Winner Takes All Chapter 2039

Rumble ……

The heavens and the earth shook.

Then there was silence again, except for the 100-metre sword qi that went up into the sky and into the ninth heaven.

The golden light of the sword was so bright that the dragon roared.

As the sword qi soared into the air, it was carrying golden runes in the sky.

Time and space seemed to have come to a standstill during this sword strike, and the sword qi was the only thing that cut through the sky under the attention of all.

In the blink of an eye.

The hundred-metre sword qi disappeared from sight, except for the ten thousand golden lights that still shot into the sky, and the dragon’s roar resounded through heaven and earth.

The countless golden runes that splashed the sky, however, also disappeared with the sword qi directly above the ninth heaven.

Almost simultaneously.

An ancient and desolate voice once again emanated from the vortex of purple qi.

And this time, it was equally clear.

“Open the Heavenly Gate!”

The dull, desolate voices from the ancient and distant ancestors were like holy words of dharma, words that followed.

Buzzing rumble!

Above the nine heavens.

A booming sound suddenly resounded through the heavens and the earth.

An indescribably great sense of oppression then poured down into the sky, spreading at breakneck speed across the entire world.

A terrifying heavenly might enveloped the world.

All living creatures were frozen under this sense of oppression.

Only the qi energy above can remain conscious and move freely under this overwhelming sense of oppression.

The ma*sacre of the Black Prisoners and the Faith Totem army did not stop there.

All of them were slaughtering madly against the oppression of the sky, providing a constant source of sustenance for the heavenly path.

With all the armies imprisoned and unable to even make a last ditch struggle, both the Black Prison Army and the Faith Totem Army once again increased their slaughtering speed.

The moment.

Whether it was Chen Dong, the Six Dragons of the Jiang Clan, or the other Hidden Worlds, none of them had the heart to care about the slaughter on the battlefield.

All suffered from the sense of oppression that poured out of the sky and focused on everything that was happening in the firmament.

Even though, while bearing this oppression, everyone sent out tremors from the depths of their souls, it still did not affect their focus on the firmament.

A dense purple aura covered the sky.

Ten thousand hues of light blossomed out of the purple qi, gorgeous and beautiful.

Faintly, there seemed to be the sound of bells and drums, coming down from the ninth heaven.

There was even the sound of fine chanting.

And under the imprint of the purple qi and the haze, the dome of heaven above the nine heavens was slowly tearing open an opening.

It was not clear how big the opening was, for after all, it was too far away.

But inside the opening was a glorious and colourful endless haze of light.

The moment they saw the haze, everyone’s spirits were lifted, and they all showed their fervour, excitement and desire.

That was the place beyond this world!

It was also the upper realm where all those who pursued the martial path aspired to break through.

It is also the place where generations of hermits have been hiding in various parts of the world, in bitter pursuit.

And at this moment, a gaping hole has appeared in that place.

Chen Daojun, a sword opens the gates of heaven!

For all beings under heaven, with a single sword, he cut out this chance!

“Is this the heavens?”

Chen Daojun hung high in the air, still with his left hand behind his back and his sword in his right hand, gazing in fascination and fervour at the illusory and hazy, hazy opening above the ninth heaven.

And all around him, too, was a ten-thousand-foot golden light, majestic and dazzling.

Even though he was standing above the long sky, bearing a heavenly might more terrifying than all the others, he continued to ignore it directly.

The wind howled.

It blew Chen Daojun’s robes and his hair.

He stared at the hazy opening, dumbfounded and dazed.

Why did he not want to go behind that opening?

To be untamed, to be number one in the world, this was the place he had painstakingly sought for a thousand years!

But soon, the fervour and obsession in his eyes quickly faded, and after a flash of despondency, they quickly turned back into determination and indifference.

“There are some things that someone has to do, I am already old, so I should bend my head to be a child’s ox, and open the gates of heaven with a sword for this move of Humanity, I have no regrets, and it is time for the future and the heavens to belong to their young people, I hope that this path of opportunity can open up a ten-thousand-foot future for Humanity, then I, Chen Daojun, will not have come to this world in vain.”

This was the thought in Chen Daogun’s mind.

