Winner Takes All Chapter 2035

The sound echoed through heaven and earth.

A moment of clarity.

Endless white light emanated from Huo Zhenxiao’s body as if it were a sharp sword, piercing through the long sky.

Countless thunderbolts and lightning gave an abrupt lurch.

The terrifying power of the heavens disappeared in this instant.

Rumble ……

The heavens and the earth roared in unison.

Endless white light filled the heavens and earth with Huo Zhenxiao as the centre.

Amidst Huo Zhenxiao’s miserable screams of pain, the white light seemed like a blazing sun, spreading out while even rippling in a bizarre circle.

The ripples spread at the same time.

At the centre where Huo Zhenxiao was, the endless white light spun up rapidly, forming a huge whirlpool.

And in the process, the white light also rapidly rendered into purple.

The lofty purple energy was transformed into a vortex.

The sound of unison echoing in the heavens and the earth grew more and more violent.

Rumble ……

The earth trembled with it.

This side of heaven and earth instantly seemed to be violently shaken by a great invisible hand.

A terrifying gaping hole crumbled and spread across the earth.

And the void was completely distorted.

A terrifying pressure washed out from the vortex of purple energy.

An ancient and desolate aura emanated from the vortex, as if this huge vortex connected the present with the past, and countless voices were faintly emanating from the vortex.

There were many voices, either sighing, rushing, or noisy.

But without exception, all the voices, no matter who they were, were difficult to hear.

Boom click! Boom! Boom click!

After a moment’s pause, the thunder and lightning went straight into a frenzy.

Immediately, it was wrapped in that wisp of heavenly might, and swept into a scorched prison of thunder and lightning, devouring all of it towards the vortex of purple Qi.

At this very moment, Huo Zhenxiao’s tattered body once again appeared from the vortex of purple Qi.

His body had long since been torn into countless pieces.

But being at the centre of the vortex of purple qi, the pain seemed to disappear completely even as the vortex took shape.

The purple qi enveloped.

Huo Zhenxiao spread out his hands, facing the lightning scorched prison that was engulfing down, and smiled askance.

“O human ancestors from the distant past, please listen to the voices of your descendants, please cross the long river of time, please open the way for your descendants once more.”

A heavy, hoarse voice resounded through the heavens and the earth.

In a flash.

The woozy voices coming out of the vortex of purple qi became even more noisy and cacophonous.

In a flash of lightning, layers of violet ripples visible to the naked eye were wildly emitted from the vortex of purple qi, directly facing the lightning scorched prison that was engulfing the head.

There was no earth-shattering explosion.

There was no lightning and thunder that swept through the sky.

The moment the purple ripple of Qi collided with the scorched prison of lightning, the two simply dissipated without a sound.


Almost simultaneously, a shout of rebuke came out from the vortex of purple Qi.

The voice was thick and heavy, like a beating drum.

It was incomparably clear, unlike the woozy human voice before.

The moment this word was vocalised.

The word came out.

The thunder clouds in the ninth heaven, the thunder suddenly ceased and the clouds dissipated.

The terrifying power of the sky also disappeared.

The sky above was as calm as if nothing had ever happened!

“This is?!”

Chen Dong was horrified.

When the Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud had gathered just now, even he was tingling all over.

The top-notch Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud, coupled with the immensity of the Heavenly Might, had been dispelled so easily?

Leaving aside the Heavenly Punishment Thunderclouds, the Heavenly Might alone was not something that an ordinary force could counteract!

The terrifying heavenly might came from above.

It is a mighty force that far surpa*ses all other forces in the world, a true descending strike!

“The power of the distant ancestors.”

Chen Daogun walked over at some point, so quietly that even Chen Dong did not notice: “In the ancient flood, since the beginning of mankind’s birth, they have never slackened off, fighting against the heavens, fighting against the earth, fighting against the fierce beasts of the flood, the will of the distant ancestors can shake the heavens!”

The power of the distant ancestors?!

Chen Dong lowered his eyebrows and pondered.

Followed closely.

He looked at Chen Daojun beside him and suddenly smiled, “Say, when you watched senior brother leave in such pain, did you ever have a ripple in your heart?”

“I am a human being, one with seven emotions and six desires!”

Chen Daogun had his hands behind his back, his eyes always gazing at the huge vortex of purple qi in the sky, “I am an old ancestor of the Chen family, I have existed for long years and have been working hard for today, but in the end, it is still difficult for me to shed my human form, compared to the Chen family, the Chen family is a continuation of my descendants, and Zhenxiao is also like my own son, do you think it is difficult for me?”

“You’ve really killed everything.”

Chen Dong said calmly.

“I know you have a lot of resentment in your heart, but you should be able to understand it after you break through to Heaven and Earth Only.”

“There are some things that should be done, so they must be done, and in order to make it happen, paying the price is a must!”

As Chen Daogun said, his right hand gently pressed on Chen Dong’s shoulder, “Your senior brother has already opened this path to heaven for you, the next step is up to you, don’t let him die in vain, only if you succeed will all those who left return!”

“What about you?”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and looked askance at Chen Daojun.

“I can’t come back!”

Chen Daojun blurted out.

Chen Dong frowned slightly and asked after him, “What do you plan to do later?”

Chen Daojun smiled meaningfully “The Reverse Heaven Felling Road has been successful, next your senior brother will use the last of his power to forge the Road to Heaven, as for me …… you have seen people who play chess, when did you personally come down as a chess piece?”

The words just fell.

The trembling heaven and earth.

The rambunctious voice suddenly rose again in a torrent.

In the vortex of purple Qi where Huo Zhenxiao was, along with a ripple of purple Qi washing out, there was a majestic suction fluctuation.

The sudden flooding of the human voice was like a call to arms.

The moment the suction force appeared, the corpse mountain at the bottom of the vortex of purple qi was the first to react.

The whole of the lofty and towering corpse mountain trembled at this moment.

A stream of blood flew up into the air, pulling up a line of blood, densely darting towards the vortex of purple Qi.

As the suction expanded in scope.

All over the battlefield, many pools of blood had long since accumulated, and under the effect of this suction, they all pulled up blood lines and soared into the air.

The long sky was littered with lines of blood.

It was a spectacular scene.

The entire battlefield was filled with lines of blood, intertwined in the sky, flying towards the purple vortex like a river of stars rushing towards the sea.

“Finally, it has appeared!”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s scarlet eyes glowed with an unparalleled blaze.

Gu Cangyue even shrugged, “See, even if they don’t use the Great Cauldron, they’ll still be able to do it!”

Although the few Hidden Worlds beside him scoffed, they could still not hide their excitement and ecstasy as they looked at the glorious river of blood that filled the sky at this moment.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha, Master Huo has accomplished his feat, poor monks will give the master another ride!”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and recited the sutra with his eyes closed.

And in the vortex of purple qi.

Huo Zhenxiao looked at the countless lines of blood flying in the sky, as if relieved.

Whirling around, he looked towards where Chen Dong and Chen Daogun were.

“I have one last step left in my mission, senior brother, and step up with me and the generals, all the way we are there!”

He said.

Huo Zhenxiao slowly turned around, turning his back on Chen Dong and Chen Daojun.

Rumble ……

The huge vortex of purple Qi shook up.

The next second.

Huo Zhenxiao, however, moved his body, wrapped in the majestic purple Qi and pulled the countless rivers of blood behind him as he quickly flew towards higher altitudes.

Heaven and earth were the curtain, purple qi and blood were the accompaniment.

As the height increased, the purple Qi around Huo Zhenxiao became more and more dense.

Eventually, his figure completely disappeared into the purple qi ……