Winner Takes All Chapter 461-462

Chapter 461


Lively, bustling and crowded.

There is a Chinatown in every city on the other side of the ocean.

It is a place where all those who have left their hometown send their condolences when they are homesick.

The Lamborghini roared into the street, attracting countless gazes.


Finally, the Lamborghini pulled up in front of the Shanhe Hall.

The large hall stood out like a crane in Chinatown, showing its dignity and solemnity.

Compared to the bustling streets, the front of the Hall is a little bit colder.

The tall pagoda, with the four characters “Shanhe Hall”, is painted in iron and silver.

The green bricks and hanging eaves are ancient and fragrant.

Under the drizzling rain, the moss-stained green slate floor tiles show the vicissitudes and antiquity.

In the corner, there is a water tank in which water lilies are planted, and under the drizzle, the water lilies also look poetic.

Tian Ai got out of the car and slowly walked towards the “Shanhe Hall”.

“Private place, no strangers allowed!”

An angry voice suddenly sounded out, causing Tian Ai’s footsteps to stop abruptly.

Her eyes flashed and she looked at the voice.

Four young men dressed in Tang costumes were approaching with solemn eyebrows.

“I just came in for a look.” Tian Ai smiled faintly, “We are all from the same town, why be so strict? It’s not like I’m a thief.”

“Private place, don’t blame us for being rude if you don’t leave.”

The young man in the lead was firm in his words, not giving Tian Ai half a chance to pester him.

Tian Ai shrugged her shoulders with an indifferent look and turned to leave.

After getting into the Lamborghini, she rubbed her hair in some distress and muttered.

“The Hong Society’s main hall is just the Hong Society’s main hall, what’s this bullSh*t about a private place?”

Starting the car, the Lamborghini drove off towards the end of the street.

With Tian Ai’s special status, it would be easy to investigate where the Hong Society’s main hall was through the organisation.

But now that he couldn’t even enter the door, it would be difficult to investigate!

After looking at the Lamborghini walking away, the young man in the lead said in a deep voice, “Leave two people standing outside to watch, there is that valuable guest we fished out of the sea inside the Hall this while, no negligence, as long as they are not from the Hong Society, they are not allowed to enter the Mountain River Hall, and those with younger generations are not allowed to enter the East Courtyard.”


The young man barked again, only deliberately lowering his voice.

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you guys, I do have some news, that noble guest who was fished up, even Elder Ye and the Dragon Head have to be worshipped as guests, Elder Ye has even recently asked Linglong Red Stick to be taking care of that noble guest, if you disturb that noble guest, you guys think about the consequences.”

At these words.

The rest of the three were chilled and frightened, and their expressions were solemn.

Inside the east courtyard of the Mountain River a*sociation Hall.

Squeak ……

After Ye Linglong finished pouring the water, she returned to the house.

Pushing open the closed door of the room, she glanced at Chen Dong who was lying on the bed.

A look of despondency and heartache appeared on her stunning face.

“You didn’t look like this when we left, it’s only been a few days, how come you’ve tossed yourself into such a state, crossing the mountains and seas, coming all the way to find her, I really envy your wife, grandpa was really right, something like fate, one second more or one second less won’t do, I can only blame myself for not getting together to that just right.”

Saying that, Ye Linglong looked a bit self-condemned and guilty again.

“It’s also my fault for causing you to come all the way over here to seek death.”

With the Hong Society’s power, it was not difficult to find out what Chen Dong’s purpose for this trip was.

What’s more, Ye Yuanqiu and Ye Linglong were clear about what misunderstanding there really was between Chen Dong and Gu Qingying.

What the two grandparents did not expect was that they had already listened to that man’s threat and had obediently returned to the other side of the ocean.

But then, Chen Dong also rushed over.

He had even turned out to be in his present state.

Originally, she had wanted to inform Gu Qingying directly to come and collect her.

But Grandpa and Dragon Head stopped him.

