Winner Takes All Chapter 2011

Time is of the essence!

It was imperative to successfully bring the Vermilion Bird Legion into Zhenjiang City through the Northern City Gate before the allied army of the Hundred Clans closed in on the city.

“Seniors, please follow Chen Dong and open the way!”

Chen Dong’s blood qi tumbled up around his body, and his armour was even rendered in blood colour.

He slowly raised his Fengless, and his overriding sword Qi stirred the long air.

Almost simultaneously.


The six dragons of the Jiang Family who were fighting with the Faith Totem also pushed aside the Faith Totem and converged towards Chen Dong’s location, wrapped up in their mighty pressure.

If one were to look down from high above, one would be able to see the six long rainbows of qi rising up to the sky, rushing towards the most majestic and vast ma*s of blood.

The boundless pressure was immense.

As the six dragons of the Jiang family pa*sed along the way, the faith totems were all blown back.

Wailing and screaming followed.

The defence of the Faith Totem was indeed terrifying, so much so that even the strength of the Jiang Six Dragons could not break through its defence in a move or two, but it was only defence.

In the face of absolute strength, even the most terrifying defence was just a meat shield that could not stop the Jiang Family’s six dragons from converging on Chen Dong.


In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s sword slashed down brazenly.

The splash of blood suddenly turned into a domineering sword Qi, like a great mountain blasting down into the faith totem in front of him.

Wailing and screaming.

The earth trembled.

The terrifying impact instantly annihilated the blood colour on the Faith Totem and lifted it all out of the sky.

The sword qi entered the ground, instantly cutting out huge gullies, and the terrifying impact even lifted the waves of earth to the sides.

Not waiting for the Faith Totems to fill the void again.

Like a cannonball, Chen Dong rushed directly towards the gap created by the sword qi, and behind him, the six dragons of the Jiang family followed closely.

The seven of them were in a human formation, charging all the way.

Chen Dong, who was wielding a bladeless spear, was the sharpest spearhead of all, wielding it rapidly, his sword qi spreading out in all directions.

The faith totems along the way could hardly resist the terrifying sword qi that was like a titanic mountain pressing down on them.

The six dragons of the Jiang family, who were trailing behind, were quick to strike, blasting out a majestic and terrifying Qi train to stop the Faith Totems from regrouping.

Led by Chen Dong, the seven men were as fast as red-hot knives, bursting deep into the faith totems.

At the same time.

The Vermilion Bird Legion had also finally reached the boundary of the Faith Totem Square.

At this moment, the admiral of the Vermilion Bird Legion looked at Chen Dong and the six dragons of the Jiang Family who were rushing to kill them in the Faith Totem Square, and was immediately overjoyed.

“Sons and daughters! Chen Dong of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army is coming to meet us, take out the momentum from earlier and charge with this general!”

With a roar, the Vermilion Bird Legion Admiral took the lead and rushed towards the Faith Totem with his horse.

As an admiral of the entire army.

He had always been in the front, but just now, when he saw the Faith Totems, his heart throbbed fiercely.

It was true that he was a Qi powerhouse, but each of the Faith Totems in front of him was emitting the strength of a Qi powerhouse!

If he were to lead the whole army into a battle against the Faith Totems, his final outcome would be uncertain, but the Vermillion Bird Army behind him would definitely suffer heavy casualties!

Facing the siege of the allied army of the Hundred Clans, the Vermilion Bird Legion was able to sustain the charge.

Faced with an obstructed road ahead, the Vermilion Bird Legion was able to rely on the sky troops to open up the way and continue to charge.

But when faced with the Faith Totem army, the fate of the Vermilion Bird Legion was already written in stone!

And now the reception of Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons had given this Lord Admiral hope!

The howling wind.

Shouts of murder rushed to the sky.

On the battlefield, the huge Vermilion Bird army banner was waving in the wind.

The Vermilion Bird army is as powerful as a rainbow.

After the experience of their comrades sacrificing their lives to open the way, all of them had already left life and death behind.

Even though the “beasts” in front of them were all emitting a terrifying oppression that chilled their hearts.

But with a roar from the General of the Vermilion Bird Legion, all of them did not pause in their steps, waving their swords in their hands and rushing into the Faith Totem formation like a torrent!


The roar of the beast suddenly exploded in the Faith Totem formation.

A head of Faith Totem that was on the periphery and had not fought with Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons was now like a tiger entering a flock of sheep in the face of the surging Vermillion Bird army, stirring with blood and killing in all directions.

Blood flew everywhere.

Broken bodies flew.

Under the qi, all beings are equal.

This moment is interpreted to the fullest.

No matter how many people there are in the Vermilion Bird Legion, they are surrounding me at the same time with the same faith totem.

The end result would be that every living life would be torn to pieces by the Faith Totem!

Shouts of killing, screams of misery, roars of beasts ……

made this side of the battlefield suddenly enter into purgatory.

But whether it was Chen Dong, the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons, or the Vermilion Bird Legion Admiral, all of them could only choose to ignore this!

The Vermilion Bird Legion itself was far more numerous than the Faith Totem’s square.

And this Faith Totem Square was the most solid obstacle for the Vermilion Bird Legion to get to Zhenjiang City.

When there was no way to quickly dismantle this group of Faith Totems, death was inevitable.

The only thing they could do was to rendezvous as quickly as possible so that the rate of casualties to the Vermilion Bird Legion could be reduced!

Blood Qi rolled around Chen Dong’s body.

The sinister and brutal nature of the corpse mountain and sea of blood had a certain suppressive effect on the surrounding faith totems themselves.

But it was only suppression!

Seeing several Faith Totems charging over, he directly raised his Bladeless and slashed down with a blatant sword.

The majestic and domineering blood qi instantly slashed at the bodies of the Faith Totems.

With a few wails, the Faith Totems all flew backwards.

Behind them, the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family also struck out at the same time, and six trains of Qi energy, like pythons breaking through the air, blew away all the Faith Totems on the front path.

And taking advantage of this gap.

Chen Dong also successfully reached the Vermilion Bird Legion Admiral.

Without waiting for the Admiral of the Vermilion Bird Legion to speak.

Chen Dong then said in a cold voice, “You are responsible for leading the charge, leave the rest to the few of us and get to Zhenjiang City as soon as possible!”

As he spoke, his scarlet eyes were sweeping towards Zhenjiang City.

At this moment, the situation in Zhenjiang City was deteriorating drastically.

An endless tide of people, black and dark, was gathering like a torrent towards Zhenjiang City.

The feeling of oppression of the surging tide of people was being interpreted to the fullest extent by the allied army of the Hundred Clans on this battlefield.

In the face of these “ordinary people”, Master Kongkong’s golden wall of Buddha’s light had indeed lost its former power.

Jiang Qilin was the only one who manipulated the golden light of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts, sweeping in front of the Northern City Gate time and time again, clearing away the troops of the Hundred Clans that had gathered.

The North City Gate, too, was the only breakthrough!

But under the endless tide of people, the golden light of the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagrams was stretched to the limit even as they poured in.


On all sides of the battlefield, there was a tremendous roar of pain.

At the same time, there was a hideous and terrifying hissing sound.

These sounds were like a heavy hammer blasting at Chen Dong’s heart.

The Faith Totem’s ma*sacre of the reinforcements from all sides of the domain was in full swing!