Winner Takes All Chapter 201-202

Chapter 201

Dumbfounded for a moment.

Chen Dong smiled.

Compared to the Zhang family’s worship post, this post was refreshingly uncomplicated.

On the post, there was only a phone number and a line of words.

The wording read: There is a business deal.

The inscription was: Chu Reed.

Putting down the post, Chen Dong pondered.

Finally, he took out his mobile phone and dialed the number.

The call was answered.

“Hello, is this Mr. Chen Dong?”

A slightly high and cold voice rang out.

Chen Dong was a little taken aback, “It’s me, may I ask what business Miss Chu Reed has for me to discuss?”

“Tonight at eight o’clock, Jade Spring Villa, Heavenly Pavilion to talk.”


The phone hung up in a crisp and decisive manner.

Chen Dong was a little stunned.

After reading the post, he knew that the purpose of the Chu family’s visit was the same as the Zhang family’s.

But unlike the Zhang family’s twisted charm, the Chu family was too dry?

But in comparison, Chen Dong was more willing to meet this Chu Reed.

It was not because his curiosity was aroused by the other party’s decisiveness and crispness.

Rather, it was because the Zhang and Chu families had very different styles.

The Zhang family’s invitation made him speculate, and Zhang Yulan’s posture made him discard the idea.

Chu Reed’s post, on the other hand, was straightforward about collaborative business, so it would be harmless for the two sides to get closer by opening up.

“Brother Dong is going in the evening?”

Lone Wolf asked.

Chen Dong nodded: “It’s business, of course I have to go to the appointment.”

“Why don’t I go along, after all, it’s at Zhou Yanqiu’s place this time.” Lone Wolf was a little worried.

Chen Dong hesitated for a moment and nodded his head in agreement.

It wasn’t that he was worried about Zhou Yanqiu, but he was thinking about Lone Wolf’s image, so he wouldn’t be mistaken for someone like Qin Ye, right?

Not long after Lone Wolf had gone out, a strange phone call came through.

Chen Dong picked up the phone.

“Mr. Chen, this is Zhang Taiyue from the Zhang family in Kyoto.”

“Hello, Master Zhang.” Chen Dong frowned.

Zhang Taiyue continued, “I am deeply sorry for the incident two days ago, which I did not expect my granddaughter to botch, so I am hosting a banquet for Mr. Chen at the Jade Spring Villa’s Heavenly Pavilion at eight o’clock this evening, so that I can bring my granddaughter to make amends to Mr. Chen in person.”

Jade Spring Villa?

The Heavenly Pavilion?

Both at eight o’clock?

Chen Dong smiled oddly, “Thank you, Master Zhang, for your kindness, but I have just promised the Chu family in Kyoto that it will also be at the Jade Spring Villa’s Heavenly Pavilion at eight o’clock this evening.”


Elder Zhang let out a startled cry and busily said, “Sorry, Mr. Chen wait for a moment.”

The phone hung up.

Chen Dong teasingly smiled, how deep a bond the two Zhang Chu families should have, coming with the same purpose and even inviting them to the exact same place.

On second thought, it seemed to make sense.

The city’s Jade Spring Villa was already top-notch.

Of course there is the Four Seals Clubhouse up there.

But the special nature of the Four Seals Clubhouse made it obvious that not everyone could get in.

Zhou Yanqiu’s Jade Spring Villa, on the contrary, is more universal.

It was not too surprising that the two Zhang Chu families in Kyoto could both be picked in the Heavenly Pavilion.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong murmured, “I wonder, whose house is it tonight?”

Saying that, he called Elder Long again and asked about the Chu family.


Taishan Hotel.

Elder Zhang looked sullen, his phone clenched in his hand.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong?” Zhang Yulan said in confusion.

Elder Zhang said, “That little girl from the Chu family, she has counted clearly, the person has not come yet, but she has already invited Chen Dong, and all at the same time as we chose the Heavenly Pavilion at the Jade Spring Villa.”

“How could this be?”

Zhang Yulan covered her mouth with her jade hand in a burst of surprise.

Elder Zhang said indignantly, “Immediately go with me to Jade Spring Villa, let Zhou Yanqiu promise to only allow us to use the Heavenly Pavilion tonight, even the invitation to set up the banquet location, the old man to see how that Chu family girl can exert!”


