Winner Takes All Chapter 485-486

Chapter 485

Elder Long and Ye Yuanqiu were shocked at the same time.

Inside the room, there was an abrupt dead silence.

When Elder Long felt the strength of Chen Dong’s grip on his hand when he said those words, his face changed dramatically.

Even Ye Yuanqiu’s eyes were shining with astonishment.

He stared at Chen Dong in astonishment.

“Such tenacious faith, such a terrifying aura, this son should be a true dragon!”

This was the thought in Ye Yuanqiu’s mind.

He had witnessed Chen Dong’s change of heart after being rescued.

Dishevelled and desperate, weeping bitterly.

To calmness, indifference and acceptance of everything.

Now in just a few days, yet once again, his ambition and fighting spirit had burned.

Ye Yuanqiu had seen many such transformations in his life, but he was the only one who could step out of the darkness and into the light in such a short period of time.

Chen Dong was the only one!

Failure was not a scary thing, what was scary was not having the courage to start all over again after failure.

In Ye Yuanqiu’s view, what Chen Dong had suffered was a bolt from the blue, a catastrophe, and it would be as difficult to get back on his feet.

But how long has it been?

Less than a month!

Chen Dong can be so ambitious, how tenacious and terrifying is this …… faith?

“Young master ……”

Long Lao’s gaze flickered as his tears gradually dissipated.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “I have been in the darkness since I was a child, I have never given up, always tirelessly pursuing the light, now that I have returned to the darkness again, why should I be afraid to welcome the light again?”

Chen Dong’s childhood memories were rarely recalled by him.

For, it was all darkness.

Living with his mother, being scolded as a wild child, struggling with her to survive.

All the memories were dull and dark, with no light to speak of.

That’s why he studied so hard, in the hope that he would emerge from the darkness into the light.

Now it was just a do-over!

Chen Dong let go of Elder Long’s hand: “If there is no precedent in the Chen family, then I will set it, even if it is an ironclad iron law in the Chen family, I will break it, and the position in the Chen family, even if I push a wheelchair, I will sit on it, and sit on it in a way that will convince all the Chen family members! This is the vow I made to my mother, and more importantly, my duty to Little Shadow and my child.”

Chen Dong’s gaze was burning and his battle spirit was high.

At this moment, there was no longer any semblance of despondency or despair.

His entire aura was as if he was sheathing a sharp sword and piercing the sky.

“Good! Young master has a heart, old slave will do his utmost to die.”

Elder Long’s heart and mind were greatly settled, no longer in the same state of fear and despair and grief as earlier.

Ye Yuanqiu had watched the master and servant from start to finish.

Chen Dong’s change was like a heavy hammer that hit him hard in the heart.

It had given him infinite shock!

Perhaps this was the reason why he could become the number one person of the younger generation in the old man’s heart?

Ye Yuanqiu appeared as normal, but he still took a deep breath, forcibly suppressing the shock in his heart.

Chen Dong smiled faintly and glanced profoundly at Elder Long.

Gradually, the aura on his body converged.

He rubbed his nose and swept his gaze back and forth over Elder Long and Ye Yuanqiu.

“You guys, aren’t you going to explain the relationship between you two?”

Elder Long and Ye Yuanqiu were stunned at the same time.

The two of them looked at each other in silence.

Chen Dong smiled, “When Elder Ye came back that night, with a flurry of drunken words, I probably guessed that Elder Long was you.”

After a pause, a light flickered in his eyes, “If I guessed correctly, after Elder Ye and Linglong went to force me into the Hong Society back then, Elder Long also went to see them both alone, right?”

“Young master is wise.” Elder Long smiled bitterly and gave Chen Dong a fist bump.

Ye Yuanqiu also laughed along with him, “Back then, this old fellow had even come to see us and almost beat my old bones because Old Man had forced you into the Hong Society.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

There was a few seconds of silence.

Ye Yuanqiu and Elder Long once again looked at each other.

