Winner Takes All Chapter 21-23

Chapter 21

A candlelit dinner, wine and beauty.

Everything was extremely well timed, setting the mood to the extreme.

The half-drunk Lin Xue’er looked like she was about to rub her entire body into Chen Dong’s arms, and the rising body temperature from the alcohol warmed the aroma of her mouth.

With the distance closer, this made Chen Dong feel incomparably more incandescent.

And under the candlelight, Lin Xue’er’s black sarong dress looked extraordinarily feminine.

He could not help but squint his eyes as the smile on his face grew thicker and thicker.

Just as he was close at hand, Chen Dong suddenly spoke, “I am only dealing with you.”

Lin Xue’er’s delicate body trembled and her long eyelashes fluttered as she said with a drunken smile, “Yes, it’s a deal.”

The smile on Chen Dong’s face disappeared, “I mean, I’ll pay and you do me a favour, that’s all.”

After saying that, he put his hands on Lin Xue’er’s slender waist, pushed her away, got up, talked over the plan that had been set, and turned to leave.

The change in attitude back and forth, dry and decisive, caught Lin Xue’er off guard and lightened her drunkenness by a few points.

What did he mean?

It had come to this, why did he still want to leave?

She did not know that Chen Dong was worried about her mother, and that he had given her five million dollars to avenge her mother’s death, but as for anything else, Chen Dong really did not have that much in mind at this time.

What’s more, Chen Dong knew what kind of person she, Lin Xue’er, was!


Lin Xue’er smashed the red wine gla*s in her hand on the ground, scratching her hair in annoyance.

She had prepared so much for tonight, but in the end, the bamboo basket was still empty.

This frustrated her to the core.


The doorbell rang.

Lin Xue’er shouted annoyedly, “Who is it?”

“Xue’er, I’m Wang Hao’s sister, I have something to see you.” Wang Nan Nan’s voice rang outside the door.

Lin Xue’er’s willow brows furrowed in some annoyance.

However, she still got up and put on her coat, and put away Chen Dong’s dishes and wine gla*ses in the kitchen and cleaned the gla*s on the floor.

After turning on the lights and straightening her clothes, she then opened the door and let Wang Nan Nan into the house.

After listening to Wang Nan Nan’s plea, Lin Xue’er was overjoyed. She was worried about finding an opportunity to carry out Chen Dong’s plan, and this was an opportunity that the Wang family had sent to her door.

So, without hesitation, Lin Xue’er agreed.

When Wang Nan Nan saw Lin Xue’er’s dry agreement, she was so grateful that she was on the verge of tears.

Wang Hao was her own brother.

Mum and dad had been worried about Wang Hao’s marriage for a while now.

As a sister, she had only taken out 200,000 yuan from Chen Dong to help Wang Hao, which made her feel very guilty.

Even if there was a match with Li Dabao in the middle, she didn’t care when she thought that her brother and Lin Xue’er could get married.

A family, after all, is a family.

When Wang Nan Nan returned home, she told her parents and Wang Hao what had happened.

The family was all happy.

“Alas …… Xiao Hao has found a good girl, ah, this child Xue’er is really understanding and thinks of us too much.” Zhang Xiuzhi smiled with a happy face.

Wang Hao nodded proudly, “That’s not true, mum, you don’t even look at who your son is?”

“Brat, after you get married, you must treat Xue’er well, this girl Xue’er is highly educated, she also works in a bank, and now in order to get engaged to you, she can even suspend part of the bride price, such a girl is your blessing.”

Zhang Xiuzhi seriously educated Wang Hao, but the corners of her mouth unconsciously showed a smile, “But ah, in the future, when our family has a daughter-in-law like Xue’er, old mother I will be able to fool around in front of those relatives and friends when I go out.”

She said, with a crossed eyebrow, “But Nan Nan, look who you’ve found. Chen Dong, that phoenix man, has climbed high into our family and ended up divorcing you, which makes me lose face when I go out.”

Wang Nan Nan’s smile froze and she lowered her head with a gloomy expression.

Tomorrow was Wang Hao’s engagement ceremony, and she didn’t want to upset her parents by telling them everything she knew.

“I say to you, what are you talking about on the big day? All be happy!”

