Winner Takes All Chapter 2019

A sea of blood.

The devil’s might is vast.

Inside the Qi Qi channel, after Chen Dong had enjoyed a round of gourmet feast, there was no more faith totems in the path ahead.

In his current state, he would not mind if there were any more faith totems on the road ahead.

On the contrary, after bringing the Vermilion Bird Legion into Zhenjiang City successfully, he would also take the initiative to …… open a seat!

Carrying Fengless, Chen Dong walked idly through the Qi energy channel.


It seems slow, but every step has a special rhythm. When a foot falls, a blood-colored ripple immediately ripples underneath it, and the speed is no better than the Vermillion Bird army marching behind him.

After witnessing Chen Dong devour a dozen faith totems, the entire Vermilion Bird army was immersed in great terror, and the entire army was silent as they marched forward.

Although they knew that Chen Dong was a comrade in arms and was now doing what he was doing to help guide them, that fear went so deep into their bones that it was simply not something that could be rejected by reason.

The six dragons of the Jiang family pushed their Qi energy with all their might, forming a Qi channel that advanced in tandem with Chen Dong and the Vermillion Bird Legion’s advancing steps.

The thousands of faith totems outside, after what they had just seen, were all looking at Chen Dong with fear in their eyes, so much so that even the momentum of the qi channel had diminished.

Even so, the Jiang family’s six dragons did not relax and weakened their Qi output.

It is always better to be careful.

Common people know this, and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family know it even better.


Outside Zhenjiang City, there was already a sea of people.

A sea of people layered on top of each other.

The Hundred Clans United Army Rongwu had likewise witnessed the scene inside the Qi Channel just now, but no one moved their position.

Out of fear, their bodies had long since gone weak and uncontrollable.

They were also sensible, for desertion on the battlefield, according to the iron law of the Hundred Clans, would not only harm themselves, but their families behind them.

They were supposed to be the main force on the battlefield, but they had become the same fate as the Hundred’s vanguard army.

But no one dared to say a word.

Looking inside the qi channel, the monstrous sea of blood, the terrifying demonic might that was like a mountain and a prison swept in.

Everyone was trembling and sweating like rain.

And further away, there were hundreds of other clansmen rushing towards Zhenjiang City, urged on by military orders and defying all odds.

With the numbers of the Hundred Clans’ allied army, compared to the Vermillion Bird army, the two were not even on the same level.

According to the normal way of fighting on the battlefield, such a huge population of the Hundred Clans United Army would be enough to drown out the Vermilion Bird Legion without any effort, even if they were fighting in a wheel war, 24 hours in a row.

But at this moment, the Hundred Clans United Army was gathering in front of Zhenjiang City in a bizarre manner, like mutton on an anvil, quietly waiting for the butcher’s knife to descend.

And with Zhenjiang City as the centre, there was a steady stream of screams and wails coming from all directions.

Wails were everywhere, screams like a prison.

The legions in the domain, having lost the allied army of the Hundred Tribes as a target, were facing head-on the slaughter of an army of faith totems.

It was as if the heavens and the earth had been dyed in blood.

Wails of grief were heard from farther and farther away in all directions.

A small squad of faith totems, amidst a legion of domain reinforcements, truly performed what was invincible, pushing across the eight directions.

Mountains of corpses were built, broken bodies were everywhere, and the rolling streams of blood, moreover, accumulated into small rivers and pools of blood ……


Chen Dong led the Vermillion Bird Legion to arrive in front of Zhenjiang City.

Rumble ……

Without the slightest pause, the majestic sea of blood tumbled and roared, vastly and directly following the direction of the qi channel and pouring directly towards the northern gate of Zhenjiang City.

Without waiting for Chen Dong to make a move, the monstrous demonic might had already pressed the dense sea of people to the ground like the autumn wind sweeping the wheat saplings.


Admiral Vermilion Bird bravely raised his battle sword against the demonic might emanating from Chen Dong.

A command was given.

The whole army charged.

The silent and repressed Vermilion Bird Army, with this “Charge”, instantly opened up with full force and rushed forward into the endless sea of people.

There was no shouting and killing.