In the end, it was Elder Long who opened his mouth, “Since young master has already guessed, then old slave will no longer conceal it. young master has always referred to old slave Elder Long with respect, so I guess even now, young master has not known old slave’s full name, right?”

Chen Dong was silent.

It was true that he did not know Elder Long’s name.

He had always referred to Elder Long with respect ever since he had arrived at his side, and he had not thought to probe into Elder Long’s past.

A man who could follow his father for decades and who even respected Elder Long as his father, what worry was there about thus probing into the past?

Elder Long smiled faintly, “Old slave’s full name, Long Mingguang, formerly a member of the Hong Society.”

The words just fell.

Ye Yuanqiu echoed with a smile, “The first twenty-four characters of the Hong Society’s generation, after the character Yuan, it is the Ming generation.”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, his eyes full of dismay.

He had never thought that Elder Long was once a member of the Hong Society.

Moreover, his seniority was only one generation below Ye Yuanqiu’s!

What kind of concept was that?

Without him, who was the youngest member of the “Yuanzi Generation” invited into the Hong Kong Society, Elder Long’s position in the Society would have been lower than Ye Yuanqiu’s, and he would have been above all others.

The Ming generation is much higher than Yuan Yigang, the current leader of the Hong Society!

In the Hong Society, he would still be able to receive the respectful “Ancestor” from everyone!

Shock, astonishment, disbelief, all sorts of emotions rose up.

But only this status could explain the relationship between Elder Long and Ye Yuanqiu.

“Then why did you, instead of quitting the Hong a*sociation, become a slave of the Chen family?”

Chen Dong’s face was full of astonishment as he blurted out.

The Hong Guild Ancestor was above all others under one person, and his status was not weak at all to that of a family head of a powerful family.

On the contrary, Elder Long had given up his status as an ancestor and willingly entered the Chen family, being scolded and becoming his father’s household slave.

How one thought of this, it had the feeling of a king and a va*sal committing themselves to become a slave.

Granted, Elder Long’s position in the Chen family was not low.

But it was definitely not as good as the freedom he had in the Hong Society.

As long as one’s brain was not stupid, anyone would rather be a chicken’s head than a phoenix’s tail.

Elder Long bowed his head and smiled a little oddly.

There was no answer to Chen Dong’s question.

On the contrary, Ye Yuanqiu smiled helplessly and raised his hand to land on Elder Long’s shoulder, “This old fellow is just a frothy seed, the matter back then was too complicated, Chen Dong didn’t you notice that there was a generation difference, this old fellow still treated me with disrespect?”


Chen Dong dawned on him, Ye Yuanqiu’s words were obviously referring to the reason for Elder Long’s personality.

Otherwise, it had always been extremely important for the Hong Society to pay attention to seniority, and even if Elder Long had quit the Hong Society, he would still be courteous to Ye Yuanqiu.

Instead, he would have been able to get Ye Yuanqiu so eloquently drunk that he would even have to beat him up.

“Young master, this is just the old slave’s past, if it wasn’t for this current incident, the old slave wouldn’t want to mention it.”

Long Lao said with a smile, but his expression was unperturbed: “This jianghu has long since ceased to belong to us old people, a good man does not mention the courage of the past, for the past, old slave is also not willing to mention it, old slave quit the Hong a*sociation to go to the Chen family as master’s domestic slave, things are also too complicated, young master need not pursue the matter.”

With a single word, all the doubts in Chen Dong’s mind were blocked out.

Obviously, even if Chen Dong continued to pursue the matter, Elder Long would not mention half a word more.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong suppressed the doubts in his heart.

He waved his hand, “You should go back first, now that you have found me, you should know what to do for the follow-up, right?”

“Old slave knows, please rest and recuperate at ease, young master, old slave will operate everything personally.”

Long Lao clasped his fist and bowed, then he turned and left.

Ye Yuanqiu, on the other hand, froze in place.

His eyes glanced at Chen Dong and the departing Elder Long in confusion.

