Winner Takes All Chapter 349-350

Chapter 349

The infinite coldness was chilling.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was blue and her features were almost twisted.

Chen Daolin’s words were clearly talking about her.

Just as she had done in the bamboo courtyard of the Four Seals Clubhouse, she was invited to die.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianfang had already been frightened to the point of chilling, standing uncomfortably on their backs like mangles.

Fear was like a tidal wave.

The family head dared to say such things to the old lady, so what were the two of them, in the eyes of the family head?

Elder Long and Kunlun were excited and secretly clenched their fists.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, had a smile appear at the corner of his mouth as he looked towards Chen Daoling.

It felt really good to have his dad backing him up.

This feeling was something he had always dreamed of since he was a child.

“My son, Chen Dong, is still not allowed to be bullied by anyone.”

Chen Daoling’s words were as cold as frost, and he looked askance at him, “The clay Bodhisattva still has three flames, so what is wrong with my son resisting? Sanniang, will you be willing to die if you are bullied to such an extent?”

Her words were resounding and sharp.

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth and felt the urge to vomit blood.

She had rarely been squeezed to such an extent.

As the eldest member of the Chen family, no matter where she went, she was always above the crowd and held the moon in her heart.

Even the former Chen Daolin had treated her with respect.

But now, because of Chen Dong, she had actually drawn her sword against him.

Her lips curled around her mouth, and Old Lady Chen did not know how to answer.

But it was her silence.

Chen Daoling smiled: “It seems that even Third Mother can’t stand it anymore, then my son is right, he did the right thing!”

“Chen Daoling!”

Old Mrs. Chen finally couldn’t help herself, “You, with your words, you have shaved off the sins of this wild child, as the head of the family, do you have the Chen family rules in your heart or not?”


There was an explosive sound.

Chen Daolin slammed his palm on the armrest of his wheelchair, “Family rules are made by people! I am the head of the Chen family, but I am not a shrinking turtle. You have humiliated my son to such an extent, and you still want me to eat my son with tiger poison?”

“Today, if I say my son did the right thing, then he did the right thing! Third Mother, if you have any grievances, don’t take them out on the child, just take them out on me.

The word “ancestral rites” was uttered, and the courtyard was instantly silent.

The threat was strong and overwhelming.

It was so strong that it silenced Old Mrs. Chen.

Immediately afterwards.

Chen Daoling waved his hand and shouted to Chen Dong, “Brat, what are you still standing there for? Come with me, and next time you want to take revenge, remember to call your dad!”

“Understood, Dad.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, the coldness on his face disappearing, leaving only a warm spring-like smile.

As he answered, he and Long Lao Kunlun hurriedly followed Chen Daoling.

Waiting for the group to leave.

In the mansion, there was still dead silence.

Chen Daolin had come and gone quickly.

But the fearful pressure he displayed was overwhelming.

But it was so overwhelming that everyone could not breathe and was speechless.

Half a day later.

“A crossbreed! The old man is a crossbreed, so is the son!”

Old Mrs. Chen clenched her fist, her body trembling terribly as she squeezed out words from between her teeth, “The Chen family, sooner or later, will be defeated by these two crossbreeds!”

“Grandma, calm your anger!”

Chen Tiansheng hurriedly appeased.

Old Mrs. Chen turned her gaze to Chen Tian Fang with a fierce look, “Tian Fang, you fool, if you had shot faster, would we not have been pressured to such a state by those crossbreeds?”

Chen Tian Fang: “……”

He did not reply to Old Madam Chen’s words and buried his head very low.

Old Madam Chen’s rebuke made him terrified, but he knew clearly that if he had really shot faster just now, he would have been a dead man by now.

The head of the family could even say the word “ancestral sacrifice” in front of the old lady, a threat that he did not hide.

He was a member of the Chen family and did not even have the status of heir, so if the family head wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as crushing an ant.

Leaving the Jing Xin Zhai.

Chen Dong took the wheelchair from Fan Lu’s hand and slowly pushed Chen Daolin forward.

On the way, no one spoke.

Elder Long and Kunlun followed quietly behind.

“Xiao Lu, how did you find the family head?” Kun Lun asked in a low voice.

For a first time visitor to the Chen Mansion, it would be good to not get lost, let alone find the family head who was heavily protected and recuperating from his injuries.

What’s more, now that the head of the family had just been attacked, although the Chen family was still receiving guests, the security level had been adjusted to the highest, and it was impossible for anyone who entered the Chen Mansion to walk around freely.

“Someone brought me there.” Fan Lu winked and smiled mysteriously.

“Who?” Kunlun was stunned.

Long Lao gave a sidelong glance, “Kun Lun, Xiao Lu is not at liberty to say, so you should not ask too much, the magnificent Chen family, by and large, loathes the young master, but there is someone who is not bad-hearted after all, who cannot help but help in secret.”

Kunlun was silent.