Wang De, who was at least the head of the family, glared at Zhang Xiuzhi and changed the subject, “Oh yes, we’ve invited all our relatives and friends, right? I’ll go call and invite them again.”

“Yes, yes, I still have to call and ask the hotel, don’t do it to bury the hatchet, thanks to that good girl Xue’er.” Zhang Xiuzhi also went about her work excitedly.

That night, the Wang family was no longer in a joyful mood as they had been before.

In the hospital, Chen Dong was at his mother’s bedside.

Looking at his sleeping mother, his face, which had regained some blood, became pale once again.

He felt a pang of pain.

Rubbing his face, he looked out of the illuminated window and murmured, “Wang family, you guys are still happy, right? Do you ever feel half guilty about my mother?”

Smiling to himself, Chen Dong felt that he had thought too much and was too high on the Wang family.

If the Wang family really felt guilty, Wang Nan Nan wouldn’t have even taken his mother’s life-saving money for helping Wang Hao.

Even less, after Wang Nan Nan had stimulated his mother’s condition to worsen, he didn’t ask about the condition at all, but only talked about money and unwarranted deception.

“I hope you won’t regret it tomorrow.” Chen Dong smiled coldly, hostility raging in his eyes, “This is the price you should pay.”

The following day.

Early in the morning, after Chen Dong asked Dr. Zhang to make sure that his mother was not seriously injured, he rushed to the Taishan Hotel, booked a presidential suite that just overlooked the lobby, opened a bottle of 82-year-old Lafite and began to wait for the good show to come on.

In front of the hotel’s main entrance.

Zhang Xiuzhi, dressed to the nines, was greeting friends and family with Wang De, who was dressed in formal attire.

The couple were all smiles as they exchanged pleasantries with their friends and relatives who had arrived.

“Xiuzhi, you two are lucky to have both your children, and now your son is about to get married, so you two will soon have a grandchild.”

Zhang Xiuzhi smiled and laughed: “Hahahaha …… What’s the point? Xiao Hao has just got engaged to Xue’er, so it’s still a long way off.”

“You’ve thrown a grand engagement party today, how many tables did you have in total?”

Faced with her relatives’ enquiries, Zhang Xiuzhi unconsciously straightened her back and said with a proud smile, “Not many tables, just 30.

“That many?” The relatives were surprised, the engagement had 30 tables, they must have invited all their relatives and friends, right?

“Not too many, not too many! I treat her like my own daughter, so I can’t treat her badly.”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s smile was almost to the corners of her ears, “If it weren’t for the fact that her family is too far away from us, her parents are not well, and Xue’er was considerate of her parents and asked not to be invited, I would have had to invite all their relatives over and have 60 tables.”

After exchanging pleasantries, the relatives walked towards the hotel.

Not too far away, the smiles on the relatives’ faces disappeared.

“Oh! What’s the big deal? It’s just that Wang Hao got a good daughter-in-law, isn’t it? He’s really lucky, he doesn’t even see that his daughter just got divorced.”

Hearing these words, Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi’s smiling faces froze.

Wang De tugged on Zhang Xiuzhi and whispered, “Aren’t you showing off too much like that?”

“I just want to show off! My little Hao has found a good daughter-in-law, they are jealous when they say these things, can they get their son to find one too?” Zhang Xiuzhi’s face was full of horizontal colour.

At this time, Wang Nan Nan, who was dressed in a red dress, came over with a smile on her face, “Mom and Dad, all the friends and relatives are here, let’s go in.”

Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi nodded with smiles, and Zhang Xiuzhi said to Wang Nan Nan with a heartfelt expression, “Nan Nan, it’s been hard for you to help your brother these days.”

“Mom, I’m not working hard, I’m Xiao Hao’s own sister.” Wang Nan Nan looked moved, looking at the festive and lively scene in front of her, it was worth the pain she suffered.

The engagement party began.

With Zhang Xiuzhi’s help, a master of ceremonies was hired to officiate.

The atmosphere was hilarious as the audience laughed.

However, as the beautiful music played, the lights dimmed and all the ambient lights in the room were turned on.

The lively hall became quiet.

With the soft voice of the MC introducing.

Wang Hao, dressed in a suit and holding flowers in his hands, slowly came on stage.

Then, Lin Xue’er, who was dressed in a white sarong and exquisitely dressed, also slowly walked onto the stage.

