Winner Takes All Chapter 2008

A very small step!

It’s even hard to spot.

But with this retreat, the totems of faith, which were still whimpering, fell abruptly silent.

The pairs of cold, demonic green eyes were even darkened in unison to the extreme.

After a short silence.

All the totems of faith took a step backwards at the same time.

In unison.

So much so that as all the Faith Totems took a step back, the sound of their feet stamping on the ground came together with a “boom”.

The battlefield was filled with murderous intent.

At this moment, it was quiet to the extreme.

The allied troops of the Hundred Clans around them were dumbfounded.

The Vermillion Bird army that was rushing towards this side was confused.

Even the black-robed Heavenly Wolves high up in the sky were shocked and dumbfounded.

“What’s this?”

“Sky Wolf is above, how could this happen?”

“We just received military orders to get out of the way, this legendary army, this is it?”


The allied troops of the Hundred Tribes whispered.

Not a few even looked directly at the black-robed Heavenly Wolves in the sky dome.

Even from a great distance away, the black-robed Skywolf could clearly perceive the beams of gaze, like a mane on his back.

At this moment, he felt like he was being slapped in the face, wanting to argue, but he was speechless.

Hundreds and thousands of squares were formed, and each faith totem was comparable to qi energy.

Yet, they were forced to retreat by Chen Dong and the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons!

He knew how strong Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Clan were, but these ordinary soldiers of the Hundred Clans did not!

In the eyes of these soldiers, a group of faithful totems had been forced to retreat by a mere seven people!

A fall in military spirit is a big no-no on the battlefield!

In the heat of the moment.

The black-robed Skywolf’s robes rattled, and the blood all over his body tossed up violently.

He tried to command the faith totem formation again, but he was shocked to find that the connection between the two sides had been severed!

The only thing that came back from the faith totems was a dense fear!

Black-robed Skywolf: “……”

His scarlet eyes looked towards another Faith Totem square that was hurrying in the direction of Chen Dong and the others.

For a moment, he hesitated whether or not to still let this prescription formation go forward!

“Heh ……”

Chen Dong’s face full of veins and veins, looking at the faith totems backed up, the corners of his mouth pulled up, but made the veins and veins on his face even more terrifying.


With this laugh.

The monstrous sea of blood churning in the air violently lifted a wave, winding up in an arc and tumbling towards the direction where the faith totems were.

“BullSh*t, Faith!”

Chen Dong took a step forward, his hands quickly lifting Fengless above his head.

The words had not yet fallen.

He then directly chopped out with his sword.

Sword Qi streaked across the room, followed by a sea of blood.

A sword whistle suddenly resounded in the long sky.

A dozen-metre-long sword qi swept along with a majestic sea of blood, turning the sky into a blood-coloured hue, and poured into the Faith Totems in an overwhelming manner.

In an instant.

A single Faith Totem was enveloped in blood.

Under the powerful pressure.

They let out a whimpering sound and even began to pace in place in a rage, their bodies even churning with qi energy.

But in the face of this sea of blood, a sword.

Even though they were in fear, none of the totems turned tail and ran.

They lost their connection with the Skywolf though, and were out of its grasp.

But it does not mean that they have become walking corpses.

On the contrary to be able to become faith, even if the years are short and the accumulated faith is small, the minimum instincts are still there.

In such a situation, resist or flee, they are still clear.


Lightning flashes.

A white tiger-shaped totem of faith was the first to raise its head to the sky and let out a tiger’s roar.


A cloud of qi rose from the white tiger and directly met the sword qi and the sea of blood.

In an instant.

A head of faith totems all roared.

A ma*s of overbearing and fierce qi was like a meteor breaking through the sky, incomparably gorgeous as it rushed to the skies at the same time.

Rumble ……

The dense qi energy crashed into the sword qi and the sea of blood.

The terrifying impact caused this side of heaven and earth to tremble.

A shockwave visible to the naked eye swept across all directions.

Chen Dong’s sword qi, however, collapsed in the air, except for the sea of blood, which, in a brutal and overbearing manner, held rigidly until a ma*s of qi also collapsed in the air.

But as the clouds of qi dissipated, the sea of blood that poured over the faith totems quickly faded and eventually disappeared into the air.


Not waiting for the Faith Totems to react.

Chen Dong’s feet exploded in response to the sound.

He was like a cannonball, carrying with him the insidious and brutal spirit of a mountain of corpses and blood, like a god of death rushing out of hell, rushing directly into the faith totems.

The fight was on!

Chen Dong’s body was drenched in a sea of blood, and his hand was as fast as lightning, carrying blood-coloured sword Qi as it ravaged the body of a Faith Totem.

Wails, roars, explosions of sword qi slashing.

This side of the battlefield went white hot in an instant.

A head of Faith Totem madly pounced on Chen Dong, only to have their legs chopped off time and again by the Bladeless in Chen Dong’s hand.

It was the same situation as the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons against the Faith Totems before.

The blood-coloured sword qi carried by the Fengless rolls seemed overbearing and fierce, but when it landed on the Faith Totems, it only blasted them back and could only do very little damage.

But Chen Dong did not care.

There was never an absolute defence.

This is true for anyone.

It is also true for the totem of faith!

If one sword cannot break it, then another sword, or another and another!

Soon, the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family also raged their Qi, like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, and charged straight into the Faith Totem.

They appeared to be fighting separately.

In reality, the Jiang Family’s six dragons were consciously surrounding Chen Dong, minimising the number of Faith Totems attacking Chen Dong at the same time.

They knew they could not block Chen Dong from striking.

Then they could only make Chen Dong strike with as little state loss as possible!

The seven of them pushed their way across the swarm of faith totems, opening wide and pushing all the way across.

Sword Qi and the sea of blood intersected.

All around them were golden qi, accompanying the rampage.

The faith totems, however, were wailing and roaring, being blown back again and again, and again and again, rearing up to pounce on Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family.

Not a single Faith Totem escaped.

Feeling the palpitating pressure emanating from Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Clan, it was clear to them that they might still have a chance of survival if they fought to the death, but there was no way to escape!

Such a fight, on the other hand, caused the allied armies of the Hundred Clans to completely explode.

It was a fight.

In reality, in the eyes of the Hundred Clans United Army, it was a naked hanging of the Faith Totems by Chen Dong and the Six Dragons of the Jiang Clan!

The charge of the Faith Totems was even more pale and feeble.

It was like a group of children facing a few adults, even though they pounced on them time and again, their movements still looked ridiculous!

High in the sky, under the blood moon.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf almost vomited blood as he looked at the scene below.

Followed closely by.

His gaze moved to the other Faith Totem Square that was charging towards Chen Dong and the others.


The black-robed Heavenly Wolf simply let out a long Heavenly Wolf whine once again, urging that Faith Totem Square to accelerate!