And this brief conversation also fell on Chen Dong’s ears.

He smiled blandly.

He had heard Elder Long say that the Chen family had complex factions, and while on the surface the family head and the old lady were confronting each other, I was afraid that there were still factions surging in the dark.

If there were those who helped the old lady, then there were those who helped the father.

It makes sense that even the forces that are all alone and do not help each other would have a secret foot in the situation just now.

However, the arrival of the father was finally the solution to the big problem just now.


“Dong’er, if father had come late, that slash just now, would you have cut down?”

Chen Daolin’s gaze was deep, as if he had something to think about, and he opened his mouth to ask.

Chen Dong hesitated for a moment and said, “Not before, but now I would.”

“Before? Now?” Chen Daolin was puzzled.

Chen Dong smiled, “In the past, I only thought of stepping into the Chen family in an open and honest manner, my mind was too pure, if it was the old me, I might not even be able to enter the Chen family gates today!”

“Now …… someone has told me the truth that the gentry are all evil spirits in human skin with crowns, and that if you want to defeat them, you have to be more evil than them, or more unscrupulous.”

Silky coldness, straight into the marrow.

At these words.

Chen Daolin, however, hooked up the corners of his mouth, revealing a gratifying smile.

A few seconds later, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “Did your Uncle Daojun teach you this?”


Chen Dong’s body shook as he asked offhandedly, “How do you know, Dad?”

Chen Daoling raised his hand and rubbed his nose, the smile on his face growing stronger and stronger.

“This is your Uncle Daojun’s code of conduct, which roughly describes the gentry as apt, but somewhat extreme, but this extreme view is indeed most applicable given your current situation, and in this regard, Dad is not as good as your Uncle Daojun.”

Chen Dong hesitated for a few seconds, his eyes flickering.

Suddenly curious, he asked, “Then how does papa think we should act?”

“With righteousness in your heart, a city in your chest, and light in your eyes, Dan acts as a king and also needs to be domineering without losing the way of the benevolent.” Chen Daolin said solemnly.

Chen Dong frowned, somewhat puzzled.

“Dad, what is the Way of the King? What is the Way of the Hegemon? What is the way of the benevolent again?”

Chen Daoling smiled.

He said in a serious tone, “If your opponent is not honest, run over him, it is the Way of the King; if your opponent is honest, run over him too, it is the Way of the Bully; before you run over him, say something, it is the Way of the Benevolent!”


Chapter 350

Chen Dong was dumbfounded.

Was this sure it wasn’t a joke?

“You think I’m joking?” It was as if Chen Daolin had seen through Chen Dong’s mind.

Chen Dong was silent.

Chen Daoling smiled spontaneously, “Take your time to experience the difference.”

The Way of the King, the Way of the Hegemon, the Way of the Benevolent ……

Chen Dong smashed his mouth, his eyes full of contemplation, his father’s words seemed like a joke, but when he thought about them carefully, there was something different.

Soon, he arrived at a magnificent mansion.

This mansion is at some distance from the surrounding mansions and pavilions, but in terms of scale and construction style, it has a majestic atmosphere and a sense of grandeur.

It was as if, as if, the cranes were standing tall.

“Young master, this is the master’s family residence.” Elder Long said softly.

Chen Dong looked at the magnificent mansion in front of him, and something inexplicably stirred in his heart.

This feeling was so complicated that it was hard to describe.

But he, subconsciously, clenched his fists, and his eyes were unprecedentedly firm.

Entering the mansion.

A group of household slaves were busy in and out.

Chen Daolin led Chen Dong and the others into the hall.

The ancient and fragrant decoration style, every detail showed the high status of the Chen family.

The antique vases that were worth a fortune outside and some famous masters’ paintings and calligraphy had become decorative accompaniments in this living room.

After taking his seat.

Long Lao skillfully made tea for Chen Dong.

After everything was done, he took Kunlun and Fan Lu out of the hall and closed the door.

In the hall, peace returned.

Chen Daolin sat quietly in his wheelchair, sipping tea in silence.

Chen Dong sat on the side and looked up and down at his father.

At this moment, his father still looked a little weak, but he should not have been hurt at all.

This made Chen Dong breathe a sigh of relief.

He had already lost his mother, if he lost his father again.

Then life really had no place to come, only a way to return.

“Almost there this time.”

Chen Daolin put down his cup of tea and took the lead in breaking the silence in the hall.

“Who did it anyway?”

Chen Dong asked with a frown.

The Underworld was the tenth a*sa*sin on the Hidden Killers’ Death Ranking.

To put it in no uncertain terms, there was probably no one under the sky that You Hei did not dare to kill.

But the key was, there had to be a motive for this, right?

For no reason, it didn’t make sense for the Underworld to turn around and a*sa*sinate his father after his failure here.

“Oh, you shouldn’t ask too many questions, it’s not good for you to know too much.”