Lin Xue’er was very beautiful and under the lights, she drew the attention and awe of the whole audience as soon as she appeared.

Wang Hao even looked at Lin Xue’er and unconsciously giggled one after another.

And off stage, Zhang Xiuzhi was snuggled up in Wang De’s arms as the couple looked on stage with smiles on their faces.

Wang Nan Nan was even holding her hands together, her eyes red and her face beaming with laughter.

“Xue’er, please marry me!”

When the atmosphere was raised to its peak, Wang Hao knelt down on one knee and handed flowers to Lin Xue’er with his hands in front of him, shouting.


Lin Xue’er did not accept the flowers, but looked at Wang Hao on the ground with an indifferent face.

The atmosphere, instantly, was a little stiff.

Everyone in the room froze.

Then, Lin Xue’er said indifferently, “Sorry Wang Hao, I don’t think I can marry you for the time being, you don’t love me at all!”

As soon as the words came out, everyone instantly murmured, their faces shocked.

The engagement party was promised, but suddenly she didn’t want to marry you, what does this mean?

Zhang Xiuzhi couldn’t hold her face, and when she got excited, she got up and was about to scold Lin Xue’er, but she was pulled back by Wang De and Wang Nan Nan.

“Why?” Wang Hao was dumbfounded.

The next second, Lin Xue’er’s eyes suddenly turned red and her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

She took out her bank card and slammed it onto Wang Hao’s face, crying, “Because, you lied to me!”


The 30 tables of friends and relatives in the audience erupted with a shout of surprise at the same time.

The engagement party exploded!

Chapter 22

Lin Xue’er did not accept the flowers, but looked at Wang Hao on the ground with an indifferent face.

The atmosphere, instantly, was a little stiff.

Everyone in the room was frozen.

Then, Lin Xue’er said indifferently, “Sorry Wang Hao, I don’t think I can marry you yet, you don’t love me at all!”

As soon as the words came out, everyone instantly murmured, their faces shocked.

The engagement party was promised, but suddenly she didn’t want to marry you, what does this mean?

Zhang Xiuzhi couldn’t hold her face, and when she got excited, she got up and was about to scold Lin Xue’er, but she was pulled back by Wang De and Wang Nan Nan.

“Why?” Wang Hao was dumbfounded.

The next second, Lin Xue’er’s eyes suddenly turned red and her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

She took out her bank card and slammed it onto Wang Hao’s face, crying, “Because, you lied to me!”


The 30 tables of friends and relatives in the audience erupted with a shout of surprise at the same time.

The engagement party exploded!

Cheating on the wedding?

A thought surfaced in everyone’s mind at the same time.

For a 30-table engagement party, there really weren’t many close relatives of the Wang family.

For the sake of face, Zhang Xiuzhi had even invited her neighbours who were close to her left and right.

So, you can’t really expect these people to give much face to the Wang family.

“A girl’s family, and in this kind of scene, would never do that if they weren’t poking at a sad spot.”

“Shame on you! What kind of girl must be forced to do such a thing?”

“I told you, Lin Xue’er is such a good girl, how can she look up to Wang Hao?


As they listened to the people’s discussion, Zhang Xiuzhi and Wang De almost fainted to death.

Wang Nan Nan, on the other hand, was staring at the bank card that was thrown out by Lin Xue’er with a deadly gaze, and this this moment, she had a feeling like falling into an ice cave, her body was cold.

“Xue’er, how on earth did I cheat you?”

Wang Hao was also anxious and stood up with the bank card, scolding Lin Xue’er in an unknown manner.

Lin Xue’er’s pretty face was sorrowful, wiping tears from her eyes as she said with a sobbing voice, “How dare you ask? Wang Hao, I really didn’t expect you to be this kind of person.”

Wang Hao was bewildered, “I, what exactly did I do wrong?”


Lin Xue’er raised her hand and slapped Wang Hao’s face, instantly making him completely confused.

“Hey, Lin Xue’er, what gives you the right to hit my little Hao?”

When Zhang Xiuzhi saw this scene, she instantly exploded.

She didn’t care about losing face and broke away from Wang De and was about to rush towards the stage.

At that moment, Lin Xue’er pointed at Wang Hao’s nose and cried, “Why did you only give me 400,000 of the promised bride price of 500,000? Wang Hao, I don’t want this bride price, I want to give it back to my parents! They raised me so hard, and I left home to marry you. 500,000 is for their future retirement.”

