Winner Takes All Chapter 2047

Four of them?

The six dragons of the Jiang family fell into silence at the same time.

“Who is the fourth one?”

Grand Master Jiang looked at Chen Daojun in confusion.

Chen Daojun had his hands behind his back, all out of the corner of his eye and untamed, and smiled evasively, “When it’s time to come out, he will come out!”



The words had just fallen.

Above the ninth heaven, there was once again an explosion.

In the crack of ten thousand hazes of light, the looming heavenly gate once again washed out a heavenly might.

The heavenly might swept across, sweeping across the Blood Sea Heavenly Path.

In just an instant, it was rendered in blood colour, turning into heavenly waves that swept down along the Blood Sea Heavenly Path.

“Be careful, the Heavenly Might is coming again!”

“Hahahaha …… Old man has no fear!”

“The interval is too short, how much longer will this be carried before we can step into the ninth heaven?”


The Hermitage people whistled noisily and shrilly.

“One minute?”

Chen Dong’s body gave a lurch, immediately sinking his waist and immediately putting his Fengless up in front of him, his brows furrowed as he gazed at the terrifying wave sweeping down above the heavenly path, “Or …… is it sixty seconds!”

“Brother Dong ……”

Jiang Qilin was about to step forward at once: “You are the most likely to step into the sky, preserve your strength.”

Only as soon as he raised his foot.

Chen Dong was the one who waved his right hand, stopping him behind him again.

“Stay behind me!”

“But ……”

Jiang Qilin wanted to argue.

The words didn’t finish.

A splash of blood suddenly enveloped his head.

The terrifying might of the heavens came before them.

Without giving anyone the slightest chance to catch their breath, the endless blood-coloured Heavenly Might instantly poured onto the side of the Heavenly Road of the Sea of Blood where they were.

Chen Dong’s body shook, and his blood-coloured aura surged.

Only the moment it rose, it was swallowed up by the heavenly might and swallowed up to its original state, and then it was a long torment that lasted as long as a year.



Two explosions suddenly came from the front.

Chen Dong squinted his eyes, and through the blood, he saw that there were two Hidden Worlds in the crowd who were unable to resist the heavenly might and were directly turned into two puffs of blood mist. The two were turned into a mist of blood.

In the blink of an eye.

The heavenly might swept across and dissipated behind them.

A line of terrified eyes looked at the dissipating and fading blood mist, not a word was spoken.


Chen Dong did not hesitate in the slightest and instantly took big strides towards the front.

Jiang Qilin followed closely behind.

With Chen Dong in front of him to help ward off the Heavenly Might, he could be counted as the person who faced the Heavenly Might most easily every time he faced it on this Blood Sea Heavenly Road.

But this kind of ease was not what he wanted!

“Brother Dong, I promised Senior Chen.”

Jiang Qilin caught up with Chen Dong and said in a deep voice, “You will tread this heavenly path.”

“I also promised my wife and daughter.”

Chen Dong stared straight ahead, fluttering like a star, his speed as fast as lightning, “Without you, I would lose even Youn, this path, I will protect you together!”

“But I’m missing a drop of qilin blood, the further back I go I’m afraid ……”

“Then I’m the drop of Qilin blood you’re missing!”

Chen Dong’s gaze was resolute, the astral wind that lifted around him, blowing his hair, but unable to make him blink his eyes.

Although the two were as fast as lightning, Chen Dong always controlled the distance from the Hidden Ones.

No one could say exactly what lay ahead on the heavenly road.

Stepping into the sky to fight.

But the road ahead always needs to be explored by someone.

As Chen Dong moved forward, he was also secretly counting the seconds in his mind.

Sixty seconds for a heavenly might, that’s not a bad frequency for a sweep!

But as long as he mastered the timing pattern and prepared well in advance each time before the Heavenly Might erupted, he could also be safe and secure.

With the current power of the Heavenly Might, these hidden worlds on the Blood Sea Heavenly Road can actually resist as long as they deal with them at full strength.

The two hidden people who were turned into blood mist by the Heavenly Might just now were, to put it bluntly, still carelessly distracted and did not have the time to use their full strength to resist the Heavenly Might.

The Hidden Ones also did not dare to delay in the slightest, so they pushed their Qi energy and ran along the Sea of Blood Heavenly Road.

The Qi energy was like a dragon, and the people were in shadow.

