Winner Takes All Chapter 401-402

Chapter 401

A cold, stern, knife-like voice echoed.

Along with the sound of applause getting closer, three figures slowly came from the darkness.

Chen Dong just lowered his head and stopped, the corners of his mouth curled up in a bloodthirsty cold smile.

Zhang Xiuzhi, who was getting carried away and raising her eyebrows, was horrified.

She looked angrily towards the three figures walking in the darkness and cursed angrily, “Who? Get out!”

“Ma ……”

Wang Nan Nan’s grief-stricken shout suddenly rang out.

Zhang Xiuzhi first froze, and then laughed sardonically.

“Wang Nan Nan, we’ve broken off our relationship, what do you mean you’re still calling me mum?”

As he spoke.

Lin Lingdong led Wu Junhao and Wang Nanannan to Chen Dong.

Wang Nan Nan had long since turned into a tearful person, covering her mouth and staring at Zhang Xiuzhi as she kept shaking her head.

Lin Lingdong, however, ignored it and helped Chen Dong up by himself.

“I’m sorry Mr. Chen, I will personally handle everything.”

“It’s best.”

Chen Dong nodded indifferently, his eyes looked towards the large bag carried by Wu Junhao, and he could vaguely see a bag full of incense wax and paper money.

Only then did he smile at Lin Lingdong, “I’m satisfied.”

The words had just fallen.

Wang Nan Nan, who was crying into tears, suddenly rushed towards Zhang Xiuzhi.

“Mom, put it down quickly!”

Breaking off the relationship, but not the bloodline.

Breaking the bones connected to the tendons, at this moment Wang Nan Nan was more anxious than anyone else.

She knew what Lin Lingdong had brought her here for, but she didn’t want it to happen, she still wanted there to be room for redemption in this matter!


“D*mn girl, stop right there, I’m not your mother!”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s face was fierce as she shrilled and snapped, “I know you’ve followed this little scumbag surnamed Lin and want to help them stop me so you can save some credit in front of this new concubine of yours, I’m telling you, no way!”

Before the words left her mouth.

Zhang Xiuzhi suddenly let go of her right hand, and a hand full of ashes, with the night wind blowing, immediately drifted around.

This scene was silent.

But it was like a bolt from the blue, blasting everyone.

“Ma ……”

Wang Nan Nan cried out with a heartbreaking cry, then felt dizzy and fell to her knees with a poof, crying out with a hoarse voice.


Chen Dong’s eyes were wide with rage and his jaws were wide with anger, his calm heart suddenly raised a huge wave.

In his vision, the ashes flying across the sky seemed to have slowed to a crawl, but little by little they flew away, irretrievably!


Elder Long and Kunlun even let out a shout and fell to their knees.

Lin Lingdong was the only one whose expression suddenly turned morbidly cold to the extreme.

“Heaven’s sins can still be forgiven, but man’s sins cannot be saved, stupid as a pig, the gods cannot save!”

A single sentence, full of anger.

Just now, Wang Nan Nan’s action seemed to everyone to be an attempt to dissuade Zhang Xiuzhi and save her life.

But in the eyes of this heartless, stupid woman, it had actually become …… an “invitation for merit”?

Lin Lingdong looked askance at Wu Junhao and silently lit up a cigarette.

“Junhao, send her on her way.”

The words, which were soft, were enough to be heard by everyone.

“Kill me? You dare!”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s face was full of mad hideousness as she brazenly raised the urn in her hand, “If I lose half a hair today, this B*tch’s ashes, not a bit of it will remain, I’ll see which one of you dares!”


However, Zhang Xiuzhi’s arrogance came to an abrupt end with the sound of the pistol being C*cked.

Wu Junhao slowly raised his right hand, and the deep, dark barrel of his gun was aimed at Zhang Xiuzhi.

Zhang Xiuzhi’s heart gave a vicious twitch.

If it was just a close up to grab, she had full confidence in dropping the urn.

But if it was a gun ……

At this moment, as crazy as she was, a trace of fear finally came to her heart!