“How can you be so cruel as to lie to me and withhold even this kind of money from me?”


The whole room once again burst out in shock.

Everyone’s face had changed.

They had already held an engagement party, but they hadn’t even managed to get enough money to pay the bride price to the girl, and they still wanted to muddle through and get engaged first?

“Aiyo, this is a sin, isn’t this clearly bullying someone’s little girl?”

“The old Wang family is too unkind to throw such an extravagant engagement party and not even have enough money to pay the bride price for the girl.”

“Lin Xue’er is so far away from home, marrying this kid Wang Hao, it is reasonable for people to give their parents the bride price for their old age, but the Wang family even wants to muddle through with 100,000 yuan, this is too shameless, right?”


All the chatter, the spearhead pointed straight at the Wang family.

No one thought there was anything wrong with Lin Xue’er making a fuss about the engagement party at all.

A foreign girl, who had left home for thousands of miles to marry Wang Hao, and even the bride price was deducted, who could put up with that?

What’s more, some people who knew the situation of Lin Xue’er and Wang Hao knew in their hearts that Lin Xue’er was willing to marry Wang Hao, so she was marrying down!

For all intents and purposes, it was shameless of the Wang family to force a girl to make a scene at the engagement party!


Wang Nan Nan sat down in her chair, and at this moment she felt like her soul was out of body.

The chattering and reprimanding voices of her friends and family around her seemed to be like a magic sound filling her ears, leaving her dazed.

With this mess, the Wang family had really lost their face in front of all their friends and relatives!

“It’s not like that, it’s not like that at all!”

Zhang Xiuzhi was on the verge of collapse, she had invited 30 tables of family and friends because she wanted to save face, just to show off on purpose.

But now, the rampant shame and accusations from the 30 tables of family and friends made her want to die.

“Can’t it be that Lin Xue’er, a foreign girl, can still lie and spill her guts in front of all of us?”

A shrill voice rang out from the crowd, “Your Wang family too, don’t get married if you can’t afford it, at least don’t bully a little girl!”

Zhang Xiuzhi’s body trembled and she turned her head to look, but all the guests around her had stood up, so there was no way to find the person who had spoken.

Her eyes were red, and she ran straight to Wang Nan Nan’s front.


A slap ruthlessly smacked Wang Nan Nan’s face, causing the dazed Wang Nan Nan to instantly snap back to her senses.

As if she was a man-eating beast, Zhang Xiuzhi poked her right hand fiercely at Wang Nan Nan’s temple: “You D*mned girl, didn’t you say that the deal was done? Didn’t you say that Xue’er had already agreed? What’s going on now?”

“Mom …… me …….”

Wang Nan Nan opened her mouth to explain, but she knew that at this time, even if she had ten thousand mouths, she couldn’t explain clearly.

What’s more, she couldn’t stop the hundreds of people present from speaking out.

Zhang Xiuzhi shouted, “Oh my God,” and then fell to the ground, crying at the top of her lungs, no longer looking radiant.

Wang De was also dumbfounded. He had never thought that a good engagement party would lead to a disgraceful situation for the Wang family.

There was a loud poof.

Wang De slumped into a chair, his hands covering his face, unable to face his relatives who were present.

“Sister, what’s going on here?”

On the stage, Wang Hao was so anxious that he pounded his chest and burst into tears, “If you can’t help, don’t hurt me either!”

If Wang Nan Nan had really discussed this with Lin Xue’er in advance, with his knowledge of Lin Xue’er, there was absolutely no way Lin Xue’er would have made such a fuss at this point, regardless of the occasion!

“I ……” Wang Nan Nan’s red lips mumbled, aggrieved to the point where tears surged out of her eyes.

At this moment, an old man in the crowd came out trembling.

The old man pointed at Wang De and Zhang Xiuzhi and said with a sad face: “De, Xiuzhi, what you have done is too embarra*sing for our old Wang family, today’s engagement party was held with so much fanfare. How dare you cheat a young girl?”

After the accusation, the old man turned to the crowd and said, “Let’s all disperse, let’s all disperse, the engagement is not going to work either.”

The crowd pointed and pointed and turned to leave the room.

