Winner Takes All Chapter 2058

Laughing though.

But the laughter is incomparably seeping and creepy.

“I didn’t expect you to be more despicable than me.”

Gu Cangyue’s cold eyes cast a sidelong glance at the black-robed Heavenly Wolf: “No wonder the two of us can become allies.”


The black-robed Skywolf denied with a single word, and only after a pause did he say, “The most a*sured ally who can be entrusted with his back!”

Gu Cang Yue smiled, his eyes narrowing into slits.

But did not respond to the black-robed Skywolf’s words.

But sometimes, not responding was actually a response.

After all, in the situation he had just found himself in, with the Heavenly Might tilting against him, the old ghost of the Yin Mountain imprisoning him, and the countless hidden world falling on him, in such a desperate situation, the black-robed Heavenly Wolf had not just looked on with indifference, but had even stood firm with him and struck out directly.

Gu Cangyue asked himself, if he and the black-robed Skywolf were to exchange situations, he would not be able to choose so decisively and firmly.

Even if it was clear that such a move was in fact a trade-off mixed with interests.

But to be able to do what the black-robed wolf did, for Gu Cangyue, it was enough.

The magnificent sky road.

There were more than enough people.

Instead of sacrificing the Great Cauldron, Gu Cangyue directly pitted the Old Ghost of Yin Mountain.

This tactic was like a basin of ice water that fell on the head of one of the Hidden Worlds.

It made their greedy, restless and restless hearts cool down to freezing point.

The killing of the old ghost of Yin Mountain was tantamount to making an example of the monkeys, causing those hermits who had originally harboured a fervent greed for Gu Cang Yue’s Great Cauldron to become calm and restrained.

At least Gu Cangyue had told everyone with his actions that he was not as weak as he appeared, and that even in a deadly situation, even if he did not sacrifice the Great Cauldron, he still had the possibility of killing them back!

It was this possibility that was enough for the Hidden World to weigh in again and again.

Previously, the Hidden Ones had felt that Gu Cangyue was weak and wanted to attack them as a group to seize the Great Cauldron in order to ensure a farther and smoother journey on the Heavenly Path.

But when the risk of death is so high, the Great Cauldron doesn’t smell so good anymore!

The densely packed Hidden World was spread out all over the Heavenly Path, like mole crickets climbing high and fast.

Above the ninth heaven.

The Heavenly Gate is in the middle of a huge spatial opening, hidden in plain sight, high above the ground, unmatched.

Violet qi is in the air.

The sound of distant ancestors has never been cut off.

The two have always struck a wonderful balance with the gates of heaven.

Mutually constrained, they exist together.

While the Heavenly Gate exists, each time it sweeps out the Heavenly Might, it is always maintained in a specific “amount”, which then increases little by little.

Time and time again, there is a loud roar.

One after another, the heavenly might washes away.

To the heavens, this heavenly might is but a ripple in a calm lake.

But to all living beings, this ripple is a shocking wave.

Even for those who have set foot in the heavens, when faced with the heavenly might on the path of the heavens, they are like a small boat in the midst of wild and furious waves, and at any moment their boat may be destroyed.

The Hermits are forging ahead.

And on the vast battlefield.

A thousand miles of scorched earth, stained with blood.

Whether it was the reinforcements from all sides of the domain, the Hundred Clans Rongwu, or the mercenaries, they were all like gra*s and trees.

Faced with the might of the heavens, even those at the top of the martial arts world had lost their power as “living beings” as long as they had not crossed the threshold of Qi Jin.

What awaited them was the harvesting of the Black Prison Army and the Faith Totem Army.

The Black Prison Army and the Faith Totem Army were divided into squads, each of which was like the scythe of death, and wherever they pa*sed, the living were destroyed and the sea of blood swept overhead.


A blade of Kunlun’s sabre reaped a dozen of the Hundred Clans’ Rongwu, blood gushing out like a fountain.

The fountain of blood did not fall to the ground, but after gushing out, it was directly sucked up into the sky by the suction of the heavenly path.