After a brief moment of panic.

All were riveted forward.

Having reached their level, they had already seen life and death.

There may have been a brief moment of panic, but it was only brief.

They have already asked to reach the top of this world, but on this heavenly path, each one of them is still like the teenagers they once were, hurrying forward.

The sea of people is vast and immense.

All of them were running wildly towards that heavenly gate above the ninth heaven.

Chen Dong felt the fierce winds whipping up around his ears, his attention always on the heavenly gate.

He suddenly opened his mouth and asked, “Jiang Qilin, is there a detailed record of the Heavenly Might of the Heaven Treading Road in your Jiang Family’s canonical books? There is also …… an account of stepping into the sky with a demon?”

“The records of the Heaven Treading Path are but a few words, but the words of the devil ……”

Jiang Qilin sword brow slightly frowned, carefully recalled: “There are records about the devil, but the great devil stepping on the sky, not recorded.”

Chen Dong’s frown deepened.

He was not worried about the Heavenly Might now, nor was he worried about the covetous backstabbing of the other Hidden Worlds on the Heavenly Path; with his strength and Fenglessness, it was not too difficult to deal with it.

What he was really worried about was this Heavenly Path itself, and himself!

Chen Dong took a deep breath, suppressing the distracting thoughts in his mind, and stopped worrying about it.

Since he had already chosen to set foot on this Heavenly Road, the best solution to the worries in his heart that had no answers was to go forward and find them.





Time and again, heavenly might washed out of the Heavenly Gate, sweeping across the vast, blood-coloured heavenly path.

In the silence of heaven and earth.

The roar of the heavenly might that washes out each time runs through heaven and earth.

The colour of blood, imprinted on the earth.

And above the nine heavens.

Violet qi is in the air, and the haze of light.

The voice of the distant ancestor echoes even more constantly, holding back the heavenly might for the human race, always holding up the gates of heaven from closing.

Chen Daojun, the six dragons of the Jiang family and Master Kongkong all watched everything that was happening on the heavenly path.

At this point, there was nothing else they could do but watch and take refuge at critical moments.

To tread the Heavenly Road was, in the end, to compete with the heavens for a qualification.

The only way to obtain this qualification is for the individuals on the Heavenly Path to fight for it themselves.

If one’s own self is not enough, even the greatest a*sistance is futile.

And in the vast expanse of the earth, the slaughter of the Black Prison Army and the great army of the Totem of Faith has never slackened.

The vast heavenly might pressed down across the land, and living beings were forbidden.

These qi powerhouses, capable of counteracting the heavenly might, are the strongest weapons walking the earth.

Everywhere they pa*s, corpses are caked with bones, and few of them are even left intact.

Even though they had been brutalised to such an extent, no one still stayed back.

To the war gods, soldier kings and killing gods of the Black Hell Army, each and every one of them had once struck out on the frontier and walked through mountains of corpses and blood, and to the totem of faith …… they had never really put their people in their hearts either.

A constant stream of blood rose up in the sky, in the vault of heaven, drawing out a blood dragon, vastly converging towards the Sea of Blood Heavenly Road.

This was the sustenance for the Blood Sea Heavenly Path, which must not disperse until no one had succeeded in treading the heavens and pa*sed through the Heavenly Gate.

Time became stagnant under the horizontal pressure of the heavenly might.

Only the time pinpointed in one’s mind remained.

Another round of heavenly might swept past.

Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin quickly moved forward.

The surrounding Hermitage people also swept up to meet the sky with great force.

It was clear that in the sight of the crowd below, this vast heavenly path ran straight up into the sky.

But as Chen Dong and the others ran wildly up the path, they could not feel the vertical gravity at all, they were walking on flat ground.

Time, in Chen Dong’s mind, ticked by second by second.

He had been counting the time, and when the 60-second round of Heavenly Might reached the 59-second mark, he immediately brought Jiang Qilin to a halt, pushing his Qi energy to prepare to resist the Heavenly Might.

This was prudent, yet the most rea*suring approach.

Countless people of the Hidden World did the same.

But this time.

When Chen Dong reached the fiftieth second of his strangulation, a strange change occurred abruptly.


Above the Nine Heavens, a loud boom rang out violently in the Heavenly Gate.

It was like a thunderbolt from the sky, and like the sound of a fatal Brahman, causing everyone to stand on the spot.