What had happened was secretly recorded by Lin Xue’er on her mobile phone and sent to Chen Dong on WeChat.

Seeing the crowd leave, Lin Xue’er wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes and said to Wang Hao in a pretend aggravated manner, “Wang Hao, if you really love me and want to marry me, then get enough money together for the bride price before you say anything, this engagement party today, you’ve let me down too much.”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

“Xue’er, Xue’er ……,” Wang Hao cried and tried to hold back.

But as soon as Lin Xue’er jumped off the stage, she ran straight away.

Watching this scene, Zhang Xiuzhi, who was bawling, her chest heaving violently, her face flushed red, suddenly screamed “ah”.


Zhang Xiuzhi fell to the ground.

Wang De, Wang Nan Nan and Wang Hao were all startled.

“No, take her to the hospital, your mother is having a heart attack!” Wang De’s face was white as he let out a shout.

Dingtai Company.

Chen Dong slowly crossed his phone screen and watched the videos sent by Lin Xue’er one by one, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but sneer, “Lin Xue’er is really something, an engagement party has froze and played into the hands of a thousand people.”

He directly ignored the last message from Lin Xue’er, “Are you free tonight?” He was about to get back to work.


Wang Nan Nan suddenly sent a WeChat message, “Chen Dong, my mother has been hospitalized for a heart attack and is in Lijin Hospital.”

Chen Dong indifferently sent back a message, “My mother has been sick for a long time.”

Putting down his phone, he raised his eyebrows and suddenly remembered something very important, got up and headed out.

Chapter 23

Leaving Din Tai Company.

Chen Dong then took a car and went to a nearby domestic helper company.

“Hello sir, what can I do for you?” A middle-aged man, in his forties, greeted him.

Chen Dong said, “I would like to hire a nanny.”

Because of Wang Nan Nan’s irritation, his mother’s condition had worsened and the doctor’s words had sounded an alarm to him.

He was now busy with the renovation of the shantytown in the west of the city, and there was no way he could stay by his mother’s side 24 hours a day.

Finding a nanny to look after his mother was undoubtedly the best option.

“Then, sir, you have found the right person, our company is professional, please have a seat first.”

The middle-aged man smiled and invited Chen Dong to sit down, and poured the tea before he asked, “Do you have any requirements for a nanny, sir?”

Chen Dong bet on his tea and said, “One who can fight!”

“Able to fight?”

The middle-aged man was drinking tea, when he heard this request, he spat out his tea with a poof and looked at Chen Dong strangely, “Ahem …… sir is this a request ……”

Is this a request for a nanny or a fighter?

“It’s going to be one that can fight.” Chen Dong said.

Having been married to Wang Nan Nan for three years, he knew the Wang family’s style of acting more than well.

The main purpose of finding a nanny was to keep his mother from being irritated again.

It wouldn’t do to find a soft and weak one.

“Okay, I’ll help the gentleman screen.” The middle-aged man suppressed his doubts and professionally opened the computer to sift through the list of nannies, while asking, “Do you have any other requests? And what is the nanny’s salary?”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as they can fight and help me take care of my mother.” Chen Dong said casually.

His mother was everything to him, and as long as he could guard her, he did not mind spending any amount of money.

What’s more, he was not short of money right now.

The middle-aged man was dumbfounded.

He had been working as a domestic helper for almost twenty years, and it was really the first time he had encountered such an odd request.

After searching for almost half an hour, suddenly, the middle-aged man’s eyes lit up.

“Sir, would you see if this one is suitable?”

With that, he turned the computer display to Chen Dong’s side.

Chen Dong carefully examined it.

On the computer screen was a detailed resume.

There was also a photo attached.

The girl was not very old, just 28 years old, and looking at the photo, she was quite clean and had a sweet smile.

However, all this was secondary.

What mattered was that the girl was 170cm tall and a retired former municipal level casual fighter.

“It’s her!”

Chen Dong confirmed down.

The middle-aged man said, “Mister has a good eye, but this one’s pay package is going to be $8,000.”

Compared to the city’s domestic market, 8,000 yuan was indeed on the high side.

Moreover, the girl was young and lacked some domestic skills compared to other aunties, so her CV was kept in the bottom of his company.

He also advised the girl to lower her salary a few times, but for some reason, she simply refused.

