Winner Takes All Chapter 2036

“Go well, Brother!”

Chen Dong looked at Huo Zhenxiao as he dissipated into the purple Qi, his gaze dense with a layer of mist, and his unperturbed state of mind lifted a ripple.


Chen Daojun’s lips trembled lightly as he looked at the direction where Huo Zhenxiao had disappeared at this moment, slowly closing his eyes, the hands behind his back also quietly clenching into fists.

Heaven and Earth resonated.

A rumble echoed.

Countless lines of blood, spectacularly soaring through the air, cutting across the long sky, like rivers of stars rushing to the sea, converging in a vast manner towards the vortex of purple energy.

Even the blood that had been mixed in the mud and soaked into the ground was pulled by the vortex of purple qi, peeling out of the earth and merging into the blood lines.

Dawn is rising.

The sun rises over the earth, which should have gilded everything.

But at this moment, rivers of blood are rushing through the sky, staining the heavens and the earth with blood.

Huo Zhenxiao had disappeared.

But the vortex of purple qi still existed.

The ancient and desolate aura that emanated from the vortex of purple qi, as well as the decadent human voice, were all still there.

The huge vortex of purple qi was rapidly heading high into the sky.

Behind it was an endless river of blood and stars driving the sea, following close behind.

One by one, the rivers of blood flew side by side, blood-red and blinding, together forming a wide path through the heavens.

On the earth, a river of blood rose up from the ground and merged into the path of blood through the heavens with the speed of thunder.

A vast expanse of blood covered the sky.

The vault of heaven above the vortex of purple qi was now dulled by the sunrise.

As the vortex of purple qi took to the air with countless rivers of blood, the space above the vortex of purple qi was clearly distorted, and a great invisible pressure pressed across the vortex of purple qi, hindering the vortex of purple qi and the rivers of blood from continuing upwards.

However, the sound of human voices emanating from the vortex of purple qi seemed to contain infinite power, hardening the distorted space and pushing across a path to the sky, completely sweeping away that great oppression.

All voices were silent.

The world was watching.

At this moment, on every battlefield, everyone came to a standstill.

As if frozen in time, they looked up at the vortex of purple qi and the vast bloody sea of heavenly paths.

From the time Huo Zhenxiao took to the air, to the time Huo Zhenxiao disappeared.

The entire process was in fact just a few seconds.

Even the vortex of purple Qi that carried the blood and soared into the sky was only a few seconds.

But after the heavenly might fell, it was as if time in this world was pulled to a crawl.

The vortex of purple qi continued to rise, dragging along the river of blood in the sky.

On the earth battlefield, the pools of blood and corpses that had accumulated after several days of hellish killing had all become the nourishment for the forging of the heavenly path, being constantly sucked away and integrated into the rivers of blood to construct the heavenly path.

Some of the corpses whose blood has been drained are becoming pale, dried up and shrunken at a speed visible to the naked eye ……

And this scene was discovered by the six dragons of the Jiang family, and some hidden world.

“The blood …… doesn’t seem to be enough!”

Master Jiang wrinkled his white eyebrows and said in a deep voice.

The Jiang family members were silent, the same situation, how could they ever not see it?

A battlefield of millions of people, there was no one before and probably no one after.

To forge a heavenly path with millions of living beings, this was no small gesture.

Not even the several times that the Jiang Family’s collection of scriptures had recorded in the cla*sics had ever been as great as this one!

But millions of people were not enough to forge the Heavenly Path this time!

The same scene was happening all over the battlefield.

Master Empty Space found out.

The black-robed Skywolf found out.

Gu Cang Yue and the other Hidden Worlds also found out.

And as Grand Master Jiang spoke the words in a deep voice.

Chen Daojun had already opened his eyes, and there was no longer any trace of grief in his pupils, but instead an indescribable calmness.

“Aren’t there still so many living beings still here?”

With a single word, the temperature around Chen Dong and the others instantly lowered to freezing point.

A war that was sweeping the world.

The domain and the outside of the domain had poured out all their troops, while they …… had all become the cornerstones of the Heavenly Road.

This can’t be described as tragic!

Even in the history of humanity, it can be called tragic!

Followed closely by.

Chen Daojun added: “And those mercenaries who are avoiding fighting at the moment, they should be prepared to die if they have the guts to go into battle, and ……”

At the end of his sentence, he paused for a moment and raised his eyes to look at the black-robed Sky Wolves in the distant sky.

Cyclically, Chen Daogun smiled playfully, “Animals are always animals, no matter how big the calculations are, they are just graft, a group of animals organized, that is still a group of animals!”

This statement was made.

Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons looked at Chen Daogun at the same time.

“These faith totems, they are also going to forge the Heavenly Path?” Chen Dong asked directly.

Chen Daogun said calmly, “The Pan Gu plan is not only to cultivate you, the seed of humanity who will tread the Heavenly Path, but also to cultivate a legion that will be able to travel across the world, to execute the sword on your behalf, and to gather enough cornerstones for the Heavenly Path!”

“Hiss ……”

The six dragons of the Jiang family simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air.

Even they, from the time they knew of the existence of the Black Prison Army, had always thought that Chen Daojun was making backhanded preparations to turn the tide of battle.

After all, the Heaven Treading Road was important, and the safety and security of the domain was equally important. ,

The blood feud between the extra-territorial hundred tribes and the mainland has been engraved into the bones and blood for a long time, and if the extra-territorial hundred tribes really set foot on the land of the mainland, it would be much more than just a city!

The best way to settle a deep grudge is to wipe out the enemy!

The six dragons of the Jiang family had not expected that all of Chen Daojun’s plans were only on this one journey to the sky.


The black-robed Heavenly Wolf let out a snort, “Daojun Chen, have you forgotten about Qi isolation? Do you really think that the Black Hell Army you have cultivated can be invincible and treat this Throne’s Faith Totem like an ant?”

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong, Chen Daogun and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family looked up at the sky at the same time.

It was true that Chen Daojun had not isolated the sound just now.

With the strength of the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, there was no excuse for him to be able to hear it.


A teasing smile suddenly appeared on Chen Daojun’s indifferent, ice-like face, “Is it possible that I just let you hear it on purpose?”

“You fart!” The black-robed Heavenly Wolf angrily rebuked.

However, Chen Daojun remained cold: “The Heavenly Road is already taking shape, you can choose to give up, your calculations have long been within my calculations, even you have to rely on this Heavenly Road to go to the Upper Realm, giving up is the same as everything going to zero.”

The vault of heaven.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf fell into silence.

Chen Daogun’s words were heartbreaking in every way.

But one thing was true: whether it was him or the other hidden worlds, they all had to rely on this heavenly path to seize this great opportunity.

After paying so much for it, they would never be willing to end it if it ended at this point.


After a brief hesitation.

The black-robed Skywolf’s robes bulged violently as his blood aura swirled.


The sky wolf whistled long.

On the earthly battlefield, the faith totems, which had been silent and fixed, were once again agitated, hissing and roaring as they charged towards the tide of people around them.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Daogun shrugged at Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons.

“There’s just something so comforting about a yang plot, it’s all told and it still manages to go ahead with my plan without a second thought!”