Winner Takes All Chapter 2192

What is this …… going to do? Two beams of essence erupted from Chen Dong’s eyes. He looked at Xu Qingfeng incredulously. Again, it is pointing directly at the Buddhist heart of Master Empty Sky! Once perhaps there might be an unintentional intention, twice that would be a suspicion of intent! “Old bald donkey, what exactly do you mean? Have you been so thick-skinned?” Zhao Bailu’s curses sounded immediately after. Chen Dong looked askance at Zhao Bailu and could see that Zhao Bailu was truly anxious and jumped to his feet. Master Empty Sky’s three Buddha Seals, two of which covered the air above his and Zhuge Qing’s and Qin Ye’s heads, were all as steady as Mount Taishan, cancelling out the vast majority of the Black Snow’s power, the remnants of the power, not to mention Chen Dong, even if Qin Ye and Zhuge Qing relied on the golden light of the Divine Ghosts Eight Formation Diagrams to withstand it, it was also easier for them to do so by a large margin. The only time it crashed into the black snow was when it was above Zhao Bailu’s head, and then it was annihilated. For a while, Chen Dong’s heart was surging with thoughts. A vast expanse of land. Chen Daojun’s face was gloomy to the extreme. Even the five dragons of the Jiang Clan who were on the battlefield sensed that something was wrong. “What exactly is Xu Qingfeng up to? Two times in a row, he asked directly about Master Empty Sky’s Buddhist heart, is he trying to force Master Empty Sky to die?” “Buddha’s heart is the same as the Tao’s heart, his words are basically asking Master Empty Sky to make a choice between life and death, there is no way back!” “We are all grasshoppers on the same boat, all fighting for the prosperity of the Human Race, how can Xu Qingfeng still be like this at this juncture?” …… High above the sky. The Heavenly Road hangs high. Boundless karmic fire stretched across the firmament. Tumbling and rewinding, rolling and heaving. Above the night, countless black snow drifted and fell. Each piece of black snow is a representation of the power of the Senluo Hell. With the annihilation of the third swastika Buddha seal, a piece of black snow slowly drifted and fell again in the sky above the head where Zhao Bailu was. Boom, boom, boom …… The heavy mountain like impact overwhelmed Zhao Bailu, and even though his heart was filled with resentment, he was also pressed down to the point where he was unable to open his voice. Xu Qingfeng’s scolding did not wait for Master Empty Sky’s response. Between the two, it was as if an eerie silence had fallen. Just has reached three thousand metres high Great Sun Rulai, did not stop soaring momentum, in the empty empty master’s silence, in the heavens of Buddha Wei and the accompaniment of Buddha sound continues to soaring. , looking at Zhao Bailu’s painful and strained appearance, Xu Qingfeng was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. The fact that he had the strength to protect Zhuge Qing’s hand was already the limit of his operation. If Zhao Bailu was overwhelmed again, once he collapsed, the entire Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts would completely collapse, and then it would be a snowy mountain collapsing, and all that awaited them would be death. As for the last fifteen hundred metres, Chen Dong was the only one to go through it alone! With the strength of the Heavenly Might of the Heavens on the Heavenly Road right now, this was almost impossible to accomplish! “Pfft!” Zhao Bailu violently sprayed out a large mouthful of blood, tilting his head back with a heart-piercing scream that echoed through the Heavenly Road. Crunch, crunch …… terrifyingly heavy pressure came crashing down one after another. Zhao Bailu could even hear the sound of his bones crumbling all over his body. His body, just like a wooden frame, showed an obvious collapsing trend, and this was also caused by the crumbling of every bone being squeezed. “Save me …… save me ……” In a flash of lightning, Zhao Bailu, as if a dying man was trying to grab the last straw to save his life, cast his gaze towards Xu Qingfeng. He did not think about Chen Dong making a move because he knew that Chen Dong was shouldering a more important responsibility, so even though he was about to die and beg for his life, he just looked towards his master. Xu Qingfeng was so anxious that his body trembled uncontrollably. Under the golden light imprint, his face was even more ferocious and violent like a ferocious beast that chose to devour people. It was also at this moment. “Amitabha Buddha!” Master Empty Sky, who resided in the Buddha’s light, slowly raised his head, and the Buddha’s light imprinted on his entire body, causing him to have a dignified appearance, as if he were a Buddha in the world. He laughed, unrestrained and wantonly wild. This attained monk, Buddhist great virtue, at this time, the smile was permeated with a bit of madness, and compared to his dignified appearance, it was out of place. “If the poor monk does not enter hell, who will enter hell?” Master Empty Sky chanted. Behind him, the lofty mountain-like Great Sun Ruler also finally skyrocketed to a height of four thousand metres, covering the world and towering over the sky with an unparalleled light. “Namu Amitabha Buddha!” Another Buddhist cry resounded through the world. Buzzing …… a round of swastika golden light Buddha seals, flying out from the chest of the mountain-like Great Sun Ruler, swirling and advancing across the sky, in the blink of an eye, dragging thousands of metres of golden light, surging up to the heavenly road. What passed along the way was the same as always. The flakes of black snow that were touched were annihilated without any stagnation and with a light touch. This relaxed scene was out of place with the crowd that was struggling in The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Demons. In the blink of an eye. The huge swastika golden Buddha seal was arriving in the air above Zhao Bailu’s head. The black snow that had just bombarded the golden light curtain of the formation like a storm was instantly swept away by the swastika golden light Buddha seal. Zhao Bailu felt that his body was suddenly light, the whole person straightened up, and all the bones in his body immediately issued a sound like fried beans. His body had been saturated with Human Emperor Qi, and its strength had long since reached an immeasurable level, but any chance to catch his breath would give him a great deal of room to manoeuvre in his state. “Is it going to dissipate again soon?” Zhao Bailu raised his head to look at the swastika golden Buddha seal high in the sky. With this glance, his pupils suddenly tightened. The huge Swastika Golden Light Buddha Seal, after pushing away the pieces of black snow above his head, did not show signs of annihilation like the round of Swastika Golden Light Buddha Seals just now, but instead, like a rock, hovered above his head. “Master ……,” Chen Dong murmured, his gaze drifting. “Many thanks to Master Empty Sky!” Xu Qingfeng’s excited voice of gratitude resounded through the heavens and earth. On the vast earth, Chen Daojun closed his eyes, “Kowtow and thank you, Master, for feeling for the human race and sacrificing your life for righteousness.” “Karma is all in the hands of the poor monk, the poor monk shall fight against it, all of you: and follow after RuLai!” Rumble …… plucked up to more than four thousand metres high Great Sun Rulai, at this moment, plucked up at the same time, and violently shook up. It was like mountains trembling, like the vast ocean shifting horizontally. The Buddha’s light was splendid and shone brightly in the heavens and earth. The sound of the Buddhas of the heavens was majestic and loud to the extreme, even overpowering the voice of the Far Ancestors. Even the Sea of Bitterness, the Empty Sect, and the Great Thunderbolt Temple were also resplendent with light and power at this time, and the majestic and vast Great Thunderbolt Temple even rang three bells in succession. Boom, boom, boom …… In full view of all the people, the towering Great Sun Rulai, finally opened his closed hands, and his huge palms, slowly pushed out towards the front in succession. Every time it was launched, a swastika Buddha seal rotated and flew out. The Buddha’s light stirred behind it, dragging a long river of golden light, running towards the sky above the heavenly road. The dark heavens and earth. Buddhist light swept across. The Buddha seal was like a round of blazing suns, repelling