Winner Takes All Chapter 473-474

Chapter 473

To a knife?

Chen Dong glanced at Yuan Yigang in surprise.

At this moment, Yuan Yigang still looked handsome and resolute, smooth as a mountain.

His gentle and elegant temperament seemed out of place in contrast to the long knife in his hand.

However, underneath the gold-rimmed gla*ses, there was a cold aura that made even Chen Dong feel frightened.

This feeling, Chen Dong had had.

It had been clearly felt in both Kunlun and his eldest uncle Chen Daojun.

It was a look that could only be nurtured by the immersion of countless blood.


Almost simultaneously.

The dark shadow violently pulled out a smoke bomb from his arms and heaved it onto the ground.

In an instant, the pungent, throat-choking smoke rose up.

Without the slightest hesitation.

The dark figure turned around and stomped up the wall, trying to escape.

Facing Yuan Yigang, he did not have the courage to fight.

Even if it was just a single slash!

The leader of the Hong Society was not just a status, but also represented great strength.


Just when the black shadow was about to step on the wall with one foot.

In the thick smoke, a large hand suddenly extended out and instantly grabbed his ankle.

“How quick!”

The black shadow let out a cry of surprise.

Immediately afterwards, he felt a huge force dragging him.

“Get down!”

Yuan Yigang let out an explosive cry and yanked hard, as if he was tugging on a sandbag, heavily slamming the black shadow onto the ground.

Brutal, overbearing.

This scene.

Chen Dong and Ye Linglong were stunned.

Both of them had fought with the Black Shadow and were well aware of the strength of the Black Shadow.

But Yuan Yigang had left the Black Shadow behind with a light grab and a fling… the strength of the Black Shadow was immediately judged!

The black shadow was thrown heavily to the ground and reacted quickly, almost at the same time, rolling out a few metres on the ground, holding a long and short sword, looking at Yuan Yigang scornfully.

Inside the East Courtyard, the killing intent was bitter.

The temperature plummeted to freezing point.

The smoke from the smoke bomb not far away had not yet dissipated.

At this moment, it has become Yuan Yigang’s accompaniment.

He calmly, slowly pushed his gold-rimmed gla*ses.

While walking calmly towards the black shadow man, he slowly waved the long knife in his hand.

“I salute you with a slash, the rules of the jianghu, you have to take it even if you don’t.”

The calmest tone of voice, yet it carried the most domineering meaning.

Facing Yuan Yigang, the black shadow man was backing up one step after another.

Seeing this scene.

Yuan Yigang frowned and sulked a little: “You’re still retreating, obviously you’re not being polite.”

The next second.

Yuan Yigang was like an arrow off the string, rushing towards the black shadow man with his sword.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh ……

The black shadow man released a series of darts in his hands.

Clang clang clang ……

Yuan Yigang waved his long knife in a streak of shadow, like a dense wall, metal clashing and sparks erupting, easily blocking out the darts.

“Take my blade!”

In an instant, Yuan Yigang rushed in front of the black shadow.

Without any fancy, he leapt up in the air.

Holding his sword with both hands, he cut down bravely as if a great mountain was pressing down.

This slash was overwhelming and unparalleled!

Even Chen Dong and Ye Linglong were frightened and chilled to the bone as they watched.


In the face of this overbearing slash, the black shadow shouted explosively while crossing the long and short swords of both hands upwards.

But instead of having the courage to fight, he defended and blocked!


The long blade landed on top of the twin swords, which broke into countless pieces with the sound.

But the momentum of the long knives did not weaken as they swept across the black shadow’s body from top to bottom like lightning.


Blood spurted out.

From the middle of his eyebrows downwards, a crimson blood slit ran straight through to his chest.

Terror was written all over his eyes.

To his death, it never dissipated.

There was a poof!

The black shadow fell to the ground.

Yuan Yigang’s expression was indifferent, and his blood-stained right hand pushed the gold-rimmed gla*ses on the bridge of his nose.

