Winner Takes All Chapter 2040

The eyes are doting and gentle.

But his voice was determined and firm.

This moment.

It was as if Chen Daojun was a completely different person.

Even Chen Dong froze for a moment.

He had never seen such a Chen Daogun before.

Chen Daogun’s words were even more like a big invisible hand, stirring on his nerves.

Above the vault of heaven.

The haze of golden light was majestic.

Boundless purple qi envelops heaven and earth.

An ancient and desolate aura continues to fall from the ninth heaven above.

And on the earth, along with the harvesting of the Black Prison Army and the Faith Totem, vast rivers of blood rose up in the air in a continuous stream and ran towards the Nine Heavens above.

The heavens and the earth shook.

The might of the heavens was immense.

But Chen Dong faced the Chen Daogun at this moment, but he was more grounded than ever.

All the resentment seemed to dissipate in this one sentence.

An old man and a young man, looking at each other.

Half a day.

“Uncle will help you this time.”

Chen Daojun smiled faintly and gently patted Chen Dong’s shoulder with his right hand, “The future belongs to you, but I pray that you will prosper for the people of Dao.”

Finished speaking.

He then turned around and looked above the dome of the sky once again.

Chen Dong’s heart suddenly palpitated for a moment.

For some reason, when Chen Daogun said these words, an extremely strong sense of foreboding arose in him violently.

His lips mumbled a few times, but Chen Dong did not ask in the end.

Rumble ……

Accompanied by the roar of heaven and earth.

The countless rivers of blood running to the heavens were at this moment beginning to merge.

One by one, the rivers of blood joined the sky and the earth, as if they were mountains moving across the sky, slowly yet thickly crashing into each other before splashing out in violent waves of blood.

One after another.

As they spread above the nine heavens, the rivers of blood fused with each other, but coalesced to form a wide and thick path through the heavens.

In it, waves of blood tossed and waves of blood imprinted heaven and earth.

It runs all the way to the Heavenly Gate that looms out of the majestic haze above the Nine Heavens.

The fissures in the haze of light were also rippling violently at this time, all gathered around the Heavenly Gate, as if to block the blood path to the inner part of the Heavenly Gate in this way.

But with the power of the distant ancestors guarding it, no matter how hard the ripples were swept away, they could not block the blood path.

“When the sound of the bell falls from the Ninth Heaven once again, it will be the time for us to seize this great opportunity and tread the heavenly path.”

Gu Cang Yue’s gaze blazed and he could not help but rub his fists together.

As soon as he heard these words.

The Hidden World around them also could not help but become excited and ecstatic.

The same scene also appeared in various parts of the battlefield.

These recluses, at the height of their glory, had hidden away from the world, seeking only to reach the pinnacle of the martial arts.

Which of them had not survived for hundreds of years?

Which one of them hadn’t spent hundreds of years of their lives studying and researching?

But gradually, they realised that when the laws of the world were overwhelming, they would never be able to make any progress, even if they worked hard enough.

There may be those who are not sufficiently enlightened, but most of them have reached a certain level before they suddenly realise that the rule exists and that transcending the laws of the world is the only way to advance in the true sense of the word.

After all, not everyone is like Chen Daojun, who is able to keep advancing under the rules of the world.

Nor is everyone like Chen Daogun, who has the determination and courage to shake the heavens.

The only thing they can do is to raise their meagre strength little by little in order to seek a longer life span, and then, like an old turtle, they slowly wait for their chance to come.

Now, the chance has finally come!

Inside Zhenjiang City.

The Vermilion Bird Legion has finally recaptured the entire defence.

Jiang Qilin, looking at the blood-coloured heavenly road that was gradually taking shape, also stopped pushing the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram and handed over the entire defence to the Vermillion Bird Legion.

“Is that the Road to Heaven?”

A look of excitement pa*sed over Jiang Qilin’s cold face, and his gaze was even more fiery and blazing.

With his heart, it was difficult for him to maintain his composure even in the face of the Path to Heaven at this moment.

He was a Jiang family Qilin, and had been raised by the entire Jiang family for the purpose of welcoming this opportunity.

Carrying the title of the future of the Jiang family since he was a child had made him incomparably excited about the Heavenly Path as well.

“This path is really treacherous and steep, it must be a lot of effort for Dong to walk.” Zhao Bro said as he rubbed his hands together and smashed his mouth.

Qin Ye smiled, “No wonder senior would admonish us, big brother walks, brothers naturally need more a*sistance.”

The excitement on Jiang Qilin’s face gradually calmed down and his gaze became softer.

Only for a moment as he lowered his eyebrows, a hint of loss flashed in his eyes.

However, it was only for a moment.

He took a deep breath and glanced at Qin Ye and Zhao Brezhong, eventually landing on Zhao Brezhong.

“Did you really promise Senior?”

Zhao Broke-Ru nodded, “What’s not to promise about that? It’s Dong who’s helping, it’s not like it’s anyone else.”

“But you might die.”

Jiang Qilin’s brow furrowed.

Zhao Brocade looked at Qin Ye, then laughed, “Ask Qin Ye if he ever wanted to live. I used to be a wanderer like a lonely ghost, by chance …… forget it, I don’t know if it was by chance or not, but anyway, I saved Sister Ying, so I came into the big group of Brother Dong, so I have something to fall back on, Brother Dong wants to make things happen, I definitely want to help the field, besides, didn’t Elder say I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of saving Sister Ying, but I’m sure I’ll be able to help.

He finished.

Zhao Brood and Qin Ye looked at each other and both laughed.

Spontaneous, uninhibited, without a care in the world.

Jiang Qilin looked stunned, and then laughed too.

Just then.

The voice of the Sixth Master Jiang came through.

“Qilin’er, and come out of the city, and wait quietly with Mr. Chen for the Heavenly Road to take shape.”

Jiang Qilin hesitated for a moment, but still gave Qin Ye and Zhao Breaking a glance with his eyes, and then he took a step on top of the city wall, and in a few successive steps, he went straight up the wall and headed towards the outside of the city.

“It must be hard for him inside.”

Zhao Breru looked at Jiang Qilin as he left, “As a Jiang Family Qilin, he’s no better than us, he has the same chance of success on the Heaven Treading Path as Brother Dong, it’s just a pity that he forced out a drop of Qilin blood in order for Sister Ying to give birth to You En successfully in the first place.”

Qin Ye did not deny it.

On the other side.

Jiang Qilin quickly rushed over to Chen Dong and the others.

At this moment, Master Kongkong also arrived in front of the crowd.

“Master Chen has worked hard and finally succeeded in forging the Heavenly Path, Amitabha Buddha,.”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and gently nodded his head.

“Thanks to the blessings of the Master as well.” Chen Daojun smiled faintly.

“Poor monk is only a coincidence, if not for the battlefield epiphany, looking at this battlefield purgatory, I can only sigh, how can I be among the qualifications?”

Grandmaster Empty Sky smiled sweatily.

Chen Daojun moved his gaze away and drifted to scan the battlefield.

Whirling, he added, “As the Heavenly Road is about to take shape, there are bound to be many cats and dogs, so I would ask Master and the Jiang family to help clear it up at that time.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Our Jiang family will do their best.”

Master Empty and Grand Master Jiang said at the same time.

And Jiang Qilin didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end.

He just walked silently to Chen Dong’s side, half a step behind, and looked up together with Chen Dong at the blood-coloured heavenly road that was rushing more and more above the ninth heaven and about to take shape.