Winner Takes All Chapter 2045

Zhao Brocade and Qin Ye were stunned at the same time.

In a flash.

Both of them woke up with a start.

Zhao Brocade hurried forward and struggled to open the heavy city gate, and saw a buggy parked outside the gate.

The might of heaven descended and crushed the world.

All things were forbidden.

The Zhuge family had sent many people to help in the battle, but as the heavenly might descended, they were all frozen on the spot.

And at that moment.

Zhuge Qing was holding a rectangular wooden box in his arms, his right hand holding the steering wheel with one hand.

From the viewpoints of Zhao Breru and Qin Ye, they could still clearly see the glittering golden light escaping from the wooden box.

“That’s ……”

Qin Ye was horrified, “The original version of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts?”

After he had obtained Yao Guangxiao’s Daoist system, he knew the Zhuge Family’s heritage better than anyone else, and what would enable Zhuge Qing to resist the Heavenly Might and reach Zhenjiang City without any problems was nothing other than the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts!


Zhuge Qing opened the car door and slowly got out of the car with the wooden box in his arms, being careful throughout, clutching the box tightly for fear of it falling to the ground.

“A lot of people came, and they were all fixed, and I managed to arrive by relying on the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.”

Zhuge Qing’s smile was weary.

All the way towards Zhenjiang City, not only he, but the entire caravan was in a state of almost continuous rotation, and as the heavenly might descended and the others were fixed, the heavy burden fell all on his shoulders.

Thanks to the fact that all the ordinary soldiers on the battlefield were now frozen, and only the Black Prisoners and the Faith Totem army were forming a circle to hunt and harvest, Zhuge Qing had less trouble and arrived unhindered.


Qin Ye was still somewhat astonished.

Zhao Broke-Ru hurriedly came forward to support Zhuge Qing.

After closing the city gates.

Zhuge Qing patted the wooden box in his arms, “Grandpa told me to make sure to deliver it, it will be of great help to Brother Dong.”

Qin Ye and Zhao Breaking glanced at each other.

The same words had already been said by Chen Daojun before.

And they, and even Jiang Qilin, would eventually be involved in maintaining the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts and protecting Chen Dongda Tian.

“Let’s wait then, we’ll be needed later.”

Qin Ye raised his finger and pointed at the vast Blood Sea Heavenly Path in the sky, “Brother Dong and Jiang Qilin have already stepped onto the Heavenly Path, so I guess it won’t be long before Senior Chen will need us to make a move.”

Zhuge Qing nodded silently.

On the other hand, Zhao Breru on the side was scratching his head, puzzled, “It shouldn’t be, the Zhuge Family is by definition best in this great battle, just like the other families, responsible for the logistical part of the support, whether it’s me or Qin Ye or Jiang Qilin, they can all manipulate the formations of the Eight Formations of the Divine Ghost, it doesn’t make sense for Elder Zhuge to let you risk life and death to send the Eight Formations of the Divine Ghost here again. ”

Zhuge Qing said in a deep voice, “This was all explained by grandfather, he didn’t say much, he only said that only Marquis’ original version of The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts truly has the power to shake the heavens.”

At those words.

Zhao Broken and Qin Ye also said no more.


At that very moment.

Above the ninth heaven, there was a terrifying roar.

Qin Ye and Zhao Breaking almost instinctively looked towards the end of the Blood Sea Sky Road.

With this glance, the two men’s faces suddenly paled.

At the end of the Heavenly Road was the lofty and towering Heavenly Gate that loomed out of sight.

With a loud bang, a ripple visible to the naked eye once again washed out from within the Heavenly Gate, rendered by the colour of blood, and in an instant, it pushed down across the Sea of Blood Heavenly Path like a blinding wind and rain.

“Heavenly might! Heavenly might is coming!”

“Don’t underestimate it! There is a lesson to be learned from the past, make sure you go all out!”

“I have waited for so many years, I will definitely not let this one heavenly might shatter!”


The Blood Sea Heavenly Road was completely exploded.

Each and every one of the hermits, no longer in their usual high and majestic posture, all panicked and frantically pushed their Qi energy.

Qi was like a dragon, rushing to the sky.

Even if the heavenly might was still some distance away, no one dared to be arrogant and continue forward.

“Here it comes!”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened as his gaze swept past the heavy sea of people and locked onto the blood-coloured heavenly might that was pressing down across the heavenly path.

Almost instinctively, he moved a step sideways, blocking Jiang Qilin behind him and then quickly blocking Fengless in front of him.

Boom, boom!

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin simultaneously declared majestic qi, stronger than the one bit of the Hidden World on the previous side.

And at the other corner of the Blood Sea Sky Road.

Amidst the blanket of blood, the black-robed Heavenly Wolf and Gu Cang Yue stood side by side.

“Here we go! Let’s see if the bet is right!”

Gu Cang Yue’s eyes narrowed into slits, and his cold light was bitterly cold.

The black-robed Sky Wolf next to him suddenly flashed with blood under his hood, and while his Qi energy was released, it was his left foot that nudged the ground, directly pulling away from Gu Cangyue by a distance of ten meters.

This action made Gu Cang Yue freeze for a moment, and then let out a snort of laughter.

“A heavenly wolf, is he so timid too?”

An undisguised sneer.

But the black-robed Heavenly Wolf was not the least bit annoyed, and said in a deep, hoarse voice, “Be careful and cautious, the Gu family master’s skills, I have seen everything. ,”

The heavenly might swept down.

No one knew just how much terrifying power was hidden within.

Everyone was putting their lives on the line to try this one.

It was not certain what dangers would arise later.

The black-robed Skywolf is also wary of the fact that Gu Cangyue is an existence that has practiced the way of death to the fullest.

“Everyone, be careful!”

A shout came out of nowhere from the chaotic crowd.

The colour of blood instantly covered the sky.

The blood-coloured heavenly might sweeping down from above the ninth heaven may seem like a line, but to the crowd in the blood-coloured heavenly path, it was a shocking wave that covered the sky!

The majestic colour of blood filled the heavenly path.

Even though there was still some distance to go, the space around them was still distorted by the terrifying heavenly might.

Each and every one of the Hidden Ones was facing a great enemy, exploding their Qi with all their might.

At this moment.

No one dared to hold back their strength, only fearing that they had not exploded out their full strength completely.

Witnessing the scene where the Hidden World was instantly turned into flying ashes under the heavenly might, everyone was afraid that they would be the next.

Only when they had successfully defended themselves against this heavenly might in a full burst could they have a profound measure of its power, and then they could deal with it more easily.

A pale dragon of qi energy ran straight upwards, streaking straight and forested in countless spectacular ways.

Even Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin, with Fengless as their shield, did not dare to be arrogant in the slightest.

Chen Dong’s brow was locked as he looked at the blood-coloured heavenly might that swept through the sky. Although his mind remained ancient and unruffled, he was quietly faced with this heavenly might, and his hands gripped the hilt of the Bladeless Sword, tightening and tightening.

“Brother Dong, I can do it!”

Jiang Qilin’s voice came from behind him.

Chen Dong said in a cold voice, “You saved Little Shadow and You En, I promised your grandfather!”

The words were resounding, determined and strong.

Jiang Qilin looked stunned as he stood behind Chen Dong, but the corner of his mouth turned up and smiled sadly.


Accompanied by a shocking loud sound.

The seemingly soft blood-coloured ripples of the Heavenly Might were like a monstrous tsunami, reeling out a giant wave hundreds of metres high on the Blood-coloured Heavenly Road, instantly tumbling towards all the Hidden World.

The colour of blood engulfed.

Heaven and earth changed colour.