Winner Takes All Chapter 2026

The Qui-Gon was a little puzzled.

But looking at Xixing’s frightened and anxious look, he did not dare to be slow and gave the order at once.

The reason for mobilising millions of troops around Zhenjiang City itself was to delay the Vermillion Bird Legion’s entry into Zhenjiang City, so that the Faith Totems would have enough time to re-inflict the strength of the reinforcements from all sides in the domain.

However, Chen Dong pressed millions of people across the border and smoothly sent the Vermilion Bird Legion into Zhenjiang City.

With such a huge number of people gathered outside Zhenjiang City, there was very little power that could be brought into play by the allied army of the Hundred Clans.

Bypa*sing the battlefield and waving the whip south directly was not an alternative to the immediate battlefield situation!

Wait for Kui Gang to leave.

As if his strength had been instantly drained from him, Xixing sat down in his chair in despair.

The dim light of the lamp shone on her face, and her stunning features were filled with horror.

“The darkness before the dawn, has it come so soon?”

“They say that this king does not treat human life as human life, but have you ever treated human life as human life?”

“Heavenly Wolf, Heavenly Wolf …… huh …… really deserves the faith of the hundred tribes.”

A soft murmur, with a trembling fear.

As a Hun king, when the previous Hun king died, she was directly aware of the top secrets of the Huns.

That secret about the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies was an existence that had been scrupulously guarded by all generations of Xiongnu, and only successive generations of Xiongnu kings were qualified to know.

It was because of this Dao of this secret that Xixing saw things from a higher level than the next person, and was also more aware of the root cause of all this happening on the battlefield now!

The Hundred Clans had joined forces and indeed had the support of the Heavenly Wolves.

But behind this support was not the expectation that the Hundred Clans would go south to those ten thousand miles of fertile wilderness, but to fulfil the selfish desires of the Heavenly Wolves.

She herself had a slight chance.

After the Great War, the disobedient actions of the Wolf and the Hidden Ones have wiped out the last part of her luck.

It was the same calculating and scheming.

At least Chen Daojun gave back a large part of the domain’s free space to be able to fight for itself.

But what about the Heavenly Wolf?

From the beginning to the end, he used everything as nothing more than a pawn to fulfil his selfish desires!


As the Kui Gang’s military order was given.

Outside Zhenjiang City, a dense sea of people began to surge.

One after another, the military orders were pa*sed towards the bottom, and the legions gathered outside Zhenjiang City began to disperse, then like a tidal wave, they surged towards the south.

It was impossible to conceal the movement of such a large army.

At the first moment, Chen Dong and the six dragons of the Jiang family sensed the end.

“Owl ……”

Chen Dong leaned up to the sky and roared.

The sea of blood pa*sed and the demonic might was vast.

The hundred clans’ allied troops, who had been withdrawing from Zhenjiang City in an orderly manner, were instantly silenced by this demonic might, and their marching steps came to an abrupt halt.

But there was a vast sea of people, too many to count.

Just as Kui Gang had initially thought, millions of people gathered together would take an extremely long time to kill, even if they were allowed to.

At this moment, millions of people were scattered, and even if Chen Dong’s demonic might was able to overwhelm the entire army, the area involved was too vast, and it was still too long to reach.

Those who could be suppressed to within an inch of their lives were after all only a small percentage, while the greater part was like a tidal wave, surging towards the south.

“It can’t be stopped!”

“They are trying to take advantage of the Daoist Monarch’s rush to scatter some of their forces into the domain.”

“Good tactics, if they really succeed, then even if the Great War is set, the Hundred Clans will be able to stand firm in the domain with this part of their troops scattered into the domain!”

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons likewise understood the purpose of the Hundred Clans’ allied army.

The six looked at each other, but at the same time, the stars scattered and rushed towards one of the Hundred Clans United Army legions to kill them.

The majestic Qi energy covered the sky.

The fearful pressure was like a mountain and a prison.

The six dragons of the Jiang family, however, appeared separately in the territory leading to the battlefield in the south, and with their own strength, they pressed across the allied army of the hundred tribes so much that they dared not go forward.

Even so, they suppressed only a small portion of them.

But for the immediate situation, it was all to the good for the future of the domain to be able to stop an additional portion of the allied army of the Hundred Clans from moving south.

As for the other battlefields, the legions from all sides were not able to put up any half-hearted resistance in the face of the ma*sacre of the Faith Totems, let alone pulling out troops to stop the scattered Hundred Clans’ allied armies heading south at this time.

A thousand miles of scorched earth, a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

The blood flowed into the lowlands, then towards the lower ones, forming pools of blood, before flowing down to the lower ones.

Had it not been so dark, looking down directly from the heights, one would have been able to see that the area around Zhenjiang City was already blood red.

The mud had long since absorbed the blood and more of it was floating on the surface.

Hell, in such a scene, is no longer that terrifying.

This side of the earthly purgatory is nothing compared to hell!

Time pa*ses slowly.

In the darkness of the north.

A helicopter, its propellers roaring violently, with its blinding lights, is the first to tear through the darkness of this side of the world.

Immediately afterwards, a vast convoy, like a fierce beast, crashed into the battlefield under the lights.

There was no pause.

Not to mention the formation of the army.

As soon as the vast convoy appeared on the battlefield, it roared its engines and galloped blatantly across the battlefield, heading straight for the allied armies of the Hundred Clans that were scattered southwards.

The sudden appearance of a legionary convoy.

Like a heavy bomb, it dropped onto the battlefield with a bang.

Even the Faith Totems, who were engrossed in the carnage, paused for a moment at this point and looked sideways.

“Is it coming?”

The bloodshot light in the black-robed Skywolf’s eyes was biting.

Almost simultaneously.

Master Kongkong, who had closed his eyes high in the sky, finally opened them again.

He looked down from above, overlooking the densely packed caravan below, galloping across the battlefield, and his mouth could not help but reveal a smile of relief.

“Daoist Monarch, you have finally arrived!”

While being relieved, Master Empty Sky looked in the direction of the vast caravan marching, but his heart felt something.

Subconsciously, he looked at the dense, united army of the Hundred Tribes that was moving southward on the earth, and then raised his eyes and chanted a Buddhist hymn.

“The final battle has begun, my Buddha is compa*sionate, for the sake of the great prosperity of the human path, this step has to be taken, and must be taken!”

Boom, boom, boom ……

The vast caravan galloped across the battlefield, all the way unhindered, and soon caught up with the allied army of the Hundred Clans heading south.

There was not the slightest pause, let alone the sound of military orders being given in the conventional sense.

A car, like a primitive beast, hissed and crashed straight into the tide of the allied troops.

In an instant.

The tide of allied troops was in chaos.

Screams and wails arose amidst a clash of voices.

There were even people constantly being knocked into the air by cars.

All the way across the road, until after the cars had crashed deep into the sea of people, smashing into a patchy and tattered state, making it impossible to drive, one after another, the cars stopped and opened their doors.

The fishy wind howled.

Kunlun, Lin Lingdong and Lone Wolf were the first three to get out of the car.

As soon as they got out of the car, the three of them ran wildly in three directions at the same time.

At the same time.

Inside one car after another, the men of the Black Prison also got out.

As if by agreement, as soon as they got out of the cars, they automatically split into three groups and followed the steps of the three men towards Kunlun like a torrent.

“Black Prisoners, charge!”

Kunlun roared with all his energy, and his roar resounded like thunder across the battlefield.