Off duty in the evening.

Chen Dong left work on time.

Kunlun had already driven and waited by the roadside.

After getting into the car with Lone Wolf, they headed directly towards the Jade Spring Villa.

Chen Dong did not care who was actually feasting at the Jade Spring Villa tonight.

If it was Chu Reed, he would sit down and talk.

And if it was Zhang Yulan, the big deal would be to walk away.

In the afternoon, through Elder Long, Chen Dong also knew something about the Chu family. The Chu family was also in film and entertainment, and in the industry, it was always pressed headlong by the Zhang family.

But the Chu family has other main businesses that even surpa*s the film and entertainment industry, so to be precise, the Chu family is actually a little stronger than the Zhang family.

However, the mere fact that they are both involved in film and entertainment is enough to make the two families rivals.

It was no wonder that both sides had come with the same goal in mind.

“Young master, now it seems that both Zhang and Chu families have come for the sake of friendship, so this fuss over the Li family should be considered beneficial to us, right?” Kun Lun joked as he drove on.

Chen Dong, however, shook his head, “The Zhang and Chu families are rooted in Kyoto, and although they are powerful families, they are not really the most prominent upper cla*s, and the two of them do not yet represent the whole of Kyoto.”

Kunlun frowned, but felt that it made sense.

When the car drove into the Jade Spring Villa.

The time was also exactly eight o’clock.

After getting out of the car, Chen Dong led Kun Lun and Lone Wolf to walk directly towards the Heavenly Pavilion.


Inside the Heavenly Pavilion, it was as cold as frost.

The air seemed to freeze, suffocating people.

Zhou Yanqiu looked apprehensively at the three people in front of him, rubbing his hands together and rubbing them together, beads of sweat faintly seeping out of his forehead.

After he had built the Jade Spring Villa and established the rules of the Heavenly Pavilion, he had accepted a few powerful and wealthy families.

But this was the first time he had encountered such a scene tonight.

It left him at a loss for words.

The same two powerful families of Kyoto were also qualified to let him open the Heavenly Pavilion to receive them with the highest specifications.

But the key was that the Chu family had decided first and the Zhang family had forced their way in.

Although he was the city’s biggest business tycoon, he was not foolish enough to touch the brow of both families at the same time.

Then there was this awkward scene in front of him.

The two families, Zhang and Chu, were sitting at the same table.

And both were there to feast on Chen Dong!

“Chu Reed, I invite Mr. Chen, you invite Mr. Chen too, since childhood, why do you have to do everything as I do?”

Zhang Yulan’s pretty face sulked as she looked askance at the sinister figure opposite her and pouted.

Opposite her sat a girl dressed in black OL professional attire, with a tall and graceful figure, ponytailed and wearing gla*ses, showing all her competence.

With delicate features, like gelatin, she was also a stunningly beautiful person.

Compared with Zhang Yulan, she was a bit inferior, but with her outfit, she had more of a high cool and intellectual temperament.

“I just want to discuss a business deal with Mr. Chen.” Chu Reed’s voice was just like her high and cold temperament.

“Talk business? The sky is high and the water is far away, coming here to talk business?”

Zhang Yulan snorted and straightened her body, “You Sl*tty hoof, you clearly want to come and get close to Chen Dong, what are you competing with me for? In terms of looks and figure, do you think Chen Dong will like you?”

“You’ve only had big breasts and no brain in your life.” Chu Reed’s willow brows knitted slightly in some disgust.

“You ……” Zhang Yulan instantly blushed.

The smell of gunpowder rose from the scene.

Elder Zhang’s face was gloomy, but he did not stop it.

Zhou Yanqiu looked dumbfounded, her heart beating wildly.

This …… was the daughter of the two Zhang and Chu families, fighting over Chen Dong and jealousy?

As for what?

So unconcealed, disregarding the status face?

At this very moment.

Zhou Yanqiu three figures appeared in his line of sight.

He breathed a sigh of relief and smiled brightly, “Mr. Chen, you’re finally here.”

Zhang Yulan and Chu Reed, who were tit-for-tat, rose up at the same time, and even Elder Zhang also stood up despite his age and status.


