Winner Takes All Chapter 2044

Tapping the Sky?

Chen Dong was still a little hesitant.

He looked at the hidden people who were scattered by the stars falling towards the Blood Sea Heavenly Road, and the veins at the corners of his eyes could not help but twitch a little.

Quietly, an even colder chill arose from his back.

Those …… hermits hadn’t even noticed!

Initially those few hidden people who fell towards the blood sea heavenly road were clearly pushed down, just screaming, plus the speed of each other going forward and backward was fast, so it gave the illusion of a race to be first.

But while the Hermits didn’t notice, he sensed it all too clearly.

Although he hadn’t actually caught each other, the shifting aura that flowed between several of the hermits could not be faked!

In the dark …… there was someone else pushing!

Chen Dong subconsciously glanced at Chen Daojun.

Chen Daojun must have known!

Even if he could detect the change in his aura, Chen Daogun must be able to detect it as well.

But Chen Daojun’s reaction was far too calm, he should have known that there was someone else in the shadows!

“Don’t think too much, just take it in stride and move forward.”

Grand Master Jiang suddenly turned his head and looked towards Chen Dong, “Clan Master Chen, they have already pounced on the Blood Sea Sky Road, you and Qilin’er can go up next.”

“Hoo ……”

Chen Dong exhaled a breath and calmed down his rippling mind.


He raised his hand and took hold of Fengless.

At this moment, there was no longer the slightest hesitation.

The moment he pulled out the bladeless blade, his entire aura became resolute and firm.

It was like a sharp sword that you had sheathed.

The aura was overwhelming.

And as he steps forward, it grows stronger and more exuberant.

“Six grandfathers, the qilin has stepped into the sky!”

Jiang Qilin bowed to the six dragons of the Jiang family with a fist clasp and a bow.

“Go on, the grandfathers will protect you.”

Grandfather Jiang waved his hand.

“Qilin’er, you are the hope of our Jiang family, you must succeed in stepping into the sky!” The Sixth Master Jiang’s old eyes were filled with tears.

Jiang Qilin did not make a sound.

He raised his head and just gave a deep glance at the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons before following Chen Dong.



Almost simultaneously.

A demonic blood colour erupted from Chen Dong’s body, and a radiant golden light erupted from Jiang Qilin’s body.

When the light came out, it was steep.

It directly transformed into two pillars of the sky and rose to the sky.

The aura was majestic and spectacular.

The two men, one in front of the other, both took slow steps, and each step they took was marked by a heavy firmness.

As they stride forward, both of their auras climb higher and higher, majestic and fierce, reaching to the sky.

But they still did not quicken their pace, and even though the Blood Sea Heavenly Road was close at hand, they were not as impatient as those hidden people in the sky.

Both of them knew clearly that the Blood Sea Heavenly Road was not that easy to tread.

It was not only the heavenly might that washed over the Blood Sea Heavenly Road, but also the hidden people who had evil intentions.

Sometimes faster is slower and slower is faster.

There is no rush in the matter of the final step, and every step taken steadily is more important than going fast.


“Now it’s ready to go!”

With his hands behind his back and his robes humming, Gu Cang Yue took a step towards the front.


The black-robed Heavenly Wolf called out to Gu Cangyue: “This seat always feels that things have shifted too suddenly and are somewhat bizarre!”

“Not anxious when you should be, but more anxious than anyone else when you shouldn’t be.”

Gu Cang Yue’s footsteps gave a beat and he snorted without looking back, “You are at least a black-robed Heavenly Wolf, you are forward thinking and indecisive, what could be so strange about the change just now? Could it be that those Hidden Worlds weren’t pressed into service, but were pushed onto the Blood Sea Heavenly Road?”

“This ……”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf hesitated for a moment, “But you and I clearly sensed it just now.”

“But it wasn’t seen wasn’t it? Under the universal sky, with your strength and mine, who can hide it from our eyes? Maybe it was just a few Hidden Worlds rubbing against each other’s qi that escaped from each other, causing a disturbance in their breath?”

Gu Cangyue’s words completely dispelled the last trace of doubt of the black-robed Heavenly Wolf.

Both of them similarly took a step forward and backward at the same time.



The majestic qi energy was like a python rushing to the sky.

Compared to the cautiousness of Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin, the two of them took this step but directly rose into the air and swept towards the Blood Sea Sky Road.

They followed closely.

All over the battlefield.





A trail of qi-pitches rose into the air one after another.

In each one of them was a recluse.

They, like Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, had not lost their senses in the face of temptation, but had chosen to wait and see.

At this moment, when they saw the sky full of hidden people descending like dumplings onto the Sea of Blood Sky Road, even the strongest of reason could no longer resist.

The feast of revelry began once again.

When the first group of Cryptids landed on the Blood Sea Sky Road, they did not wait for the heavenly might to come sweeping down.

This was a great blessing to them, and they immediately pushed their qi and followed the Blood Sea Sky Road, stepping up into the sky.

This scene also made the Hidden Ones, who were following closely behind, ecstatic.

“No, they’re not dead! They’re not dead!”

“Hahahaha …… It’s true, the Heavenly Might sweep is not timeless, but rather regular, and as long as you exert your full strength before the Heavenly Might sweeps down, it is theoretically possible to resist, and as long as you block a round of the Heavenly Might sweep, you still have time to continue upwards! ”

“There’s a chance! There’s still a chance! As long as there’s a chance to catch my breath, I’m sure I can step into the sky!”


One by one, as if they were hit by chicken blood, the Hidden Ones frantically urged their qi to run towards the Blood Sea Heavenly Road, in order to be able to advance some distance on the Blood Sea Heavenly Road when the heavenly might swept down!

“There are intervals between each round of Heavenly Might, so the situation isn’t that bad.”

Jiang Qilin was in the radiant golden light, looking at everything on the Blood Sea Heavenly Road, and let out a long breath.

“I’m afraid that this is just an appearance, stepping on the Heavenly Road isn’t that easy.”

Chen Dong frowned, but still said, “It’s all up there, it’s our turn to vacate.”

The two men looked at each other.

In a flash.

A boundless sea of blood and an out-of-this-world golden light suddenly rendered this piece of heaven and earth.

An astral wind suddenly swept up beneath the two men’s feet.

There was no explosion.

No ground shattering.

But as two strong winds swept through them, Chen Dong and Jiang Qilin then rose straight up into the air.

The two of them rolled straight up with a sea of blood and a sea of golden light, heading straight for the Sea of Blood Heavenly Road, faster than the others, but also behind everyone else.

At the same time.

Inside Zhenjiang City.

Zhao Brocade’s eyes were uncertain, and his hands were clasped together and rubbed together.

Qin Ye, who was at the side, sensed that something was wrong with Zhao Baolu and asked, “Zhao Baolu, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know, it’s strange.”

Zhao Broke-Ru wanted to say something, his brows locked in a complicated expression.

The two of them had witnessed the Hidden World people treading the Heavenly Path from the beginning to the end, and even though Zhao Broke-Ru, with the help of Xu Qingfeng, was endowed with Human Emperor Qi and was actually qualified to tread the Heavenly Path, he had not chosen to do so in order to help Chen Dong.

However, the aura fluctuation that few people noticed just now, Zhao Brocade …… also noticed it.

Is it because of the human emperor qi?

Zhao Breru subconsciously glanced at the bewildered Qin Ye to make sure that Qin Ye did not notice the difference just now, and could not help but speculate.

Qin Ye looked at Zhao Baolu in dismay, and when he saw that the other party did not want to talk, he did not pursue the matter any further.

Just at that moment.

A voice came from outside the city gates.

“Zhuge Family, come and help the war!”