He closed his eyes and no longer looked up at the heavens, but turned around abruptly and fell down towards the place below where the earth Chen Dong and the six dragons of the Jiang family were.

Fluttering like a star!

Like gods and goddesses descending into the world.

From the beginning to the end, he never showed too much infatuation or yearning for that heavenly gate above the ninth heaven.

A sword opens the gates of heaven.

One glance and he turned away.

The ten thousand golden lights behind him, and the purple qi in the firmament, with the ten thousand hues of light at the gates of heaven, all enveloped him.

At this moment, Chen Daojun’s entire aura swooped and changed dramatically.

The majestic look was still the same, but there was an added sense of dustiness!

When he left, he went on his way, but when he returned, he did not even look back.

At this moment, even Chen Dong and the six dragons of the Jiang family were soon attracted by the sudden change in Chen Daojun’s aura.

“Is he …… really just for the sake of the human path?”

Chen Dong’s brows knitted slightly.

After experiencing the mind metamorphosis of Heaven and Earth Only, he could easily detect the transformation of Chen Daogun’s aura.

This could be said to be an alternative mind metamorphosis, not following the orthodox mind realm in progression at all, but such a metamorphosis was all the more shocking and shocking.

“He might have thought about it before, but now, he has pinned his hopes on you.”

The Sixth Master Jiang walked beside Chen Dong at some point and raised his hand to land on Chen Dong’s shoulder, “Master Chen Clan, don’t forget about my family’s Qilin child.”

The words had just fallen.

Chen Daojun had already floated down to the ground, and with a shake of his hand, he thrust Fengless in front of Chen Dong, calmly saying.

“Thanks for lending the sword, next, it’s up to you!”

Rumble ……

Above the Ninth Heaven.

Violet qi rushes through the sky and pervades the world.

The heavenly might from the heavens also presses across the world.

The power of the distant ancestors is still fighting against the might of the heavens.

The golden light and runes that filled the sky did not disappear, but crashed headlong into the gaping hole of the haze with the vortex of purple qi.


A huge, lofty pagoda towered in the midst of the ten thousand haze openings, looming out of sight.

And the countless rivers of blood that rushed into the sky were now vastly following the vortex of purple qi as it rushed towards the ninth heaven and into that heavenly gate.

Chen Dong looked at the Nine Heavens for a moment, and then at Chen Daogun, but he was caught in a state of hesitation and doubt.

“Think of those who have pa*sed away, Little Shadow, your parents, your brothers, your friends …… and the countless living beings who are losing their lives on this battlefield, they died to send you up, and you went up so that when you return again, you can bring them back!”

Chen Daogun’s tone was without fluctuation, with his hands behind his back, his indifferent eyes gazing at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong took a deep breath.

He no longer looked above the ninth heaven, but closed his eyes.

Gu Qingying, his parents, Zhang Yulan, Meng, Huo Zhenxiao …… all of his friends and relatives came to his mind as quickly as possible.

How could he not want them to return?

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

All the hardships had been endured and he wanted to taste the sweetness of life.

And the mountains of blood on this battlefield, the faces, the screams ……

Eventually, Chen Dong’s mind settled on the pink and lovely face of his daughter Chen Youen.

The sound of his daughter’s milky laughter echoed in his ears in a trance.

Chen Dong clenched his fists and when he opened his eyes again, his gaze was already stern to the core.

“You’re right, for their sake, for everyone’s sake, I have to step up and make sure I succeed!”

The words were strong and resounding.

“I will protect you!” Chen Daojun said.

“You’ll step on it too?”

Chen Dong asked, puzzled.

The Heavenly Gate had been opened, the Heavenly Road was about to take shape, and when the time came, it would inevitably be a thousand armies crossing a single wooden bridge, and he was not the only one who could step on the Heavenly Road.

“I won’t.”

Chen Daogun shook his head and smiled spontaneously, looking at Chen Dong with a sudden look of unprecedented doting and gentleness, “Haven’t you always blamed your eldest uncle for being cold-blooded and heartless, for dictating your life and not helping you for the greater good? In fact, your father has also blamed me, but this time, Eldest Uncle will let all the beings in this heaven and earth see that Eldest Uncle will help you behead whoever stands in the way of my little Dong’er treading the path to heaven!”