“You see, after bearing my respectful slash, won’t nothing happen?”


Chen Dong and Ye Linglong simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air.

The dark shadow …… had died just like that?

Weak to this extent in front of Yuan Yigang, unable to resist even a single slash?

Clang clang ……

Yuan Yigang threw away the long knife in his hand and shook off the blood on his hands with disgust.

He turned to look at the terrified Ye Linglong and pointed to the blood-stained clothes on his body.

“Linglong, you have to compensate me for this clothes getting dirty.”

Ye Linglong woke up in shock and looked at Yuan Yigang incredulously.

Then she suddenly thought of a very important matter.

She hurriedly asked, “Big brother, why did you lay a deadly hand? By leaving a live mouth, we will be able to interrogate who actually tried to kill Chen Dong.”

This was a rare live mouth.

Moreover, through the conversation between Chen Dong and the black shadow just now, she also knew that this black shadow was the person who had a*sa*sinated Chen Dong last time.

If she kept this black shadow alive, then she would be able to follow the trail!

“It’s useless.”

Chen Dong in the wheelchair also returned to his senses and shook his head, “He’s just a horse’s pawn, he won’t be able to ask anything.”


Yuan Yigang glanced at Chen Dong in surprise, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

It was just that the smile, paired with his appearance at the moment, always gave people a creepy feeling.

“Careful interrogation, we can always ask something, right?” Ye Linglong was a little reluctant.

Yuan Yigang also shook his head and said, “Silly girl, to be able to block a road and send a person to kill Chen Dong, those people can’t really butt heads with this black shadow man, layers of pa*sing to keep them hidden in the dark.”

“Chen Dong is right, this is nothing more than a pawn, being used as a gun, asking is estimated to be all he knows about his contact.”

Ye Linglong lowered her eyebrows in contemplation.

After reflecting, she asked worriedly, “But if we kill him, there will be other killers coming from the back, and if we keep being pa*sive like this, we will never get the answers we want.”

Yuan Yigang smiled and said something that sent a chill down Chen Dong’s and Ye Linglong’s spines.

He said, “After killing enough people, those people won’t be able to sit still anymore and will jump out on their own.”

Yuan Yigang stretched, looked at Chen Dong and Ye Linglong’s injuries, and then turned around to call for someone to deal with them.

An a*sa*sination, silently without alerting any Hong Society bystanders, ended in Yuan Yigang’s hands in the blink of an eye.

When the news reached the ears of the members on guard, the whole Shan He Guild Hall exploded in shock.

Inside the room.

Yuan Yigang watched calmly as the doctor dressed Chen Dong and Ye Linglong’s wounds.

“Luckily, I thought this guy’s darts carried poison on each side.”

Chen Dong said calmly, even with a bit of a mocking smile.

“And you didn’t feel any pain at all?”

Yuan Yigang asked in amazement.

“Can’t feel it at all.”

Chen Dong shrugged and pointed to the wound that had already been wrapped in gauze and said bitterly, “I guess I wouldn’t feel half the pain even if I chopped off these legs directly.”

Saying that, he lowered his head, looking forlorn.

Ye Linglong scolded Yuan Yigang, “Big brother, which pot are you talking about?”

Yuan Yigang rubbed his nose and smiled awkwardly.

To digress, he turned his head to look at the few members packing outside the house.

Quite a few people had come earlier, but they had all been instructed to leave by him, leaving only a few to clean up the place.

“It has surprised all these pups tonight.”

Yuan Yigang smiled, “But it’s fortunate that Elder Ye let me stay over here.”

Chen Dong’s body, who had his head lowered, trembled for a moment.

He suddenly raised his head, no longer as despondent as he had been a moment ago, but full of worry, his eyes flickering shrewdly.

“The entire Shanhe Guild Hall has been shocked, where is Elder Ye?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Yuan Yigang and Ye Linglong’s faces changed greatly at the same time.


Chapter 474

It was Ye Yuanqiu who brought Ye Linglong in to personally invite Chen Dong into the Hong Society.