What was the follow-up …… to do?


Chapter 486

In Ye Yuanqiu’s opinion, Chen Dong and Elder Long had not even discussed what exactly to do in the back.

On the contrary, Elder Long had left with a clear understanding.

This left him with a bewildered and puzzled face.

Looking at Chen Dong, who had his mind made up, Ye Yuanqiu could not help but ask, “Chen Dong, what exactly do you plan to do?”

“Elder Long will take care of it, Elder Ye need not worry.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and said with a deep gaze, “But at that time, I will need the full a*sistance of Ye Lao and the Hong Society, so I hope Ye Lao will not shirk.”

Ye Yuanqiu smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry, if you join the Hong Society, then you are one of my Hong Society, and your affairs are the affairs of the Hong Society.”

When Ye Yuanqiu left.

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled meaningfully.

“And I wonder, did Elder Long understand or not?”

The following day was early in the morning.

Before the light of day had dawned, the entire Shan He Guild Hall was buzzing with noise.

Chen Dong woke up from his sleep and turned his head to look outside.

The lights were bright and the noise was right in his courtyard.

Creak ……

Immediately after, the door to the room was pushed open.

Ye Linglong and Ye Yuanqiu walked in with sullen faces.

Chen Dong asked, “What’s happened?”

“Another set of a*sa*sins were taken care of by the dragon head.” Ye Yuanqiu’s face was sullen.

“This is not a good sign.” Chen Dong spoke out calmly.

Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong nodded their heads in silence.

Only one foot before, the Shanhe Hall had been bombed, and then immediately after, a killer was sent to a*sa*sinate it.

This was no less fierce.

It was already a no-fail situation, or even a fish-death situation.

The a*sa*sination situation would only get more and more intense in the future.

Chen Dong stretched his back and suddenly smiled, “It’s been too long since I’ve been bored in the Shanhe Hall, I want to go out for a walk.”

Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong’s faces changed greatly at the same time.

The two grandchildren said in unison.

“No way!”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong with easy playfulness.

“Are you crazy?” Ye Linglong directly chided, “That power behind the curtain has not been uncovered until now, if you stay at the Shanhe Hall, we can still use all our strength to protect you, once you run out, won’t you become a living target and let the power behind the curtain send out a large number of killers to kill you?”

“Chen Dong, you are clearly sending yourself to your death!”

Ye Yuanqiu’s eyebrows lowered and his voice squeezed out from between his teeth, “Staying within the Shanhe Hall, that behind-the-scenes force can directly ignore the majesty of my Hong Society and repeatedly a*sa*sinate, and even go so far as to directly announce the world to provoke the Hong Society in broad daylight, do you think you can still live if you walk out of such an existence?”

Chen Dong had long anticipated the reaction of Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong.

He did not care about the two’s rebuke and dissuasion.

While outside, hearing Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong’s voices, Yuan Yigang also walked in.

Puzzled, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong smiled and said, “I wanted to go out for a walk, and they both disagreed.”

“I don’t agree either!” Yuan Yigang instantly exploded a little, anger flaring up on his tired face.

He was the titular leader of the Hong Society, an existence that controlled the 3,600 gates of the Hong Society.

Now, for the sake of Chen Dong’s safety, he had even willingly become Chen Dong’s personal bodyguard, always on alert to prevent the appearance of killers, as if he was exhausted to the extreme.

But with such dedication, now they have to come to Chen Dong wanting to go out for a walk?

What a joke!

Yuan Yigang’s brows were knitted together and he looked furious: “If you wanted to die, why would you have asked for help in the first place? And why did you stay in the Mountain River a*sociation for so long?”

Facing the three men’s sullen and cold gaze.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed lightly, “If I don’t go out, how can I implicate the forces behind the curtain?”

As soon as the words came out, Ye Yuanqiu’s three people froze at the same time.

Yuan Yigang suddenly reacted and said in shock, “Are you trying to use yourself as bait to lure the killer to show up?”

