Winner Takes All Chapter 2013

The voice is cold.

It was like a cold wind blowing from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

The moment the words were uttered.

A majestic blood qi was declared from Chen Dong’s body, filling the qi channel and rendering everything blood red.

A sinister, brutal, corpse-mountain, blood-soaked aura pushed across the tiger-eyed faith totems in front of him.

Almost simultaneously.

“Attention all troops, follow Chen Longtou and charge!”

Admiral Vermilion Bird raised his battle sword, and a stream of qi climbed onto it, its aura biting.

The vast Vermilion Bird army was now solemn and murderous.

A face with fear, but a determined gaze.

As one of the five major legions in the domain, these soldiers had already experienced a hundred battles, so even if there were fierce beasts ahead of them, even if they were afraid, they would go forward at the command!


Without the slightest pause, all the legions shouted in unison, deafeningly.

The vast legion, like a torrent, followed the path of the qi channel and followed closely behind Chen Dong.

At the same time.

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons were also rapidly closing the distance between them and Chen Dong, with the aim of pushing their qi energy to re-perfect the qi energy channel and resist the Faith Totem.

“Big brother, aren’t we going to make a move to clear the faith totems within the Qi energy channel?”

Master Jiang Liu was covered in bulging robes and his white hair was flying.

At his words.

The remaining few members of Jiang’s family also looked grave.

Although the qi channel had been made up in time, a dozen or so Faith Totems had eventually seized the opportunity to rush in.

If Chen Dong alone resisted, he would indeed be able to wipe out the opponents, but after all of them had been wiped out, it must have been a considerable weakening to Chen Dong’s state of strength as well.

Although the killing power of the Faith Totems posed no threat to Chen Dong, the terrifying defensive power would be enough to weaken Chen Dong’s state of strength!


What the Sixth Master Jiang and the others did not expect was this.

While urging the cathartic qi energy, Grand Master Jiang was fiercely gritting his teeth.

“It’s fate, no matter, strengthen the Qi channel and send the Vermillion Bird Legion into the city!”


Master Jiang Liu and the others were horrified.

Immediately after, Grand Master Jiang’s voice resounded once again, “Don’t forget that our Jiang family is also charged with the responsibility of supporting the community, while Chen Dong is fighting for the upper limit, stabilizing Zhenjiang City is preserving the lower limit of the domain!”

The Sixth Master Jiang and the others no longer looked the slightest bit hesitant, and all of them frantically declared their qi energy to consolidate the barriers of the qi channel.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The sword qi was so overwhelming and overbearing that it stretched across the sky, destroying and cutting directly into the group of faith totems.

The sword qi, which was strong enough to crack mountains and rocks, fell on the Faith Totems, causing them to fall to the ground, wailing and screaming in pain.

The blood energy of their bodies was reduced by a large amount at a rate visible to the naked eye.

But with their terrifying defensive power, the Faith Totems quickly got back to their feet.

The sound of their hissing and roaring shook the heart.

With fur trembling all over their bodies, the Faith Totems were like the fiercest killing machines as they pounced directly towards Chen Dong, fearing death.

Chen Dong did not dodge, and his sword was used to kill a dozen Faith Totems.

The sword qi was so overwhelming and fierce that it roared through the air.

The faith totems hissed and roared as they pounced on Chen Dong with the most ferocious intent.

Chen Dong’s blood qi stirred around him, and his insidious and brutal aura was always suppressing the faith totems.

With this layer of suppression, he took the absolute initiative in the fight with the Faith Totem.

In the chaos of the fight, qi raged in all directions.

Chen Dong was actually able to directly delay a dozen Faith Totems by himself!

However, in a fight of this calibre, even the after-effects of Qi energy that escaped were devastating to the Vermilion Bird Legion’s Rongwu.

Although Chen Dong had blocked a dozen Faith Totems, he had also blocked the advance of the Vermilion Bird Legion because of the impact of the battle fight.

The Jiang family’s six dragons declared qi energy to form a qi channel in order to ward off the faith totems, so the width of the qi channel was always kept within a certain width while ensuring that the Vermilion Bird army could advance in an orderly manner.

So at this moment, the vast Vermilion Bird army could not advance at all because of Chen Dong’s fight with the Faith Totems, and could not choose to go around because of the existence of the Qi barrier.

Inside the Qi energy channel.