Chapter 202

Two families?!

Chen Dong was stunned in his heart and was not expecting it.

He cast a sidelong glance at Zhou Yanqiu.

Zhou Yanqiu understood and snatched over first, smiling awkwardly and said, “Mr. Chen, there is nothing I can do.”

“Go down first.”

Chen Dong nodded his head.

The simple words fell on the ears of Elder Zhang, Zhang Yulan and Chu Reed, but caused the three of them to be shocked at the same time.

This was clearly a command from a superior to a subordinate!

When they looked at Chen Dong again, the three of them all looked different.

Waiting for Zhou Yanqiu to leave.

Elder Zhang took the lead and walked up to Chen Dong, “Mr. Chen, please take your seat.”

“Yes, yes, Mr. Chen, quickly take your seat.”

Zhang Yulan greeted him with a playful smile, the wind between her brows was infinite, where was the disgusted disdain she had at first.

Chen Dong was speechless for a while, his gaze cast a sidelong glance at the woman opposite him.

This Chu Reed, was she that cold?

Faced with the double attack from Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan, Chen Dong had no reason to excuse himself and sat himself down on the main seat between the two.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf stood behind Chen Dong.

Elder Zhang was busy pouring tea for Chen Dong.

Zhang Yulan, on the other hand, gave Chu Reed a provocative look.

With a disdainful look in her eyes, Chu Reed finally stood up and said with a smile, “Mr. Chen, I am very grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to take a break and rush to this evening’s dinner, it is just that the reed did not handle it properly, it is the reed’s fault.”

At those words.

Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan’s faces sank at the same time.

Zhang Yulan pouted, “Chu reed, what do you mean?”

Choking on fire so quickly?

Chen Dong was surprised for a moment.

Chu Reed raised a cold brow and stared at Zhang Yulan, “Zhang Yulan, I don’t have the heart to bullSh*t with you, I am looking for Mr. Chen to discuss business, put away that jealousy in your heart.”

The words were direct and unforgiving.

Looking at Chen Dong, he was stunned for a moment.

This was really an iceberg beauty that no one should enter!

Zhang Yulan’s pretty face turned red.

Just as she was about to argue, Elder Zhang was the first to speak up.

“Little girl of the Chu family, how can you reprimand my granddaughter like that when the old man is still here?”

“I am here to talk business!” Chu Reed did not show any weakness.

Elder Zhang’s brows twisted and his expression sulked, “I don’t care what business you and Mr. Chen are talking about, but since everyone is present tonight, let’s only talk about the wind and the moon, your business, let’s talk about that later.”

A single word, but it disrupted Chu Reed’s plan, making it impossible for her to continue the conversation.

Chu Reed’s brows knitted together, and she glanced at Zhang Yulan in exasperation.

If she was talking about the wind and the moon, how could she talk about it more than Zhang Yulan?

Pushing the gla*ses on the bridge of her nose, Chu Reed glanced at Chen Dong and helplessly settled down.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly in his heart.

He actually wanted to talk business with Chu Reed, and did not want to talk about romance with the young and old of the Zhang family.

The best of all was at Gu Qingying’s!

The matter had come to this, and he could not say much.

Just now, the Zhang family and Chu Reed had a tit-for-tat, and he had no way to intervene.

Soon, the banquet was warming up.

Master Zhang was a very old man, and his words were funny, and he kept exchanging gla*ses with Chen Dong.

Zhang Yulan also poured wine from the side, laughing and echoing.

Chu Reed, on the other hand, did not drink a bit of wine from the beginning to the end, but only raised his gla*s in gesture and then put it down under the yelling of Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan.

The atmosphere, not as gunpowder-intense as it was just now.

During this time, Zhou Yanqiu even brought good wine into the room, wanting to accompany the greeting.

However, after Chen Dong gestured to Kun Lun, he invited him away from the Heavenly Pavilion in a friendly manner.

Once disloyal, a hundred times unused.

By breaking Zhou Yanqiu’s backbone, he was asking him to be a pug, not a chaperone.

After three rounds of wine, the dishes pa*sed five tastes.

Chen Dong was already slightly drunk.

Master Zhang was also full of intoxication, and Zhang Yulan’s eyes were hazy with drunkenness.