After he was injured, it was also Ye Yuanqiu who had been urging Ye Linglong to take care of him.

During the period when Chen Dong was injured, Ye Yuanqiu would come to the East Courtyard at least once a day.

Tonight’s a*sa*sination had alerted the entire Shanhe Club.

Given how much Ye Yuanqiu cared for Chen Dong, there was no way he wouldn’t have rushed to the scene at this time!

“Something’s happened?!”

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang said in unison.

Almost simultaneously, Ye Linglong had already rushed out of the room.

Seeing that Yuan Yigang was also about to run out, Chen Dong hurriedly shouted, “Take me over with you.”

Yuan Yigang turned back and pushed his wheelchair towards Ye Yuanqiu’s residence.

By the time the two arrived, they were just in time to see Ye Linglong already standing in front of the room, motionless.

“Where is Elder Ancestor?”

Yuan Yigang asked in a deep voice.

“Not here anymore.”

Ye Linglong suddenly turned around, her willow brows furrowed into a “Chuan” frown, her beautiful face full of worry.

Yuan Yigang’s expression was choked.

Chen Dong’s heart also sank.

The entire room was empty, and even after checking, even the bed was neat and tidy.

Obviously, after dark, Ye Yuanqiu had not gone to sleep and had “disappeared”.

But where would …… he go at this late hour?


Yuan Yigang shouted sternly.

A middle-aged man hurried in: “Dragon head, what are your orders?”

Yuan Yigang asked, “Where is old man Zu?”

“Went out.” The middle-aged man, who was specifically responsible for looking after Ye Yuanqiu, hurriedly responded, “Almost an hour ago, Elder Zu left the Mountain River a*sociation Hall in a hurry.”

And at that moment, Ye Linglong walked over with a worried face.

In her hand, she was still clutching her mobile phone, and her beautiful eyes were flooded with mist.

“The phone is switched off!”

Chen Dong and Yuan Yigang’s faces fell gloomily.

If they had merely left, they would not have been so worried.

But now, Ye Yuanqiu had left in a time period that happened to be stuck around the time of the a*sa*sin’s a*sa*sination, and now the person could not be contacted.

Even if one was rational, it would be hard not to link the two events together.

Since the killer was able to sneak into the Shanhe Club to kill Chen Dong, then by the same token, he could also perform a transfer of the tiger from the mountain …… to kill Ye Yuanqiu!

“Linglong, take Chen Dong back to the East Courtyard, and leave Ancestor to me.”

Yuan Yigang made an immediate decision.

Chen Dong was about to speak, but he was forcibly interrupted by Yuan Yigang with a cold sweep of his eyes.

Yuan Yigang said, “You should stay in the East Courtyard now, not with me to find Elder Ye.”

After saying this, Yuan Yigang left straight away.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly and subconsciously looked down at his legs.

Ye Yuanqiu’s “loss of contact” had left Ye Linglong terrified and uneasy.

But since Yuan Yigang had already made his decision, she could not go against it, even if she was worried.

This was the rule of the Hong Society.

The Dragon Head’s order was like an ancient holy decree and could not be disobeyed.

Ye Linglong pushed Chen Dong back to the East Courtyard in a trance.

After helping Chen Dong into bed, she sat down on a chair by the bed, holding her mobile phone in both hands, and every now and then she would press the dialing button.

“Don’t worry, it should be fine.” Chen Dong said comfortingly.

“You don’t understand.”

Ye Linglong shook her head, “There are many people who want to kill grandpa, and when grandpa traditionally travels, he would always negotiate a route in advance and then secretly send people from the Hong Society to protect him.”

After a pause, she looked at Chen Dong with her beautiful eyes, “Even before when Grandpa and I first went to look for you, it looked like it was just me and Grandpa, but in fact there were still people from the Hong Society in secret.”

Chen Dong was silent, his expression somewhat gloomy.

