Winner Takes All Chapter 2191

“Greetings, Great Sunrise!” The solemn voice was not really loud. However, it was wrapped in a vast pressure that resounded in every corner of the world. The Buddha’s light flourished and shone brightly in the sky. Even if it was compared to the ethereal orchid-coloured light of the boundless karmic fire, or to the golden light of the Taiji Eight Trigrams, the might was no less powerful. Layers of rippling Buddha light swirled out behind Master Empty Sky, as if a great sun was crossing the sky, hard in this darkness tore out a golden area. The sound of extravagant Buddhist sounds suddenly intensified. The chanting of the Gods and Buddhas of the heavens not only became rapid and majestic at this moment, but also added a few more points of respect and solemnity. Vast Buddha’s might, the most rigid and masculine. In a flash of lightning. The golden blood on Master Empty Sky’s body, along with the gusts of wind, rolled backwards into the ripples of Buddha’s light behind him, a little bit of golden blood, imprinted on the Buddha’s light. Under the accompaniment of the sky full of Buddhist sounds and Buddha’s might, a Buddha’s shadow quickly revealed itself. The Buddha’s shadow was not tall, and was the same height as Master Empty Sky. However, as soon as it appeared, it directly caused the Sea of Bitterness, the Empty Sect, and the Great Thunder Sound Temple on the Heavenly Road to resonate and roar at the same time. In an instant, the four resonated at the same frequency. And the Buddha shadow only paused for a moment, is in the Buddha light shroud, like flat ground uprooting mountains like a rapid upsurge. Ten metres. Twenty metres. Thirty metres. …… In the space of a few breaths, it was already a hundred metres high. And it continues to soar. “What a strong Buddha’s might!” Chen Dong was astonished as he looked at the rapidly rising Buddha Shadow. The moment the Buddha Shadow triggered the same frequency resonance of the Sea of Bitterness, the Empty Gate and the Great Thunderbolt Temple, he clearly felt that the sense of oppression on his body had been sharply reduced by a large margin. Not only did the Buddha Shadow mobilise the Sea of Bitterness, the Empty Gate and the Great Thunderbolt Temple to resonate at the same frequency, it was also directly enhancing the power of these three, counteracting even more of the oppressive force on his body! “Good good good.” Xu Qingfeng looked at the rising Buddha’s shadow and smiled as if relieved, nodding his head and saying the word “good” three times in a row. On the vast earth, Chen Daojun’s hands were violently backed behind him, overlapping together, while his right hand was directly clenched into a fist, vaguely trembling. He was still gazing at the heavenly road, but his eyes had a few more points of stern killing intent. In the blink of an eye. The Buddha’s shadow had already risen to a height of a thousand metres, towering like a mountain, unattainable. “Namo Amitabha Buddha!” Just as the Buddha Shadow had risen to a height of a thousand metres, a low but majestic Buddhist cry resounded through the heavens and earth. Buzzing! A gigantic swastika golden Buddha seal protruded from the Buddha seal’s chest, brightening at great speed, then directly detached and flew out from the Buddha Shadow’s chest, flattening horizontally in the air, rotating at great speed and directly dragging the long golden light up into the sky path. The Buddhist law was vast. The sound of Buddha resounded. Buddha’s might was even at this moment, climbing to the peak. This round of swastika golden light Buddha seal swept up the sky road, expanding to hundreds of metres in diameter, dragging a long Buddha light stirred and passed by the place, pieces of black snow drifting and falling but quietly and silently annihilated. There was no earth-shattering explosion. There was no terrifying impact of power. Everything is just like the autumn wind sweeping wheat seedlings in general, the place where the swastika seal passed, and the black snow collapsed at the touch of a button, as if there was no force at all, all the way straight across to the top of Chen Dong’s head. “Great coincidence, lifting heavy weights like light weights.” Chen Dong tilted his head and gazed at the hundreds of metres sized swastika golden Buddha seal hovering above his head, and heartily spat out eight words. The seemingly light horizontal push to clear the area, but in