This a*sa*sination was extraordinary, and if Chen Dong was easily sent to the Gu family, it was estimated that there would be another a*sa*sination, even involving the Gu family.

Ye Linglong slowly walked to the bedside, looked around at the medical instruments and sighed.

After settling down next to Chen Dong, she looked at Chen Dong’s face and fumed.

Inside the Tianmen Mountain villa area, it was already approaching midnight.


Long Lao, his sleepiness gone, stood up from his bed with a shocked face, “My young master …… who did this? Who the hell did this?”

There was a pause of a few seconds.

Raging anger surfaced on Long Lao’s face.

He, who had always been as calm as a mountain and as light as water, rarely revealed a look of rage like a wild beast bursting with fury.

“There is no need to contact my master, the old man will handle this matter himself!”


Hang up the phone.

Elder Long’s face was fierce, his narrowed eyes flickering with a piercing cold aura.

While clenching his cheeks, his right hand was gripping the phone to a click.

“Looking for Master? I can’t reach him now! And now the young master has had this kind of incident …… Old slave’s sin!”

Blaming himself and feeling guilty, Elder Long’s eyes gradually rippled.

At that very moment.

Fan Lu, who had returned from the hospital, walked in and saw Long Lao’s expression.

She instantly stared, “Elder Long, what happened?”

Elder Long said in a deep voice, “Fan Lu, I’ll leave this side to you, I have to go out for a trip on a hundred thousand urgent matters.”

After saying that, he left the dumbfounded Fan Lu behind and went straight upstairs to pack his things.

Ten minutes later.

Elder Long left the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

And on the other side.

Inside the Shanhe Club.

Ye Linglong was still in a daze.

In her vision, Chen Dong’s eyebrows and face seemed as if they were carved into her eyes.

The surroundings were silent, with only the testing instruments emitting a slight ticking sound.

Long time.

“When are you going to open your eyes and look at me?”

In the midst of Ye Linglong’s loss of concentration, she suddenly said something.

Once the words were out, even she herself was stunned.

Slapping her face, Ye Linglong blamed herself with shame and annoyance, “Oh my god, Ye Linglong, what on earth are you talking nonsense about? People are already married, are you still shameless?”

Saying that, Ye Linglong felt her body was on fire.

She was busy getting up and heading out, “Sober up, Ye Linglong will you sober up, take a cold shower, yes, going to take a cold shower will definitely help me sober up.”

And on the hospital bed.

Chen Dong’s eyes however trembled slightly.

When Ye Linglong was dazed just now, he had actually woken up.

It was just that his body was so weak that it was hard for him to show it so that he could detect the movement of awakening.

“Ugh ……”

Hearing Ye Linglong’s words just now, Chen Dong sighed inwardly helplessly.

Ye Linglong walked out of the house, found a hose nearby and detained a few handfuls of water to splash on her face, but the messy mind still could not be suppressed.

“Do you really want to take a cold shower?”

Ye Linglong hesitated and gently patted her face.


Outside the Shan He Guild Hall.

After leaving Chinatown, Tian Ai parked the Lamborghini close by in the car park, then returned to Chinatown alone and walked around to the side of the Shanhe Guild Hall.

Looking over the towering courtyard walls.

Tian Ai smiled smugly, “Such a short wall, trying to stop me? I can’t get in at the main gate, can’t I still climb over the wall to get in?”


Chapter 462

The words fell.

Tian Ai took a deep breath and took a few steps backwards.

The next second, she accelerated forward.

Leaping up in the air, she stomped twice on the wall and crossed it with ease.


Both feet landed on the ground.

Tian Ai’s heart snickered, with her skills, it was a breeze to get over the wall and get in.

At the same time, she did not dare to be careless.

If she was caught barging in without permission, it would be a big problem.

Tian Ai cautiously pressed herself against the wall, her face solemn and her gaze torch-like as she swept around.

It was a courtyard, and it was cold.

“Such a cold courtyard, no one should come over, right?”

