Winner Takes All Chapter 2034

The words are straight from the heart.


The moment Huo Zhenxiao spoke these words, the space around him suddenly emitted an earth-shattering roar.

The white light that enveloped his surroundings suddenly shone brightly at this moment.

Like a white sun in the sky!

The extreme brilliance was so great that it instantly dyed heaven and earth white, dispelling the darkness that the rising sun had not yet had time to dispel.


On all sides of the battlefield, everyone, even the Black Prisoners and the Faith Totems, came to a standstill, blinded by the white light.

And the next moment.

The white light that flooded the heavens and the earth was rapidly converging.

It was as if it was a flash in the pan.

After the extreme brilliance, it quickly dissipates and decays.

All the white light poured into Huo Zhenxiao’s body as it gathered and weakened with the speed of a shooting star.

The white light entered his body.

Huo Zhenxiao’s blood-soaked body was even more formidable.

It is as fearful and majestic as the might of the heavens descending to earth.

His figure, too, rapidly grew larger and expanded after the white light entered his body.

A miserable scream of pain echoed through heaven and earth.

This moment.

Heaven and earth.

Huo Zhenxiao seemed to have become the only one.

He kept floating high into the sky.

All over his body, with the white light pouring in, his limbs and bones were immersed in endless tearing pain.

He was screaming in pain.

Screaming in agony when undergoing extreme pain is entirely biological instinct.

But he, nevertheless, continued to stare deadly at the nine heavens above.

His white, radiant eyes seemed to have crossed the nine heavens and locked onto the heavens above.

“Humanity is unyielding, and so am I. For thousands of years, Humanity has thought of countless ways, but it has never thought of giving up.”

The corners of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth turned upwards, forcing out a brutal smile.

It followed closely.

He lowered his head and looked down into the vast expanse of land below, locking onto Chen Dong on the battlefield.

“Senior brother, please prosper for the human path, senior brother will pave the way for you!”

The earth.

Chen Dong, who was kneeling on one knee, his eyes were already red by now.

The aftershocks of Huo Zhenxiao’s words were still ringing in his ears.

With a sobbing voice, Chen Dong said, “Chen Dong, send off senior brother with respect!”

Rumble ……

The heavens and the earth began to tremble.

All of the white light was pouring backwards and surging into Huo Zhenxiao’s body.

Chen Dong’s words had just fallen.

The Huo Zhenxiao in the sky suddenly laughed out loud.

The sound of laughter echoed.

It was like the sound of thunder in the ninth heaven.

With the laughter echoing.

Huo Zhenxiao, who was in the air, suddenly opened his arms and legs.

And this time, all the white light that had flooded into him actually ripped and weaved out from all parts of his body.

It was as if ten thousand swords had pierced his body and shattered his bones.

Almost simultaneously.

The heavens seemed to have sensed the end.

A terrifying heavenly might roared down from the heavens above.

The darkness that had been dispersed by the white light and the sunrise was now rapidly surging towards this heaven and earth.

Thick dark clouds were rushing towards the sky where Huo Zhenxiao was.

Rumble, rumble, rumble ……

A loud thunderclap rumbled through heaven and earth.

Countless fierce lightning bolts raged wildly through the clouds as the black clouds converged on them.

The terrifying pressure of a titanic mountain pressed down across Huo Zhenxiao’s body.

His body shook violently, and the white light that broke out of his body even gave an abrupt lurch.

Blood gushed out of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth and nose incessantly.

While his body endured the pressure, it was as if there was an invisible hand that pressed him down and bent his head.

“Zhenxiao, don’t bow your head, don’t bend your back!”

Huo Zhenxiao smiled astonishingly, forcibly resisting this terrifying heavenly might.

With the mere act of raising his head and bracing his back, the bones all over his body made a clicking sound, overwhelmed and almost breaking.

Rumble ……

Thunder and lightning ravaged the long sky.

Thick black clouds, layered on top of each other, rolled with the might of the sky, spilling darkness onto the earth once again.