Bang Teen!

Wu Junhao threw the large bag in his hand in front of Wang Nan Nan: “Sister-in-law, you have three minutes!”

Wang Nan Nan’s mind went “boom” and her eyes were misty with tears as she looked at the big bag on the ground in a trance.

The zip was completely open, and the incense, wax and paper money inside were clearly visible, along with the bowl of rice that was still warm.

That bowl of rice is the …… on-the-road meal she prepared for Zhang Xiuzhi.

But with the matter at hand, she began to drift off.

A few seconds later.

Wang Nan Nan’s tear-filled eyes abruptly emerged with determination.

She turned around abruptly and knelt down at Chen Dong, crying and howling as she heavily kowtowed.

“Chen Dong, please let my mother go, please let her go, she didn’t mean to do it, she was forced to do it, for the sake of three years of love between husband and wife, please ……”

Not on purpose?


Chen Dong’s red eyes were tossed with a monstrous killing intent, and he laughed in anger.

Suddenly, like a bloodthirsty beast, he looked straight at Wang Nan Nan.

The harsh, murderous look in his eyes scared Wang Nan Nan’s face to the point of pallor.

“Let your mother go? Then who will spare my mother? Three years of conjugal love, is it your Wang family’s way of eating, being aggressive towards me and my mother, disregarding my life and death?”

A series of questions left Wang Nan Nan speechless.

At this moment, she suddenly remembered that she had once spent three years with Chen Dong.

In true terms of love, their Wang family, really had none for Chen Dong!

“Say it! You D*mn well say it!”

Chen Dong was almost on the verge of a berserk rage, gritting his teeth and gnashing his eyes ferociously.

And aside, Lin Lingdong, at this moment, looked at Wang Nan Nan with a rare glint of disgust finally surfacing in his eyes!

“I ……” Wang Nan Nan’s teary eyes were hazy and pearly: “But she is my mother, is …… it possible that… . on account of the fact that I have slept with you for three years, can’t I still spare her a life?”

When she said this, she had already thrown away all her dignity.

Lin Lingdong’s look of disgust grew thicker and thicker.

Wu Junhao’s brow also tightened to a frown.

Chen Dong’s eyes wavered for a moment and he shook his head.

“Sleeping for three years? Oh …… is this also the capital you come up with to negotiate terms? It’s simply …… so dirty!”

Wang Nan Nan’s body shook, and for a moment there was a sense of weakness that her soul was out of her body.

She kneeled pensively on the ground, thinking of Zhang Xiuzhi behind her, and her gaze became more and more determined.

She had to save!

Behind her was her own mother, and she had to save even if she had to fight for her life!

And yet.


A stone suddenly smashed into Wang Nan Nan’s back.

The smash sent Wang Nan Nan sprawling straight to the ground.

Immediately following.

Zhang Xiuzhi shrilly whistled and cursed angrily, “Wang Nan Nan, don’t F**king act, you’re such a dead money loser, you’ve severed your relationship with me, now what are you pretending to be a crybaby and fake mercy? I feel sick to my stomach!”


Wang Nan Nan was struck by lightning and fell to the ground for a moment, actually losing the strength to get up again.

Just at that moment.

Step by step, Chen Dong walked in front of Wang Nan Nan.

He stood in front of the large bag in front of Wang Nan Nan.

This scene scared Zhang Xiuzhi’s five senses almost twisted.

“Don’t come over, if you come over again I’ll let your mother’s corpse be left with no bones, where’s the money? Where’s the 100 million I want? Give it to me! Otherwise, your mother’s ashes are completely gone!”

“How dirty.”

Chen Dong forced himself to hold back the sourness in his nostrils and suddenly raised his right foot, landing hard on the bowl of rice in the large bag.


The bowl of rice shattered in response to the sound.

The body of Wang Nan Nan, who was lying on the ground, trembled.

