Winner Takes All Chapter 2029

It is hard to imagine just how much – strength it took for Huo Zhenxiao to say this.

When the words came out.

The wind and snow around him seemed to quiet down for a moment.

Chen Daojun’s lips trembled, and tears could not stop flowing down from the corners of his eyes.

This man, who had made the life of the gods his chess piece, was at this moment crying like a man in tears.

Huo Zhenxiao looked at the man in front of him and for a moment his eyes fluttered a little.

He struggled to pull up the corners of his mouth and smiled.

It was just that under the firelight imprint, he could not stop the tears from flowing as well with this smile.

He had already known his destiny the moment he had sensed that power within him, and understood even better why his strength had increased so rapidly since he had followed Chen Daojun, and in thirty years’ time, it had been worth the peak of power that countless hermits had spent their entire lives pursuing.

Everything was already predetermined.

Perhaps Chen Daojun had arranged his destiny, or perhaps Chen Daojun had simply discovered his destiny, brought him out of that icy wasteland, and set him back on the trajectory of destiny that should have belonged to him.

And now it was time for him to go and practise his mission!

Without the slightest complaint, even as Huo Zhenxiao uttered these words with all his might …… D*mn!

Calm and frank, submissive acceptance.

When he understood everything, he was ready for it.

“I’m sorry.”

Chen Daojun’s voice trembled and hissed.

The words fell.

He turned around abruptly and his robe trembled with a fierce “buzz”, sending ripples through his body that caused the campfire beside him to throb a little brighter.

As he turned around, the hot tears in his eyes disappeared, and he looked indifferent once again, without any trace of grief.

“The human race will remember forever, and your name will be eternal in this vast snowy plain.”

Chen Daojun held his hands behind his back, his voice no longer wavering in the slightest.

This man, it was as if he was cold-blooded to the bone, one second his emotions were rippling, the next he was able to collect and suppress everything.

Everything was always under his own control.

After saying this, he walked towards the bottom of the mountain of corpses.

One step at a time, walking very slowly.

Really slow!

This time, he was really slow, really slow.

As he walked down the mountain of corpses, Chen Daojun’s back couldn’t help but hunch down, as if he had aged to the extreme.

He stopped.

Then he turned around once more, tilted his head, and looked at Huo Zhenxiao on the corpse mountain.

Three seconds of silence.

He suddenly bent his knees and knelt on the ground, kowtowing heavily to Huo Zhenxiao on the corpse mountain.

The cold wind was bitterly cold.

The wind and snow were like knives.

On the corpse-capped mountain, Huo Zhenxiao looked down on Chen Daojun, who was kneeling below, his gaze blazing and burning.

Followed closely by.

Chen Daogun rose, and without further delay, turned and left in giant strides.

He took one step, but it was towards Zhenjiang City.

A great battlefield, a killing spree.

But Chen Daojun seemed to be outside of it, wandering idly through the battlefield, as if it was two worlds away from the bloody killing.

The sound of shouting and killing, screaming and wailing.

On one side were the faith totems sweeping across the legions of all sides of the domain.

On the other hand, the entrance of the Black Hell Army did not save the legions of the various parties in the domain from being slaughtered.

There was no earth-shattering force to save the day.

There was only the joining of the killing as in the case of the army of the totem of faith.

One by one, the flaming gods of death and war rolled across the battlefield with a terrifying pressure that was like a prison, and they were invincible, destroying everything in their path.

The cooperation between them was even greater than that of the Faith Totem army.

So much so that they were able to sweep across the battlefield with absolutely no casualties.

Unlike the Faith Totem Army, they would always find an opportunity to inflict heavy damage when faced with the desperate counter-attacks of the legions in the domain.

Chen Dong stood on the battlefield, sweeping his gaze one by one over Kunlun, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf who were invincible on the battlefield.

The old men remained the same.

However, the strength of the three men was many times stronger than before they left and went to the Black Prison.

Especially Kunlun, after breaking the Qi shackles, he had improved in all aspects, and his battle power was fierce and unparalleled.

However, compared to the entire battlefield situation, the effect of Kunlun’s entrance, or that of the entire Black Prison Army, was stretched to the limit.

They did not turn the tide of the battle, but rather acted as a huge reaping machine, reaping countless human lives on the battlefield together with the Faith Totems.

Chen Dong’s eyes quickly shifted to the battlefield, to Chen Daogun who was heading towards Zhenjiang City.

He did not know exactly what Chen Daogun had said to Huo Zhenxiao.

But from a long distance away, he still clearly saw what Chen Daogun had done to Huo Zhenxiao, as well as that final kowtow under the corpse mountain.

Chen Daogun wandered around as if he was an outsider, and indeed displayed the style of the chess-player to the fullest.

Now, for example, it was as if he was laying out the pieces!

And everyone, even if they witnessed it, no one dared to stop.

Beside him, the six dragons of the Jiang family gazed at Chen Daojun with complexity and apprehension.

The Sixth Master Jiang even had a fluctuating expression as he swept past Chen Daojun and looked at the golden light that swept across the city within Zhenjiang.

“How good would it be if Qilin’er hadn’t been involved in this pointless war?”

This was the thought that ran through the mind of the Sixth Master Jiang.

But things had come to this, and he could only sigh with sorrow.


The vault of heaven.

The giant blood wolf that loomed like a mountain was still venting its blood energy, reeling backwards to attack the blood moon in the corner of the firmament.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf stood in the position of the wolf’s head in the void, looking at the figure of Chen Daojun below, but was unmoved.

Instead, after gazing for a few seconds, he turned his gaze towards the rear of the battlefield of the Hundred Clans United Army.

“Smarta*s, the weak can only abide by the rules, the strong can make them, the way you think you can break the game is just an early acceleration of my plan.”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf murmured hoarsely.

And in the rear camp of the allied army of the Hundred Clans.

At this moment, Xie Xing and Kui Gang looked at what was happening on the battlefield, their expressions bleak and desperate to the extreme.

“So, we’ve still failed?”

Xixing’s red lips were noisy, but her stunning face was bloodless.

Kui Gang was silent, and there was resignation in his tiger eyes.

He clenched his fists tightly, and the veins on the back of his hands trembled like earthworms.

In the face of absolute strength crushing him, any change in strategy became a mere illusion.

There was no moment that made Kui Gang feel it more profoundly than now.

Facing disagreement at the top, it was already rare for him to be able to think of a way to break the situation in such a situation.

But then, the Black Prison Army came out halfway and destroyed his last plan.

With the Black Prison Army rampaging across the battlefield, even if the millions of troops wanted to break out and go south, it would be a luxury.

With absolute strength crushing them, the naked descending strike made the Black Prison Army, even if they were scattered into small groups, enough to stop an entire army on the battlefield and directly reap the slaughter.

Everything around them was extraordinarily quiet.

One by one, the Hidden Ones, too, were nowhere to be found.

Kui Gang subconsciously looked at the black-robed celestial wolf in the sky dome and smiled sadly: “We seem to be worse than pawns in front of faith.”

“Perhaps, there is one last way for us.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Xie Xing’s beautiful eyes suddenly flooded with extreme resentment, as if she was a venomous snake with the utmost shade, gazing straight at the black-robed Heavenly Wolf on the sky dome.