Chen Daolin waved his hand and digressed, “Aren’t you curious as to how Dad managed to survive?”

With one sentence, it hit Chen Dong right in the heart.

He was indeed curious.

He had seen the strength of the Underworld with his own eyes at the Four Seals Club.

Whether it was Kun Lun or Fan Lu, they were both top killers on the Death List.

The security team was also the top team that protected his father all year round.

Even the original security team at the Four Seals Clubhouse was definitely over-specified.

Under the heavy protection, you were able to charm everyone and drive straight into the small bamboo courtyard.

Had Uncle Daojun not been present at the time, he would have been a dead soul in the hands of the ghost.

Without the protection of his father’s security team, without a top expert like Kunlun to guard him, and relying only on the Chen family’s instinctive “weak” protection, he had managed to survive the Phantom’s hands?

Chen Daolin smiled brightly and deliberately lowered his voice, “It’s your Uncle Daojun.”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened and he was dumbfounded.

“He came straight to you after leaving my place?”

“He’s been to your place?”

Chen Daolin raised his eyebrows in astonishment, then he let out a soft laugh, “I am also confused, I sent you to the Black Prison, deliberately to let you meet with him, since he stepped out of the Black Prison, it is only logical that he would go to see you first.”

Chen Dong said, “After he found me, I invited uncle to stay for three days, and on the third day it happened that the ghost came to my door, and uncle helped me drive away the ghost before he left.”

“He didn’t come directly to the Chen Mansion, to be exact, he entered the Chen Mansion quietly shortly before I was attacked, and happened to meet the Phantom attacking me, so he made his move.”

Chen Daolin’s gaze was deep as his fingertips tapped the armrest of his wheelchair, “You saw the head on the Chen Mansion’s pagoda, right? That was your Uncle Daojun who hung it up.”

Chen Dong was shocked for a moment, and then he reacted.

“The Chen Mansion that you entered quietly? What does that mean?”

Although Chen Daojun had failed to compete with his father for the position of family head back then, he had gone to the Black Prison for some unknown reason.

But in the end, he was a member of the Chen family, and a former heir, and had a good relationship with his father.

It was only logical how one should be able to enter the Chen House openly and honestly, and not hide.

“How am I supposed to know what your Uncle Daojun thinks?”

Chen Daolin smiled oddly, which fell into Chen Dong’s eyes, but always felt like something else, obviously because his father was just deliberately not saying anything.

Seeing Chen Dong’s silence.

Chen Daolin smiled and said, “Silly boy, the less you know, the better it is for you. Your urgent task is to solve your current situation, and aim straight at this family headship, which you promised your mother, and your mother’s glory should also be fought for by you. As for other things, I will tell you one by one later when the time is ripe.”

Hearing his mother.

Chen Dong’s face darkened in obscurity, but he suppressed the doubtful thoughts in his heart.

Indeed, right now, he should first resolve the situation of being a*sa*sinated, and then point his sword at the Chen family’s headship.

As for the rest, he could not touch it, nor did he have the strength to do so.

Chen Daolin raised his eyes to the closed door of the hall, his eyes shining brightly.

It was as if he could see through the door and look further away.

He smiled gratefully and said, “However, this time, since your Uncle Daojun has come out of the Black Prison, if he has the heart to help you, I reckon that the dust of the Hidden Kill Organisation’s a*sa*sination mission should soon be settled.”

Chen Dong was horrified.

“Uncle Daojun can terminate the a*sa*sination mission?”

“Should be able to, right?” Chen Daoling smiled uncertainly.

The words had just fallen.

Outside the main door, the low, sulking voice of Elder Long suddenly rang out.

“Master Young Master, the old lady has called a family meeting and sent someone to invite Master Young Master over.”

A family meeting?!

Chen Dong’s brows knitted tightly, he had only left the Jing Xin Zhai on his first foot, and then a family meeting was convened on his second.

This Old Madam Chen’s mind was turning fast enough!


Chen Daolin pressed his palm on the armrest of his wheelchair, squeezing the armrest with a click.

A raging anger suddenly surfaced on his ancient, unruffled face.

At this moment, even Chen Dong could not help but smack his lips as he felt that anger from his father.

“The old immortal has turned against the heavens, how can she, a dying old woman, be qualified to call a family meeting?”

Chen Daolin squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, like a sulking lion, his brow imposing: “I am the head of the family and have not even spoken, what is her intention in usurping power like this?”

Outside the main gate.

Elder Long’s voice was as low as it could go, “Master, the visitor said it was to discuss the important matter of the successor!”


Chen Daolin laughed back in anger, “The old immortal is afraid that he has just eaten a mouthful of ash and cannot swallow his anger, so he is deliberately mobilizing his entire family at this time, trying to force me backwards and take out a bite of anger!”

After that, he said coldly, “Dong’er, push me over, I want to see what that old B*****d can do today!”