Winner Takes All Chapter 2052

There is a rare note of pity in his tone.

This caused Master Kongkong and the six dragons of the Jiang family to all be a little stunned.

By the time several people turned their gazes towards Chen Daojun.

Instead, the pity on Chen Daojun’s face was swept away as he shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, “Perhaps it is only such a trait that can lead the human race towards great prosperity, as if right now, he is leading that group of hermits towards the Heavenly Gate.”

Master Jiang Liu’s brows lowered as he pondered.

The rest of the Jiang family also had complex expressions.



Above the Nine Heavens, ripples of heavenly might once again washed out from the Heavenly Gate.

Blood was pouring down in torrents.

The road to heaven.

Chen Dong and a group of hermits were the first to fully activate their Qi barriers.

The Qi trains were like celestial dragons rushing to the sky, dazzling and magnificent.

There were even mysterious treasures that stretched across the sky, shining brightly.

The next second.

The next moment, a vast heavenly might swept over everyone with a terrifying pressure that was like a mountain and a prison.

In an instant, muffled grunts arose.

Even though the Hidden Ones had already made advance judgements and defended themselves, they were still shaken by the renewed strength of the heavenly might.

Soon, there was a scream of misery.

One of the hermits could no longer support himself and turned into a mist of blood.

After one miserable scream, screams rang out one after another.

One after another, one after another, the Hidden Ones were unable to support themselves and perished in the midst of the heavenly might.

The remaining Hidden Ones, on the other hand, panicked more and more as they witnessed the deaths.

“With the intervals getting shorter and shorter, and the heavenly might getting stronger and stronger, the death toll is bound to skyrocket with each subsequent round of heavenly might tumbling down.”

Jiang Qilin’s Qi around his body tumbled, with a vague golden light intermingling with it.

With Chen Dong in front of him to help resist, he could be said to be the easiest person on the entire heavenly path.

Even so, the feeling of oppression as he witnessed one of the Hidden Worlds turn into blood mist still made him look as heavy as water.

Not waiting for Chen Dong to respond.

Not far away on the road to heaven, an old man with pale white hair suddenly trembled violently.

“Old, old man can’t hold on ……”

This old man’s body was like sieve chaff, but above his head was a green willow dead wood stretched across his head, which was currently blossoming with an eerie green light.

But in the face of the heavenly might sweeping across, the green light of the green willow withered wood was bright and dim, even almost completely swallowed by the blood colour.

The words had not yet ended.

The old man’s body suddenly shook and the green light above his head suddenly disappeared, falling to the ground, while the old man also turned into a spray of blood on the spot.

The same scene was happening all over the Heavenly Road at the moment when the Heavenly Might swept in.

Only while the old man perished and the green willow withered wood fell to the ground.

Not far away from him a crane-haired, childlike figure from the Hidden World had blood flowing from the corners of his mouth as well.

Even though he had a secret treasure to protect his body, he was still about to lose his strength in the face of the immense power of the heavens.

It was a matter of life and death.

Instead, his gaze flashed and he locked onto the dead green willow tree that had fallen on the path to heaven.

In an instant.

This Hidden World directly let out an explosive cry and actually directly braced his body, declaring his qi while rushing towards the Green Willow Withered Wood.

Accompanied by an explosive shout.

The hermit made an empty gesture towards the Green Willow Deadwood, and the qi energy wrapped around it and sent it flying towards him.


With the injection of qi, the willow tree glowed green and hovered above his head.

The two secret treasures were spread across his head and the light shone brightly.

They forcibly dispersed the heavenly might that was about to devour and pour onto the Hidden World.

“Live …… survive ……”

This occultist was ecstatic as he looked at the two secret treasures above his head.

With the two secret treasures protecting his body, he could clearly feel the sense of death crisis that the Heavenly Might had brought before, completely disappearing.

Just now, he too had felt death coming and fought to the death.

But to his surprise, he had actually succeeded!

And all this was in the eyes of every hermit on the road to heaven.

Chen Dong also noticed it!

“The big trouble is starting!”

Chen Dong squeezed out the words from his teeth as he gripped the Bladeless with both hands.

Almost at the same time as he spoke.

The vast heavenly might was sweeping past, disappearing at the end of the heavenly path.


A dead silence.

