Winner Takes All Chapter 2018





Within the Qi channel, a blood-coloured sword qi swept through the long air one after another.

When the sword qi dissipated, a Faith Totem perished, like a firework blooming, turning into countless stars of blood light, floating in the air.

The Vermilion Bird army, which was originally terrified because the Faith Totem had blocked the way, was now silent and silent.

The faith totems were their terror, but Chen Dong was the terror of the faith totems.

Even as Chen Dong killed one Faith Totem with his sword, the Faith Totems outside the Qi Qi Channel, who were witnessing everything, also reduced their force in rushing the Qi Channel.


One by one, the Faith Totems even stopped ramming the Qi Channel.

A pair of cold green eyes, witnessing the killings within the qi channel at this time, all became dark and even fearful. The

A dozen or so of the fierce and powerful faith totems were killed by Chen Dong in just a dozen seconds, like chopping up a melon.

The sea of blood was enormous.

The ferocious might was immense.

Chen Dong stood in the sea of blood, a mysterious and complicated blood-coloured rune still flowing from his blood armour around his body.

He plunged his bladeless blade directly into the ground, his scarlet gaze greedily sweeping across the field at the puffs of blood-light faith floating in the air.

Under the gaze of countless terrified eyes.

He smiled faintly, his tongue gently licking the corner of his mouth before opening it.

Gou dong …… gou dong ……

The throat squirmed and swallowed greedily.

As Chen Dong made the action of swallowing, but it seemed to form a huge suction force, sucking in all the stars and blood light that were floating around.

The dense blood light converged in the air, and then under the suction force, a gorgeous and demonic river of blood was pulled up in the air, and without the slightest pause, all of it was swallowed by Chen Dong into his stomach.

And as Chen Dong swallowed the power of faith.

The changes in his body also became more and more obvious.

The majestic sea of blood churned more violently, and even the cries of a hundred ghosts interspersed within it became more and more loud and miserable.

The blood armour covering Chen Dong’s body also became more and more real, and the mysterious and complicated blood-coloured runes that flowed through it became more and more clear.

The sinewy veins that were already protruding from the excitement of the demonic nature, however, were squirming rapidly and were actually showing signs of converging and fading.

But such a change did not diminish the hideousness and horror of Chen Dong’s demonic nature, but rather made the bloody and sinister feeling in the demonic nature more and more intense.

“His devilish nature is changing!”

Grand Master Jiang’s face was pale, his eyes frightened, and the veins at the corners of his eyes could not stop pulsating wildly.

With this sentence alone, he had almost squeezed out the words hard with all his might.

Fear, a tidal wave of fear, enveloped the six dragons of the Jiang family.

No one knew better than them what the change in Chen Dong’s body now really meant.

Whether it was the black-robed Skywolf, or the Empty Master, they had merely noticed the change in Chen Dong’s power.

But the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons, as a family clan, possessed the most comprehensive collection of scriptures in the entire world, and such a heritage made it clear to them that the change in Chen Dong’s power was only superficial, the change in his core was even more terrifying.

“The devilish appearance disappears, but the devilishness is heavier, his devilishness has reached the stage of quenching, this is the same as that ……”

The sixth master Jiang also finally reacted at this time, only to stop abruptly in the middle of his sentence because he was too shocked.

“Borrowing the power of faith to quench his demonic nature, even if he, Chen Daogun, had been born three thousand years earlier, he would not have been able to transform Chen Dong to this extent!”

“As I see it, Chen Dong’s transformation has completely exceeded Chen Daogun’s control, these simply cannot be done by human hands!”

“With such a variation in Chen Dong, wouldn’t these totems of faith that have pushed across the battlefield invincibly become a gourmand feast in his eyes? But such a change in him comes at a time when he is rebelling against the Great Dao and treading the path of heaven ……”


The Jiang family crowd was terrified and alarmed.

While inside the qi channel, Chen Dong had already devoured all the faith power transformed into a dozen faith totems.

His chest rose and fell for a moment, then he let out a long, full belch.

The hiccup sounded like thunder in the ears of the Faith Totems outside the Qi Qi Channel.

The Faith Totems, who were already in a state of fear, trembled in unison.

The way they looked at Chen Dong changed drastically.

At the same time.

Chen Dong’s scarlet gaze, as he swept towards the Faith Totems once more, also changed completely drastically.

Greedy, fiery, excited and joyful ……

Such a look caused all of the thousands of Faith Totems outside the Qi Energy Channel to shake their bodies and retreat a step at the same time.

“Fat, what’s happening?”

“Why don’t I feel right?”

“Dragon Head Chen has become so scary, I, I feel like I’m going to die!”


Inside the Vermilion Bird Legion, the crowd was also boisterous at this time.

After witnessing Chen Dong decapitate a Faith Totem and then devour it, these battle-hardened Rongwu were completely devastated.

Even though all of Chen Dong’s might had been deliberately suppressed and swept over the entire Vermilion Bird Legion.

But the boundless sea of blood that rendered everything within the Qi Qi channel blood red, this scene alone made everyone tremble with fear.

The Admiral of the Vermilion Bird Legion was closest to Chen Dong, and felt it more and more intensely.

Especially after noticing the change in Chen Dong’s eyes, he was frozen in a cold sweat.

Listening to the increasingly noisy chatter and shouts of alarm from the legion behind him.

The general of the Vermilion Bird Legion shook his tiger’s body and hastily instructed his subordinates to pa*s on the order to keep quiet.

Military orders are like mountains, orders are forbidden.

In full view of all eyes.

Chen Dong withdrew his eyes and looked back towards Zhenjiang City.

Then, he took a step towards the front.

“Vermilion Bird Legion, follow me closely as you enter the city, and please let go of the Qi barrier for the Jiang family seniors, so that I can …… open a seat!”

A hoarse voice, like a ghost.

But at the end of the words, it is vaguely a little trembling, permeated with indescribable excitement.

The faces of the six dragons of the Jiang family changed once again.

It was not because of the content of Chen Dong’s words.

Rather, it was because …… these words were said by Chen Dong only when he was absolutely sensible!

He did not continue to devour the power of faith in one go just because he had done so after devouring it, but he knew that the primary goal was to bring the Vermillion Bird Legion into Zhenjiang City before devouring it.

This alone made the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons’ bodies go cold and their sweat stand on end.


Absolute sanity!

The most terrifying point of the Daoist heart, after becoming a demon, is that while gaining extreme battle power, one completely loses one’s sanity and becomes a killing machine.

Chen Dong’s ability to plant a demon in his Daoist heart as if it were his own, and his ability to break through the Heaven and Earth Heart Realm and completely control the demonic power as his own, remains unique in the long history of the world.

Now that the devilish nature is once again undergoing changes and is once again being tempered by the power of faith, it is only right that sanity should have a shock.

After all, the process of quenching the demonic nature is a soaring increase in strength, the kind of inflated temptation that no one can resist.

But where reason fluctuates slightly, one is bound to be carried into the process of devouring madness by this swelling temptation.

After all, all martial artists’ power enhancements are water drops that take a long time to penetrate.

At this time, on the other hand, Chen Dong’s power enhancement was only three simple steps – kill faith, devour and quench it, and enjoy the increase in strength.

These three steps were as simple as drinking water and eating.

By preference, Chen Dong did not immerse himself in this simple process!

This, then, was the most terrifying of all!

Grand Master Jiang raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead, his gaze brightening and dimming as he said in a deep voice, “Old Ancestor, this shaking of the heavens, the great devil on behalf of others, is really feasible?”