Tian Ai put her heart down.


There was a clatter ……

A sound of running water suddenly rang out.

It was like a thunderous explosion.

It broke the dead silence and coldness of the courtyard.

It instantly made Tian Ai’s nerves tense up into strings.

Without waiting for her to turn around, a sticky voice, was sounded.

“That sorry, if nothing else, I should be considered a person.”

Tian Ai’s pupils tightened to the extreme.

Her heart beat faster.

She turned around violently and saw a face so stunningly beautiful that it was indescribable, facing her, with big eyes as brilliant as the stars, staring straight at her.

God, this was too beautiful, wasn’t it?

In a trance, Celestia’s heart shook.

Even though she was a woman herself, she could not help but feel dull at the sight of this face.

What’s more, even though this face was now staring straight at her, it gave off a sense of shocked dumbfoundedness, so cute it was as if her heart was about to melt away.

Wait a minute, the old lady had been found out!

Why are you still caring about this woman’s face?

In fact, Ye Linglong was also really confused.

She was the Hong Society’s Red Stick and the real granddaughter of Ye Yuanqiu, the only ancestral elder of the Yuan generation.

Ever since she could remember, there had been very few intruders in the Shan He Guild Hall.

This was because those who really had dealings with the Hong Society were clear about what the Shan He Guild Hall was.

And this time, it was the first time she had seen one!

The girl in front of her had broken in!

It was only this sudden “chance encounter” that made Ye Linglong unable to return to her senses for a long time.

Her right thumb was sometimes blocking the water pipe, and sometimes she let go of it to let out a gush of water, and then it was blocked by her thumb again.

And so it went.

The scene remained still for a full five seconds.

Tian Ai suddenly said, “Huh! Strange, I seem to be in the wrong place, sorry haha, I’ll go first.”

With that, she took a few steps backwards, ready to a*sist in running over the wall to get out.

Being caught red-handed, trespa*sing in the Hong Society’s main hall, this was big trouble.

What’s more, there was her identity at stake.

“Stand still!”

Ye Linglong snapped back to her senses, frost covering her stunning face violently.

She dropped the hose and stopped in front of the fence, her gaze cold.

“Do you take me for a real fool or a fake one? Going over the wall into the Shanhe Club is the wrong way to go?”

The aura was morose, the voice cold: “You want to leave, you can! Either you leave something behind, or beat me!”


Tian Ai exclaimed in her heart.

But still, her expression was solemn, and her gaze slanted towards the gate into the courtyard with some trepidation.

“Don’t worry, no one will come over, and even if someone does come over, I will stop them from doing anything.” Ye Linglong saw through Tian Ai’s mind.

Tian Ai shrugged, “I don’t care to hit a woman, either you let me go and pretend this never happened, or ……”

At this point, she deliberately paused for a moment, then clasped her fist, put on a pitiful look and begged for mercy, “I beg you to let me go and pretend that this matter never happened.”

You’re kidding!

Trespa*sing into the Hong Society’s main hall was undoubtedly pulling the tiger’s whiskers.

It was okay that there was only this one woman around now.

If she slightly alerted the other people inside the Shanhe Guild Hall, then she would have to be completely planted here today.

Although Tian Ai’s character was aggressive, she was not so aggressive that she did not know how to live or die.

It would naturally be better if she could muddle through, what was a face?

Faced with the sudden plea for mercy, Ye Linglong was also stunned for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, the chill on her face intensified.

“Are you insulting me? What do you mean by not bothering to hit a woman?”

Ye Linglong suddenly opened her voice, a cold light flickering in her eyes.

She was one of the Hong Society’s Red Sticks, relying on her persistent training from childhood to adulthood, in order to get rid of the strange perceptions that onlookers had of her as a daughter and Ye Yuanqiu’s granddaughter.

Now, Tian Ai’s remark had just poked a sore spot in her.

The next second.

Ye Linglong rushed towards Tian Ai like an arrow from a string.

