Winner Takes All Chapter 2003


In an instant, Zhao Brocade and Qin Ye were ecstatic.

At this moment, Jiang Qilin still had a disdainful smile on the corner of his mouth.

However, in his starry eyes, he was no longer as profound as before.

Two faint golden lights quickly brightened up in his eyes, and quickly transformed into two tiny Taiji Bagua.

This change.


It caused both Zhao Brocade and Qin Ye’s hearts to flutter for a moment as they locked eyes with it.

“That’s what it feels like!”

Qin Ye’s eyes burst with a brilliant aura.

He had Yao Guangxiao’s Dao lineage inheritance and had witnessed with his own eyes the spectacle of Yao Guangxiao’s full power to activate the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

No one felt the changes in Jiang Qilin more clearly than he did!

The aura on Jiang Qilin’s body was now not far from that of Yao Guangxiao’s!

The next second.

In the next moment, Jiang Qilin took a step forward in the eye of the formation.

Buzz rumble ……

The golden light around him instantly rippled like water waves, and with it, he also moved a step with Jiang Qilin.

This step alone.

It stunned Qin Ye and Zhao Broke-Ru.

Zhao Breaker, in particular, was dumbfounded on the spot.

The man is in, the eye of the formation is in!

This was already a mastery of the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram to an extremely subtle level!

Under the shocked gazes of the two men.

Jiang Qilin slowly spread his hands towards his left and right, while tilting his head up and looking towards the heavens.


A soft word spat out from Jiang Qilin’s mouth.

Buzz rumble ……

in an instant.

A rumbling sound was immersed in the Noah’s Town Frontier City.

Jiang Qilin’s splayed hands fiercely lifted upwards.

Boundless golden light suddenly erupted.

It was majestic and radiant, incomparably blinding.

While the vast golden light rushed to the sky, a round of golden Taiji Bagua was born from under Jiang Qilin’s feet, and spun rapidly, pa*sing through him, spinning and growing larger, while taking the majestic golden light up into the air.

In an instant.

It was as if the pause button had been pressed on the heaven and earth.

As far as the eye could see, there was golden light.

At this moment, even Master Kongkong’s golden wall of Buddha’s light was dwarfed.

A mighty pressure like a mountain, like a prison, straddled Zhenjiang City.

All the troops of the Hundred Clans fortified within the city were chilled and frightened by this terrifying pressure, their faces showing great fear.

And outside the city.

On all sides of the battlefield, the moment the golden light appeared, the battle was halted by the blinding light.

Countless gazes converged on Zhenjiang City.

Whether it was the allied forces of the Hundred Tribes, or the reinforcements from within the domain, or even the faith totem army, the cold green colour in their eyes was also diluted by the golden light, and they all looked up.

The boundless golden light gilded everything with a golden glow.

The Taiji Eight Trigrams, which had risen into the air with a majestic golden light, leapt into the air after a dozen metres and grew to hundreds of metres in diameter, rocketing upwards and pa*sing through Master Kongkong before hovering twenty metres above his head.

“This is ……”

Master Empty was already bleeding from his mouth and nose at this point, and even the corners of his eyes were glowing with a luminous golden glow.

But he was still looking up at the huge Taiji Bagua as if he was unaware of it.

This moment.

Even the Buddha’s light on his body had dimmed a little, and even the ten-metre Buddha’s shadow behind him and the giant swastika Buddha’s seal looked weak in front of the Taiji Bagua.

Almost the moment the Taiji Bagua hovered.

A dragon’s roar fiercely emitted from the void.

The dragon’s might was so vast that its sound shook the eight heavens.

The armies of faith totems on the earth were all startled.

“Not good!”

Among the giant blood wolves, the black-robed Heavenly Wolf let out a shrill cry.

He instantly waved his hands, and his rigid Qi energy was like a broken river spilling out from him.

“Ow! ……”

Almost simultaneously.

The giant blood wolf looked up to the sky and roared.

The wolf’s whistle and the dragon’s roar resounded through the heavens and the earth, as if a contest had already begun.

“A barbarian faith, how dare it compete with the domain for glory?”

There was an untamed frown on Jiang Qilin’s brow, and his clear, cold snort of laughter was actually echoing across this heaven and earth at this moment.

The words had not yet fallen.

