Winner Takes All Chapter 2005

Chen Dong’s gaze flinched.

The Fourth Golden Guard’s words instantly made his scalp tingle.

He subconsciously swept towards the densely packed faith totems outside the city.


Each one of these faith totems was comparable to a Qi Power powerhouse.

If they were to be killed indiscriminately on the battlefield, it would be a complete calamity and bad news for the reinforcements on all sides!

Even the five major legions in the domain would not be able to withstand a portion of this army of faith totems.

To be precise, it was not whether they could withstand, but how long they could hold out against the slaughter of this army!

“If we just target the Vermillion Bird Legion, with the Chen Leader and the six of the Jiang Family, we will definitely be able to resist, but if we target the reinforcements from all sides, the Chen Leader and the six of the Jiang Family, it will be difficult to juggle them.”

The Fifth Golden Guard’s brows lowered and his voice hoarse.

With their battlefield experience, they would be good enough to be marshals in the rest of the legions, but it was only because they were in the Great Snow Dragon Riders army that they were willing to be generals.

It was only because they were in the army of the Great Snow Dragon Riders that they were willing to be generals. Naturally, the rapid changes on the battlefield could not escape their eyes.

If they were merely sheltering the Vermilion Bird Legion, it would be possible, after all, there is only one Vermilion Bird Legion.

But if they needed to shelter all the reinforcements, Chen Dong alone could never do it.

This was a change from point to point, and even if Chen Dong and the six members of the Jiang family were as strong as they were, there was nothing they could do when they really faced this situation!

Chen Dong carried his hands behind his back, his right thumb and forefinger twiddling non-stop.

His face was cold, and his gaze drifted as he looked out over the boundless battlefield, where reinforcements from all sides were experiencing a fierce battle.

“When it really comes to that moment, this battlefield will be even worse than the infernal hell, and the level of death and injury of the reinforcements from all sides in the domain will reach an immeasurable level!”

The low, hoarse murmur was filled with indescribable worry and apprehension.

In the face of the allied army of the Hundred Tribes, the reinforcements from all sides still had the strength to put up a fight.

But against the army of the Totem of Faith, it would be a complete downfall!


Behind the battlefield.

Xie Xing and the others took in the changes over Zhenjiang City.

“D*mn it! The Faith Totem army is unable to resist an illusory five-clawed golden dragon!”

Kui Gang’s tiger eyes were wide open, and after the shock, he gritted his teeth.

“Thousands of years of accumulated faith, how can those faith totems of your extra-terrestrial hundred tribes that overlap and change compare?”

Gu Cang Yue said nonchalantly, “The words are hard to hear, but they are also true, even your Huns’ Heavenly Wolves, the faith accumulated over time, can’t compare, simply by sparring faith, this is a dimensional reduction strike!”

Kui Gang’s face turned red and he was speechless.

On the contrary, it was Shying Xing.

At this moment, her willow eyebrows were lightly raised and she smiled faintly.

“Gu Cang Yue, now that we are all in the same boat, windy words are unnecessary, instead of having time to think about how to make the battle more favorable to us.”

“Don’t forget, those subordinates of your Gu family’s forces are also suffering from the Hong Society’s attacks in the domain right now, one glory and one loss, preserving more strength is better for both you and me!”

Gu Cang Yue’s expression choked.


He raised his hand and rubbed his chin, saying, “You’re right, since that’s the case, then I’ll order all the subordinates of the Ancient Family forces to rush towards this battlefield, they’re all killing each other, where is killing not killing?”


The surprise in Xixing’s beautiful eyes flickered away.

Followed closely by.

Gu Cangyue said once again, “Besides, if you can’t break Zhenjiang City, circumvent the Faith Suppression, and break the golden wall of Buddha’s light of Old Vulture Empty, don’t you know how to spread the fire of the Faith Totem to the entire battlefield?”

A word was spoken.

Shying Xing, Kui Gang, and even the rest of the Hidden World all had their eyes shining brightly.

“When war comes to this level, it is already a battle to the death.”

Gu Cangyue said slowly, his eyes slightly narrowed with a bitter killing intent: “The reason for taking Zhenjiang City is to annihilate more legions in the domain, now since we can’t take Zhenjiang City, we should just let the Faith Totem army push across all the reinforcements in the domain, with the strength of the Faith Totem army, to those reinforcements in the domain, it would be a complete dimensional reduction blow, and there would be no need to talk about any troop losses. ”

The words were clear, and the killing intent was awe-inspiring.

Shying Xing and the others’ eyes flickered in thought.

At the beginning of the war, the allied forces of the Hundred Clans had tried to take Zhenjiang City at all costs, in order to remove this thorn in the side of the Northern Region for more than 20 years, without the existence of this heavenly rift, millions of troops would be able to swing south without any worries.

Now, with all their armies gathered here, they are desperately trying to take Zhenjiang City, but they also want to use it as a backing to form a meat grinder to strangle the armies from all sides of the domain.

But the delay in taking Zhenjiang City, allowing the Faith Totem army to sweep away all the reinforcements in the domain, is actually the same as the purpose of taking Zhenjiang City.

“Kui Gang, summon the Heavenly Wolf.”

Shying Xing’s beautiful eyes flashed with a brilliant light as she immediately ordered.

High in the sky.

The giant blood wolf loomed like a mountain, its blood tumbled and swept backwards in a steady stream to attack the exposed blood moon.

At the head of the wolf, the black-robed wolf had his hands behind his back, and the two beams of demonic blood under his hood looked as if they were about to turn into substance.

The appearance of the five-clawed golden dragon had severed part of his connection with the army of faith totems.

With the presence of Master Kongkong and the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts, the battle was once again at a stalemate and anxious point.

At that very moment.

Kui Gang’s voice transmission fell into his ears.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s body shook, and the blood light in his eyes suddenly flourished to the extreme.

“Hahahaha ……”

He couldn’t help but laugh, leaning forward and back, “Yes yes yes, the purpose is the same, the same path, I’m the one who’s caught in the act.”

Said the man.


Blood suddenly swept up from beneath the black-robed Skywolf’s feet, forming a blood-coloured tornado visible to the naked eye.


The moment this blood-coloured tornado took shape, the Giant Blood Wolf even shook violently as the blood colour simultaneously spread out from its body in all directions.

If one were to look at it from a distance, this change in the Giant Blood Wolf’s body size vaguely seemed to have increased by a few more turns.

The next second.


The giant blood wolf that loomed like a mountain fiercely tilted its head and wolf-whistled into the air.

And the blood moon in the sky, which was now glowing with blood, was even more demonic to the extreme.

The wolf whistle resounded across the battlefield.

The five-clawed golden dragon’s faith power had suppressed the trembling faith totems, and they all stabilised at this moment as the wolf whistle began to rise.

Their bodies no longer trembled.

Even the whimpering sounds from their mouths and noses disappeared.

Instead, the demonic, cold green light in their eyes gradually brightened up.

Rumble ……

The earth trembled as a head of faith totem began to move up.

As if a torrent of water, it quickly divided into giant squares, leaving a clear-cut blank area between them.

Even the faith totems around the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons split into several strands at the same time, converging with the other faith totems.

“This is ……”

The six dragons of the Jiang Family were all a little confused as they looked at the army of faith totems that were neatly organized and divided in front of them.

And on top of the city head at the northern city gate.

Chen Dong and the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards saw everything that was happening above the battlefield below.

All three had their pupils tighten at the same time.

Chen Dong even subconsciously gripped the hilt of his Bladeless Sword directly.