Winner Takes All Chapter 2243

“What is the Way? The devil is the Way!” Six simple words, overbearing and insane. The world was silent. These six words, paired with Chen Dong’s wild laughter, were not following the heavens’ “Pressing the Body and Asking the Heart”, but rather, it was more like issuing the greatest ridicule and challenge to the heavens! “It’s over!” A pale colour immediately appeared on Chen Daojun’s aged face. In his line of sight. Chen Dong did not have any trace of the embarrassment of “Pressing the Body and Asking the Heart”. He was on top of the Underworld Hell, with a towering mountain-like cauldron above his head. He was already leaning back, opening his hands and laughing wildly, his body trembling and his senses erupting with laughter. A line of veins and veins, re-climbed onto Chen Dong’s face, snaking and gnarled, hideous and horrible. The thick black gas, at this time, was no longer hidden. One after another, as if the dike had broken from Chen Dong’s body, it was crazily leaking out. The majestic demonic black gas, and the ghostly light of the Underworld Hell under Chen Dong’s feet reflected each other, distorting the surrounding space as much as possible, just like kneading tofu, quickly letting the surrounding space crumble and collapse, revealing chaos. Chaos background, but more Chen Dong’s demonic state at this time revealed more and more rampant and domineering. At this instant. The golden light emanating from Chen Dong’s human emperor qi and the world’s qi luck gathered from all over the world appeared to be so pale and dull. As for the demonic black qi that adhered to his body, at this time, like a dragon and snake roaming around, it was actually getting thicker and thicker, as if a layer of black heavy armour had condensed and manifested itself and was draped over his body. Surrounding the sky of Nanming Li fire, this time is in Chen Dong magic under the promotion of the long, with the magic of black gas diffusion, avoid as snakes and scorpions, quickly rolled backward and retreated. The devilish nature is overbearing, killing and destroying without equal. Sparingly, the Nanming Li Fire, which was formed from the ninth Heavenly Might of the Heavenly Heavens, chose to avoid its sharpness after an instant of contact at this time. “Finished, completely finished!” As Chen Daojun watched Chen Dong’s demonic nature grow wildly, his eyes suddenly clouded over, tumbling with ripples, “The demonic nature has completely lost its suppression and skyrocketed out, the Heavenly Dao will not allow it, this is the last trace of the bottom line that has been thrown away, only this time, it is Dong’er, not the Ascension!” From the road to heaven, the heavens will rise again and again, in vain, “rules of the game”. But the so-called “inadvertent” is also time and again to increase the heavenly might, and only finally formed the current ninth bell of the heavenly might, rather than overnight up directly to the ninth bell of the heavenly might, completely cut off everything. This also shows that the “upper side” has some scruples! Now, Chen Dong has completely revealed his devilish nature. The devil is not allowed by the Heavenly Dao, against the Heavenly Dao. This is the last piece of cloth will also tear not. The next …… is Chen Dong and the heavens, the most direct hard rock! Directly to …… more direct than now Chen Daojun only shake the sky are more direct! Devil Lord killing, from the beginning of the birth of the devil, this is the way for the heaven and earth is incompatible, domineering. However, in Chen Daojun’s view, the low latitude power to shake the high latitude power, this itself is to hit a stone with an egg. Not far away, Chen Dong was still laughing maniacally. The devilishness shrouded the darkness and the darkness was deep. On the other hand, on the side of the Heavenly Gate, three large golden hands appeared in a condensed form with majestic golden light. The qi was like a dragon, encircling Chen Daojun’s body. His white hair was pale as he looked at Chen Dong, completely ignoring the golden light great hands that had congealed and manifested behind him, and his entire aura seemed to have shrivelled by a hair. He slowly raised his head, and his eyes, which were tumbling with ripples, stared blankly upwards towards the Heavenly Path. Then, the corner of his mouth turned up slightly, and his lips lightly opened: ”The result of the chess executor …… now, is that what you want? Since your purpose has been achieved, then subsequent to that, how should you execute the chess piece to fall?” Disappointed and desolate. At this moment, Chen Daojun no longer had the majestic stamina he had before. What was in front of him was just like a situation of absolute death. He had long since perceived that he was not the only one who had laid out the chess pieces on Chen Dong, but there was another mysterious person who had raised the stakes on Chen Dong, but there was nothing he could do about it, and he could only go along with the situation. But now, the demonic nature had done so. That mysterious person who was executing the chess had already pushed Chen Dong directly to the point where he was playing on an equal footing with the heavens, so what should he do next? Chen Daojun did not know. He also did not have a way to break the game. The only thing that he hoped for was that the mysterious person who was playing chess would now step in and take the next step on behalf of Chen Dong. The only thing he could do now was to stand between Chen Dong and the Heavenly Gate and become a barrier, resisting the heavens’ killing of Chen Dong again and again after the Heavenly Gate, and waiting until the Chess Executioner took the next step on Chen Dong’s behalf. That Chess Executioner was able to lay out on Chen Dong at the same time as Chen Daojun was laying out on Chen Dong, and still he, Chen Daojun, only found out when he was close to stepping into the heavens, just as if that Chess Executioner’s Dao was even higher than his, and was the only one he could count on right now! “Play with the sky, on behalf of the fall, the old man …… has no son to fall, then …… for the east child, do once the protector of the road!” Chen Daojun seemed like a late old man, murmuring Xu, holding the Xuan Yuan sword in his hand, turning around to face the Heavenly Gate again. And this time turned around. Majestic and radiant golden light imprinted on Chen Daojun’s aged face. His eyes were glittering, his brows were filled with domineering determination, and his entire aura changed drastically. Previously, he was as a Chess Executioner, even though he had forced his way into the Heavenly Path to fend off everything for Chen Dong, he had ultimately maintained the three points of rationality and composure of a Chess Executioner. And now …… there is no son to fall. After abandoning the last three points of rationality and composure and resolving to protect the path for Chen Dong, his entire person was like the Xuan Yuan sword in his hand, stern and unrivalled, going forward without hesitation. There were no more scruples. It can also be said to be the last “swing” of the chess player. “The old steed in the stable still aspires for a thousand miles, my old bones have endured for so many years, it’s time for a good fight!” Chen Daojun slowly moved his body, facing the three moulding golden hands, the smile on his old face became more and more unrestrained. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! The Xuan Yuan Sword in …… hand, while gathering the world’s qi, kept on vibrating, emitting a sound of sword chants, which seemed to be responding to Chen Daojun as well. Chen Daojun has never had the experience of a really sound battle, and now …… after abandoning the rationality and composure of a chess player, he finally has a chance! Rumbling …… Outside the Heavenly Road. The Heavenly Punishment Thunder Clouds gathered thicker and thicker. Thousands of thunder formed a thunderous scorched prison, and mountains of thunder ran above the Heavenly Road. However, they were all annihilated by the Nanming Li Fire above the Heavenly Road. The most powerless “Heavenly Punishment Thunder Tribulation”, but also sideways proof of how horrible and dangerous the heavenly road in the end. Chen Dong’s demonic nature was still growing wildly, the demonic black gas crushed the void, spreading the chaos, and mirrored the Underworld Hell under his feet. “Devil …… ho ho …… devil ……” Chen Dong maniacally laughed while .