Winner Takes All Chapter 2030

“What’s the solution?”

Kui Gang looked towards Shying Xing excitedly.

Once he saw Shying’s face, he was stunned.

Shying Xing looked shadily at the black-robed Heavenly Wolf high in the sky, his lips lightly parted.

“When faith abandons its people and disregards them, then it will be time for the people to abandon faith.”

One word, low and resentful.

As soon as the words were spoken, it was as if the cold wind around them had instantly become bitter and fierce.


Kui Gang froze in shock.

In an instant, it felt like a chill leapt up from the soles of his feet to the sky.

As Huns, faith held a supreme place in their hearts.

And now Xixing’s words sent shivers down Kui Gang’s spine.

Even now, the thought had never crossed Kui Gang’s mind.

Even with the relationship between Xie Xing and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, Kui Gang could not believe that such words could come out of Xie Xing’s mouth.

One was the faith of the Hundred Clans.

One was the King of the Huns in the limelight.

Divine power and kingship, the two were supposed to complement each other.

But now the kingship is ready to challenge the faith.

“Queen, this is a thought that not only the Huns, but the Hundred Tribes, have not had for thousands of years.”

Qui Gong felt his throat tighten a little as he struggled to squeeze out the words.

“Then from now on, there is!”

With a flutter of his sleeve robe, Xixing turned around abruptly and walked towards the darkness, “I can provoke the hundred tribes to join forces and regain the glory of the Xiongnu once, then this matter, also starts with me, I, Xixing, have never had the word obedience in my dictionary since I was a child, the anti-bone is born, even if it is a belief, it is still disobedient!”

The words were resounding and fearful like thunder.

Kui Gang froze in place, looking at Xie Xing fading into the darkness.

Shying’s words were like a thunderous sound that would not end for a long time.

His whole body was a little dazed, and his body was even more tingling.

He did not know exactly what Xixing was going to do, but Xixing’s words were already sensational enough.

For thousands of years, the Hundred Clans had always had faith at the top.

And Shying was intent on overturning something that had been ingrained for thousands of years.

Half the time.

Kui Gang suddenly laughed.

“Yes, you were never a rebel!”

He turned to look at the vast battlefield.

As far as the eye could see, there was bloodshed and slaughter.

Mountains of corpses and rivers of blood.

After war becomes naked killing, war loses its original meaning.


Kui Gang’s tiger eyes turned scarlet and bloomed with a ferocious light.

“Since you want to rebel, let’s rebel together for once, don’t you all want more people to die?”

Finished speaking.

Kui Gang quickly walked towards the camp.

“Pa*s on this marshal’s military order, give up the southward detour, the whole army will fight to the death, this is the big showdown!”

The military order came out.

The entire army was in an uproar.

These generals and marshals did not know what the black-robed Skywolf intended to do, but they were still able to judge the situation.

As the war was going on, Kui Gang had previously ordered the whole army to detour and take a detour to the south.

This military order seemed to them to be incredibly correct and just right to deal with the situation on the battlefield.

But now, an all-army showdown?

That was the way to die!

The casualties were already heavy enough, but instead of thinking of ways to reduce them and increase their chances of winning, they were just going to fight to the death?

All of a sudden, voices of dissuasion rang out in Kui Gang’s ears.

But Kui Gang turned a deaf ear to them.

On the battlefield, military orders were like mountains.

Once Kui Gang’s orders were issued, even if the generals did not understand them, they still carried them out.

The great battlefield.

All the hundred allied armies that had been suffering from slaughter gave up their plans to meander southwards as the order arrived.

Faced with the vast and overwhelming Black Prison Army, all the Hundred Clans were determined to die and gritted their teeth to meet them.

The tide of people surged.

The slaughter continued.

All the legions of the Hundred Allied Clans, except for the mercenaries, were crowded and swallowed up towards the nearest Black Hell Army.

Only what awaited them was the merciless crushing of the Black Prison Army!

There was no escape.

There were no tactics.

All of the Allied Rongwu were determined to meet the Black Prisoners in the most direct way possible.

Just as the legions of reinforcements from all sides of the domain met the Faith Totem with determination.

Knowing that they would die, no one ever stopped.

Compared to the reinforcements from within the domain, they were more afraid not to go forward.

According to the cruel rules of the Hundred Clans War, if they did not dare to go forward at this point, what awaited them would be the implication of their families!

If one person flees, the whole family will be implicated!

The Hundred Clans’ laws of survival were indeed cruel, but even if they were, the soldiers were not so cruel that they could ignore their families’ lives.


High in the sky, the blood aura escaping from the giant blood wolf gave a violent lurch.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf looked at the situation on the battlefield below with astonishment and uncertainty.

Looking down from high above, the battlefield changed as far as the eye could see.

One by one, the legions of the Hundred Clans United Army surged towards the Black Prison Army like a tidal wave, incomparably clear on the battlefield.

Such a change was a little startling even to the black-robed Heavenly Wolves.

Even from a great distance away, he could feel the determined death-defying aura of each of the legions of the Hundred Clans United Army pouncing on him!

“Giving up the struggle? Or have the …… mole crickets thought of another way?”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf murmured softly, and then his black robe shook violently as his majestic blood energy rolled out once again.

The giant blood wolf blood qi washed, backwards rolled blood qi attacked the blood moon at the same time.

The huge wolf’s head slowly lifted up, once again raising its head to the sky and letting out a long whistle.

The wolf roared into the sky.

And on the battlefield, a squad of faith totems, with the long wail of the Heavenly Wolf, clearly roamed more swiftly, harvesting the legions of all sides in the domain even faster.

The slaughter entered a white-hot phase.

“All armies charge, all armies charge, all armies charge!”

“Sons and daughters, death is ahead of you, but go forward.”

“For the sake of the river and mountains behind us, for the sake of our homes and families, fight these animals, even if we die, we will use our corpses to stop their way south!”

“The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry has set an example for us, don’t let the other brother troops look funny on this battlefield!”


A hissing roar echoed through the tide of people.

Compared to the silence and determination to die of the allied army of the Hundred Clans, the legions of the various parties in the domain clearly had more of a pa*sion for blood.

Just as Shying Xing had said, there were different beliefs within and without the domain!

This directly led to the two sides of the army, when faced with the same situation, showing different attitudes towards it!

Inside Zhenjiang City.

Compared to the rampant slaughter outside the city.

Only inside the city, there is still a few moments of war.

The city’s gates were sealed with the help of Jiang Qilin’s manipulation of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts.

More troops, in all directions within Zhenjiang City, swift as thunder to harvest the allied forces within the city and retake the defense of Zhenjiang City.

The company’s main business is the development of a new product, a new product for the company.

A smile of relief appeared on Admiral Vermilion Bird’s face. , , and

He raised his hand and wiped a handful of blood from his face, “Master Huo, we have retaken this city, with Zhenjiang City in place, if the situation changes in the subsequent war, we will have something to fall back on in our domain!”

The city was in chaos as they killed each other.

No one had noticed that a figure had calmly and easily entered the city.

Chen Daojun was like a man in the middle of nowhere, and even though the city was full of chaotic people, he was still not noticed.

He walked straight towards the eye of the eight formations of the Divine Ghost Formation Diagram.

“Hmm? Someone’s coming!”

Jiang Qilin suddenly raised his eyebrows and scanned the surroundings in alarm.

As a formation controller, he could clearly detect the movement within the area encompa*sed by the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

But followed closely.

His sword brows knitted together, “I can’t find anyone, it’s a bit similar to the feeling I had when I faced that mysterious person in the Windwave Old City.”