Chen Dong and the Faith Totems were fighting fiercely.

Outside the Qi energy channel.

Thousands of Faith Totems were still frantically crashing against the Qi Barrier, while some Faith Totems were frantically following the Qi Barrier and rushing towards Zhenjiang City, hoping to be able to loop around and enter the Qi Channel like those dozen Faith Totems.

And in front of Zhenjiang City.

In front of Zhenjiang City, there was an endless sea of people.

The allied armies of the Hundred Clans came rushing in from all directions with great force.

But no matter which army they were, they did not attack the city after arriving, and of course the attack was meaningless to the city at this time, as the city was also being guarded by the Hundred Clans.

But the remnants of the Great Snow Dragon Riders at the northern gates were still ignored by the Hundred Clans!

Even the flag of the Great Snow Dragon Riders flying in the wind was ignored.

You know, one of the key things in battle is to cut down the flag!

Instead, they surrounded Zhenjiang City in a manner so absurd that it was almost impossible for them to appear on the battlefield.

They were like blocks of human sandbags, neatly and orderly barricaded outside Zhenjiang City.

The layers were forested, dense and dense.

Even the battle swords in their hands were lowered with them.

Invariably, only the footsteps of the converging allied armies of the Hundred Clans remained.

The Hundred Clans’ allied troops, who had gathered outside Zhenjiang City, all remained silent and terrifyingly still!

Boom, boom, boom ……

The golden light that connected the sky and the earth was wrapped in a terrifying might, sweeping across the northern city gate in a supreme and domineering gesture.

Once swept through, the silent crowd was reduced to ashes in the golden light.

But as the golden light swept by, the distant crowds would once again move in unison, in a silent and death-defying manner, and converge again on the spot just cleared by the golden light.

There was no end to the killing, no end to the stream!

Even Jiang Qilin, who was standing in the eye of the formation at this moment, was powerless.

Even though he had realized the One Dragon Formation, he was still a panther in a tube, and faced with the endless army of the Hundred Clans, it was still difficult to annihilate them.

On the other battlefields.

It was a completely different picture.

Faced with the ma*sacre of the Faith Totem, at this moment, whether it was the five major legions in the domain, or other ordinary support legions, all beings were equal.

There was no way to stop them!

A purely one-sided ma*sacre!

In their most savage and beastly manner, the totems charged into the army, but they destroyed it like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat, leaving nothing but corpses all over the place.

Mountains of corpses were piled up.

Blood rolled into rivers.

Each totem of faith seemed to be a moving meat grinder, crushing the lives of the Rongwu to its heart’s content.

The earth had long been stained red, even as the blood had soaked deep into the ground.

But at this point, on all sides of the battlefield, the blood that had accumulated had already converged to the lowlands, forming a trickle, and then flowing towards even lower areas.

Wails, screams, cries of pain, hisses of grief and determination ……

These sounds, interspersed with the roar of the totem of faith, compose a picture of the compa*sion of heaven and earth.

High above the heavens.

Master Kong Kong, who was enveloped in Buddhist light, looked down at the scene of a sea of blood, and waves rippled across his ethereal, calm face.

He was trembling all over.

But he slowly closed his eyes.

“Namo Amitabha Buddha, Daogun …… Do you know that the poor monk sees the suffering of all sentient beings but is not allowed to save them, how many times are these sins enough to enter the Abhishek Hell?”

While weeping with compa*sion.

Master Empty Air recited the scriptures quickly.

Only the decadent and majestic Buddhist voice was steeply flooded at this moment, interspersed with a few hints of hostility!

As Master Kongkong recited the sutra, the golden light around him became more and more dense and solid.


On the battlefield.

Chen Dong was killing a dozen Faith Totems.

The urging of Admiral Vermilion Bird, however, reached his ears.

“Dragon Head Chen, the Legion’s front path is blocked, and the number of people surrounding outside Zhenjiang City is increasing by leaps and bounds!”

Chen Dong’s expression was awe-inspiring.

His face was full of blue veins and veins that trembled violently, and even more so, a hostile aura tumbled up.

Almost simultaneously.

A thin, inaudible murmuring voice violently broke into his ears.

“Death has begun, blood is flowing, everything is advancing smoothly on the Daoist Stage of the Human Race, the Daoist monarch …… should be arriving soon, right?”