Winner Takes All Chapter 277-278

Chapter 277


Master Qin was struck by lightning, his expression shocked.

As the opposite party hung up, only a string of blind tones remained in the phone.

But Master Qin, without putting down the phone, stood frozen in place as if he was a statue.

“Dad ……”

Qin Henian sensed that something was wrong.

Clang and clang ……

Master Qin’s body shook, and the phone in his hand fell to the desktop.

In an instant, his bloodshot eyes filled with tears.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The sound of wailing and sobbing then emanated from Elder Qin’s mouth.

This scene scared Qin Henian’s face.

“Dad, say something, what’s going on, don’t scare me!”

Ever since Qin Henian could remember, the image of his father in his eyes had always been majestic and calm, and he had never had such a “childish” moment.

If outsiders knew that the Qin family head was crying like a child, this would definitely explode the entire Western Shu.

“Get out, get out! Leave the old man alone!”

Master Qin looked at Qin Henian angrily with teary eyes and shouted a loud rebuke.

Qin Henian was terrified and confused, but did not dare to ask any more questions and hurriedly left in panic.


Old Master Qin sat down completely on the floor, old tears streaming down his face and body trembling under the dim light.

After closing the door.

Qin Henian was still upset and walked out in a trance all the way.

Just as he stepped out of the small courtyard, several brothers greeted him.

“Big brother, has Dad decided or not?”

“The deadline has come and gone, what exactly is being said about Chen Dong, should there be one?”

“These days the family is in turmoil, the whole family is worried, if you want me to say so, let’s directly destroy Chen Dong by thunder and lightning, so that we can do it quickly and painfully!”


The voices of the brothers in his ears were noisy.

The already disturbed Qin Henian, at this time, even felt countless mosquitoes racketing in his ears.

“Shut up all of you!”

He bellowed angrily, making everyone shut up.

After taking a deep breath, Qin Henian, whose face was ugly, fiercely gritted his teeth.

“All guard outside the courtyard, wait for Dad to decide everything!”

At this moment, his heart was tossing and turning, and his father’s disorder and crying kept coming back to his mind.

This made him even more frightened and apprehensive.

But there was one thing that he could be sure of.

That was, the Qin family …… had been abandoned by Old Lady Chen!

At such a juncture, Old Lady Chen had abandoned her cooperation!

“This old lady, shameless!” Qin Henian cursed through clenched teeth.

But it made the few brothers around him, even more frightened and nervous.

Time pa*sed slowly.

The night was as cool as water.

A cool breeze was blowing.

In contrast to the cool breeze, Qin Henian’s brothers, who were stationed outside the courtyard, were even colder, feeling that the cool breeze was extraordinarily biting tonight.

Creak ……

Finally, the sound of a door opening slowly rang out.

“Dad is out!”

Qin Henian’s eyes flashed brightly as he took the lead and walked into the courtyard.

The rest of the few people followed closely behind.

Under the moonlight.

The dim light stretched the figure of Elder Qin, who had stepped out of the house, into a long, long silhouette.

As soon as they saw Elder Qin, they stopped abruptly, their eyes full of dismay.

At this moment, Master Qin’s hair was completely white, as if he had aged by more than ten years in just a few hours, showing his haggardness and despondency.

He looked haggard and despondent. He knew that before, Master Qin’s hair was still white.


Looking at his sons, Old Master Qin smiled despondently, flushed with a strong bitterness.

His reddened and swollen eyes were filled with a look of determination.

In a deep voice, he said, “He-nian, fetch the three-foot green blade that I practice with every morning.”


Qin Henian and the others were struck by lightning and their faces changed drastically.

A smile as forlorn and bitter as Elder Qin’s suddenly appeared on Qin Henian’s face.

The remaining few people, on the other hand, spoke up one after another.

“Father, you are ……”

It was impossible for them not to panic.

This was because, on the day of the birthday banquet, what Chen Dong had said was for Elder Qin to carry a three-foot long sword and kowtow to the door to thank him for his sins.

If he really decided to make a move against Chen Dong, would it not be as simple as lifting the three-foot green blade?

“Go on!”

Elder Qin let out a stern cry.

“Brother, don’t go, my Qin family has not been so meticulous!”

“Right! The worst that can happen is that the fish will die and Dad will be allowed to bring the three-foot green peak to the door to thank him for his crime, where is the face of my Qin family?”

“Dad, there’s no need to be like this, our Qin family is at least the richest in Western Shu, even if Chen Dong is Chen Daolin’s son, we don’t have to be so afraid of him?”

Several people were furious.

The Qin family, not to mention being the richest in Western Shu, had never been in such a position even at the beginning of their fortunes.

The dignity and face of a powerful family would not allow them to do so!

If they really wanted to bring the three-foot green blade to their door to thank them, it would be someone else who would come to the door of their Qin family.

“Shut up, all of you, a bunch of useless, incompetent, barking trash!”

Master Qin stomped his foot angrily, allowing the courtyard to return to silence.

