Winner Takes All Chapter 2031


“No way!”

Qin Ye and Zhao Breaking spoke in fear almost simultaneously.

The words had not yet fallen.

Jiang Qilin’s starry eyes erupted with a brilliant aura.

He quickly locked onto a direction, and in his line of sight, a figure was slowly walking towards him.


But in the blink of an eye.

Chen Daojun was already close at hand.

“Senior Daogun!”

Jiang Qilin spoke in surprise, “You deliberately sold me a breakthrough?”

With his understanding of Daogun Chen’s strength, even within the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, if Daogun Chen hadn’t deliberately revealed it, he would never have discovered it.

Qin Ye and Zhao Breaking also looked at Chen Daojun in front of them.

Zhao Broke-Ru even asked directly, “Senior, the mysterious person in the formation in the Windwave Ancient City at the beginning, was it you?”

“It wasn’t me.”

Chen Daojun raised an eyebrow and swept over the three Jiang Qilin, “You seem surprised by my appearance?”

“Senior is hiding his form in a formation, such a feeling was encountered once when we relied on the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts to subdue the laboratory under the remains of the Ancient City of Feng Bo, that’s why we were doubly surprised by senior’s appearance.” Jiang Qilin said.

“You guys encountered it once at the Wind Wave Ancient City Ruins?”

Chen Daojun rubbed his chin and suddenly narrowed his eyes with a smile.

Jiang Qilin, Zhao Breaker and Qin Ye, too, were frowning with doubts on their faces.

A moment ago, Jiang Qilin even thought for a moment that Chen Daojun was the mysterious man from the original formation, but Chen Daojun reacted in such a way that he was definitely not.

But if it wasn’t Chen Daojun, then who was the mysterious person in the first place?

“Senior, what are your orders?”

Jiang Qilin was the first to come back to his senses.

Chen Daojun’s smile disappeared and his indifferent look returned.

“When the dawn breaks, the Heavenly Path will be forged successfully, and you will be needed to escort Chen Dong for a ride at that time.”

Chen Daogun spoke bluntly, and as he spoke, he raised his finger to point at Jiang Qilin again.

Jiang Qilin first froze, then reacted and looked down at his feet.

“Does senior mean to use the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts?”

“That’s right, but any one of them alone won’t be enough.”

Chen Daogun nodded, then swept over Zhao Breaking and Qin Ye, “The Zhuge Family’s people are already arriving soon, when that time comes, you three, together with Zhuge Qing, a total of four of you, will need to be in charge of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, so that it is possible to maximize the power of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts!”

There was a pause.

Chen Daojun looked at Qin Ye worriedly, “Qin Ye, I’m not worried about any of them, but you have previously lost to the extreme in order to guard Zhenjiang City and push the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, will you be able to do it then?”

“You guess?”

Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders.

Chen Daojun: “……”

“If it’s someone else, I can’t.”

Qin Ye smiled spontaneously, “But escorting Brother Dong, I’m very good at it!”

Although he was smiling, Qin Ye’s gaze was incomparably firm, as if he had made some kind of decision in this instant.

“That’s good.”

Chen Daojun smiled, his gaze once again swept over the three of them one by one, and said meaningfully, “You are all excellent and proud sons of the sky, any one of you can laugh and boast of your peers, but red flowers and green leaves, there has to be a trade-off, it’s hard for you all this time, escorting Dong’er!”

As he said this, Chen Daojun’s gaze lingered on Jiang Qilin for a moment longer.

Jiang Qilin sensed it and smiled slightly, “Senior’s words, Qilin understands, when he volunteered a drop of Qilin blood, Qilin already figured it out, Dong has taught me a lot, this chance, I am lucky to get it, I am not resentful, I am at senior’s beck and call when the dawn breaks.”

“It’s just that I owe it to your Jiang family.” Chen Daojun said apologetically.

“For the sake of Cang Sheng, no harm done.” Jiang Qilin shook his head.

On the side, Zhao Breru shrugged, “Senior, I don’t have any problem with what you said, Dong is treading the heavenly path, we as brothers should help the scene, but you can blow them both, don’t bring me along, I’m embarra*sed.”

“You are the person chosen by that boy Xu Qingfeng, the world’s talent totals one stone, boy Xu has 80% of it all to himself and stole the remaining 20%, his vision can’t be wrong.”

Chen Daojun said with a smile, “Besides, Kid Xu sees you, that Human Emperor Qi in your body alone is second to none under the heavens, Jiang Qilin as a member of Jiang’s family is not treated with this opportunity as you are, three drops of Qilin blood is not as important as that Human Emperor Qi of yours.”

Zhao Brocade froze.

Jiang Qilin even glanced profoundly at Zhao Broke-Ru, and even though he tried his best to suppress it, a hint of envy still flowed from his handsome face.

As a member of the Jiang family, originating from Yan Huang, the three words Human Emperor Qi alone should belong to the two great Yan Huang clans and gentry. , the

But the Jiang family did not have it, and neither did the Gu family.

But the Jiang family does not have it, and neither does the Gu family, but Zhao Breru has a human emperor’s qi! |The

Jiang Qilin knew very well that if it were in the ancient times, with this Human Emperor’s Qi alone, Zhao Bailu would have been enough to reach the top of Mount Tai and overlook the world.

I’m just a second-rate kid, so it’s up to old man Xu to look up to me, but I don’t have the face to compete with Jiang Qilin.”

“That’s all.”

Chen Daojun waved his hand, “I am not only asking you to escort Dong’er to the city, but I also want to ask you for one thing.”

The three of them were startled at the same time.

To have Chen Daogun use the word “beg” was too sensational.

The golden light shone brightly.

It shone all around.

As Chen Daojun stepped forward and whispered softly.

The shock on Jiang Qilin’s three faces intensified, and even the golden light that was always sweeping through the four-sided city gates gave a pause at this moment.

On the battlefield.

When Chen Dong saw the stagnant golden light, his cold and indifferent face couldn’t help but ooze with disbelief.

“Chen Daojun, what have you been doing since you entered the city?”

With Jiang Qilin at the helm of the formation, this golden light would not present any problems for a while.

But now, while the killing was going on inside the city, the golden light suddenly stopped defending the four-sided city gates, which was obviously related to Daojun Chen who had just entered the city.

The six dragons of the Jiang family, at this moment, were also looking at each other with some doubts and worries.

“He shouldn’t be that underhanded, right?”

Third Master Jiang said with some concern.

Grand Master Jiang put his hands behind his back, “He is Chen Daojun, do you guys think he would be so underhanded? If he wasn’t despicable, then he wouldn’t be Chen Daojun!”

The words just fell.

Master Jiang Liu suddenly turned red and angrily cursed in the direction of Zhenjiang City, “Chen Daogun, I’ll say goodbye to your whole family!”

Chen Dong’s brows furrowed as he gave a complicated glance at Jiang Sixth Master.


Under the watchful eyes of Chen Dong and the others, Chen Daojun’s figure appeared at the entrance of the Northern City.

In the midst of ten thousand armies.

Chen Daogun was still walking idly, with his hands behind his back, slowly walking towards them.

“Daojun, are you ready for this?”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s teasing laughter suddenly came out, “This opportunity, let’s see who can snatch it from you and me?”

Daojun Chen’s footsteps lurched.

Then, turned around.

He faced the direction of the black-robed Skywolf, raised his right hand and raised a middle finger.

“Sinful beast, are you worthy of it?”

At the same time.

Under the extreme darkness, the darkness at the edge of the sky, however, had slowly torn out a gap of whitish color.

The darkness pa*sed.

Dawn breaks ……