face and his eyes suddenly darkened.

Kunlun was looking down on Chen Tianyang from above.

His expression was cold and stern, like a god of killing!

Without a moment’s hesitation, Kun Lun raised his huge hand and swung it down directly at Chen Tianyang.


A powerful slap to the face.

Chen Tianyang was directly sent flying with a hard blow.

“Tian Yang!”

A viper-like aura erupted in the eyes of Chen Tiansheng at the side, seeing Kunlun rushing towards Chen Tianyang, he hurriedly shifted his feet and swung his fist towards Kunlun to blast him.

At the same time, there were also two younger generation successors who struck out alongside Chen Tiansheng.

“Have you not forgotten where your fighting skills, come from!”

Kun Lun looked fierce, his lofty body was like a mountain, and he did not dodge, but rammed directly into the three Chen Tiansheng.

He followed Chen Daolin and then Chen Dong.

In this scene tonight, if he did not fight to the death to the end.

Whether it was him and Elder Long, or even Chen Dong, they would all end up as fish on the chopping block.

If the young master dared to fight, he dared to fight too!

Bang, bang, bang!

Three loud bangs.

Chen Tiansheng’s three men were forced back by Kun Lun’s three moves.

Chen Tianyang, who had been sent flying by Kunlun’s slap, finally snapped out of his daze at this moment.

But as soon as he turned around, Kun Lun had already appeared in front of him.

“Lie down!”

With an explosive shout from Kun Lun, his right foot kicked out brazenly.



Bones snapped and screams like the screams of a killing pig exploded abruptly.

Chen Tianyang directly collapsed to the ground, his features hideously twisted, screaming in agony.

And the bones of his left calf showed a bizarre curved arc, with vaguely white scraps of bone penetrating the flesh.

The screams of misery instantly caused everyone’s face to change.

“Insane, simply all insane!”

“Chen Dong, you are committing death, defying my Chen Clan in such a manner, you will definitely not be able to walk out of this door alive today!”

“Just seeing your legs crippled and taking away your heir status, you are actually bloodthirsty and arrogant to such an extent, how did Chen Daoling give birth to such a wolf son of a beast as you?”


A roar of anger echoed through the hall.

Some of the elders who were still watching were now filled with righteous indignation and killing intent.

When this scene caught the eyes of Old Lady Chen and Chen Daoping, both mother and son were delighted.

This was the situation they wanted!

For Chen Dong to be targeted and killed by everyone!

In the face of a thousand accusations, Chen Dong was not afraid.

He swept a cold, stern look across the crowd: “You all claim to be elders, but are you doing what elders do? Just because my legs are crippled, you want to take away my status as heir, the Chen family is so shameless!”

“I, Chen Dong, will tell you today that my heirship was bestowed by my father, and in your eyes, I am nothing more than a wild child! Even if you want to take away the status, you people who claim to be elders are not qualified to do so, and if you want to take it away, it should be taken away by my father himself!”

As he spoke, Chen Dong’s right hand reached for the tabletop and held the dagger in his hand.

“When a pitiful man gets angry, blood splashes five steps! If you are aggressive again, today I, Chen Dong, will lay down my life and ask the old lady to die!”


Chapter 512


The whole room was dead silent.

The cold killing intent was like a tidal wave sweeping across the room.

Everyone’s body was tense, their sweat hairs standing on end.

Everyone’s throat squirmed, but they felt like they were being strangled by a large invisible hand, unable to make a sound.

Even old Mrs Chen and Chen Daoping were silent at this moment.

They were the closest to Chen Dong, and they felt the overwhelming killing intent from Chen Dong’s body most clearly.

It was like a maggot in the tarsus, it went straight to the bone marrow!

Mother and son had no doubt that Chen Dong would really dare to stab them!

In their hearts, Chen Dong, a wild child, was a frog!

When Chen Dong first came to the Chen family, if Chen Dong had not been stopped by Chen Tian Fang and the others, Chen Dong would have already landed his butcher’s knife on Old Lady Chen.

“One life, for one life!”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and gazed at Old Madam Chen with a cold gaze as he smiled brutally, “I, Chen Dong, am but a wild and cheap life, in exchange for a life of ten thousand gold for you, Old Madam, count me as having earned it!”

At this moment.

Outside the hall, the sound of footsteps finally rang out.

A group of Chen family guards finally arrived.

Looking at the tide of people outside.

Old Lady Chen’s expression eased a little: “If you kill me, you and Elder Long and Kunlun will all have to be buried with you!”

“But you won’t let me live!”

Chen Dong smiled coldly.

He knew very well that if he just kept holding back and being submissive, he would be eaten by everyone at this family banquet today.

The only outcome he wanted was to fight to the death and force Old Lady Chen and the others to postpone the discussion on his heirship!

As long as he waited for his father’s return, there would be a chance for everything to change.

And in the meantime, it was up to him to fight for his life now!


Old Madam Chen forced herself to calm down, pulled the corner of her mouth and smiled, “Then, I will give you a way out today!”

At those words.

The hearts and minds of the people in the audience were lifted at the same time.

Immediately afterwards.

Old Madam Chen raised her old, dry right hand and pointed at Chen Dong’s legs.