As the rice bowl shattered, Chen Dong’s cold and harsh voice sounded as if a cold wind was blowing out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

“This kind of beast doesn’t deserve to eat this bowl of severed head rice!”


Just as the words fell, the sound of gunfire exploded.


Chapter 402

Gunfire exploded.

Time seemed to have slowed down.

Wang Nan Nan’s mind went “boom” and her weak body instantly seemed to regain its strength as she got up and turned around.

The crimson blood splashed all over her face.

Wang Nan Nan was completely dumbfounded.

In her line of sight, Zhang Xiuzhi’s face was full of shock, the urn in her hand fell out of her hand, and her body quickly fell backwards.

At the center of her brow, a bit of crimson, like a plum blossom, bloomed.


In the nick of time, Elder Long’s explosive shout suddenly exploded.

Kneeling on the ground, Kunlun instantly rushed out like an arrow off the string, rolling in the air and holding Li Lan’s urn in his arms, followed by his entire body smashing heavily onto the ground.

The impact made Kunlun almost pa*s out of breath, and he still turned back as if nothing had happened, “Young master, it’s alright!”

Chen Dong nodded, “Re-bury my mother.”

With that, he leaned down and picked up the large bag on the ground and slowly walked towards the front of Li Lan’s grave pit.

As he pa*sed Zhang Xiuzhi’s corpse, he did not even look at it, as if nothing had happened.

Long Lao hurriedly followed him forward.

And Lin Lingdong stopped where he was, lit two cigarettes and handed one to Wu Junhao.

“You didn’t strike fast enough! Faster and perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten sick of this woman.”

A statement that seemed to be a rebuke, yet revealed his truest thoughts about Wang Nan Nan at this time.

“I’m sorry boss.” Wu Junhao bowed his head and apologised.

And at that moment.

Wang Nan Nan, who was in a daze, finally had her eyes back in focus.

“Ma ……”

She was in a frenzy, rolling and crawling to Zhang Xiuzhi’s body.

Zhang Xiuzhi had already lost her life, her pupils were lax, but her mouth was slightly open, her eyes were open in anger, and she was dead.

Wang Nan Nan’s heart was like a knife, hugging Zhang Xiuzhi’s corpse and crying out with her heart breaking.

“Why are you so stupid, why didn’t you listen to my advice, my daughter was trying to save you, I am your daughter, how could I not help you?”

The sound of wailing and grief echoed through the mountain forest.

But at this moment, no one cared.

Even Lin Lingdong was smoking in silence.

Chen Dong lit incense, wax and paper money in front of Li Lan’s grave, forcing back the sourness in his nose and the swelling in his eyes, and took the urn from Kunlun’s hand with great care.

Looking at the tattered urn, he thought of Zhang Xiuzhi’s ashes that she had spilled.

Chen Dong’s heart was like a knife, and even though he tried his best to suppress it, he could not help but shed tears from the corners of his eyes.

His lips trembled and he let out an incomparably hoarse voice: “It is my son who is unfilial, it is my son who is unfilial and has allowed the beast to disturb your peaceful sleep, mother.”

Carefully placing Li Lan’s urn back into the grave pit, Chen Dong knelt beside it, cupping his hands in the grave soil and covering it up little by little.

Tears, kept pouring out of his reddened eyes.

Even though his hands were bloodied by the gravel and stones in the grave soil, he did not stop.

The raging anger and murderous anger that he had felt before had now been transformed into a torrent of guilt.

As a son, I was unfilial for not letting my mother die well.

As a son, not being able to let his mother sleep in peace and rest in peace was even more treacherous, the most unfilial of unfilialities.

“Young master, I will help you.”

Kunlun looked moved and knelt beside the grave, about to hold the earth.


Chen Dong looked at Kun Lun like a ferocious beast and hissed and growled, “This is my mother, I’ll do it!”

Kunlun was taken aback and hurriedly retreated to the grave, burning paper money with Elder Long.

A little bit of the grave soil was re-built by Chen Dong’s blood-stained and dirt-stained hands.

After all this was done.

