Winner Takes All Chapter 2012

“Chen Dong, let’s first receive the Vermilion Bird Legion into Zhenjiang City!”

Grand Master Jiang’s scolding voice violently pulled Chen Dong back into reality.

Chen Dong’s face was full of veins and veins, as hideous as a vicious ghost shura.

His vision was scarlet, quickly sweeping over the ferocious heads of faith totems around him.

And not far away, the faces of a Vermillion Bird Legion full of determined fierceness were also imprinted in his eyes.

There was nothing they could do to help the ma*sacres waged by the Faith Totems on the various battlefields.

But the Vermilion Sparrow legion, which was close at hand, was still within their power’s grasp.

If even the Vermilion Bird Legion was unable to take over into Zhenjiang City, then the whole war would be a complete basket case.

It would also render the previous Sky Troopers’ death-defying efforts to open the way meaningless.

Chen Dong took a deep breath.


In an instant, scarlet blood-coloured Qi rose up from beneath his feet.

The majestic blood colour was out of sight.

It rendered everything around him with a layer of blood colour.

The terrifying pressure like a mountain or a prison caused the surrounding fiercely attacking faith totems to simultaneously lurch.

This moment.

In their eyes, Chen Dong’s aura was soaring as fast as a mountain being pulled up from the flat earth.

That mountain of corpses and blood, the sinister and brutal aura, even more so, made these faith totems deeply appreciate the taste of death.

Both the Vermilion Bird Legion and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons were shocked.

All eyes were on them.

Chen Dong’s back arched violently, his hands clutching the Bladeless.

There was a boom!

He plunged the Bladeless directly into the ground.

The thick, heavy bladeless blade was like slicing into tofu, instantly missing half of it.


Immediately afterwards, a loud boom came violently from the ground.

With Fengless as the centre, the ground instantly arched up as if an earth dragon had turned over and quickly spread out in all directions.

A demonic blood colour shot out from the earth layer, but it was quickly transformed into a Qi energy, shooting towards a head of faith totem.

Under the terrifying oppression.

The overwhelming impact of blood qi.

It made the faith totems, who were caught off guard, not even able to react in time, were directly lifted out together with the lifted earth.

In the blink of an eye.

A large void was pushed out directly across the middle of Chen Dong and the Vermillion Bird Legion.

Out of the corner of his eye, he pushed out across the eight directions!

With this move, even the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family could not help but pale.

Amidst the wailing and hissing of a faith totem, the six dragons of the Jiang Family quickly reacted,.

With a scolding cry, the Jiang Family’s six dragons, however, rushed in groups of three directly to each side of the Vermillion Bird Legion.

The majestic and monstrous Qi energy, like an oceanic tsunami, interconnected between the three of them and rose up into the air, forming a Qi barrier that covered the sky with golden light and splendour.

In the blink of an eye.

The six dragons of the Jiang Family were in groups of three, on both sides of the Vermilion Bird army, and two barriers of Qi energy rose up at the same time, a spectacular sight.

Almost simultaneously.

The faith totems that had been lifted off the ground rushed forward again and crashed head-on into the Jiang Family Six Dragons’ Qi barriers, but no matter how hard they rushed, the two Qi barriers did not move at all.

Even under the deliberate impetus of the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons, the two Qi barriers spread out rapidly on both sides, separating the Vermillion Bird Army and the Faith Totems and forming a pa*sage to Zhenjiang City!

“Follow me!”

Chen Dong’s face was sullen and his eyes were bloodshot as he let out a hiss.


Admiral Vermilion Bird was ecstatic, his spirit lifted.

What seemed like a simple opening was very human.

The existence of this pa*sage to Zhenjiang City could greatly reduce the casualties of the Vermilion Sparrow Corps!

Bang, bang, bang ……

Outside the qi barrier, a head of faith totems frantically banged against the qi barrier, showing their teeth and claws.

The terrifying qi fluctuations kept hitting the qi barrier.

However, the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons continued to release their Qi energy, constantly strengthening the Qi barrier, so much so that even though the faith totems attacked in unison, they could hardly shake the two Qi barriers!

The heavenly Qi energy stirred up the heaven and earth.

And as Chen Dong led the Vermillion Bird Legion to approach Zhenjiang City.

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons even kept pushing their Qi energy, causing the Qi energy barrier to rapidly extend towards Zhenjiang City.

The sound of hissing, roaring and rushing ……

This battlefield however, because of the presence of Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family, seemed out of place with the other battlefields of the Shura Tragic Inferno.

The marching speed of the Vermilion Bird Legion reached an unprecedented level.

With Chen Dong opening the way and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family sheltering them, and without the interception of the Faith Totems, the vast legion froze and increased its speed to the limit.

It was getting closer and closer to Zhenjiang City.

But both Chen Dong and Admiral Vermilion Bird’s faces were becoming increasingly grave at this time.

As fast as their marching speed was, it could not catch up with the speed of the allied army of the Hundred Clans converging on Zhenjiang City.

At this moment, they were still a few hundred metres away from Zhenjiang City, but outside Zhenjiang City, as far as the eye could see, there was already a sea of people.

The armour was cold and the swords were shining.

The fearful killing intent gathered together, like a mountain, like a prison, and pushed across.

The sheer number of the crowd was so huge that even Chen Dong did not dare to underestimate it.

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

Admiral Vermilion Bird also knew that the battle was grim and hissed, urging the whole army to march.

If they waited until all the troops of the Hundred Clans had converged, it would be the same as trying to enter Zhenjiang City again!

“Ouch! ……”

A dense roar came from afar.

The second faith totem formation came raging in, and without the slightest pause, it directly and brazenly slammed head-on into the Jiang Family Six Dragons’ Qi barrier.

Rumble ……

The impact of the two faith totems converging together, the unison attack of thousands of faith totems.

amidst a dull roar.

The two barriers of Qi energy that towered into the sky finally rippled, sending ripples in all directions.

It was also this impact that caused the Qi barriers spreading towards Zhenjiang City to give an abrupt halt.

And it was at this moment.

“Ow! ……”

The wolf whistled in the long sky.

The face of Chen Dong, who was running at the forefront of the legion, suddenly changed drastically.

“Seniors, spread Qi quickly!”

Boom, boom, boom ……

Six thunderous roars of qi energy.

The six dragons of the Jiang Family standing in place simultaneously moved closer towards the legion, while the stagnant spreading Qi barrier, once again extended.

But, after all, they were a hair too slow!

Almost the instant the Qi energy spread towards Zhenjiang City again.

A head of faith totem, however, was the first to tumble its blood energy, overtaking the spread of the Qi barrier with thunderous speed, leaping and landing directly in the pa*sage, blocking the path to Zhenjiang City.

A terrifying killing intent, a fierce might.

Instantly, the temperature inside the pa*sageway plummeted to freezing point.

“Dragon Head Chen!”

Admiral Vermilion Bird’s face changed drastically.

Behind him, the vast army of Rongwu even looked horrified.

If the road ahead had been a real beast, they would have been brave enough to wield their swords, but in front of them were terrifying beings comparable to admirals!


Chen Dong’s footsteps did not stop, the heavenly blood energy covered the vault of the sky, the bladeless blade in his hand was horizontal in the air, the cold light was biting and the blood energy was stirring.

“Allow me to kill a way out for you!”