Qin Henian turned to leave and soon returned to the courtyard, but with an additional long sword in his hand.

This was the long sword that Master Qin practised every morning when he rose to nurture his body.

Unlike ordinary body nourishing longswords, this one was truly open-edged and sharpened like iron.

“Dad, have you really decided?”

Qin Henian was hesitant. He was not in the same boat as his brothers.

But having personally experienced the ordeal of the past three days, and knowing moreover the attitude of the Chen family’s old lady, he had to grit his teeth and endure the arrogance like his younger brother.

“You go with Dad.”

Elder Qin said slowly.

His cloudy gaze, however, slowly swept over several people.

With a trembling voice, he lamented, “This is a long way to go for father, the mountains are high, so you each take care of yourselves.”


With a single sentence, a terrifying message was spoken.

It struck several of the second generation of the Qin family’s direct lineage like a thunderbolt.

However, when faced with Elder Qin, several of them were trembling and red-eyed, not knowing what to say.

“He-nian, you are the elder brother, remember what my father told you before.”

“Understood, father.” Qin Henian bowed his head in dismay.

Under the eyes of several people.

The father and son took advantage of the night to leave the Qin family by car, without alerting the family.


At the same time, the major giants of Western Shu were shaken.

“Master Qin left the Qin House with his eldest son, Qin Henian!”

“My God, is the Qin family really going to fall in front of Chen Dong?”

“Is it really true that he left the house with a three-foot green blade, just like the day of the birthday banquet? Is this really the Qin family I know in Xishu?”


A single piece of news swept through the desks of the entire Xishu magnate family heads like a storm.

Everyone was in a state of shock.

The Zhuge family even raised their house in excitement and ecstasy after learning that Elder Qin had taken Qin Henian away from the Qin House.

“Qing’er, inform this down, the Zhuge Family will start preparing, and after daybreak, they will ascend to the position of the richest man in Western Shu in one fell swoop!”

Looking at the old man in front of him, who had pale white hair and a spring face, Zhuge Qing could not hide his excitement and ecstasy at this moment.

He hastily clasped his fist, “As you wish, grandfather.”

“Hahahaha …… The Qin family has been running rampant in Western Shu, and now they have finally kicked the iron plate.” The white haired old man threw back his head and laughed, “If my Zhuge family doesn’t become the richest, wouldn’t it be a shame to our ancestors and to these long years of rooting in Western Shu?”

This night.

In Western Shu, the sky turned upside down ……


Chapter 278

Shu Mountain Lodge.

The lights are magnificent.

As an art gallery, it is able to host the top art exhibitions in the entire Western Shu.

Even the lighting at night is highly fantastic.

In front of the balcony.

Chen Dong, Qin Ye and Kunlun sat around a small round table, facing the night breeze and looking out over the entire night scene of the mountain villa.

“The wind tonight, it’s cool.”

Qin Ye suddenly gave a teasing smile, breaking the silence in front of the balcony.

“And you concluded that they would come?” Kunlun asked.

Qin Ye smiled without saying anything and looked at Chen Dong.

Would they come?

Chen Dong was actually not sure either, and he was also waiting.

But obviously, the conditions he had offered were already extremely “generous”.

One was for Elder Qin to come to his door with his sword, and the other was for the entire Qin family.

Would an old man with a dragon’s clock not know how to choose such a choice?

He would not have given the Qin family such a choice if he had not wanted to drive the tiger away from the wolf.

His mother was everything to him, his scales of rebellion.

A dragon’s scales of rebellion will kill him if he touches them!

And he, in his mercy, had given the Qin family a way out!

In his mind, all sorts of things from the past and his mother came to mind.

Chen Dong’s entire aura gradually grew cold.

The flames of hatred were churning in his eyes.

Beside him, Qin Ye and Kun Lun both felt the piercing coldness released from Chen Dong’s body.

The two glanced at each other and Kun Lun digressed, “Qin Ye, that’s still your grandfather after all, you’re not hurt at all?”

“Che ……”

Qin Ye laughed disdainfully, “Back then when my mother and my brother died tragically, they Qin family didn’t have a word of sympathy, if I didn’t kill my D*mn father, he was mixing in the Qin family sunrise, this bloodthirsty and cannibalistic Qin family is worthy of my sympathy?”

In his words, there was an endless coldness.

The tragic death of his mother, which he witnessed with his own eyes, was such a childhood shadow, no less than what happened to Chen Dong.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Tong’s voice came from outside the house.

“Young master, the Qin family head is visiting with his eldest son, Qin Henian.”

Had it been chosen?

Chen Dong looked at the time, it was already half past eleven in the night.

He got up and walked towards the outside.

Kunlun and Qin Ye got up to follow.

The night breeze was sluggish.

The meeting room was not large, but brightly lit.

Everything in the hall had obviously been carefully designed and decorated, blending perfectly into one.

Master Qin sat hunched over in his chair, holding his longsword despondently.

With white hair and a dishevelled and depressed look, he looked as if he was on his deathbed.

When all hope was lost, his tall back could no longer stand up.