“Ten thousand dollars!” Chen Dong held up a finger, “but I need her to accompany my mother 24 hours a day.”

“Good! I’ll contact her right now.”

The middle-aged man was instantly overjoyed and handed over his pressed resume, which gave him a sense of relief to clear out of the warehouse.

After completing the hiring procedures and leaving his contact details, Chen Dong returned to Dingtai Company.

“Brother Dong, it’s not good, there’s a situation over in the west of the city.” Just as he sat down, Xiao Ma from the company ran in with an anxious face.

“What’s wrong?”

Chen Dong frowned, he had joined the company a month earlier than Xiao Ma, although the two had different abilities and different rates of promotion.

But Xiao Ma’s steadiness and practicality was known to Chen Dong, so after he became the vice president, he also let Xiao Ma give him a hand.

And the shantytown renovation project in the west of the city, he delegated his authority down, and Xiao Ma was the person in charge of one of the areas.

Xiao Ma wiped his forehead sweat: “I just came back from the west of the city, the people who are waiting to be demolished for some reason, suddenly made a scene, they think the money we pay out is too little, they want to be nail households.”

Chen Dong’s face sank: “The shantytown renovation is a municipal project, and the compensation is standard, even because Li Dabao had inflated the amount by 30 million, the compensation is already beyond the standard, and the mobilization work for the demolition has been done long ago, and the contract has been signed, how come they don’t make a fuss early or late, and now they are suddenly making a fuss?”

“I don’t know.”

Xiao Ma was full of helplessness, “After the news of Yike’s arrival spread, the property prices in the west of the city soared, and I was worried that the demolition tenants were not satisfied with our demolition payment, and I also specially investigated the will of the demolition tenants in the west of the city, because our payout exceeded the standard, and they did not complain at all.”

“Even, even I had a laughing game of chess with a grandfather from that area yesterday.”

The more Xiao Ma said, the more aggrieved he looked, “But just now, when I went there, that grandpa was like a different person and swung my butt.”

“Oh, that’s a bit interesting.”

Chen Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled, “A big change in attitude overnight, it’s only strange that no one is up to no good with this.”

Working for three years, the fact that he could quickly become the vice president of the company from an ordinary employee was proof enough of his ability.

Moreover, although he had helped Li Dabao carry numerous black pots in these three years, he had also been close to Li Dabao because of carrying black pots, which had exposed him to many things that he would not be exposed to in ordinary times.

Similar things he had seen.

“Brother Dong, is someone really messing with us?” Xiao Ma wondered.

“Why else would your big a*s suddenly get a swing?” Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled teasingly before saying seriously, “Go down and get busy first, leave your area alone for now, I’ll investigate it.”

“Brother Dong, I, my area is at the very centre, really leave it alone for now?” Xiao Ma was anxious, he was in charge of that area because of Chen Dong’s promotion, so he was extraordinarily serious and responsible.

He knew very well the importance of that area, and if it could not be successfully demolished, many planned projects would have to be put on hold.

For real estate, an extra minute of delay was money!

“One day at most.” Chen Dong waved his hand and said calmly.

With Elder Long’s ability, if he couldn’t find out who was actually messing with Dingtai in a day’s time, it would be strange if Yike Group could become the number one real estate company.

Chen Dong picked up his mobile phone and was about to call Elder Long when a phone call suddenly came through.

After seeing that the caller ID was Li Dabao, Chen Dong suddenly understood something.

He picked up the phone and at once Li Dabao’s sneer rang out, “Oh yo, thank you Mr. Chen for taking time out of your busy schedule to take my call.”

“You did this?” Chen Dong asked.

“What did I do?” Li Dabao gave a startled cry, then sighed, “Chen Dong, ah, I am working in another real estate company owned by my brother-in-law, I just heard that there is a situation over in your west side of the city, well at least you are my former old subordinate, am I not concerned about you?”

Chen Dong sneered, this weasel worshipping the chicken, could it be any more fake?

However, Li Dabao’s sudden call had saved him the effort of looking for Elder Long to investigate.

Chen Dong said coldly, “One day, I will make you cry if you don’t even this out!”

“You’re F**king bluffing me? Do you think I, Li Dabao, am scared?” Li Dabao whistled shrilly at once.

Chen Dong laughed disdainfully and hung up the phone.