Winner Takes All Chapter 2032

Looking at the middle finger raised by Chen Daojun.

The black-robed Skywolf’s body shook, and the blood light in his eyes fiercely flourished.

“Daojun Chen, wait until the moment you really tread the Heavenly Path, you will definitely know how foolish what you are doing now really is!”

These words were almost squeezed out by the black-robed Heavenly Wolf through clenched teeth.

As a believer of the Hundred Clans, he had accumulated thousands of years of confidence.

Chen Daogun’s phrase “sinful beast” had torn all his confidence to pieces.


The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s gaze swept across the battlefield.

The bloody slaughter had reached a fever pitch.

Whether it was the Faith Totem or the Black Prison Army, everywhere they pa*sed, corpses were lying everywhere and a sea of blood was flowing.

Finally, its gaze looked towards the sky.

“The dawn is breaking, and the cornerstone for forging the Heavenly Path is almost enough, Chen Daojun …… This time, let’s see whether your planning is deeper, or whether this seat’s accumulated reserves of thousands of years are stronger!”

A soft murmur echoed in the long, bloody sky.

At the same time.

Behind the battlefield.

Gu Cang Yue and several of the Hidden Worlds stood side by side, looking at the chaotic battlefield.

Several people showed indescribable indifference on their faces.

To them, the lives that died on the battlefield were merely the price that had to be paid for treading the Heavenly Path.

At their level, they were indifferent to life and death, and had long since faded away from their seven emotions and desires, seeking nothing more than to reach the peak of the martial dao.

Enhancing strength and paying the price have always gone hand in hand.

No matter how many people die on the battlefield, in their eyes they are just a bunch of humble ants.

“Gu Cang Yue, soon the Heavenly Road will take shape, your Great Cauldron should also come out, right?”

A Hidden World man laughed strangely and looked at Gu Cangyue.

At those words.

Several people around him, likewise looked towards Gu Cangyue.

They had all seen what Gu Cangyue had done since the start of the Great War.

In order to preserve his strength, he had missed the opportunity to seriously injure Chen Dong’s strength, and he had even brought the essence of “the way of the dead is not the way of the poor” into full play.

From their point of view, Gu Cangyue was simply ignoring the bigger picture.

Even for these hermits, they were not ashamed of Gu Cangyue’s actions.

“If I don’t, that’s my business, so I don’t need you all to worry about me!”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. , , and


The several hidden world’s face is ugly to the extreme, look at ancient Cang Yue’s eyes more as if to eat people.

“Don’t be complacent either, the Heavenly Road is bound to be shaped by a thousand armies crossing a single wooden bridge!”

“Even if you have the Great Cauldron, if you want to compare yourself with Chen Dong and the others, you are still a cut short of the Qi!”

“Not worried? If you didn’t have the Great Cauldron, let’s see if you would still be able to say such wild things!”

Faced with the ridicule of several hermits, he said.

With his hands behind his back, Gu Cangyue smiled a bitter smile, “But I just have the Great Cauldron, and my qi is just a cut above yours, who let you not be called Gu?”

A few of the hermits were red in the face and were speechless for a moment.

Time pa*sed slowly.

On the battlefield, slaughter had become the main theme.

A trail of qi raged across the battlefield, destroying everything in its path.

Human lives were like gra*s, as humble as dust.

Mountains of corpses were piled up everywhere.

Even some of the corpses are hardly intact, but in pieces, mutilated!

After all, not to mention ordinary Rongwu, even the peak of martial arts under Qi Jin would be powerless in the face of the Qi rampage of a Qi Jin powerhouse, and would have to be strangled into countless pieces of flesh on the spot.

The Qi energy released by a Qigong practitioner is only a simple attack to them.

But to ordinary people, it is a myriad of powerful blades!

The earth had already been drenched in blood, the ground was muddy and covered with blood.

The blood rolled onto the low ground, forming pools of blood, but more formed a stream of blood that flowed in the direction of the lower ground.

It was cold in the North.

But after such a long time of killing, the wind and snow were no longer so bitingly cold.

Instead, the fishy breeze has added a touch of warmth to it.

Chen Dong stood on the battlefield, standing side by side with the six dragons of the Jiang family.

Compared to the chaotic battlefield where they were killing each other, they seemed to be isolated from the world.

No half of the battle raged to their side.

Because of this, they were able to see the whole war situation more clearly.

“This war will remain forever in the annals of human history!”

“The world has fallen betwixt and between, saying that it is a war within the domain and outside the domain, but in fact it has already swept the whole world.”

“The Jiang family is burdened with the duty of supporting the dangers of the land and the heavens, and can only watch on this time.”


The Jiang family members lamented one after another.

“Perhaps it is even more painful for the one above.”

Grand Master Jiang raised his head and looked towards Master Khong Khong who was always seated high in the sky, splashing golden light.


Several members of Jiang’s family sighed even more heavily.

Chen Dong remained silent, since his mind had metamorphosed, it was difficult for many things to make waves in his heart.

The mountains of corpses and blood on this magnificent battlefield were all there for him to see, yet he was even more calm than before.

After relying on his demonic nature and devouring hundreds of clusters of faith power, this state of mind had become even tougher and unperturbed.

It was also at a time when the six dragons of the Jiang family were lamenting.

His gaze, however, was profoundly sweeping over every corner of the battlefield.

To be precise, it was sweeping at the stream of blood that had converged on the battlefield floor.

The vast battlefield was a vast sea of blood.

Countless streams of blood flowed in the lowlands, converging in the direction of the lower ones.


Chen Dong’s eyes burst out with a brilliant aura, following a stream of blood and locking onto the most lofty corpse mountain in the distance.

“Senior Brother ……”

Dawn was breaking at this time.

The fish-belly white of the sky was like a pair of large, brutal hands ferociously and quickly tearing through the darkness.

A curl of morning light spreads over the land.

Emerging from the east, it shines diagonally across the land.

A ray of morning light shines right on that lofty corpse mountain, on the looming Huo Zhenxiao.

The shouting and killing continued.

Screams and wails echoed from heaven and earth.

There were even legions of soldiers urging their men to advance with the sound of trumpets.

But at this moment.

None of this was of concern to Chen Dong.

In his line of sight, Huo Zhenxiao, who was enveloped by the morning glow, was now surrounded by space that was cleansed by a ripple of the morning glow’s white light.

Very faint fluctuations!

But in Chen Dong’s eyes, it was incomparably clear.

With Huo Zhenxiao as the starting point, the ripples spread and rippled, following the direction of the rising sun and washing away in layers.

At this moment, it was as if time had become void around Huo Zhenxiao.

“Has the Human Seed Daoist Platform activated?”

The six dragons of the Jiang Family all noticed something at the same time and looked towards Huo Zhenxiao on the corpse mountain.

Almost simultaneously.

Huo Zhenxiao’s voice suddenly sounded in Chen Dong’s ears.

“Senior brother, senior brother forges the path for you ……”