The sound of the dragon’s roar that resounded through the heavens and the earth brewed up with a fierce anger, and the sound became louder once again.

The sound of this sulking dragon’s roar was heard.

The sound of the long wolf whistling actually took on a bit more of a whimper.

The endless tide of people on the earth even revealed a pained look at the sound of the dragon’s roar.

The golden light was radiant and majestic.

And at the same time as the dragon roars huffing and puffing.

It was as if an invisible sword had cut a gaping hole in the hundreds of metres diameter Taiji Bagua.

In an instant.

Buzzing rumble ……

A jarring rumble.

A string of Taiji Bagua in a golden curtain of light, rolled with a string of complicated and incomprehensible runes, rose into the air, all converging on the giant Taiji Bagua hundreds of meters in diameter above.

It was a spectacular sight, connecting heaven and earth.

As countless Taiji trigrams and runes took to the air.

Out of the opening that appeared in the hundreds of metres of Taiji Bagua, two dragon claws suddenly poked out, tearing violently to the left and right, hardening the void and tearing it to death.

A five-clawed golden dragon burst out of the void and coiled on top of the Taiji Bagua.

The dragon’s might was vast, looking out over all directions.

Its majesty is heightened by the countless Taiji Eight Trigrams and runes rising in the air.

“This is ……”

Astonishment flashed across Qin Ye’s face.

It was also a five-clawed golden dragon, but the five-clawed golden dragon that Jiang Qilin had invited was obviously smaller than the five-clawed golden dragon that Yao Guangxiao had invited back then.

The five-clawed golden dragon that Yao Guangxiao had invited at that time was hundreds of metres long and was like a mountain range.

The five-clawed golden dragon that Jiang Qilin had invoked was only a hundred metres long.

But the golden light enveloped it, with the Taiji Eight Trigrams and runes reflecting.

The five-clawed golden dragon was not large enough, but it was more clearly visible, with its scales and claws clearly visible.

The moment the five-clawed golden dragon was completely revealed.

With a fierce dragon roar, it looked down on the magnificent faith totem below as if it were a king.

This glance down.

This dragon’s roar.

But it instantly caused the blood-coloured resonance building up in the army of faith totems to collapse like a bubble.

In this instant, as if they felt a tremor from the depths of their bloodline, one after another, the Faith Totems lowered their heads, not daring to look at the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon, and some of them even uttered fearful whimpers from their mouths.

Everything shifted.

It was in this instant.

The army of faith totems, which had just been fiercely powerful, had now changed its temper with the appearance of the five-clawed golden dragon with a dragon roar.

This was like the difference between a king and a pegasus!

It was more like the basic law of nature that the weak are stronger than the strong!

Each totem of faith, even under the control of the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, still found it hard to resist this frightening fear that originated in their bones and blood.

They were borne out of the faith totems of various tribes over a long period of time, accumulating the faith power of one tribe after another.

Only with the power of this faith could they descend to earth and have the strength to rival the strongest Qi power.

But the hundred tribes outside the realm, the weak and the strong, conquered each other, some faith totems even existed in only one tribe, and with the destruction of the tribe, the faith totems were also annihilated in the long history.

They may have existed for a dozen years, or decades, or a hundred years, or even longer, but in the end they could not escape the fate of unevenness and discontinuity of beliefs.

The Dragon ……, however, is a totem of faith that has always existed throughout the thousands of years of history of the human race in the domain.

It has never been stagnant, it has never been interrupted, it has been unbroken, it has always been the same!

It appears to be a clash of two forces.

In reality, it is a struggle of faith!

At this point, it was completely irrelevant whether the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon was able to crush the army of faith totems across the sky or not.

No one even believed that a five-clawed golden dragon manifested through a formation really had the power to crush an army of faith totems.

But now, it was all about faith!

The faith totems had emerged through faith.

And the dragon, being the faith totem of the people of the domain for thousands of years, has thousands of years of accumulated heritage.

As long as it appears, it is enough to rely on these thousands of years of faith, to crush all the faith totems!

“D*mn it, D*mn it, clearly this dragon is only strong on the outside!”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf could hardly control himself at this moment, and cursed through clenched teeth.

He tried several times to mobilize the army of faith totems below him, but the five-clawed golden dragon coiled across the sky, as if it was a big hand, snapped off part of his connection with the army of faith totems!