Winner Takes All Chapter 2014

Ethnographic doilies?

Chen Dong’s body shook as his heart set off a monstrous wave.

All of a sudden, even the Fengless in his hand gave a lurch.

This murmuring sound was clearly Master Jiang’s!

But what exactly did he mean by that?

An extremely terrifying thought suddenly sprouted in Chen Dong’s mind, and grew like a wild weed, brutally filling his mind.

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s reason desperately wanted to discard this thought.

But this thought, combined with the changing situation of the entire war, and the murmuring of Jiang Daqi, seemed incredibly apt!


Chen Dong’s body sank violently.

The ground beneath his feet turned into pieces in response, sinking violently.

The scarlet and stinging blood-coloured qi pushed out like a mountainous tsunami across all directions, pushing all the faith totems that had come close to him away.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, did not take advantage of the situation to pursue the attack.

Instead, his fierce face was covered with a hint of panic as he quickly swept across the battlefield.

This moment.

Everything turned bloody in Chen Dong’s sight.

It was as if this side of the world had truly become a purgatory on earth.

As far as the eye could see.

As far as the eye can see, there is a tragic ma*sacre taking place on every side of the battlefield.

The totems of faith rampaged through the legions, unstoppable, with bodies flying and blood pouring from the ground.

Every legion of the Intra-Dominion reinforcements was enveloped by the great terror of the Faith Totems.

The faces of those within the domain were stained with blood, and even more so with fear written all over them.

But they did not flee, still bracing themselves to meet one of the Faith Totems.

But at the end of their lives, their faces were twisted with pain.

Even the words “purgatory on earth” pale in comparison to the battlefield at this moment.

When the legions of the domain were confronted by the totems of faith, what awaited them was a slaughter like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat.

Whether it was the ordinary reinforcements or the five legions, the result was no different.

The shouting and killing gradually died down on this vast battlefield.

Instead, only the roar of wild beasts and the shrieks and wails of misery took their place.

But each legion, instead of scattering, held together and carried the onslaught of the faith totems to their death.

For they knew that there were no more rift valleys behind them, but that they were the last of the rift valleys in their homes!

The blood flowed and piled up into rivers.

And all this was only what Chen Dong had witnessed with a single sweeping glance.

“Is it really like this?”

Chen Dong’s lips mouthed, wanting very much to refute the thought that had sprung into his mind, but he was momentarily speechless.

He dropped his attention back to the totem of faith in front of him.

In a short span of time, the faith totems that had been lifted out by his qi energy came together again.

Each one of them, like real beasts, had its head bowed, teeth bared, and crystalline saliva dripping from its mouth onto the blood-stained ground.

A bone-chilling killing intent emanated from each of the Faith Totems.

To Chen Dong, it was able to be ignored.

But to the Vermillion Bird Army behind him, it was like a hanging sword, suffocating people.

All of them, including Admiral Vermilion Bird, were trembling with fear.

Chen Dong slowly tilted his head and looked towards Master Khongkong high in the sky.

When he saw that Master Empty had closed his eyes, a forlorn smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“So …… from the beginning to the end, you have prepared for everything, human lives are like gra*s, how is this not another kind of heaven and earth being unkind and using all things as ruminant dogs?”

Once the words were out.

Master Jiang’s voice came again.

“You’re right, but do this and there’s a chance of turning over a new leaf, don’t do this and you’re a real ruminant!”

“And the chance, is you!”

Buzz rumble!

Chen Dong’s armour drummed up.

The bitterly cold qi energy turned into a blood-coloured wind, sweeping towards the leering Faith Totems in front of him in a form visible to the naked eye.

The qi was fierce and blood-coloured like a sword.

When the blood-coloured qi landed on the Faith Totems, a gaping hole opened up in the silence of the layers of fur that were surging.

This is ……

Almost at the same time, the six dragons of the Jiang family changed their faces at the same time.

They clearly perceived that the sinister, brutal aura on Chen Dong’s body was wildly soaring at this moment.

Gu Gu …… Gu Gu ……

On the ground, a sound of water flowing suddenly rang out.

The six dragons of the Jiang family who were advancing rapidly looked towards the ground at the same time, but they were instantly jealous.

The battle had been fierce.

The ground had already been drenched in artillery fire, and the soil had already been soaked to the depths with blood, with blood trickling from the lowlands.

The sound of the water flowing was the flow of blood in these low gullies!

Gullies and gullies of blood were strewn all over the earth, crisscrossing and intertwining, but at this moment, they were strangely like a hundred rivers returning to the sea, converging towards Chen Dong from all directions.

The Qi barrier formed by the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons could not stop the blood from flowing through.

The moment the blood pa*sed through the Qi barrier, it actually flew up in the air as if it were alive, winding in the air like a blood dragon, pulling up a demonic scarlet blood line in the air and converging towards Chen Dong.

Buzzing rumble ……

The moment a blood dragon approached Chen Dong.

The blood qi around Chen Dong’s body then violently rippled out in a ripple ripple.

Then, as if swallowed by a whale, it instantly attracted a blood dragon to increase its speed and enter his body.

“Goudong …… Goudong ……”

Chen Dong’s throat kept wriggling and making swallowing sounds, as if this one blood dragon that had gone in from all parts of his body had been swallowed directly by him.

And as the blood flew up in a steady stream, densely intertwined in the air, it flew into Chen Dong’s body.

Chen Dong’s body was undergoing a bizarre and terrifying change.

The exposed veins, which seemed to be alive, began to wriggle, becoming even thicker than before, and faintly glowing with blood.

The blood light was faint, but it was impossible to ignore.

It was as if a layer of blood-coloured armour had been placed on Chen Dong’s body at this moment.

Demonic, eerie, brutal and sinister ……

With the addition of the blood-coloured armour, it even catapulted that aura of Chen Dong’s demonic nature to an indescribable level.

Before, his aura was like a sea of blood in his body and a hundred ghosts crying.

But in the end, there was a blurred layer between the two, allowing one to distinguish them at a glance.

But at this moment, that boundary had disappeared!

With the blood armour on his body, the boundary between his aura and his true self suddenly disappeared, as if the sea of blood had become reality, and Chen Dong, bathed in it, was standing in the middle of it!

“This is …… what have you guys thought of?”

Master Jiang Liu’s body shook in panic.

The words came out.

The rest of the Jiang family’s faces had actually looked the same as the Sixth Master Jiang’s.

Shocked, terrified, not daring to believe ……

These six top existences in the world, at this time, while pushing their Qi energy to resist the Faith Totem, were all gazing at Chen Dong in horror, having difficulty maintaining their composure.

“How did he get to this step?”

“It is just as well that the Dao Heart Demon was a*similated into his own power, how did he still manage to reach this step?”

“The one from the ancient myths and legends is just the same as him!”

One after another, the dragons of the Jiang Family spoke out in fear.

Grand Master Jiang’s eyes even widened as he said in a trembling tone, “The Battle of the Deer, the setting of the Emperor’s Tripod, even if Daojun Chen is strong and has a demonic plan, there is no way you can retrace the river of time and go back to the ancient times and cultivate such an existence as Chen Dong, you are not worthy to cultivate him at all!”

“Daojun Chen, you are not worthy!”

At the end of his words, Grand Master Jiang even lost control of his emotions and directly wailed in a piteous voice.