Winner Takes All Chapter 2009

Even the black-robed Skywolf did not expect it.

The Faith Totems would be hung by Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons in such a ridiculous manner.

It was pure bullSh*t to say that such a killing scene would not affect the army’s heart.

Before this.

The Faith Totem army, whether in the eyes of the allied army of the Hundred Clans or the reinforcements in the domain, was the top battle force.

Like gods and goddesses, they were invincible.

On the contrary, this group of gods and goddesses, who clearly held a numerical advantage of tens of times, were still defeated in front of Chen Dong and the six dragons of the Jiang Clan.

Since it had already affected the army’s heart, it was better to do one thing or the other!

By using more faith totems to clamp down on Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family, even if they could not defeat them, they could still weaken Chen Dong’s state of strength as much as possible.

As for the other battlefields, the black-robed Skywolf was certain that the performance of the Faith Totem army would never disappoint.

Even if it affected the army’s heart, it would only affect Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons on this side of the battlefield.


The rear of the battlefield.

Xixing looked at the battlefield where Chen Dong was, his eyes brightening and darkening.

Resentment, resentment, anger ……

At this moment, her emotions were incredibly complicated.

Especially when she saw Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons blasting back a group of Faith Totems over and over again, she even gritted her silver teeth.

These …… were all beliefs from the history of the Hundred Tribes outside the domain!

It was one of the tribes in history that faith bowed and worshipped, accumulating enough faith power to evolve and condense into form.

But now, these lofty beliefs are being ruthlessly pressed into the ground and rubbed by Chen Dong and others.

“Pa*s the order to the allied troops within Zhenjiang City to lay down defences to the death, and to heavily guard the northern city gate.”

“Order the rest of the allied troops to make sure to make way for the Faith Totem.”

Kui Gang gave the military orders over and over again, but a fine bead of sweat seeped out on his forehead.

The war had gone on to this extent.

Even he was a bit frazzled and helpless.

All the troops were poured around Zhenjiang City, and reinforcements from all sides of the domain were also pouring their troops over.

What was originally an offensive and defensive battle had now turned into a battle of Armageddon!

Such a vast showdown of troops was rare in the history of the human race, and even a simple military order was difficult to give.

Now the black-robed Heavenly Wolf had ordered the Faith Totems to form up in streams and raid the rest of the domain reinforcements on all sides of the battlefield. If the military orders were not received in time by the Hundred Clans’ allied armies, they would easily be affected by the charging Faith Totems.

Even Kui Gang’s energy was limited to the battlefield.

Before that, he still had the strength to command the various forces in the domain to attack and block.

Now, however, it was difficult to be distracted.

Followed closely by.

Kui Gang turned to Gu Cang Yue and the others and said with a cupped fist, “I would also like to ask you seniors to enter the battlefield and help the allied forces within Zhenjiang City to defend the city when necessary.”

With Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Clan present, the defences of Zhenjiang City were now described as a sham.

More troops were stationed within Zhenjiang City, seemingly having mastered the defence of Zhenjiang City.

However, in reality, as long as the Northern City Gate was not captured, then the Hundred Clans’ allied forces did not truly dominate the defence of Zhenjiang City in the true sense.

And when the Vermilion Bird Army approached Zhenjiang City, they would inevitably enter through the northern gate.

Relying solely on the Hundred Clans United Army inside the city for defence would be tantamount to a fool’s errand.


Gu Cang Yue, however, clasped his hands to his chest and raised his eyebrows, “With the war going on to this extent, there is no longer any need for us to make a move.”

One word came out.

Not only did Kui Gang reveal his anger.

Even Xixing’s stunningly beautiful face was covered with a layer of cold frost.

From the very beginning, Gu Cang Yue had hidden her clumsiness time and again.

It was clear that in the previous battle with Chen Dong, as long as he sacrificed the Great Cauldron, he would be able to weaken Chen Dong’s state of strength by a large margin.

That was a heavenly opportunity!

But Gu Cang Yue had buried this opportunity with his own selfishness.

Zhang Du’er was not stupid, neither were Kui Gang and Xixing, nor a host of other hermits.

From the beginning of the war, although Gu Cang Yue was in the middle of the war, he was not doing his best time and again, as if he was challenging the alliance with the Hundred Clans!

For a while, the atmosphere around them was depressing to the extreme.

Even the eyes of a few of the Hidden Worlds were incomparably complicated when they looked at Gu Cangyue.

Although they were all hibernating in the hidden world, they all understood the principle that a dead friend should not die in poverty, but Gu Cangyue’s series of actions still made them somewhat disgraceful.

“Gu Cangyue, what exactly do you see the alliance between our two sides as, playing house?”

The Gu family has been forced out of its place in the domain, so it has allied with me, the Hundred Clans. ”

The words were so strong and overbearing.

The time and time again, Xixing’s forbearance, this time finally broke out. , the

It was clear to everyone that Zhenjiang City was now the top priority!

Although there is a great army of faith totem killing, but this war of treading down the domain, after all, it needs this sea of allied army rongwu to measure with both feet.

If we don’t hold Zhenjiang City in our hands, the death toll in the coming war will be even more horrific.

The only one who can help the allied forces to hold the northern gate is the hidden world of Gu Cang Yue!

Only they could hold back Chen Dong and the others, and only when they did so would the Hundred Clans have the chance to fight the Vermillion Bird Army that was charging the city.

The atmosphere was tense.

With this rebuke from Xixing.

At the side, Kui Gang’s right hand was quietly placed on the back of his waist, pressing the defensive dagger he was carrying.

He would be the first to stand in front of Xie Xing whenever Gu Cang Yue made any movement.


Instead, Gu Cang Yue suddenly smiled, and his eyes even narrowed into a slit.

An invisible sense of oppression blasted down on Xixing.

Xixing’s face changed.

Almost simultaneously.


Kui Gang’s body shook, setting off a gust of wind that brushed against Xixing, dispersing the oppressive feeling.

“Gu Cang Yue, what are you doing?”

Kui Gang’s tiger eyes widened as he coldly scolded.

Gu Cangyue shrugged, “The war has already gone on to this extent, and my Gu Clan has done everything as requested at the time of the alliance, wanting me to sacrifice the Great Cauldron to re-enter the battlefield, Lord Queen is not thinking a little too much?”

“The terms of the alliance were made between me and Skywolf, you should also be sensible and aware, the war is on, it is reasonable for more people to die, I don’t want to risk it.”

“Besides, I don’t need to worry about my family’s position, I’ll make my own arrangements!”

He said.

He unceremoniously turned around straight away and waved his sleeves towards the back of the camp.

Xixing’s body shook, her face turned blue, and her beautiful eyes looked as if they were about to choose someone to devour.

She bit her red lips tightly with her shell teeth.

Subconsciously, she wanted to have a fit.

But Kui Gang’s right hand pressed on her shoulder, stopping her with a gentle push.

Almost simultaneously.

The remaining few Hidden Worlds also turned around and headed for the rear.

“Why are you stopping me?”

Xixing complained about Kui Gang, “They weren’t even trying to win the battle or go to the domain, they just wanted more people to die!”