Chen Dong walked up to the grave with teary eyes, and despite the resistance of Elder Long and Kunlun, his blood-stained hands personally re-erected the collapsed tombstone, only to leave two crimson and bloody handprints on top of the tombstone.

Chen Dong knelt in front of the grave, looking at the photo on the tombstone that was so blurred that only scraps of paper remained, and wept silently.

It was as if his chest was stuffed with stones, blocking him so much that he was suffocating.

The tears were like breaking dykes and surging.

A man’s tears are not lightly shed, it is just that he has not yet reached the point of grief.

This scene was witnessed by Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao, who were not far away, and they were filled with guilt and sympathy.

Being human and a man, who could bear what was in front of them?

And all because of a …… crazy woman!



“Ma …… Ma ……”

Wang Nan Nan lost her soul as she hugged Zhang Xiuzhi’s corpse, tears streaming down her face as she kept crying and howling.

As her voice gradually weakened, she gently lifted her hands and caressed Zhang Xiuzhi’s face, allowing her eyes to close.

Immediately afterwards, she flung herself to the ground and struggled to reach over towards the large bag full of incense, wax and paper money in front of Chen Dong.


Chen Dong raised his hand and opened it fiercely.

The sharp pain caused Wang Nan Nan to scream and cry and beg, “You have already killed my mother, can’t I even burn two pieces of paper for her?”


Chen Dong responded indifferently.

Like a large hand, he ruthlessly pressed Wang Nan Nan down into the abyss.

Under her tearful eyes, Chen Dong indifferently threw the entire large bag, into the raging fire of paper money, and the smoke and fire immediately became even more raging.

After all this, Chen Dong kowtowed three times heavily to Li Lan’s tombstone.

Then, he got up.


“Chen Dong ……”

Wang Nan Nan hissed as she tried to call out to Chen Dong, still wanting to say something.

But Chen Dong was on his feet and indifferently said, “You should thank me for my generosity, otherwise you should also die!”

The cold killing intent instantly sent a chill down Wang Nan Nan’s spine, and her words came to a screeching halt.

Chen Dong led the sorrowful-looking Elder Long and Kunlun away.

Even when he swept past Lin Lingdong, he did not even look askance at him.

The endless coldness caused both Lin Lingdong and Wu Junhao to look sideways in shock.

Boom Ka!

Lightning, tearing through the night sky.

The gentle night breeze between the mountains and the forest also became stronger at this time.

The rain that had been pent up for a long time was finally released at this moment.

The rain, falling from the thick dark clouds.

It was getting denser and denser.

Clattering ……

The rain filled the sky, causing a hazy fog to lift up between heaven and earth.

Lin Lingdong threw away the cigarette in his hand and turned around indifferently, “Junhao, let’s go.”

Wang Nan Nan’s delicate body trembled, horrified.

“Lingdong, help me! Help me bury my mother!”

The words were almost pleading.


“Is she worthy?” Lin Lingdong said indifferently.

What fell on Wang Nan Nan’s ears was a shocking thunderclap.

Her features were hideous, her face full of horror and horror.

“Lingdong, you, what do you mean?”

“End it.”

Lin Lingdong tilted his head to face the roiling rain, his right hand heavily wiped a handful of rain from his face and smiled bitterly, “It’s true that I, Lin Lingdong, am not a good person, but not so good that I don’t even have the slightest bottom line, a person like me is not worthy of you, thank you for letting me get to know you again.”

The sneer was dripping with sarcasm.

Wang Nan Nan was completely dumbfounded.

Looking at the two figures leaving, her mind was blank at this moment.

The thunderous rain, grew more and more violent.

The pouring rain drenched her whole body, and her whole body seemed to be a shell, sitting paralyzed on the ground.

There was nothing left, nothing at all!

Wang Nan Nan’s hands that were clinging to Zhang Xiuzhi’s corpse, at this moment, also quietly, slipped down.


She tilted her head violently and let out a heartbreaking cry of pain in the face of the roiling rain ……