The blood still churned on the magnificent road to heaven.

The voices of the distant ancestors still echoed in the nine heavens above their heads.

But all those on the heavenly road were plunged into deadly silence.

A pair of eerie gazes all stared at the Hidden World who had just seized the treasure and lived.

Invisibly, an extremely eerie atmosphere was quietly breeding between people.

It was cold, stern and oppressive ……

“The brutal killing is about to begin!”

Jiang Qilin had likewise seen the scene just now, and reacted as Chen Dong spoke.

When everyone could only rely on themselves, everyone would only think about how to stay alive.

But when there was external power, there would be people who would think about how to live more securely while staying alive.

The extremely short intervals of the Heavenly Might squeezed the Qi reserves of the Hermits again and again, even before they could rest and recover.

In such a situation, it was clear to anyone that if they kept on consuming, it would be difficult for anyone to reach the end of the Heavenly Road.

There is a time when human power is exhausted, and it is no more than that.

Chen Dong’s words gave them the courage to continue on.

But in the end, everyone still maintained despair in their hearts.

But the I-Hidden World who had just seized the treasure had, unintentionally, spied out another path for all of them that would allow them to live and go farther on the path to heaven!

When one’s own qi is not enough, with the help of an external force such as a secret treasure, one is able to support oneself on the Heavenly Path for a longer period of time.

And to last even longer, it would be …… two secret treasures, or even more!


With a low cry, Chen Dong was directly tugging Jiang Qilin to run wildly on the heavenly road.

The astral wind was howling.

It scraped against the Qi barrier like a knife.

The two men moved like ghosts, quickly putting some distance between them and the hidden world around them, but even so, they were still in the middle of the crowd and not ahead of the others.

Jiang Qilin did not resist, and even pushed his qi as well, speeding up together with Chen Dong as they raced along the sky road.

Almost backwards and forwards.

There were also hermits who made the same decision as Chen Dong, frantically boosting their Qi energy and speeding up, moving forward and running wildly while also rapidly pulling away from the hermits around them.



A murderous and biting burst of sound exploded like thunder on the road to heaven.

This shout of killing, however, caused the deadly quiet Sky Road to completely explode.

Mighty Qi energy filled the Heavenly Road.

The terrifying killing intent was even more rampant in all directions.

Endless killing intent was declared from each and every one of the Hidden Ones.

But they took advantage of the fact that the surrounding Hidden Worlds were dazed and dashed forward to kill them.

The killings were instantaneous.

The tide of people, which had been moving in unison, became chaotic at this moment.

Killing and looting!

Moving forward, pulling.

As Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin, part of the Hidden World, were running desperately and wildly to pull away.

Yet there was a larger portion of the Hidden Worlds, fighting each other with the Hidden Worlds around them, even …… temporarily giving up on the idea of moving on.

Numerous qi energy pizzas, rampant on the sky road.

The sound of shouting, cursing and screaming resounded through the heavenly road.

The people of the Hidden World, who were once so high and mighty, were now transformed into beasts of the jungle, bringing the law of survival of the weak and the strong into full play.

“Humanity is really pathetic!” The black-robed Heavenly Wolf did not immediately run wildly, and looked at the Hidden World people who were killing each other in the mixed round, and could not help but sneer.

“Killing for treasure, the winner survives, that’s how it is.”

Gu Cangyue likewise did not immediately move forward.

“You’re not afraid?” The black-robed Skywolf asked.

“What am I afraid of?”

“You are in a great tripod, it is stronger than any secret treasure in resisting the heavenly might!”

Gu Cang Yue’s expression choked as she added, “That sword in Chen Dong’s hand, too!”

“But the Hidden World people don’t necessarily know about that sword, but they must know about your Great Cauldron, after all, your family faced Chen Daoist Monarch back then and survived by relying on the Great Cauldron, which is no less prestigious among the Hidden World people than your Gu Family’s prestige!”

The words just fell.

A sharp hissing sound suddenly rang out from the chaotic crowd that was killing each other.

“The Ancient Family’s Great Cauldron is unparalleled in the world, such secret treasures, even the Heavenly Might has to avoid them!”

This hissing sound was sharp and piercing.

Gu Cang Yue’s tiger body shook violently, and his cold face instantly turned red to the colour of pig’s liver,.