reality, the wear and tear on Master Empty Sky was simply incalculable. The force of the black snow weighing like ten thousand pounds did not change. It could be clearly felt from every piece of black snow that bombarded the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Demons. The reason why the Swastika Golden Light Buddha Seal was able to do so lightly could only be attributed to the unimaginable price paid by Master Empty Sky, as well as the fact that the Buddha’s might just happened to form a restraining attribute with the Senluo Hell. The “Great Sun Rulai” Buddha’s shadow outside the Heavenly Path was still rising at a rocket-like speed. The bright and splendid Buddha’s light was really like a big sun in the sky, and even swallowed Master Empty Sky completely, making it impossible for outsiders to get a glimpse of him. Even when Chen Dong possessed the Human Emperor Qi, and wanted to use it to spy on Master Empty Sky at this time, as far as the eye could see, it was also a golden splendour. This was also the fundamental reason why Chen Dong was unable to know exactly how much price Master Empty Sky had paid. It was also the very reason that made his heart tremble. When he possessed the Human Emperor Qi, every part of the world was visible with a single thought. And now, Master Empty Sky has struck again, but even his gaze has been eschewed, which means …… that this power has already transcended this sphere of the world! “Namu Amitabha Buddha!” As the Great Sun Ruler drew up to two thousand metres, another Buddhist cry resounded through the heavens and earth. Hundreds of metre sized swastika Buddha seals flew out from the middle of the Great Sun Rulai’s chest, pushing across the path of the heavens, invincible and destructive. In the blink of an eye. The hundreds of metres sized Swastika Buddha Seal was once again sprawled above the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Demons, only that it was deviated from the Swastika Buddha Seal hovering directly above Chen Dong’s head, hovering above Qin Ye’s and Zhuge Qing’s heads. Plop, plop, plop, plop …… In the vast and bright golden Buddha light, clusters of golden blood splashed out from Master Empty Sky’s body and rolled backwards towards the Buddha light behind him. Master Empty Sky stood solemnly, allowing a swastika golden light Buddha seal to be attached to his body, cutting his whole body like a knife or a sword. This was his price! Using the golden blood of the land Buddha that contained the Buddha’s might and Buddha nature in himself as the root, he respectfully invited the Great Sun! The pain of cutting his body was excruciating, and his golden blood base was lost. Even so, Master Empty Sky still had a solemn appearance and did not wail in pain, the only thing that could show his pain was his tightly furrowed brow and the corners of his eyes that kept trembling. Xu Qingfeng’s words pointed directly at his Buddha heart. He had to strike, and he had to strike. However, he did not have any half regrets, this was for Chen Dong, and also for Humanity. As long as he could push Chen Dong to continue on the Heavenly Path, what was the harm in sacrificing his body to hell? “Namu Amitabha Buddha!” When the Great Sun Ruler drew up to three thousand metres, the same height as the Grand Cauldron, the third Buddha’s cry, once again resounded. Rumbling …… the third round of swastika golden light Buddha seals, flew out from the chest of the Great Sun Rulai, spinning rapidly and going straight up to the heavenly path. “It’s here, it’s finally here!” Zhao Bailu looked at the flying swastika golden light Buddha seal and was ecstatic. The impact of the Black Snow Pouring and the Moro Hell on the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Demons far exceeded the Boundless Karma Fire and the Karma Fire Thunder Tribulation. Even though he had obtained Xu Qingfeng’s enlightenment of the Eight Formation Diagrams of Gods and Ghosts, and his physical body had been infused with the Human Emperor’s Qi, he was still suffering from the support. However, it was only reasonable for Master Empty Sky to protect Chen Dong first, and then Qin Ye and Zhuge Qing who were injured themselves. And now, the third round of Swastika Buddha Seals on the Heavenly Path meant that he could finally take it a little easier as well. Boom, boom, boom …… The swastika golden Buddha seal flew and swirled all the way up, setting off a golden gale along the