Ye Linglong’s meaning was simple, what made Ye Yuanqiu lose his connection might not have been caused by the same force that wanted to kill him, Chen Dong.

But there was a high chance that it was the work of an enemy that already existed in the Hong Society, and Ye Yuanqiu should have been involved in something of great importance.

Otherwise, Ye Yuanqiu could not have left the Shanhe Club alone and quietly without any report or protection.

Ye Linglong rubbed his face and said helplessly, “If something happens to the Hong Society’s only ancestor of the Yuan generation, it would be a blow to the Hong Society that would break the bones.”

Chen Dong nodded and did not feel that there was anything rude about Ye Linglong’s words.

Even if, he was the second Yuan Zi generation Ancestor of the Hong Society today.

But he was clear about where this status came from.

Compared to Ye Yuanqiu, his Yuan character generation was not properly positioned.

The Hong Society’s only Yuan Dynasty Ancestor was the face of the Hong Society, a witness to its history, a genuine living fossil.

If even the Yuan Dynasty Ancestor can be in trouble, the strength of the Hong Society, in the eyes of the outside world, will become the same as a paper tiger.

This is a matter of face.

It was also a question of the huge consequences that might come with the loss of face.

Looking at Ye Linglong’s worried and frightened look.

Chen Dong did not know how to comfort her for a while.

During the past few days at the Hong Society, he had also learnt some things about Ye Linglong.

For example, shortly after Ye Linglong was born, her parents died tragically, leaving her and Ye Yuanqiu to live with each other.

It was also for this reason that Ye Yuanqiu had loved and cared for Ye Linglong, and froze on his own, making her the jewel of the Hong Society’s 3,600 sects.

By the seashore.

The sea breeze, with its fishy salty and wetness, blew slowly.

The sound of the waves, the sound of the waves.

This is a deserted and uninhabited corner of the beach.

There is not even a street light, and the only light is the moonlight from the dome.

It shines on the surface of the sea, shimmering.

A figure stands looming in the darkness, his feet on the sand, covered in gravel as the waves roll in, but still not moving.

Behind them, the lights suddenly came on on the beach road.

A Hornet, with its engine hissing, came speeding along.


The car stopped.

The car door opened and a hunched figure slowly stepped down.

It was none other than Ye Yuanqiu.

Instead of crutches, Ye Yuanqiu went around to the direction of the pa*senger side, opened the car door and held out two jars of old wine.

Looking at the closed wine seal, Ye Yuanqiu took a deep breath of fascination and revealed a demented smile.

Then, he stepped off the road, stepping on the gravel that was slightly pinching his feet, and walked towards the beach.

It was as if …… he had known that someone stood there in the darkness.


Footsteps were heard behind him.

The figure standing in the darkness calmly opened his voice.

If Ye Linglong had been present, she would have heard this voice, and it would have been the same person who had forced his way into the Little House villa, made a move with her, and chased her and her grandfather away!


Ye Yuanqiu smiled and nodded, his aged body, coupled with the two jars of wine he was holding, which were not light in weight, made his steps slow and heavy, even somewhat as if he was about to fall over.

He grumbled at the looming figure and said with a bitter smile, “You’re here, I stole two jars of my Linglong’s Daughter’s Red to entertain you, why don’t you give me a hand, bullying me for being old and frail?”

Daughter’s Red is a wine that is stored in the family’s cellar when a daughter is born, and is used as a dowry when the daughter turns 18 and gets married, signifying blessing.

These two jars of wine are a great deal of love and affection!


The silhouette snorted: “In ancient times, daughter red was the accompanying dowry, daughter …… red, now …… how many marriages will be red on the day of marriage?”

Ye Yuanqiu’s body shook, and his old face instantly turned red.

The anger tumbled.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Old peasant, you so slander my granddaughter, believe it or not the old man and you fight?”

“Heh! You know how many women of your granddaughter’s size call me old baby?”

The figure shrugged with disinterest, “That’s enough, you’re too old and conservative to appreciate this kind of joy.