Winner Takes All Chapter 2038


Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family looked at Chen Daojun at the same time.

“You came to open the heavens?”

Chen Dong questioned offhandedly.

He truly doubted that Chen Daojun had the power to open the heavens!

The reason was simple, the power of the distant ancestors was able to fight against the heavens, and that was because of the unyielding power of resistance that had been gathered from the very beginning of mankind’s birth in ancient times.

The power of the Heavens, on the other hand, was a power that did not belong to this world, a power of the heavens that descended into the world, purely a power that belonged to another dimension.

In other words, to participate in the confrontation between these two forces, one must at least be equal to them in terms of dimension.

No matter how strong Chen Daogun is, and how long he has lived, that is still one person, one power!

“Borrowing a sword? This sword ……”

Grand Master Jiang’s body shook as he violently reacted to something, his tiger eyes gazing at the heavy sword without a blade.

Chen Daojun smiled austerely, “This strength of mine that is number one in the world, with this sword, is enough!”

He said.

Under Chen Dong’s astonished gaze and the astonished gazes of Grand Master Jiang and the others, he watched.

Chen Daojun drew out his bladeless.

Buzzing rumble ……

The biting and rigid qi energy suddenly emanated from Chen Daogun’s body.

The wind was fierce.

The ground was lifted out from underneath Chen Daogun’s feet like a plough sweeping the ground.

Even Chen Dong and the six dragons of the Jiang family were forced to stagger back by the sudden burst of Qi and the fierce power.

“Full power! This is his full strength!”

Grand Master Jiang’s tiger eyes widened as he looked at Chen Daojun as he drew his sword and rose into the air, soon his gaze however locked profoundly on the Fengless in Chen Daojun’s hand.

As Chen Dong and the others watched.

With his left hand behind his back and his sword in his right hand, Chen Daojun quickly took to the air.

The majestic qi energy swept across the sky like a shocking wave, cascading in layers, overwhelming and unparalleled.

The aura on his body even soared like a mountain being pulled up from the ground, as his height increased, his qi and aura both skyrocketed wildly.

It was overwhelming and out of sight.

Overwhelming and unparalleled.

At this moment, the soaring Chen Daogun was like a sheathed sword, pointing at the heavens.

That overwhelming and domineering aura, even in the midst of the confrontation between the power of the distant ancestors and the heavenly might, shone with a glittering light that could not be ignored.

“Is this all your power?”

Chen Dong’s heart leapt with fear as he spat out the words.

Feeling the aura and qi leaking out from Chen Daojun’s body in the air, even today he was still covered in sweat and his scalp tingled.

How much did the previous Chen Daogun …… hide?

Even now, feeling Chen Daogun’s rising full strength, in Chen Dong’s eyes, Chen Daogun is still shrouded in a veil of mystery.

While Chen Dong was shocked, he had an extremely absurd feeling that this man’s strength had never really seemed to be revealed.

Every time it felt like he had used all his strength, but only afterwards did he realise that it was also left in reserve!

Even now, with Chen Dong’s current strength, it was terrifying enough to have a feeling of scorn for Chen Daojun.

However,…… Chen Daogun’s strength and aura were still plucked up.

This number one in the world, where was his true limit?

“Just how much has he hidden?”

“I only knew before that he was hiding his strength and had never exerted his full strength, but I didn’t even think that his strength would be terrifying to this extent!”

“Our Jiang family is known as the Six Dragons, but compared to him ……”


The Jiang family members were astonished.

On the other side.

Master Empty Sky stood loftily in place, hands folded, looking at the vacant Chen Daojun, a rare look of sweat running across his ancient, unruffled face.

“Amitabha Buddha! At one time, the poor monk thought that he could compete with Daoguang, but how arrogant did he seem to be? A thousand miles difference, a thousand miles difference, Amitabha Buddha, Amitabha Buddha!”

The sound of emotion dissipated into the fishy wind.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf also landed on the ground at this moment, but at this moment, he could not help but say out loud, “This guy, far beyond my imagination!”

Gu Cang Yue and the Hidden Worlds, as well as the Hidden Worlds hiding in various parts of the battlefield, were all fuming and frozen as they gazed at the figure walking against the sky in the sky, but their hearts had already set off shocking waves.

Above the ninth heaven.

The aftershocks of the power of the distant ancestor and the might of the heavens were like a tumble from the sky, pressing down across the sky.

The two forces froze in the ninth heaven, and a loud roar rang out in the heavens.

Purple Qi stretched across the sky, rendering the heavens and earth purple.

As the purple qi swirled, it spread out for a thousand miles.

On the battlefield, the Black Prison Army and the Faith Totems, who were slaughtering indiscriminately, were not affected in the slightest.

It was as if this level of confrontation was confined to the heavens and had nothing to do with the earth and ground.

As they slaughtered and harvested, blood was drawn out from the corpses in a continuous stream, converging into rivers of blood, which rose up in the air like rivers of stars, following the rivers of blood in the sky to the sky.

And under the imprint of purple and blood.

Chen Daojun, with his hand on his frontierless hand, his qi energy was released with a roar, and his robe rattled as he climbed higher and higher.

The majestic qi and aura even surged wildly.

The aftershocks of the resistance that came down from the ninth heaven completely crashed into his body.

But from a few metres away, it was resisted and worn out by the qi that was emitted around him.

He still had his left hand behind his back and his sword in his right hand, looking up at the ninth heaven, but his deep and complex eyes were now shining with a sharp and domineering look.

Accompanied by the rivers of blood that fill the sky.

Chen Daojun quickly disappeared into the clouds.

As he entered the clouds, bizarrely the surrounding clouds actually quickly parted to the left and right to make way for him.

And the bladeless in his hand.

It suddenly buzzed with the sound of a sword chant.

Layers of sword qi rippled out from the blade of the Bladeless Sword, ravaging the space on both sides, distorting and cracking everywhere it pa*sed, revealing a gaping hole of endless darkness.

Accompanied by the sound of the sword chant.

The Bladeless also trembled more and more fiercely.

Click, click, click ……

As the sword chanted and trembled, countless cracks cracked on the blade, which was as wide and thick as a door panel.


The qi that Chen Daogun released around him exploded like a tsunami, sending waves sweeping across the sky.

His body was frozen in the sky, his robes were dancing wildly, and his hair was also in a mess.

But his eyes were like the light of a sword at this moment, stern and overwhelming.

His body bowed slightly, and his right hand, which was holding the sword, trembled in response to the sword’s chant.

“I have a sword that can open the heavens!”

Chen Daogun said through clenched teeth, his domineering, overwhelming and outward-looking aura climbing to its peak at this moment.

The majestic and vast Qi energy even stretched across the heavens.

Like a tidal wave, it roared and clamoured.

The next second.

“This sword, for humanity, opens the gates of heaven!”

The chiselled words rang out like thunder.


In the vault of the sky, Chen Daojun swung his bladeless blade brazenly.

The majestic and fierce sword qi blasted out from the bladeless blade, spanning a hundred metres across the long sky with a brilliant golden light.

A hundred metres of sword qi, spanning the long sky.

The golden sword qi was accompanied by the sound of a dragon’s roar, and the sky was filled with golden light, with countless golden runes faintly appearing.

Accompanied by Chen Daogun’s swinging of his sword, he slashed forward towards the ninth heaven.