Tian Ai’s expression was awe-inspiring, and she knew that she could not fool around.

With a grit of her teeth, she rushed directly towards Ye Linglong.


The two of them met each other with a direct, fancy-free fist-bump.

Almost at the same time, both of their expressions changed drastically at the same time.

This punch was merely a test.

Both of them were also surprised by the strength of the other.

One was a Hong Society Red Stick who had practiced since childhood, and the other was a member of an international organisation who had practiced since childhood.

To say that there was a high and a low definitely existed.

But to say that there was much difference between high and low, that definitely did not exist.

A fist fight, neither of them got an advantage.

But it also aroused the battle spirit of the two.

Immediately afterwards, the two men were like the wind, their fists and kicks blasting out like a storm.

Fists and kicks were like the wind, blasting each other again and again.

They were clearly “weak women” in the eyes of others, but both fought in the most bloodthirsty way.

However, because of her birth.

Ye Linglong’s strikes were obviously more severe and domineering than Tian Ai’s, or rather more ruthless.

And that was the difference.

After a few moments of stalemate, Tian Ai gradually fell into a disadvantage.

She had practiced since she was a child, but even if she practiced, she was not as strong as Ye Linglong, who had accumulated combat experience from witnessing bloodshed since she was a child.

The red stick of a region was almost the top combat power of that region.

It was hard fought by fists!

Perhaps in other aspects, Tian Ai would be stronger than Ye Linglong.

But in terms of fist and kick fighting, Tian Ai was inherently weaker than Ye Linglong.


In the midst of the exchange of blows, Ye Linglong looked hostile and seized an opening, and threw a punch at Tian Ai’s chest.

While Tian Ai retreated backwards, she also flexed her hand into a claw, scratching three bloody marks on Ye Linglong’s right arm.


After Tian Ai steadied herself, she immediately drew in a breath of cold air with a painful expression, and glared at Ye Linglong with resentment, “You don’t look like a good person, you B*tch, how can you hit such a place?”

“It’s too small, I’ll help you to augment it.”

Ye Linglong frowned and swept a glance at the scratch on her right arm, then paid no more attention, her body like the wind, rushing towards Tian Ai again.

She was like a tiger descending from a mountain.

Tian Ai’s eyebrows were raised, and the veins at the corners of her eyes twitched a few times.

She didn’t dodge either, and went straight for it.

Only in the midst of the humongous blasts with Ye Linglong time and again, she moved under the fence without a trace.

“I’ll fight with you!”

Tian Ai suddenly let out an explosive shout, her right foot was like a whip, with a breaking wind whistle, she directly smashed at Ye Linglong’s side.

It was as powerful and fast as lightning.

Ye Linglong’s face sank as she lifted her arms to block out.

Bang Teen!

The whip leg struck hard and froze Ye Linglong, causing her to stagger out sideways for a few steps.

A few hints of pain finally surfaced on her indifferent face as a sharp pain came from both arms.


“Bye-bye to you.”

Tian Ai scored a hit, but instead of taking advantage of the situation, she reversed direction, boosted her run, jumped, and leapt over the fence.

This scene was too fast a transition.

Ye Linglong froze on the spot.

The long and slender onion fingers of both hands moved unconsciously.

Just now, she had even prepared herself for the stormy series of blows that would come after Tian Ai had succeeded in one blow.

“This B*tch is really not a good person.”

Ye Linglong muttered a curse and moved her arms, saying thoughtfully, “But what is this woman’s reason for barging into the Shanhe Club? It doesn’t look like someone who doesn’t have good intentions either.”

The room.

Chen Dong was lying on the bed.

The stern shouts and fist-pumping sounds outside the room just now, he heard them all in his ears.

One of the voices, he quickly discerned, was Tian Ai’s voice!

It was just that in his current state, he was unable to stop the fight.

However, Tian Ai’s arrival made Chen Dong a little happy.

“Did Little Shadow tell her to come to me?”