However, the entire army’s charge caused the earth to tremble, and coupled with Chen Dong’s demonic might from the sea of blood, it was the greatest oppression and deterrence to the allied army of the Hundred Tribes.

Almost at the same time as the army charged.

Chen Dong was in the sea of blood and had already taken a step forward.

The wind howled.

The sea of blood rolled backwards.

With this one step, his figure strangely disappeared from the spot.

In a flash of lightning.

The six dragons of the Jiang Clan, who were responsible for maintaining the Qi channel, locked onto the very front of the sea of people of the Hundred Clans United Army at the same time.

Without warning, a blood-coloured sword Qi, nearly ten metres long, suddenly stretched across the sky and slammed down on the earth like a titanic mountain.

The earth was instantly torn out into a hideous and terrifying gaping hole, and the ground on both sides arched up and moved sideways to the left and right.

The troops of the Hundred Clans who had been standing in this area had already been turned into countless blood mists and scattered in the air, leaving not even a single limb or arm behind except for blood.

Boom, boom, boom ……

In the vast sea of blood, a loud booming sound resounded through the long sky.

A giant blood-coloured sword qi rained down one after another across the long sky, then in a domineering and overwhelming manner, it directly cut down and crushed the allied army of the hundred tribes.

In the blink of an eye.

Several streaks of sword qi fell.

The front of the qi channel had been completely cleared out.

The sea of blood was in the middle of the ocean.

Chen Dong stood in it, his figure slightly distorted by the tossing sea of blood, but the monstrous devilish might that he unleashed had stiffly suppressed the rest of the hundred clans’ allied troops from moving, let alone converging towards the cleared area, as they had done before.

Rumble ……

The Vermilion Bird army followed suit, and under the leadership of the Vermilion Bird admiral, the vast Vermilion Bird army trampled directly onto the former road cleared by Chen Dong, all the way to the northern gate of Zhenjiang City like no one’s business.

Everything was as swift as thunder.

So fast that no one had time to react.

Not only the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family, but also Jiang Qilin and the others inside the city, as well as the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards on the city head were all confused.

“D*mn it, D*mn it!”

At the back of the battlefield, Kui Gang witnessed what was happening in front of the northern gate of Zhenjiang City, his jaws splitting with rage.

With two curses in quick succession, Kui Gang’s lofty tower-like body trembled violently, and even his Qi could not help but wash out.

With his military education, he had actually rehearsed many possibilities in his mind when he changed his strategic plan, and had projected many possible changes in the battlefield situation.

But how could he have ever imagined that there would be a scene on the battlefield where one man would crush millions of people?

This …… was F**king unscientific!

It wasn’t that Kui Gang’s military literacy was poor, but it was the kind of thing that would have been absolutely impossible for anyone else to speculate on the possibility!

On the contrary, Chen Dong had done it!

With his overwhelming demonic might, he silenced the millions of allied troops of the Hundred Clans gathered outside Zhenjiang City, unable to move.

Even Kui Gang’s previously envisioned tactic of fighting to the death failed as the Hundred Clans were unable to move!

The so-called “fight to the death” tactic was just a way to buy time for the Faith Totems to slaughter the reinforcements in the domain by taking human lives.

But to fill them with human lives, at least these people had to be able to move!

Millions of people, even if they did not resist and were thrown to a legion to kill, would still take a long time.

But once Chen Dong struck, several swords fell and the purge was completed straight away.

What should have been an extremely long delay had now become these few seconds!

Just as Kui Gang was furious to the core and helpless.

The Vermilion Bird Legion had already rushed into Zhenjiang City in a fierce manner, following the northern city gate.

Immediately, Jiang Qilin manipulated the golden light of the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram, which connected the sky and the earth, and finished clearing the area around the North City Gate once more, before quickly moving the golden light inside Zhenjiang City to a*sist the Vermilion Bird Legion in blocking the other three city gates.


Chen Dong, who was in the middle of a vast sea of blood, turned his back to the North City Gate at this moment, ignoring the killing within Zhenjiang City.

His eyes flickered as he swept greedily and excitedly over the frightened heads of faith totems around him.

Then, he stuck out his tongue, licked the corner of his mouth, and gave a strange laugh: “Open …… seats ……”