Winner Takes All Chapter 2020

The sound of a strange, brutal laugh hocks the bones.

Even the six dragons of the Jiang family could hear it, but their scalps tingled for a while.

“Big brother, what should we do?”

Third Master Jiang hurriedly looked at Eldest Master Jiang.

“Undo the Qi channel!”

Grand Master Jiang said at once.

As he said this, his eyebrows lowered and his expression was grave, “Things have come to this, it is better to block than to remove, so let us see whether it is Chen Daojun who has a superior move, or that mysterious person in hiding.”

Buzz Rumble ……

Almost simultaneously.

The wide giant pa*sageway that stretched to the northern gate of Zhenjiang City reeled backwards at a rapid pace, and all the majestic qi was collected back into the Jiang family’s six dragons.

Without the isolation of the Qi channel, the terrifying demonic might of the sea of blood was no longer blocked, and it surged wildly in all directions.

The thousands of faith totems that were already gathered outside the Qi channel, unsure of themselves, let out a fearful wail of pity when they felt the monstrous demonic might.

Some of the weaker faith totems even retreated without hesitation.

However, Chen Dong did not intend to give these Faith Totems time to escape.

The moment the Qi channel disappeared.

He was like a demon god, holding a bladeless blade in his hand, and rushed towards the nearest group of faith totems with a huge sea of blood.

No more words were spoken.

Even more so, there was no unnecessary movement.

The hand rises, the sword falls.

Simple and brutal, like killing a chicken.

A giant blood-coloured sword qi, nearly ten metres long, stretched across the sky and killed a Faith Totem on the spot.

The glorious power of faith was turned into a big puff of blood light, floating in the air.

But like before, Chen Dong did not immediately devour the faith power floating in the air, but instead, with a single movement, he once again lifted his Fengless and slashed down towards another faith totem.

A monstrous sea of blood enveloped the heads of thousands of Faith Totems.

A vast demonic might crushed down on these Faith Totems like a titanic mountain.

The Faith Totems that had previously pushed through the battlefield were now like dogs, their remaining sanity only allowing them to scurry for cover.

But under the demonic might, the escape routes of these Faith Totems became chaotic.

Boom, boom, boom ……

As Chen Dong waved his sword at will, the blood-coloured sword qi stretched across the sky one after another, and then slashed down on the faith totems in an even more ferocious manner.

Before he could wail and scream, the body of the Faith Totem had already been cut up by the sword qi, turning it into countless blood rays and rising up.

On the battlefield, one after another, a Faith Totem was killed by Chen Dong, and the countless faith power turned into a shower of blood light that was as gorgeous as a fireworks display.

Chen Dong’s speed did not decrease as he swept through the sea of blood, reaping the lives of the Faith Totems with abandon.

A one-sided ma*sacre.

A nakedly horizontal push.

Nothing even fancy about it.

Compared to that.

On other battlefields it was a different story.

Inside the city of Zhenjiang.

With Chen Dong opening the way, the Vermilion Bird Legion entered Zhenjiang City unhindered and fought directly with the allied army of the Hundred Clans inside the city.

The Hundred Clans allied forces inside the city did not expect the Vermilion Bird Army to enter the city so easily, so much so that when the Vermilion Bird Army initially entered Zhenjiang City, it took the Hundred Clans allied forces by surprise.

By the time the generals of the Hundred Clans Rongwu had recovered and organised a defensive counter-attack, the Vermilion Bird Legion was already all over Zhenjiang City.

And Jiang Qilin manipulated the golden light of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts to clear the allied defences at the Four Square Gates at the first opportunity, which allowed the Vermilion Bird Legion to seize the right to defend the Four Square Gates with barely a fuss.

Outside Zhenjiang City, the vast and dense sea of people converged, after the initial shock.

As Chen Dong’s attention shifted to the Faith Totem, the terrifying demonic might that enveloped this vast sea of people was also alleviated, and the returning tide of the allied troops soon turned their attention to Zhenjiang City.

No one had expected that the defensive line piled up by the sea of people would be broken open in such a manner.

By the time they regained their senses and prepared to support the allied troops inside Zhenjiang City, they were greeted by the Vermillion Bird Army, which had already taken control of the four gates of the city!

The rest of the battlefield was a miserable mess.

It was the same as Chen Dong’s battle against the Faith Totem, but the two were in very different situations.

The scattered ranks of Faith Totems rushed into the legions of the domain’s reinforcements and then were nakedly and without finesse slaughtered and harvested.

Under the qi energy, all beings are equal.

This phrase was being put into practice by the Faith Totems on all sides of the battlefield at this time.

A squad of several hundred Faith Totems organised into a small group faced an entire legion, and the difference in numbers was more than tens of times.

Yet, hundreds of Faith Totems were able to deal a devastating blow to an entire legion!

No matter if it was an ordinary army of the domain’s reinforcements, or the five legions led by the domain’s five great generals, even if the soldiers were brave enough to face them, they would still end up like cannon fodder.

“Children, follow this marshal and charge in parallel!”

War Heavenly Dragon waved his battle sword, his battle armour already bathed in blood, his cloak rattling, his beard and hair whipping about in a wild display.

The next second.

The next moment, he was leading the most elite part of the Heavenly Dragon Legion, hissing and shouting as he charged directly at the hundreds of faith totems that were killing each other in front of him.

It took the desperate delay of countless Heavenly Dragon Legion Rongwu to organise this charge.

As War Dragon looked at the Heavenly Dragon Legion soldiers who had died on the spot, the oldest old man’s eyes could not help but feel moist and red.

He gritted his teeth fiercely as he desperately pushed his horse.

Behind him, the soldiers of the Heavenly Dragon Legion were even more determined to die.


“Ow-ho ……”

Amidst the chaotic slaughter, the two Faith Totems suddenly turned their heads and let out a roar in the direction of the Battle Dragon.

In an instant.

All the war horses under War Heavenly Dragon and the others neighed in fear, and some even fell to the ground as their front limbs went limp.

The originally rampant group fell to the ground.

Even Zhan Tianlong was no exception.

After War Heavenly Dragon fell and rolled twice, he quickly got up and saw a dozen or so Faith Totems rushing over to him head-on.

“Come on!”


The majestic qi energy broke through the body.

War Heavenly Dragon directly swung his sword to meet it.

The sword energy broke through the air.

This slash directly caused a dozen or so Faith Totems to split into two columns.

The next second.

The dozen or so Faith Totems were already rushing closer.

Without the advantage of charging, the Dragon Legion’s soldiers were unable to resist even halfway against the Faith Totems.

There was a roar.

Each and every one of them was torn to pieces on the spot, limbs flying and blood spraying wildly.

The War Dragon fought alone against the two faith totems, dodging and shifting, his battle sword slashing out a stream of sword qi.

In his old age, although he was old and frail, his battle experience accumulated over the years still allowed him to hit almost all of them, but even though the sword qi slashed at the Faith Totem, it was still difficult to break through the defence.

The Heavenly Dragon legions behind him were being slaughtered, making the old marshal’s blood boil and his jealousy rage.

He no longer had the slightest defence to dodge, but roared and wielded his battle sword, furiously and directly attacked in a single-minded manner.

The sabre streaked across.

Overwhelming and unparalleled.

War Heavenly Dragon actually forced the two Faith Totems to retreat with one person and one blade.


He slashed down on the two Faith Totems with a brazen slash, sending them howling backwards.

But before he could Chen Sheng could pursue them, there was a sudden roar from the slash.

A strong sense of crisis came crashing down on him.

War Dragon almost instinctively glanced at it out of the corner of his eyes, but his pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.