Winner Takes All Chapter 2060

Chen Dong’s heart contracted fiercely.

His eyes narrowed into slits as he stared at Jiang Qilin with a deadly gaze.

“I promised your grandfather that I would take you with me!”

“With one drop less of Qilin blood, my chance has long been insufficient.”

Jiang Qilin smiled and shook his head, “Brother Dong, I haven’t regretted it either.”

“Immediately, stop!”

Chen Dong squeezed the words out of his teeth.


Jiang Qilin turned a deaf ear to them.


The two clusters of golden light at the center of his brow suddenly flourished.

The majestic qi rolled up with a bitter wind, blowing his hair and robes around.

He was still smiling.

Spontaneous, innocent.

But along with the surge of his aura, his gaze grew more and more determined.

Radiant golden light emanated from his body, hardening and rushing through a golden ocean on the heavenly path of the Heavenly Might’s blood-coloured cross-press.

“Jiang Qilin, stop it for old me!”

“Jiang Qilin, have you forgotten your mission?”

“Release your Qilin blood at this time, and there will be no way out for you afterwards!”


The sixth master Jiang and the others soared into the sky, and when they saw the dazzling golden light on the tide of blood surging through the sky, they all paled in fear and scrambled to shout.

The only person who was able to do so was Master Jiang, whose Qi energy exploded with a bang as he turned in the air and looked down at Chen Daojun with fury.

This was the moment.

His hair was on end and his eyes were red, like a maniacal beast.

“Daojun Chen, you are setting my Jiang family up in a clear manner!”

The anger was overwhelming and the hatred rushed to the sky.

For Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin to successfully tread the Heavenly Path, their Jiang Family had poured everything into it, and had even prepared to escort the two of them and have all six dragons perish.

That was why when Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf had struck at Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin just now, the six of them had not hesitated to rise into the air and prepare to clear the way for them.

But time and distance, it was too late!

But how could they have not expected that in the nick of time, Jiang Qilin would actually take the initiative to strike!

Their Jiang Family’s Six Dragons could be stepping stones, even if it cost the entire Jiang Family.

But not Jiang Qilin ……!

With his hands behind his back, Chen Daojun stood in place, facing the monstrous anger of the Great Master Jiang in the air, but he did not deny it.

“The other five dragons of the Jiang family can’t see, can’t you see either?”

This was the thought in his mind.

But it was pointless to argue about it at the moment.

The might of the heavens remained on the magnificent sky road.

Jiang Qilin is surrounded by golden light and majesty.

Even under the heavenly majesty, he still shines brightly.

“Crazy! They’ve all gone f*cking crazy! The Jiang family is actually willing to be a stepping stone for this wild seed!”

“Isn’t Jiang Qilin supposed to be one of the candidates for the Heaven Treader? How could he do this willingly?”

Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf broke into curses at the same time.

Both were also Heaven Treading candidates, one was a pawn arranged by Chen Daojun, and the other was a high-minded qilin of the Jiang family.

The proud Qilin had lowered his head and willingly opened the way for Chen Dong, even if they had been killed, they would never have imagined that this would happen.

On the road to heaven, a group of hidden people were also stunned.

Countless gazes looked through the blood at the majestic figure standing majestically in the golden light.

For a while, there was even a sense of unreality that was like a dream.

Faced with the roar of the Jiang family, Jiang Qilin turned a deaf ear to the roar of the people.

The golden light soared in majesty at the same time.

He slowly raised his hands and then made a gesture to grab the air.

Buzzing rumble!

Above his head, the two large golden hands that were grasping the trapped sword qi and the blood wolf moved in a neat and unified manner, and with a fierce grip, they brutally and overbearingly directly exploded the sword qi and the blood wolf.

The whirlwind.

Jiang Qilin’s golden and biting eyes swept towards where Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Sky Wolf were.

“You guys let the game begin, so don’t ever let him stop, either I die or you two die!”

The sound of determination chiselled into his ears.

Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf were simultaneously creeped out.

Boom ……

The heavenly might swept away.

The blood fades away.

The majestic golden light emanating from Jiang Qilin’s body became more and more dazzling on the magnificent heavenly road.

Without hesitation, he took a step directly in front of Chen Dong.

“Brother Dong, Qilin will clear the way for you!”

After saying this, he rolled with a majestic golden light and vast majesty, and quickly ran wildly towards the front of the Heavenly Road.

Chen Dong looked cold and stern, but did not say much and followed quickly.

The Heavenly Might just now was only a warning sign of the Heavenly Might changing again.

This round was the real changed Heavenly Might.

With each round of Heavenly Might changes, both the interval and the power of the Heavenly Might are terrifyingly high.

He had no time to delay.

Since Jiang Qilin had already made his choice, it would be useless to delay any longer.

In this heavenly path, where life and death were at stake, the slightest indecision could lead to death.

What Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin understood, all the Hidden Worlds also understood.

Even if they were shocked and appalled, no one dared to hesitate in the slightest after the heavenly might swept over them, and they scrambled to run.

On the road to heaven, there were more than a few people.

The atmosphere was oppressive and suffocating.

The impending heavenly might made everyone feel an unprecedented oppression.

Although the Heavenly Might just now was close and dangerous, it did not in essence cause much casualty to the Hidden Ones.

But it was clear to everyone that when the Heavenly Might came again, it would definitely “brush away” a large number of the Hidden World!

Or rather, those who are barely holding on to the path of heaven will die in this round of heavenly might.

Even though they knew this outcome, none of them chose to retreat.

They had been waiting for this day for a long time.

The initial fear might have emboldened them to retreat.

But now, having travelled so far on the path of heaven, having endured its might so many times, how could they be made to retreat again?

The wind howled.

In the blood, Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf walked side by side.

Because of what they had just done to Chen Dong, the hidden world in their vicinity had subconsciously distanced themselves from them, which caused a clearly discernible “vacuum” to surround them as they ran wildly along the sky road.

The Hermits were not stupid, and even in this extremely stressful situation, they were able to quickly distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages.

Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Sky Wolf had dealt a deadly blow to Chen Dong, forcing the Jiang family Qilin to directly activate the blood of the Qilin to clear the way for Chen Dong, and Jiang Qilin’s words made it clear that there was no end to the situation between the two sides.

He pulled away from the two of them for fear of a sneak attack by the two, and also for fear that a real fight between the two sides would spill over to the fish in the pond.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s scarlet eyes scanned the empty Heavenly Road around him and said in a hoarse voice, “The Jiang Family has already supported him to such an extent that even the seeds of the Jiang Family’s Heavenly Road have been used to open the way for him to move forward, are you sure you don’t want to sacrifice the Great Cauldron?”

The tone of his voice was thick with worry.

Even the black-robed Heavenly Wolf could not help but feel apprehensive at this point.

Things had gone completely beyond his plans, and he had to reckon a little more.

“You’re teaching me to do something?”

Gu Cang Yue crossed his cold eyebrows.

The words had not yet fallen.

Both of them simultaneously trembled and looked towards the Nine Heavens Heavenly Gates in horror.

Almost simultaneously.

“Fifteen seconds, stop!”

Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin stopped almost simultaneously and looked at the Nine Heavenly Gates in a stern manner.

It was a short five seconds, but it was like a world away.

The moment twenty seconds arrived.

In the Nine Heavenly Gates, no loud booming sound burst out.

Rather, there was only a wave of heavenly might visible to the naked eye, sweeping across the heavenly path, sheepish and cloudless, like a small ripple inadvertently raised by a breeze ruffling the surface of a calm lake ……