Winner Takes All Chapter 2016

“What exactly are the variables?”

Xixing looked at Gu Cang Yue with a bewildered expression.

Gu Cangyue, however, ignored it, always looking in horror at the battlefield where Chen Dong was.

“It shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be! Even if Daogun Chen had used the ‘Pan Gu Plan’ to set up his life for him, he shouldn’t have had such a change again, much less directly induce the Great Cauldron to resonate in the right way.”

Every word was tinged with horror.

The changes in Chen Dong’s body were too terrifying.

If there was no Great Cauldron Resonance, Gu Cangyue would not have been too concerned, but the Great Cauldron Resonance was a different layer of meaning.

As a member of the Gu family, he knew very well where the Great Cauldron came from, and he knew even better what the Great Cauldron Resonance really meant!

“Gu Cangyue, this king is asking you a question!”

Xixing’s eyebrows twisted as he sternly scolded Gu Cangyue.

“None of your business!”

Gu Cang Yue came back to her senses, her frightened eyes suddenly turned fierce as she glared fiercely at Xie Xing, turned around and walked away.

Shying looked at Gu Cang Yue’s back, her face as cold as frost and her beautiful eyes were hostile.

However, she did not notice that when Gu Cangyue turned to leave, she was looking up at the giant blood wolf that loomed like a mountain high in the sky.

On the battlefield.

Chen Dong’s blood qi around him tumbled and raged, rendering covering his armour more and more densely.

Even, if one looks closely, one can find that what appears to be a large area of coverage is in fact also divided into strengths and weaknesses.

It was as if after the blood armour was covered, the blood qi flowed and re-engraved a complicated and mysterious rune on the blood armour.

Strange and mysterious.

One by one, the “blood dragons” rushed into Chen Dong’s body like a river of stars, and the blood vessels exposed all over his body squirmed violently.

A mountain of blood and violence swept across the battlefield, carrying with it a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and a hundred ghosts wailing.

Inside the Qi energy channel.

The dozens of faith totems, who were sharpening their fists, felt the sea of corpses and blood coming at them, their eyes brightened and wavered, and they even prostrated themselves, letting out whimpers and wails.

Even if they were faith totems, having accumulated hundreds of years of worshipping faith from the tribesmen, it was still difficult to stop this great terror at this moment.

Even the high and mighty totem of faith could not restrain the fear that surged up from the depths in the face of Chen Dong’s demonic fierceness.

Like bloodline suppression, reason could not resist!

After all, they are faith totems, but they are only faith totems!

They did not even exist for long, they became beliefs when the tribe was born, and when the tribe was destroyed, they were hidden away in time, and their beliefs were not comparable to those of the Dragon Totem or the Wolf Totem, let alone their brute strength!

“Chen Dong ……”

While releasing his qi, Grand Master Jiang kept an eye on Chen Dong’s changes.

Feeling the mountainous and raging blood violence, even his heart was pounding and his liver and guts were trembling!

“Big brother …… is there any other way?”

Master Jiang Liu could not help but speak up.

Grand Master Jiang smiled ruefully, “A solution? You invite the old ancestor back to earth and ask him if he has a solution?”

The words came out.

The Sixth Master Jiang and several other members of the Jiang family all looked gloomy.

“Indeed, if the old ancestor had a solution, the first column of our family history wouldn’t have been so disastrous!”

“All we need to do is to construct this qi channel and resist the faith totems outside.”

“Chen Daojun, do you know about this variation in Chen Dong or not?”



The wind cries and learns to howl in the vast snowy plains.

A vast caravan, tearing through the wind and snow, sped south.

Chen Daojun, who was resting his eyes inside the car, suddenly shook his body and fiercely opened his eyes, bursting out two beams of brilliant light.

Even at this moment of opening his eyes, a circle of Qi energy escaped from his body uncontrollably.

“This layer of variables, unleashed?!”

Chen Daojun’s eyes flickered with essence as he gazed deadly in the direction of the battlefield of Southern Zhenjiang City, his tone shocked and even permeated with a hint of apprehension and trepidation.