“It’s to lure the people from the forces behind the curtain to show themselves.”

Chen Dong shrugged, somewhat helplessly, “These days, there are many killers coming, but they are all the same as the black shadow people who initially a*sa*sinated me, all of them are directed by layers, so it is simply impossible to uncover the forces behind the curtain.”

He said slowly with a sharp look in his eyes, “The enemy is dark and I am clear, what we have been doing is just tired of dealing with these a*sa*sins who may appear at any time, and there has been no progress in uncovering the power behind the curtain, but of course if they keep holding back from a*signing a*sa*sins, it will be impossible to make progress in uncovering the power behind the curtain.”

“So, you want to turn pa*sivity into initiative?” Yuan Yigang’s gaze burned.

Chen Dong nodded, “If I don’t go out, the forces behind the curtain will not be able to lose their minds because they want to kill me, but if I go out, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them.”

Yuan Yigang’s eyes shone brightly.

Because he was clear that this had great feasibility!

Since Chen Dong had been rescued, he had been cowering inside the Shanhe Guild Hall, being heavily protected.

One a*sa*sination after another, all of them had faltered.

They were exhausted, and the forces behind Chen Dong’s death were definitely not calm either, as could be seen from the increasing frequency of a*sa*sinations.

If Chen Dong went out, it would undoubtedly drive that power behind the scenes crazy.

This was like, the prey that one had always wanted, suddenly appeared in front of one’s eyes, who would not be excited and would not be hot blooded?

Even Yuan Yigang himself would never give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, even if he asked himself.

The difficulty of a*sa*sinating Chen Dong, who was exposed in broad daylight, and Chen Dong, who was cowering inside the Shanhe Guild Hall, was worlds apart!

“I disagree!”

Ye Linglong suddenly burst out, her beautiful eyes flushed red as she glared angrily at Chen Dong, “You are too desperate to do this, but any gap in our defences would be enough for them to kill you!”

“You can spare your life, but I won’t agree!”


Ye Yuanqiu’s face sank as he scolded.

But Ye Linglong did not back down in the slightest, gritting her teeth and saying, “No matter who persuades me, I just don’t agree anyway.”

The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared and he looked at Ye Linglong with a morose coldness, “My life, I don’t even spare it, why should you disagree?”

“I ……” Ye Linglong opened her mouth to argue.

However, Chen Dong snorted disdainfully, “Do you have the qualification to agree to disagree?”

In an instant, Ye Linglong’s delicate body trembled, and the words that had reached her mouth were swallowed back into her stomach.

A thick obscurity covered her absolutely beautiful face.

In the line of sight, Chen Dong’s snorting laugh was still echoing in her ears with these words from Chen Dong.

It was like two sharp knives, viciously plunging into her heart.

Yes, what qualifications do I have?

I am nothing with you …… yet.

Ye Linglong smiled sadly: “It was me who made a fool of myself, sorry.”

Dropping a cold sentence, Ye Linglong turned around and left.

Ye Yuanqiu frowned, “Dragon head, do you also think this method is feasible?”

Yuan Yigang regained his composure and dwelled on it for a moment, but still said seriously.

“Elder Ye, although it is dangerous and may even be a life of nine deaths, what Chen Dong said is indeed the best way to break the current impa*se as well.”

Obviously, he thought it was feasible!

Not waiting for Ye Yuanqiu to respond.

Chen Dong then said in a deep voice, “Without breaking the stalemate and not allowing the people of that power to get hot blooded and fight tooth and nail to kill me, there is no way to end this current cycle of a*sa*sination, they are in the dark and we are in the light, the longer the a*sa*sination continues, the greater our negligence will become, and in the end, it will still be difficult for me to escape death.”

“Instead of cutting the flesh with a blunt knife, I’d rather have a dry run, not to mention nine deaths, even if it’s a one in ten thousand chance, I’ll still gamble on this one!”