This is the moment.

The roar of thunder became the only thing.

The terrifying power of the sky became the only thing.

Huo Zhenxiao also became the only one.

On the battlefield, everyone held their breath.

Countless living beings were forced to press the freeze button under this heavenly might.

The only ones who managed to keep their sanity, Chen Dong and the others, were even drenched in cold sweat when they felt that terrifying heavenly might.

It was a sense of fear that originated in their bones and blood.

It was like the bloodline suppression of animal instincts.

Even though reason fought harder to resist, it still could not restrain the urge to force itself to its knees.

Even Chen Dong was no exception.

His eyes were red with tears as he looked up at Huo Zhenxiao, who was shaking hard against the might of the heavens in the sky.

Even though he was affected by this heavenly might, he felt it so strongly.

“The heavenly might is vast, not to mention this top-level heavenly punishment thunderstorm, just this wisp of heavenly might alone, trying to reverse the path of heavenly felling, the pain that Sovereign Huo is enduring is unimaginable.”

Grand Master Jiang’s expression was grave as he murmured in a deep voice.

On the battlefield.

With his hands behind his back, Chen Daogun looked at Huo Zhenxiao, who was shaking hard against the heavenly might on the dome of the sky.

“Zhenxiao, the heavenly path starts from you, you …… can definitely do it!”

This whisper was like a prayer.

“Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky clasped his hands together and mouthed a Buddhist hymn in compa*sion.

At the same time.

As the mighty heavenly power descended, the heavenly punishment thunder clouds gathered rapidly.

The giant blood wolf that loomed across the sky, the blood aura around it was also suppressed and dimmed, and even the blood moon that loomed in the sky had disappeared at this time.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf still stood at the position of the giant Blood Wolf’s head, his scarlet eyes looking at Huo Zhenxiao’s location, unable to help but clench his fist.

“Hurry up, hurry up even more! Huo Zhenxiao, don’t let this seat down!”

On the other side.

Gu Cangyue and the several hermits were all focused on Huo Zhenxiao, whose white light had broken through his body.

“Gu Cangyue, if you sacrifice the Great Cauldron, perhaps you can help him alleviate some of the pressure of the heavenly might?” A hidden man said in a deep voice.

“Of course I can alleviate it.”

Gu Cangyue smiled without hesitation, “But who am I to help him alleviate it? If he can succeed in reversing the path of heavenly felling, I will grab this opportunity with you all, if not, I won’t panic with the Great Cauldron in place, I’m not as fraternal as you all, and I don’t know what it means to offer help!”

A few of the Hidden Worlds frowned and sulked.

For Huo Zhenxiao to succeed in felling his way out of the Heavenly Path was a great opportunity for all of them.

At least when it came to the matter of Huo Zhenxiao cutting the Heavenly Road, no matter who it was, as long as anyone who had the chance and the guts to tread the Heavenly Road, the Hidden World would put aside their stance and hope that Huo Zhenxiao would succeed in cutting the road.

But the extent of Gu Cangyue’s selfishness exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It was clear that the Great Cauldron could counteract a portion of the Heavenly Might and increase the probability of success on the path of va*salage, but Gu Cangyue actually managed to hold back!

Click, click, click ……

The bones all over Huo Zhenxiao’s body trembled incessantly as the heavenly might approached him.

The sound of cracking, even louder and louder!

He could even clearly feel that the bones and flesh all over his body were in a state of disintegration.

Just by raising his head in this way, he was crushed by the heavenly might to the point where his seven orifices bled.

And as he continued to rise into the air, he was getting closer and closer to the raging and rampaging Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud in the sky dome.

The blazing heat of the thunder and lightning had even earlier distorted the firmament above his head.

Beams of electricity rippled down and ravaged Huo Zhenxiao’s body, causing him even more pain.

The white light that broke out from his body around him became more and more prevalent.

Huo Zhenxiao tilted his head back, facing the raging clouds of heavenly punishment thunder, and suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood as he hissed.

“Heavenly Path, open!”