Winner Takes All Chapter 2010

“I know!”

Kui Gang nodded helplessly.

He was not stupid.

To be the “First Warrior of the Huns” was not really just a matter of brute strength.

At this point in the war, as the commander of the Hundred Clans, he had a clear view of the situation on the battlefield.

He was also aware of the actions of the Gu family, the Hidden World and even the Black Robe Wolf.

From the beginning of the war, the fact that these Hidden Worlds of the Gu Clan were secretly staying back and even resisting orders was already telling.

Although he did not know exactly what the Black-robed Skywolf and the Hidden World people were expecting, it was also clear that this alliance front had actually existed in name only long ago.

If everyone’s heart was really in the domain.

This battle would not have scorched to this extent at all.

On Chen Dong’s side, he had Master Kongkong, The Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons, but it was undeniable that the Hundred Clans United Army had always had the upper hand advantage in this battle.

But it was a situation that had evolved to such an extent when the advantage was in their hands!

Xixing’s expression was astonished.

She was about to say something with her red lips.

But Kui Gang smiled helplessly, “The only one we can rely on is our millions of soldiers, and I will be able to lead them to the warm fertile fields!”

At the end of the sentence, it was as powerful as an oath.

Xixing’s expression moved.

She subconsciously glanced at the giant blood wolf in the sky dome.

Immediately, a bleak smile appeared on her stunning face, “Can we, really, go?”

Kui Gang subconsciously tilted his head to look at the giant blood wolf on the dome of the sky.

When he looked down at Xie Xing again, a fierce aura flashed in his tiger eyes.

“When faith leaves us, we should abandon it, and then we will be our own faith!”

Shying Xing was stunned and thoughtful.

By the time she came back to her senses, Kui Gang had already turned to leave.

The wind cried and the snow howled.

The firelight imprinted.

Kui Gang is followed by a crowd of generals and marshals, while his figure stands out unmistakably in the crowd.

His back was straight, like a mountain moving across.

As he walked, he was still giving orders.

“Order the whole army, leave the reinforcements from all sides of the domain to the Faith Totem army to deal with, the whole army target Zhenjiang City, push it down for this marshal!”

The drums and jars of gold sounded like a command with a sense of determination.

Xixing’s delicate body trembled, and her beautiful eyes suddenly burst out with a hopeful light.


From the very beginning, Master Khongkong’s golden wall of Buddha’s light had no defensive effect on the allied army of the Hundred Clans.

That brilliant and glorious golden wall of Buddha’s light was aimed at the Faith Totem army from beginning to end!

And after the allied army entered Zhenjiang City, and with the appearance of the Faith Totem army, the rest of the allied army ran to all sides of the battlefield.

But now, none of the Faith Totems could blast through this layer of defence at Zhenjiang City, and turned around to slaughter reinforcements from all sides of the domain.

That meant that Zhenjiang City was now at its weakest point in terms of offensive and defensive pressure!

Thinking about it another way, if a large number of allied troops from the Hundred Clans were sent to attack the city at this time, and the golden wall of Buddha’s light was useless, then they would only have to face that golden light from the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts!

And within Zhenjiang City, the same was true of their hundred clans’ allied army!

With the combined forces from inside and outside, relying on the tactics of the sea of men, they completely blocked off Zhenjiang City in three layers inside and three layers outside, so that a single golden light alone would not be able to slaughter them.

And both Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Clan were wrapped up in the army of faith totems, unable to separate themselves.

As long as time continued to drag on, until one of the Faith Totems had slaughtered the rest of the domain’s reinforcements from all sides, then this battle would be just as victorious!

By then, no matter how much the Black-Robed Skywolves or the Gu Clan’s hidden worlds harbour ulterior motives, they will definitely not be able to stop the millions of the Hundred Clans’ united army from heading south!

“Kui Gang, this king really didn’t expect you to come up with such a subtle way of turning defeat into victory!”

Xixing quickly clarified his thoughts and looked with joy and excitement at the figure in the distance that was fast disappearing into the darkness of the wind and snow.

For the first time, she had a new perception of Kui Gang!


Boom, boom, boom ……

The battlefield.

Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons exploded with raging qi, sweeping across the field.

The faith totems, which were carrying a great deal of power, were defenceless against their attacks, being blown back again and again and again.

It was just as Chen Dong had expected.

There was no such thing as absolute defence!

If one sword couldn’t break the defense of the Faith Totem, then let’s slash it a few more times!

At least he noticed that several of the Faith Totems had become significantly weaker after being baptized by his sword qi several times, and their footsteps had even become much weaker when they came back.

This meant that this group of Faith Totems were not as invincible as they appeared to be!

And this was something that the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons had also noticed long ago.

Both Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family were trying their best to maximise the effect of their attacks while saving their strength for their attacks.

Even when they were blasting back the Faith Totem, they were still trying to apply each attack to the same Faith Totem as much as possible!

Oooooooh ……

The long and dull sound of a trumpet suddenly rang out.

In this chaotic battlefield, the sound of this trumpet already seemed a little faint.

But at the same time as it rang out.

On all sides of the battlefield, the teams of the Hundred Clans United Army made a unified movement at the same time.

The Rongwu, who had already withdrawn from the battle, were heading towards Zhenjiang City in unison, like a torrent, leaving the battlefield to the charging totems of faith.

The Rongwu, on the other hand, were attempting to separate from the legions of the domain at a speed visible to the eye.

A sudden change of heart.

It confused the entire domain reinforcements on the battlefield.

“What’s going on? Are these barbarians trying to escape?”

“No, they are trying to get those bizarre beasts to come and fight us.”

“Wait! Those legions that broke away from the battlefield are heading towards Zhenjiang City, no matter what their purpose is, hold them back for me!”


The commanders of the various reinforcements were first shocked, but quickly calmed down.

A military order was immediately issued.

All the reinforcements tried to drag those allied troops who were ready to break away back into the war fight.

But then came the totems of faith, and death came crashing down on the reinforcements.

The slaughter was like a landslide.

Everywhere they pa*sed, the reinforcements from all sides of the domain were defenceless.

Blood and flesh flew everywhere, and bodies were left in shreds.

The screams of misery suddenly overwhelmed all other sounds and became the dominant tone on this vast battlefield.


Grand Master Jiang’s face suddenly changed as he quickly gained insight into the situation on the battlefield, “The Faith Totem is more than simply slaughtering the legions, they are freeing up their hands for the Hundred Clans’ allied army, giving them time to surround Zhenjiang City, once the sea of people forms a closed siege, even if the Vermillion Bird Legion arrives at Zhenjiang City, it will be difficult to enter!”

“That would only be possible if the Vermilion Bird Legion arrived first!”

Chen Dong’s expression was cold, he had also sensed the change in the battlefield situation long ago.

Previously, when the Faith Totem army was besieging Zhenjiang City, he still had the certainty of successfully receiving the Vermilion Bird Legion into Zhenjiang City together with the Jiang Family Six Dragons, after all, the number of Faith Totems was fixed!

But now, all the allied armies of the Hundred Clans were surging towards Zhenjiang City!

Once a closing siege was formed.

At that time, even if he and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons pushed across the eight directions, it would be incredibly difficult for him to receive the Vermilion Bird army into Zhenjiang City!

After all, this was a ma*sive scale of millions of people!

Even if they stood there, surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside, waiting for their butchers to descend, it would still take a long time to kill through to Zhenjiang City!

And that time was already enough for the various faith totem formations to carry out a devastating ma*sacre of the various legions in the domain!