Qin Henian stood by, silent.

The change in his eyes betrayed the fact that he was not at peace deep inside.

Resignation, anger, despair, helplessness, all sorts of emotions were entangled, but he could only force himself to endure them.


Suddenly, Elder Qin let out a hoarse voice.

“Dad, I’m here.” Qin Henian hurriedly answered.

Elder Qin raised his eyebrows and said, “No matter what happens later, you must watch from the sidelines and must not get involved.”

“Dad ……” Qin Henian was anxious, “How about we fight it out?”


Master Qin smiled bitterly, he recognized who the man’s voice was on the phone when he contacted Old Lady Chen.

Chen Daolin!

The situation had come to this point.

Chen Dong was the one who had come with the Chen family’s great power, Old Lady Chen had been invited to chant by Chen Daoling, father and son had joined forces, what chance did the Qin family have to turn around?


A voice as cold as the cold wind came from outside the meeting room.

“If the Qin family wants to fight, I will accompany them to the end.”

The voice was icy cold and overwhelmingly domineering.

Elder Qin and Qin Henian were startled at the same time and raised their eyes to look.

Chen Dong slowly walked into the meeting room.

He strode casually, without speed, but his calm face was covered with a bitter coldness.

The whole aura of the man was frightening.

Even Kunlun Qin Ye, who was following behind him, could not help but smack his lips.

The two looked at each other and both saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Chen Dong …… had really changed!

“Young Chen.”

Elder Qin hurriedly got up, smiled despondently, and cupped his fist at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong directly ignored it and settled down on top of the main seat, raising his eyebrows to look at Elder Qin and Qin Henian.

Eventually, his gaze landed on the long sword in Elder Qin’s arms.

Coldly, he said, “Since the sword has been brought, finish it yourself.”

There were no unnecessary words, directly causing killing intent to surge within the parlour.

It was brutal and overbearing, not giving the slightest room for manoeuvre.

Elder Qin and Qin Henian were stunned at the same time.

Even if they had expected it, they did not expect Chen Dong to be this crisp.

After all, the one he was letting off the hook was the titular Qin family head!

“Young Chen ……”

Qin Henian was upset and opened his mouth to plead for mercy.

However, Chen Dong gave a sidelong glance, and his cold killing intent instantly made Qin Henian’s scalp tingle, and the words that had come to his mouth were stuck in his throat, unable to come out.


A slap sounded, crisp and loud.

Elder Qin slapped Qin Henian and staggered him back, while angrily reprimanding, “B*****d, do you have the right to speak here?”

With that.

He turned around despondently, and while looking at Chen Dong, his despondent and pale face was covered with an almost flattering smile.

“Chen Shao Hai Han, He Nian is young and ignorant and does not know the heights of heaven.”

As soon as the words were spoken, Chen Dong’s gaze was cold.


Qin Ye couldn’t help but laugh, “Old man, according to seniority, the concubine side line is a cut below, even though my father is a bit older than this guy, I still have to call him uncle, and you’re telling me that he’s young and ignorant?”

“Qin Ye!”

Master Qin’s face turned red with anxiety and he gritted his teeth, “My Qin family has treated you well, that incident back then, if I hadn’t shown mercy, you would have been a certain death in any family!”

“Don’t be so hypocritical!”

Qin Ye sternly refuted, “If I hadn’t won that ten billion and settled for the Qin family headship, would I still be alive?”

“You ……” Elder Qin was red in the face and dumbfounded.

Knock knock!

Chen Dong gently knocked on the tabletop.

“Master of the Qin Family, have you come to pay off your debt to me, or have you come to chat with me?”

Master Qin’s body trembled as he bowed, “Naturally, I am here to repay my debt!”

“Just pay your debt and hurry up, if you have heinous words to say, after you go down, go find my mother on the road to Yellow Springs yourself and apologise to her properly on your knees!”

Chen Dong got up, and at this moment, the boundless killing intent was like a huge wave in the sky, directly crushing towards Elder Qin.

His eyes were red as he gritted his teeth and said, “My duty is to send you down to meet my mother!”

“As ordered!”

Elder Qin looked determined as he waved his hands.


The longsword was sheathed, and the cold light was biting.

“Dad ……”

Qin Henian covered half of his face and shed tears.

“Shut up, old man!”

Elder Qin scolded in a stern voice.

He knew that there was no turning back from this night’s situation.

The Chen family had already done him in, and if he didn’t die, the entire Qin family would die!

As he crossed his neck with his long sword, Master Qin felt a deep sense of regret.

If he had known that Old Lady Chen would choose to give up today, he would never have cooperated with them and worked together to reckon with Chen Dong.

But it was all too late!

“Young Chen, this is the account that I will give you, one life for one life!”


Just as Old Master Qin was about to kill himself.

A large hand instead pressed down on the longsword.

Immediately afterwards, an icy and disdainful voice rang out in his ears.

“One life for one life? How can this cheap life of yours be worth my mother’s ten thousand gold pieces?”