He had known about this layer of variables on Chen Dong for a long time!

When Chen Dong had just entered the Devil’s Path, he was still wearing a mask and pretending to be a mysterious person by Chen Dong’s side for protection. At that time, in order to stop Chen Dong from entering the Devil’s Path, he had fought with Chen Dong, and at that time, Chen Dong had already shown some clues.

The change in Chen Dong that followed time and again intensified.

Chen Daojun knew that it was impossible to change this layer of variation, and he could not even conclude whether it was good or bad for Chen Dong.

But the momentum had been established, so he could only acquiesce to this layer of variation!

The person who was also transforming Chen Dong, other than him, had even made his move on Chen Dong earlier than he had!

The wind howled outside the car.

Inside the car, it was silent enough to listen to a needle, oppressive enough to take one’s breath away.

Chen Daojun looked complicated, his hands clenched into fists, quietly already full of sweat.

“Entering the devil and stepping into the sky, both of them are against the Great Dao, are you sure you can really win this game like this?”

In his words, there was even a bit of anger.

But this anger was justified by his mouth.

He was the chess player, playing against the heavens, but gradually he discovered that there was another player who was secretly pushing his favoured pieces, time and again, in a direction beyond his control, but even more mysterious and unpredictable.

No one would be able to hold back his anger!

More crucially, in Chen Daojun’s view, this path was already going against the grain, a path of absolute death!

Even though he was saving his moves and building up his momentum, all of which he was putting on Chen Dong, the word “devil” alone made everything extremely unstable!

“Accelerate! Tell everyone to speed up and enter the battlefield!”

After a short pause, Chen Daogun made an immediate decision, “I thought that this layer of variables would be revealed at the end, but since it is now, then time is not waiting for anyone, step into the sky as soon as possible, as late as possible!”

With a command from Chen Daogun.

The vast caravan instantly sped up its march again.

In the darkness, the wind and snow were dappled and broken by the long, dragon-like caravan.

The roar of the engines of the SUVs converged, like a dormant beast, hissing in anger.

On the battlefield.


Chen Dong, who was enveloped by a sea of blood, suddenly let out a shout.

The voice was hoarse, but it was like the sound of thunder from the ninth heaven.

In an instant.

The dozen or so faith totems in front of them all let out a fearful and painful wail.

There were even a few Faith Totems that were directly shaken and prostrated to the ground the moment the word was uttered, trembling in fear.

But Chen Dong, with his hand wielding the Bladeless, wrapped in a sea of blood, like a god of death, pushed across the sky and instantly arrived in front of the Faith Totem.

The sword fell from his hand.

Simple and brutal.

A huge blood-coloured sword qi, looming like a mountain, slashed at the body of a faith totem like a titan.

It was accompanied by a wail of pain from the Faith Totem.

This Faith Totem was instantly cut in half by the blood-coloured sword qi, and the remnants of its body were instantly shattered by the blood-coloured sword qi.

A single sword kill!

This sword not only cut the Faith Totems into a wail of terror.

It even made the six dragons of the Jiang Family’s heart leap in fear at the same time.

The defensive power of the Faith Totems was something they knew better than anyone.

Even when Chen Dong had wielded his sword before, he could only slowly weaken the Faith Totem’s defence sword by sword.

This time, on the other hand, it was a brutal and overbearing sword that directly killed it in one second!

The change in strength was terrifying!

And not waiting for the six dragons of the Jiang family to recover from their shock.

An even more terrifying scene caused the Jiang family’s six dragons’ minds to go blank.

The blood-coloured sword qi had shattered the faith totem, but under the blood colour, it had turned into countless stars, and instead of disintegrating into nothingness, it was like a million stars chasing the moon, cutting a gorgeous blood-coloured arc in the air and flying towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong, however, let out a horrifying hiss in the sea of blood.

Then, slowly opening his mouth, he met the blood light flying in the sky ……