Kunlun wiped a handful of blood from his face, and his rugged face was much more numb.


This was killing like he had never experienced before.

Once he had never experienced this particular kind of killing, even though he had waded out of a mountain of corpses and blood.

He had become a cold weapon, reaping the life of these “unconscious” people.

There was no struggle, no resistance, not even a wail before death.

Anyone would have to be numb to such a killing!

“Kunlun, what are you doing standing still?”

Lin Lingdong’s voice came from afar.

Kunlun looked back in Lin Lingdong’s direction and was in a bit of a trance for a while.

Lin Lingdong was still wearing a pair of gla*ses and was as civilized as he had ever been.

But at that moment, he was also bathed in blood.

The blood even splashed onto his gla*ses, wiped and wiped, becoming blurred.

Even though the ma*sacre had been carried out without resistance, the blood that had been spilt had more or less smeared on them.

Compared to Kunlun’s trance, Lin Lingdong appeared more composed and calm.

He fiercely flung his twin swords in his hands, “Our task, is to carry out the mission, leave the rest to Brother Dong!”

“I certainly understand.”

Kunlun nodded, and then turned around and raised the battle swords in his hands once again, “Killing is for the sake of the world, in order to pave the way for Brother Dong towards the Nine Heavenly Gates, I will not doubt and will not stop, and if that brick and mortar is really missing at the necessary moment, my blood …… will be enough!”

“Damn, who isn’t?”

“Just you pretend to compare?”

Lin Lingdong and the lone wolf in the other place rolled their eyes coldly.

The hissing of the Faith Totems resounded through the tide of people.

Compared to the Black Prison Army, which killed in an orderly manner and charged in formation, the Faith Totems appeared somewhat dazzled, and some of them even held themselves strong and fought alone to slaughter the living.

The blood of countless living beings flew up into the sky in a steady stream, constructing a path to the heavens.


Above the ninth heaven, the roar resounded again.

And this time, it was even more deafening than any of the previous ones.

Chen Dong, who was running wildly, stopped abruptly and his expression changed greatly.

Behind him was Jiang Qilin, who was even more startled by the roar.

In a flash, the qilin blood on his brow even flickered with golden light.

The same change also appeared in every Hidden World on the Heavenly Path.


Chen Dong decisively thrust his Fengless in front of him, “Jiang Qilin, take care of yourself, the Heavenly Might has changed again!”

“Twenty seconds!”

Jiang Qilin spoke in fear, “After this round of Heavenly Might, it should change to the round of twenty seconds!”

This earth-shattering loud sound was not the round of the sudden change in heavenly power, but more like a warning sign before the sudden change.

This was because as Jiang Qilin said this, the Heavenly Might in the Nine Heavens Heavenly Gate had already swept out, rendering it into a majestic blood colour, vastly pouring down along the Heavenly Path.

The might contained was the same as the previous rounds of heavenly might.

But the change in the loud noise became an omen!

“The heavenly might has changed again, it is time to strike!”

Gu Cangyue clutched the soft sword in her right hand and slowly raised it, the harsh and rigid sword qi surrounding the sword and extending out continuously.

One metre, two metres, three metres ……

This terrifying sword qi, constantly coalescing on the sword, was unparalleled in its terror.

“It’s good that he’s dead!”

The black robe on the black-robed Sky Wolf fine linen night mu 牛 得毕碌难垌 潛派涑雠ㄓ粞 ち一味 拧�

The blood-colored qi energy tumbled up, but a five-meter-sized blood shadow of a blood wolf quickly condensed above his head and solidified rapidly.

And this scene, but also shocked all the hidden world.

The heavenly might swept down.

What everyone had to do was to vent their qi and resist the heavenly might in order to survive.

But the way Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Sky Wolf were venting their qi was not to defend against the heavenly might at all, but …… to strike!

After all, the difference between pure defense and attack, the two is enormous!

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong’s expression was austere as he said in a stern voice, “Jiang Qilin, get lost!”