Winner Takes All Chapter 2027

“Black Hell Army, charge!”

As Kunlun’s roar resounded across the battlefield.

In an instant.

Boom, boom, boom ……

A trail of qi pizzazz, transformed into a long rainbow, took to the air at the same time in all parts of the battlefield.

The scene was shocking and spectacular.


Every one of the Black Prisoners was a Qi powerhouse, and the might emanating from them was no less powerful than that of the Faith Totem.

These Black Prisoners were all former kings of soldiers, gods of war and gods of killing, with incomparably rich battlefield experience, and in a sense were able to exert their killing power to a greater extent than the Faith Totems on the battlefield.

When they were first imprisoned in the Black Prison by Chen Daogun, they were all great masters of their side and their personal strength had touched the threshold of Qi Jin, and in the Black Prison, these men never stopped pursuing a higher level of force.

But the threshold of qi jin is so illusory that sometimes it is a moment of enlightenment, but sometimes it is a lifetime of inactivity.

The emergence of the martial body has given all these people this opportunity!

The genetic transformation of the “Pan Gu Project” has magnified this opportunity even more.

After breaking through the qi jin, their individual strength is also closely related to their personal enlightenment and their transformed body functions.

For example, Kunlun, with the same opportunity, has improved far more than Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf.

At this time, when the former kings of soldiers, gods of war and gods of killing returned to the battlefield, it is no longer enough to say that they were like fish in water, with their strength, they were more like dragons swimming in the shallows!

A trail of qi that soared to the sky spread across the battlefield.

Under the leadership of Kunlun’s three men, the qi coils formed three distinct streams on the battlefield.

The vast tide of people headed straight for the scattered armies of the Hundred Clans heading south.

There was no unnecessary nonsense.

As soon as contact was made, the killing erupted at the first touch.

Just like the previous ma*sacre of the reinforcements from all sides in the domain by the Faith Totem, the three Kunlun led the Black Prison Army and directly started a slaughter and reaping the harvest on the allied army of the Hundred Tribes.

Under the qi energy, all beings were equal.

The same scene was re-enacted by the Black Prison Army on the Hundred Clans United Army.

One by one, the Black Prison Army was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, blood flying and limbs broken wherever they pa*sed.

Killing was as easy as eating and drinking for them.

With their Qi energy, each Black Prisoner was transformed into a human-shaped meat grinder.

The vast army of the Hundred Clans was like being pierced by three sharp knives, stabbing back and forth.

With the entrance of the Black Prison Army, Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons also gathered their might and gave up blocking the Hundred Clans’ allied army from heading south, leaving the entire battlefield to the Black Prison Army.

With such an army in existence.

Even if the Hundred Clans Allied Army wanted to scatter southwards, then at least in terms of speed, they would have to run ahead of the Black Prison Army.

But that, as it were, was impossible!

The screams, the wails ……

These sounds paled in comparison to the roar of a qi explosion.

The vast army of the Hundred Clans was as weak as a piece of paper, and the slightest touch of the Black Prison Army would result in a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood wherever it went.

“Form up the army, form up the army!”

“Hold it back, hold it back!”

“Skywolf in the sky, why, why do they have legions that exist like this too?”


One of the allied generals was on the verge of collapse at this point.

No matter how they organized their resistance, they could hardly resist the advancing ma*sacre of the Black Prison Army.

Or rather, they were no longer organising to resist, but were using the situation of resistance to seek a hope of survival.

But in the face of absolute crushing strength, any fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy.

The great battlefield is in full swing.

It was bizarre.

On one side, the faith totems slaughter and reap the rewards of the legions from all sides of the domain.

On one side was the swift entry of the Black Hell army, slaughtering and reaping the harvest from the legions of the Hundred United Tribes.

The two armies were all strong in qi energy.

The two legions that should have dominated the battle were the ones that should have fought together and started a battle of Qi power.

Instead, the two legions tacitly agreed not to clash, but to slaughter and reap the rewards in their respective battlefields.

Killing for the sake of killing.

The war went on to this scene, but suddenly the meaning of war was lost.

The appearance of the two legions seemed to have turned the battlefield, which had long been scorched for a thousand miles, into a complete reaper of human lives.

Chen Dong stood on the battlefield, and not far from him were the six dragons of the Jiang family.

He watched in silence as the Black Prison Army slaughtered the allied army of the Hundred Clans, his pitch-black eyes having complexity.

Everything …… was going in the direction he had presumed!

Chen Daojun led the Black Prison Army to appear on the battlefield, and indeed did not push or change the entire war.

“What are you dying so many people for?”

Chen Dong subconsciously glanced at the Bladeless in his hand and murmured softly.

At the same time,.

In the chaos of the battlefield.

A jeep was speeding across the battlefield like nobody’s business, heading towards Chen Dong.

The six dragons of the Jiang family had already noticed the jeep.

“The Daoist Monarch is here!”

Grand Master Jiang spoke calmly.

Several people, however, faced the jeep at the same time and moved their bodies, actually leaning towards Chen Dong at the same time.

“Seniors, why on earth would he want so many people to die?”

Chen Dong frowned as he asked the six dragons of the Jiang Clan who had leaned over.

He could only speculate on one, but not the other.

The whole war had become purely in the nature of harvesting and killing human lives, what would it become further down the line?

Even though Chen Dong had just speculated what would happen when Chen Daogun arrived, it was still difficult for him to accept it now that it was actually happening before his eyes.

“For the sake of stepping on the Heavenly Road!”

With a complicated expression, Grand Master Jiang said in a deep voice, “Whether you believe it or not, whether you are willing to accept it or not, this step is the only way to ask for the heavens, as concluded by the sages of all generations, only this time, the last chance, Daogun has just expanded everything infinitely!”

“So ……”

Chen Dong pondered, “These countless human lives are the bricks and stones that pave out the path to treading the heavens?”

Grand Master Jiang nodded in silence.

The Sixth Master Jiang at the side said in a deep voice, “Chen Dong, perhaps it will be difficult for you to accept all this with your three views, but Heaven and Earth are unkind and treat all things as ruminants, and if we don’t break down, we won’t be able to stand, and if we don’t take this step, the human race will never have a chance to tread the heavens.”

Chen Dong smiled.

The smile was somewhat forlorn.

Indeed, it was a little difficult for him to accept.

But what could he do if he didn’t accept what was already done?


The jeep sped up to the front, and with a whipping drift, stopped in front of Chen Dong and the Jiang family’s six dragons, even setting off a thick fishy wind.


The car door opened.

Chen Daojun slowly stepped down from the car.


The six dragons of the Jiang family shouted at the same time.

With his hands behind his back and an ancient expression, Chen Daogun said in a deep voice, “Thank you all six for helping me protect Dong’er’s state of strength. ,”

The six dragons of the Jiang family changed their expressions for a moment, all a little unnatural.

They had indeed appeared in the battlefield to protect Chen Dong’s state of strength.

However, Chen Dong’s current state of strength had not only quenched his demonic nature after devouring hundreds of clusters of faith power, but had also made up for all the strength he had lost before.

To put it bluntly, their appearance on the battlefield did not actually play much of a role in protecting Chen Dong’s state of strength.

Chen Daojun walked straight towards Chen Dong.

“Dong’er, are you ready?”