Even Chu Reed had taken a few sips under the coaxing of Elder Zhang and Zhang Yulan, and his face was flushed.

Master Zhang took advantage of Chen Dong’s food to give Chu Reed a sidelong glance.

Another glance was exchanged with Zhang Yulan, and his gaze suddenly went from drunken and misty to determined.

Afterwards, Elder Zhang smiled playfully and said he had to go to the toilet, got up and headed out.

No one noticed anything unusual, including the wary Kunlun and Lone Wolf.

After walking out of the Heavenly Pavilion, Elder Zhang stretched and exhaled heavily from his wine.

At this moment, his eyes were clear and calm, where was the look of a drunken man.

Glancing back inside the Heavenly Pavilion, Elder Zhang’s gaze was firm as he walked quickly towards the outside.

“Now, there is only a dangerous move to make, Chu Reed you can compete with Yu Lan, but you are not yet an opponent of the old man, you will lose tonight!”

Soon, he asked Zhou Yanqiu to bring a bottle of “Romanee Conti”.

After Zhou Yanqiu left, Master Zhang took out a small medicine bag from his pocket.

After opening it, he poured some medicinal powder into the red wine bottle.

After shaking it, sniffing the red wine aura emitted, Elder Zhang was a bit distressed: “Alas …… such a good bottle of wine, but it was spoiled a bit by this wine, but with this medicinal powder in, tonight Chen Dong will be Yu Lan’s.”

The essence in his eyes flashed, and Elder Zhang’s gaze was firm as he walked towards the inside of the Heavenly Pavilion.


Outside the Jade Spring Villa.

Under the cover of the night.

A dozen of figures, like ghosts, were rapidly approaching towards the Villa.

Quick as lightning, yet eerily quiet.

In the blink of an eye, a dozen figures rushed under the courtyard wall of the Jade Spring Villa.


One man kicked out a stone, shattering the camera on the courtyard wall with unerring accuracy.

Immediately afterwards, a dozen people cooperated with each other and quickly flipped over the courtyard wall.

After landing on the ground, they rushed towards the Heavenly Pavilion at the same time.

Zhou Yanqiu sat dejectedly in his office, smoking a cigar, his eyes wandering under his gold-rimmed gla*ses.

Chen Dong had asked someone to invite him out several times, and his attitude was already very obvious.

His Tear of the Blue Sea was not enough!

It was not that the Tear of the Blue Sea was the reason why Chen Dong had auctioned it for 200 million, even if he had given it to Chen Dong directly, Zhou Yanqiu would know that it was far from enough.

“General Manager Zhou!”

A mountain villa security officer rushed in hurriedly, “It’s not good!”

“What is it?” Zhou Yanqiu was a little annoyed.

The security officer said, “One of the surveillance lenses on the courtyard wall of the mountain villa is broken, artificially broken.”

Zhou Yanqiu’s body shook, his face steeped in gloom to the extreme: “What did you find out about the peripheral surveillance lens?”


Zhou Yanqiu stood up with a start and ran straight out the door, “Tell everyone to go to the Heavenly Pavilion immediately, I don’t care if anyone else lives or dies in the Villa, the Heavenly Pavilion must be safe and sound for me!”

The voice was cold and stern, and it carried a sense of determination.

And within the Heavenly Pavilion.

Chen Dong and the others were not aware of everything.

When Elder Zhang walked in with his Romanee Conti, he poured a gla*s for Chen Dong.

Chen Dong could not push back, so he could only drink it in one go.

After drinking it, he became even more intoxicated at once.

His vision became blurred and he could see things with double shadows.

Master Zhang gave a wink to Zhang Yulan without a trace.

A touch of determination suddenly appeared on Zhang Yulan’s pretty face.

“Yu Lan ……”

Elder Zhang spoke with a smile.

But the words were not finished.

Kun Lun, who had been standing behind Chen Dong guarding him, suddenly let out a startled eek.

His gaze was fierce as he looked outside the Heavenly Pavilion.

“Brother Kun Lun, what’s wrong?”

Lone Wolf uttered in surprise.

This also caused Elder Zhang’s words to swallow back.

Kunlun’s brows furrowed as he looked alert: “The smell of blood!”