“This is a matter of face for the Chen family, so it is not up to anyone to say anything. If you want to live, then fine. …… If you can stand up today, the heirship should still be yours. The heirship is forcibly taken from you!”


The sound was like a thunderclap.

The faces of all those present changed dramatically.

All eyes looked strangely at Chen Dong.

Even the injured Chen Tianyang and Chen Dao’s relatives had forced down their severe pain at this moment and laughed strangely.

“Stand up? He’s already crippled, what’s the point of standing up!”

“Chen Dong, Chen Dong! The old lady has already given you a chance, this is a way to live, you have to fight for it!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk …… you have a chance in front of you and you just can’t stand up, who can blame you?”


Listening to the crowd snicker and taunt.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened to the point of no return.

He slowly lowered his head and looked at his legs, hesitating in his heart.

Do …… really want to use this bottom card, at this juncture?

I have deliberately hidden this bottom card, I don’t intend to waste it so hastily yet!

Behind him, Elder Long also looked dull, his gaze obscure to the extreme, only his eyes, quietly crawling with blood.

And this scene fell into the eyes of the crowd.

It just so happens that Chen Dong and Long Lao are already desperate to the extreme.

After all, how could a …… crippled person say stand up, and immediately stand up?


Kunlun did not know the truth about Chen Dong’s legs, and when he heard the crowd snickering and mocking, he immediately said angrily, “Old lady, these demands are too aggressive? You know my young master is handicapped and you are still forcing him to get up? Why didn’t you just say that we would discuss this matter when the master returned?”

Instead of being solemn, the questioning provoked laughter.

In their minds, Kunlun’s questioning was like the dying struggle of a desperate man!

Even Old Lady Chen could not help but sneer.

“Kunlun, whether the heir is crippled or not is a matter of great urgency for the Chen family’s face. If it is not resolved as soon as possible, how long do you think the Chen family can keep this matter of Chen Dong’s heir being crippled hidden? If Chen Daolin doesn’t return for one day, won’t the matter of Chen Dong be left unresolved for one day? Once word gets out, the Chen family will become the laughing stock of the world, who can bear the consequences of this?”

At the end of her speech, there was a proud look between Old Lady Chen’s eyebrows as she slowly leaned back in her seat and shook her head indifferently, “Anyway, I can’t afford it!”

Kun Lun’s expression was frozen, his face flushed red and he was speechless.

On the other side, Chen Tiansheng pushed the gla*ses on the bridge of his nose and said in a cold voice, “Chen Dong, everyone has given you the opportunity, it’s up to you to cherish it or not, if you don’t cherish it, you can’t blame us!”

The undisguised mockery was like a knife and a sword.

Chen Dong lowered his head, still still hesitating.

As Chen Tiansheng’s words exited his mouth, his hands gripped the armrests, his hands were so hard that his grip creaked, and the bruises on the back of his hands were even more protruding.

All over his body, he was trembling badly.

Really want to expose it?

Is it really impossible to hide?

The sound of jeering filled his ears.

Chen Dong’s eyes turned a little red, and suddenly, his gaze became firm.


If he didn’t stand up tonight, then there would be nothing going forward.

It would not even be possible to walk out of the Chen family tonight with Elder Long and Kunlun.

It was just a pity that …… could not keep this bottom card hidden any longer ……

Lamenting inwardly, Chen Dong’s body suddenly came to a halt.

The bruises on the backs of his hands stood out, pressing on the armrests and slowly firing.

The movement was slight and slow, and to the crowd, it looked incomparably strenuous.

“Dying struggle, a waste of time!”

Chen Tiansheng snorted a laugh.

“Give up, you dead cripple, both legs are crippled, are you trying to pretend to stand up with your hands on the table?” Chen Yu Fei sneered.

Rao Chen and Chen Daoping, at this moment, also revealed a disdainful smile when they looked at Chen Dong’s incomparable strain to stand up.

Crippled in both legs, and still wanting to stand up again?

What a fool’s dream!

Rumble ……

Suddenly, a loud boom exploded like thunder in the firmament outside.

Inside the hall, everyone was horrified.

“What’s going on? Why are there warplanes flying over my Chen family residence?”

Old Lady Chen’s expression was abruptly violent.

No matter who came to the Chen family residence, they had to take off and land and transfer according to the prescribed route.

The airspace above the residence was a forbidden area, and no aircraft would be allowed to fly over it, desecrating the Chen family.

At this moment, there were warplanes flying overhead!

Not only was Old Madam Chen furious, but all the Chen family members present were also furious.

They all looked out into the hall in shock and anger.

As it happened, no one noticed the two sharp auras that shot out from Chen Dong’s eyes at this moment.

The body, half braced, gave an abrupt lurch as the warplanes roared in the sky overhead.

Could …… there be a change?

Almost at the same time, Long Lao took a step forward without a trace.

The big hand gently landed at Chen Dong’s arm, seemingly supporting, but in fact quietly squeezing Chen Dong a little.

Bang Teen!

Chen Dong’s body went limp and he fell heavily to the ground.

He even lost his balance because the fall was too strong.

In a flash, even the person, along with the car, fell heavily to the ground ……

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