Winner Takes All Chapter 2245

“The Way may be the Way, but it is not the Way. A name may be a name, but it is not a name. No name is the beginning of heaven and earth; a name is the mother of all things. Therefore, always have no desire to see its wonderful; always have desire to see its mere. These two, the same out of a different name, the same is called Xuan. Xuan and Xuan, the gate of all wonders.” Chen Dong murmured and recited faster and faster, running in a stream without any lag. His body was shrouded by the demonic black aura, his feet stepped on the Underworld, the world’s qi gathered by the Great Cauldron on top of his head, the golden light of the “Human Emperor’s Qi” appeared in front of his chest, and even further away, there was also the golden hand of the heavens that Chen Daojun was facing, and there was also the pure white Southern Brightness Flame that was blocking out the sky. All of the gorgeous light was imprinted on his body. It made his current state extremely bizarre and strange. Obviously, he was deep within the “Pressing the Body and Asking the Heart”, but there was no trace of the state of “Pressing the Body and Asking the Heart”. The nervousness and embarrassment of asking the mind for self-certification were all cancelled out by the demonic nature of the cathartic explosion. With the most relaxed state, he faced the toughest “pressing the body to ask the mind”. And now, in the most insane state, he was reciting the Tao Te Ching in a flowing stream. The whole thing that appeared on Chen Dong’s body was a kind of cut-throat feeling, where one strand of power, which should have been the most restrained from each other, was balanced to an extremely integrated state on Chen Dong’s body. Any force that falls on a person’s body is enough to kill him. However, when this strand of power reached a perfect balance on Chen Dong’s body, it gave him the ability to create a state of the most relaxed and casual state. Back then, when he recited the Tao Te Ching, it was the Taoist Heart Seeding Demon that had just begun, and Chen Daojun expected him to suppress his demonic nature with the Tao Te Ching, but in the end, one thing after another, he was unable to return to heaven, resulting in his deep demonic nature. But Chen Dong experienced just now “pressure body and ask the heart”, remembering the childhood, but suddenly awakened, in fact, the devil has long been in his childhood, in a way that even Chen Daojun do not know, silently rooted in his body. Everything …… has long been calculated! However, at this moment, the feeling he had when he recited the Tao Te Ching was very different from the feeling he had once had when he recited it in order to suppress the “Taoist Heart Seed Demon”. A vast and far-reaching aura. When he was reciting it quickly, he could clearly feel everything under the sun under the impetus of his “Human Emperor Qi”. Every blade of grass, every tree, every bird, every beast, and even every person …… This feeling is very subtle. As if no longer confined to the “human” category, but stood in a higher dimension, overlooking the world everything, and with extremely microscopic means, clearly feel the feelings of every living being. He is a human being but not a human being. Human Emperor Supreme. And such a change made Chen Dong the only human being in the world after its birth. The demonic nature was raging. As Chen Dong recited the Tao Te Ching and felt the living beings in the world, his demonic nature, instead of being restrained, became stronger and stronger. Boom, Boom, Boom …… A strand of demonic nature was no longer satisfied with just venting out from Chen Dong’s body alone. Rather, in a domineering and brutal manner, it directly transformed into a thick and mountainous dragon scroll of demonic black qi, rising up from the ground and cracking the sky. In the face of the overbearing and overwhelming demonic qi, the world was killing and destroying the supreme. When a devilish black qi dragon scroll rose up to the sky, the pure white Nanming Li Fire that covered the sky were all torn apart. Just like a black sword, hard in the Nanming Li fire this piece of clean “cloth” torn out a road openings, that a road black colour, but the world eye-catching, cover everything. “Eh?!” Chen Daojun, who was fighting against the three golden hands, had already disregarded everything at this time, and while letting out a startled eek from his mouth and nose, he even looked directly back towards Chen Dong. His bloodstained mouth was wide open in disbelief, but his eyes were blazing with excitement. Made a move …… yet? Did that chequered lay out person …… finally make a move? Chen Daojun somewhat did not dare to be certain, but the changes in Chen Dong at this moment were too unbelievable. It had even exceeded Chen Daojun’s cognition. Obviously, it should be the most conflicting and the worst state, but at this moment, as Chen Dong quieted down, his lips and teeth gently opened, it was with a demonic rampage, manifesting the overbearing posture of counter-pressing the Heavenly Might of the Heavens. “What is Dong Er …… murmuring?” Chen Daojun frowned tightly, even though he was distractedly exhausting his ear power at the moment, and was clearly not far away from Chen Dong, he was still unable to hear the murmurings from Chen Dong’s mouth. He did not know what exactly Chen Dong was going through. He also did not know what exactly Chen Dong was murmuring. He was even more unaware of whether or not the person who was executing the chess layout had made a move or not. But he knew …… that the change had risen! “Protecting the Dao of the world, the world is expected to rise when the world is expected to rise, that Humanity will rise!” Chen Daojun’s bloodstained lips grinned, wantonly agitated, and his exposed gums were strewn with blood. And at this moment. He was trembling all over, his white hair dancing wildly and his robes stirring. The qi energy in his body was like a rushing river surging madly, like a river breaking its banks, erupting with a tsunami of momentum, surging out madly from within him. The Xuan Yuan sword in his hand. The vibration and buzzing became more and more powerful. The sword’s dragon roar seemed to be able to penetrate through everything, resounding through the world. “Give it to me, break!” Chen Daojun let out a shout that resounded through the world. Rumble! The majestic sword qi of the Xuanyuan Sword violently shook and rumbled, causing the three golden light hands to collapse and shatter. The endless golden light, like snow flying in the sky, scattered and drifted in all directions. Chen Daojun had already given up his rationality and was determined to fight to the death. At this moment, seeing the changes set off in Chen Dong, he was more like a person who was about to die and violently grasped the last straw to save his life. This World No.1 had a blazing gaze, like the blazing sun. The aura of his entire body was on top of the Heavenly Path, welcoming the Heavenly Gate, climbing higher and higher. Killing fury was biting cold. Overbearing and terrifying. He raised his hand and held his sword, pointing it at the Heavenly Gate: “The heavens, please continue!” At the same time. The vast expanse of land. Grand Master Jiang stood like a walking corpse, compared to Chen Daojun’s still fighting to the death. He, however, had long since run out of options. This Jiang family head, should have fulfilled the mission responsibility of the Jiang family to help the world to fall. However, he was completely crushed in confidence by this Heaven Treading Path. Weak! Helpless! Desperate! …… But when he saw Chen Dong s demonic aura around him like a dragon, rushing to the sky and cracking the sky, tearing the Nanming Li Fire. His entire body trembled as his obscure and hollow eyes quickly focused. “What change has occurred again?” Grand Master Jiang was in a bit of a trance, but his refocused eyes were growing brighter and brighter. His gaze followed the demonic black gas tornado that had torn apart the Nanming Li Fire, slowly travelling upwards towards the higher reaches of the Nine Heavens. Suddenly. His pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme. “Hiss~” The sound of sucking in cool air came out of Grand Master Jiang’s mouth. In his line of sight. Above the ninth sky. That had been fighting against the Heaven’s Gate and was constantly echoing the voice of a distant ancestor .